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Jewell: We Deserved to Win
Jewell: We Deserved to Win
Saturday, 3rd Dec 2011 18:10

Blues boss Paul Jewell felt his side deserved to have beaten bogey side Watford after the Hornets came from behind to claim a 2-1 victory at Portman Road. The loss means Town’s winless streak against the visitors stretches to 14 games and their run of defeats is up to seven.

Jewell said: “We should have had three points. On Tuesday we were abject, but today you could see the determination – we just didn’t have any luck.

“I’m not one for blaming luck, I never have been, but for their first goal [John] Eustace goes to lay it back, it sticks under his foot, the little ricochet goes their way and they go on to get a penalty.

“We should have dealt with their second goal, but we’ve had balls flash across their box, we’ve had shots saved, we’ve done everything but score another goal.

“I’m hugely disappointed to lose seven games in a row, but effort-wise I can’t question the players today.”

Jewell said there were few arguments from his players about the penalty: “There were no complaints from our side.

“I didn’t have a great view from where we were, but Sonko didn’t complain. You’re not the first person to ask me that, someone else said it didn’t look a penalty but the lads didn’t complain.”

Jewell admitted his 21st-placed side are now in a relegation battle: “No doubt about it, we are. After 19 games we’re fourth bottom of the league, so of course we’re in a relegation battle.

“But I just saw that two weeks ago Burnley were fourth bottom, now they’re 10th, so it can change quickly, but it’s seven games on the bounce now and I’m aware of that more than anybody.

“It was a day to stand up and be counted," he added."There was no hiding place for any of us. The only thing that went against us today was the result.

“Maybe I see it wrong, but I think I’m an honest enough manager to know when we’ve been outplayed and been bad and today I think we were dead unlucky.”

Watford manager Sean Dyche was pleased to grab the three points: “With Ipswich’s unfortunate run you don’t want to be the team they turn over because that run will end at some point.

“We knew it would be a tough game and we knew we’d have to go all the way through the game whatever the ref played minutes-wise, and we didn’t.

“It wasn’t always silky from us, it wasn’t always our best performance but the desire of the players and the work ethic of the players was fantastic, I thought.”

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SMS added 18:21 - Dec 3
You deserve absolutely nothing now Jewell. You have had your chance... 7 straight defeats. My Mrs said to me: "7 defeats, what no draws? Not one?" No, I said. I was close to tears. The was the same the girl who after the Burnley game said, don't worry too much, you've played a game less and only 9 points off the play offs. We are now 12 off the play offs, she's changed her mind and I seriously fear, it is only getting worse. Please walk and show it's not about the money. WIgan/Bradford - nothing. Ipswich - proud history.

bostonusablue added 18:21 - Dec 3
Jewell out!

stu_ward27 added 18:22 - Dec 3
it was a much improved performance today but still individual errors are costing us.
and i'm going to disagree with Jewell and say that it definitely wasn't a penalty!

tommyblues added 18:23 - Dec 3
ya gettin sacked in the mornin sacked in the mornin

bluelady added 18:24 - Dec 3
Play like we did today use the wings keep the determination we will so ok.... unlucky today, very unlucky. Tues we deserved nothing today they fought like men.!

neillrumsey added 18:25 - Dec 3
Same result but in my opinion a much better performance from a more positive line up.
Very poor opposition.....

Infineteregress added 18:26 - Dec 3
FYI everyone I've already posted this comment on another thread, but I'm reposting as this is a more relevant location:

I'm determined to remain optimistic. I admittedly didn't attend today's match and yes we lost again, but having checked the beeb stats and read Phil's match report, we at least put in a more spirited performance than Tuesday.

Infact, without wishing to state the bleeding obvious, were it not for the loss of the previous six games this game would have been credited as a decent albeit frustrating performance and outcome.

Our luck has to change soon, the team and the fans must simpy not give up.

Zico added 18:27 - Dec 3
Jewell has to go now. Marcus Evans is only delaying the inevitable.

s6blue added 18:29 - Dec 3
bore off jewell, we still lost against a poor side

WhoisJimmyJuan added 18:30 - Dec 3
" we just didn’t have any luck.I’m not one for blaming luck, I never have been."


Go. In the name of Robson, go!!

piersmorganisatool added 18:34 - Dec 3
If Jewell does does decide to walk or is pushed (hard to argue against either right now) does anyone have any confidence in Evans or Clegg making a suitable appointment? i'm very very scared, not only about our performance on the pitch but off it too, Evans and Clegg might be like rabbits caught in the head lights!!!! Marcus please push Mr Clegg aside and give him a job he can do well (its not fair on him too) and put your effort into appointing a good CEO with a sound football background before we change the Manager. please.

pazelle added 18:37 - Dec 3
"I'm not one for blaming luck BUT" - classic.

Of course we should have won, we were one of the top spenders and are paying a lot of the recently prem standard squad being money. Playing Watford who have a young untried manager who are down the bottom with a young team. At home.

But this could be applied to many recent fixtures. Including Peterborough away, Millwall away, Doncaster at home etc

Curbishley/Hoddle/Kiwomya/Burley/Davies please and asap.

PS Jewell Out

WhoisJimmyJuan added 18:37 - Dec 3
Infiniteregress: "Infact, without wishing to state the bleeding obvious, were it not for the loss of the previous six games this game would have been credited as a decent albeit frustrating performance and outcome. "

Yes. This cheers me up no end. I was worrying about the 7 consecutive defeats. But now you've pointed this out I feel much better.

PSGBlue added 18:37 - Dec 3
Yes, Paul Jewell we deserved to win. Much better performance today, going forward and in defence, on another day it would have been 4-2.

But that's just today, the problem with the squad is that they too old and too injury prone. Sonko performed well today but we all know an injury will come in the next week or two, then what? With Collins' loan spell finishing in two weeks we will have no defensive cover and its back to square one of conceding three or more goals a match.

I have also had enough of the phrase "work in progress" as highlighted in the match day programme by Daryl Murphy. How can this be work in progress? If we do escape relagation what do we build on next year? The likes of Scotland, Bullard, Bowyer, Sonko and co will be too old! We need to build a young team, with still some experience (ie. Warky form the 1991/92 team) to guide them through. If as Ipswich fans we can see a team developing then we'll support the manager. But with Jewell its a case of old sods and loanee's, this team's going nowhere - Jewell Out!

bluearmy4life added 18:37 - Dec 3
The performance was better today.

How ever we still lost the game.
Say's it all played better in most areas of the pitch but still lose to a poor 'bogey side'.
Where do we go from here then?

irishtim added 18:38 - Dec 3
Please go now its same story. Hide your head in shame yes there was more spirir but for gods sake go. Get in someone who knows the values of this club & build with youth passion & love & never say die attitude we deserve. I dont mind losing but this is beyond a joke.

PJ_Needs_Duncan added 18:40 - Dec 3
Jog on now jewell, all these defeats are getting boring. You are hopless and are the wrong man for the job.

Yours Sincerely,
Avid Town fan

Chicago_Blue added 18:42 - Dec 3
We really didn't deserve to lose. I do think it's strange to take off Chopra when we're 2-1 down and needing a goal though. Sure, he didn't have the best of games, but sometimes good strikers can get a goal from nothing.

pazelle added 18:46 - Dec 3
Has he been sacked yet?

PS Jewell out

thechangingman added 18:47 - Dec 3
Jewell's words, rather than consoling me, instead infuriate, tire and annoy me. He reminds me of Keegan when manager of England: a likeable guy, but profoundly out of his depth.
The big difference is that Keegan realised this and had the courage and humility to walk.
Will Jewell?
Personally I hope so and yet reading his ill-judged post match comments I somehow doubt it...
Very, very sad and painful days to be a Town Fan.

meekreech added 18:47 - Dec 3
Much better today but when luck is against you it makes life very difficult . This game with average luck and a less gullible referee would have been the turning point ! All you asinine " Jewell out " morons will never learn that constant change does not get work and we need to stick by our manager and team , the luck will turn and we will start to see an improvement in our position . When PJ_needs_duncan gets into the real world and sees the stupidity of his comments and attitudes we will take note of his posts !!!

evansblue added 18:53 - Dec 3
A far better performance today. That was one of martins best games. If we continue to play like that we will be fine. The crowd were in good voice also and got right behind the lads. Come on town lets turn it round against barnsley. Paul jewells blue and white army!

WarkyWonderLand added 18:56 - Dec 3
Where are the next points coming from? 1 win in 9, 4 points from a possible 27 is just not good enough.

Probably our best 11 players started and still couldn't win against an average watford side. When you look at the teams we have lost against they are all average in bottom half ( other than palace). How much more can he get from these players in the next few matches he hasn't got from the last 7?

We are in a relegation fight and what will break the camels back? Marcus Evans is unpredictable and who knows what he will do.

Barnsley away next? Will we get any points and will PJ still be there. Without brightons late winner we would be in the bottom 3 tonight.

I want what is best for the team, not cos he's a nice bloke.


Infineteregress added 18:56 - Dec 3
Oh bravo WhoisJimmyJuan!

I did include a disclaimer within my comment, and simply wanted to make a point about the improved performance rather than the result.

For what it's worth your pithy rejoinder cheered me up no end too.


camposlocks added 19:04 - Dec 3
Jewell Out - Campo in!!! All the fans who didn't rate super Jim i hope you have what you wished for!!!

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