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Suspended Sentence for Edwards
Suspended Sentence for Edwards
Thursday, 13th Oct 2011 11:15

Town right-back Carlos Edwards was given a 12-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months, a £2,500 fine and a further 18-month driving ban at South Suffolk Magistrates' Court this morning.

The Trinidad and Tobago international will also have to carry out 200 hours of community service and pay £85 in court costs as well as a £15 victim surcharge.

On Monday, the 32-year-old pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance.

Edwards, who was banned from driving for 12 months earlier in the year, was arrested close to his home in Kesgrave on September 26th after driving his daughter to school.

Edwards's wife Denille gave birth to premature twins weighing only 2lb on Saturday at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge where they are currently in intensive care in incubators.

Town are due to release a statement later today.

Photo: Action Images/John Marsh

Photo: Action Images

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Pessimistic added 13:04 - Oct 13
He should have been sent to prison. Town footballer or not he should know better - especially having lost his license the first time less than twelve months ago. Yes,I know there were mitigating circumstances this time around but let's face it, Carlos has his brains firmly in his feet and sometimes not even there!

simonsays added 13:05 - Oct 13
Your average Joe would have been given a custodial sentence. Once again footballer gets away with breaking the law.

itfc4eva added 13:05 - Oct 13
I agree with marcusevans. Glad the prison sentence has been suspended till next year.

Crock added 13:17 - Oct 13
Who has been a naughty boy?

Brogansconk added 13:20 - Oct 13
For those of you saying "he only got off a custodial sentence and if it was us we'd have been sent down etc.." Were any of you at the trial? Thought not.
I wasnt either, so it is just speculation. My speculation would be that he avioded going to prison because the judge decided he was needed at home supporting his family, not because he is a footballer. And btw he did get a custodial sentence which will always be on his record... it is just suspended. British justice is not perfect, but I'd rather our justice system than anyone else's.

SouperJim added 13:22 - Oct 13
Nice to see the same old faces talking out of their backsides, as usual.

Lovetown added 13:30 - Oct 13
He's idiot! That's all his wife needs isn't! Tut tut Carlos! And i bet Mr PJ isn't going to take this well either! But good sentence from the judge can't help but wonder if it would of been different, had he been a premiership player?

Garv added 13:52 - Oct 13
I love how people say 'another footballer who thinks he's above the law', but we don't say that when your average man in the street commits the same crime do we? 'Bloody hell another average person who thinks he's above the law'. Footballers are normal people.

DiamondGezzer added 13:56 - Oct 13
Brogansconk :- Heartily agree. We all know he's been a silly boy, but put yourselves in his position, would you still think you should have gone to prison for making a wrong judgement ? Be honest !

dirtydingusmagee added 13:57 - Oct 13
He got off lightly,fortuanbately he was not involved in an accident, some idiots on here seem to overlook the fact that he SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON THE ROAD WITH CHANCE OF BEING INVOLVED IN ONE .A 6 six yearv old child was knocked down and killed in Westcliff on Sea a couple of days ago,the motorcyclist alleged to have been responsible, is said to be uninsured,no licence, and did not stop .!I suggest that those with sympathy for Carlos Edwards should think very carefully, and ask themselves if their sympathy is misguided .

rugbytomc added 14:05 - Oct 13
actually they should have given him a bigger fine and less or no community service - as they're supposed to only give community service in cases where people can't afford a fine. There is no consistency with judges/magistrates decisions over punishments for offences like this.
As a town fan - glad he's not gone to jail as we need him playing!
I don't care what the emergency - if he's banned from driving - he should have called a cab or a friend or had someone on standby anyway if he knew his wife was preggers - silly boy

Southamptonblue added 14:08 - Oct 13
Will he come back from his community service with super powers, like on Misfits?

Suffolk_n_Proud added 14:26 - Oct 13
The comments on this thread stink of ignorance

I wonder how many people on here know personally of people who committed the same crime as Carlos and got a worse, better, or similar as punishment. Or know anything at all about Magistartes Court.

Whether or not his status as a footballer had anything to do with it, i personally think the sentence was about right for the crime committed.

Ref what if he killed somebody - HE DIDN't and if he did then i'm 100% sure the sentence would have been different. Who cares about what ifs. its nonsense.

I hate you all for making me And its 'a lot' not 'alot', there's no such word in the english language as alot

NewcyBlue added 14:27 - Oct 13
Considering the circumstances, I'm sure his main concern was his family. Whilst I don't condone his actions, I do understand, and more importantly, I wish Carlos and his family well.

mattraisin added 14:54 - Oct 13
All this bull about how he could of hurt someone is bollxcks. He can obviously drive, he got away with it for ages. Bit like when this happened to Titus. Just because he isn't qualified to doesn't mean he cant drive. He probably learnt in Trinidad. As for 'being above the law' not many people go to prison for drving not on a licence or insurance or whilst disqualified. I drove not on a licence and got the miniumum fines and 6 points. If I did it again I would get more fines and a driving ban. Prison for such a small journey in those circumstances would be harsh. Also, for those claiming he will go to jail next year, that is not how a suspended sentence works you effing idiots. It is suspended completely unless he commits a crime in the next year.

lurker added 15:29 - Oct 13
Can I just ask in the same poision would anyone have done anything different and if so what?

Suffolk_n_Proud added 15:29 - Oct 13

lurker added 15:33 - Oct 13
sigh I cant even spell Can I just ask in the same position, would anyone have done anything different and if so what?

Suffolk_n_Proud added 15:39 - Oct 13
yes i would have done it differently, i wouldn't of driven whilst disqualified, or without insurance, i'd like to think id have at least one friend who would give me a lift at anytime of the day if it was an emergency, otherwise i would have got a taxi

lurker added 15:52 - Oct 13
in a perfect world I agree with you Suffolk, although if your wife is in pain, needs to get to hospital urgently etc would you wait for a taxi, your friend to come round etc or just get her to the hospital immediately

Southamptonblue added 17:03 - Oct 13
Lurker, he was caught while driving his daughter to school - so the urgent dash to help the suffering wife argument isn't relevant.

jas0999 added 17:04 - Oct 13
Personally I think he has been very fortunate. As others have pointed out, if it had have been the average Joe, it would have been prison. However, considering Carlo's personal circumstances, his family really need him at this time and sending him away would also be punishing them. All in all therefore this seems fair - but people have to remember that although one of our players, he has broken the law. Hopefully it will be a taxi from now on.

dirtydingusmagee added 17:18 - Oct 13
Thats correct Southamptonblue .

townietilidie added 17:45 - Oct 13
Im sure Car loss knows he has been a silly boy and one would hope that he regrets his actions . To say that " heres another footballer who thinks he is above the law " like some of you have , is b*****ks . Lets just remember its the judge who passes the sentence so why slate carlos . I think what he got including his suspened sentence is fair punishment . More importantly Carlos and his family are goin through a terrible time right now and so heres wishing all the best to his wife and baby twins

EatonBlue added 21:14 - Oct 13
The sentence was about right and I hope that this will be a turning point for Carlos.
I had a driving ban some years back and I can have some empathy with him.

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