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Evans Still Backing Jewell
Evans Still Backing Jewell
Saturday, 14th Jan 2012 08:00

Town owner Marcus Evans says his reasons for appointing manager Paul Jewell are as strong today as they were a year ago, despite the Blues’ lack of progress since the 47-year-old’s appointment. Evans was writing in a lengthy interview in the programme for today’s match against Blackpool.

Evans wrote: “I have spoken to Paul about my plans here, to build a team that can reach and then compete at the highest level.

“To achieve that we need stability and so long as our manager and coaching team demonstrate the knowledge and clear ability to take us forward, I see little point in restarting the project every season by switching managers.

“The reasons I appointed Paul are just as strong today as they were a year ago and I believe given time and with my continued support he will return the good times to Ipswich Town Football Club.”

In addition to the programme being available around the ground, an online electronic version of the programme is available here.

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Benters added 08:05 - Jan 14
I wish the good time's would hurry up before we go down !

tractorgirls added 08:13 - Jan 14
what an absolute load of drivel. we are really doing well and competing at the highest level with such a stunningly good management team. utterly clueless from top to bottom..

this club gets more and more damaged as the days, losses and poor performances continue, week after week after week..

amazing when you see the statues of Sir Bobby and Sir Alf what an absolute mess this club has become.

algarvefan added 08:19 - Jan 14
Well that's Jewell's fate sealed......owners approval...be gone by next weekend!
I Hope!!!

SuffolkBlue88 added 08:22 - Jan 14
Mr Evans should take a long hard look at the statistics - sounds like he is completely out of touch to me.

Maybe if he lived in the local area and spent more time at games he would understand what the fans think.

scottmdp added 08:23 - Jan 14
I agree that it's not good to keep changing manager every 5mins, but after a year we've actually gone backwards! I would have thought that this public show of support would be his last chance. I'd be amazed if ME wasn't in talks with Jewells successor, & as at QPR recently the sacking will be announced after a game with the new man being unveiled the next morning. Whatever we think of ME you don't get to be a top business man without having the ability to fire & hire at will.

Edinburgh_Blue added 08:23 - Jan 14
Thought Jewell may be off with a defeat today - clearly not. It's going to be painful for a while yet but I think Evans is right. Stability is the key - we can't keep pressing 'the re-set button'.

I think we'll stay up this season and be far stronger next.

PSGBlue added 08:33 - Jan 14
Marcus Evans you surely jest! Where has PJ "demonstrated the knowledge and clear ability" to take this club forward? This club is at its furthest point from being stable that I have ever known. Our manager is so bad that no-one of any note wants to come here in case he is sacked! Our squad is now thread bare due to the poor decisions of bringing in loanees at the start of the season and seeing them leave. Call that heading towards stability, I call it heading towards League 1! Defeat today and PJ must walk!

tractorgirls added 08:33 - Jan 14
Edinburgh_Blue i've seen nothing this season to make me think it will be better next season!

Sir_Bob added 08:37 - Jan 14

casanovacrow added 08:37 - Jan 14
if we spend 2-3 weeks in bottom 3 then Evans will do something no doubt. If thats after a uneventful transfer window it will be too late IMHO.
The teams below are on far greater form than us and we are loosing lots, playing badly, looking unorganised, shipping in the most goals, breaking records for wrong reasons, getting thumped by teams we should be thumping, showing no passion, wasting too much money on has beens, having £60+m odd debt and rising, no commitments to academy 1 status ...I do struggle to see a single positive since Jewell came in and following Keane that is frightening!

Ipswich24 added 08:43 - Jan 14
PJ has brought in half a squad, most loaners and over the hill over paid has beens. Where is this getting us Marcus? Where is long term plan you talk as much cr*p as PJ.

Woodbridgian added 08:44 - Jan 14
Edinburgh Blue - I can only assume that you live in Edinburgh and don't get to many games! Fron where I sit unless ;ewell goes now we will be in League one next year and could well stay there for some time I'm affraid. I think all Mr Evans statement has served to do is show just how hopelessly out of touch he is and how badly he is being advised by his CEO.

bluearmy4life added 08:53 - Jan 14
Fear the worst now.
I can't see Evans budging on this.
If things carry on fans won't go to games. Crowds are already slipping downhill.

casanovacrow added 08:56 - Jan 14
next season div 1 and a crowd that wouldn't fill the weston homes community stadium down the a12 ...now that would be embarrassing

TractorMan added 08:57 - Jan 14
SuffolkBlue88 - he has been at almost every home game and quite a few away, so its not that he isn't seeing the games. Maybe that makes it more worrying?

Cotton_eyed_joe added 09:12 - Jan 14
Oh great, div 1 here we come

WarkyWonderLand added 09:20 - Jan 14
Open your eyes Mr Evans, you said you would get us out of the championship but not into division 1. Quotes like this do nothing for the fans and are sick and tired of the same old excuses.

People will vote with their feet and will not turn up, we will be here long after you.

The stats don't lie. If we carry on as we are and lose 56% of games as we have done that leaves 9 games where we need to get at least 24 points. Where will they come from.

Jewell has carried on here as he did at derby and no other club would put up with this or the dross we pay to watch.

Defeat today and if he stays we will go down, and PR will be half empty.

Sad times.


TrumptonBlue added 09:30 - Jan 14
I'm with Evans on this one. He might as well stick with this disastrous appointment rather than make another disastrous appointment.

Karlosfandangal added 09:43 - Jan 14
Glad to here that.

At last Evans has come out and said he is backing Jewell.
IMO that has been the problem with town a new manager every 18 months.
Everyone expected us to go up because we have money but we need stability.

Magilton was building a team and slowly getting us up the table but because we did not set the league alight we sack him and Mr Keane arrived, Deadwood out and 20 + new players in chopping and changing, 18 months later Mr Jewell arrives and out with the deadwood and 13 new players in.

Sir Bobby had 2 very difficult year before the club progressed and every year one or two players were add to the team with a few from the youth team breaking through and by the following year they were regulars in the side.

Different era and a very special manager, but the princibles are still the same.

ie If for argument sake Chopra is the main striker, Murray should be the one on the bench,coming on or replacing Chopra in the starting line up if Chopra is injured, If Murray is not cutting the mustard then we should be moving in to the transfer market or going in to the transfer market if a proven player becomes available, as in the case of Mariner joining the club.
The same for all positions on the field.

The young lads here are not given the chance, Tommy Smith played well for New Zealand and played well for us scoring 3 goals and now all of a sudden hes a bad player, Hyam did very well for us as did Peters and Carson.

Those players are no worst than most we have brought, If we were in this position because those 4 were playing then transfer market because the would not be good enough or ready, However at the beginning of the season a Bullard/Bowyer midfield instead of a Hyam/Carson was what we would all pick.

Jewell needs to be given time to build a team, but he is never going to do that by one year deals and loan players.
Evans/Clegg must see that as he talks about the long term,so why are we not going after the likes of Sharpe with the money we got for Wickham, Even if say a Sharpe was the only player we brought in the Summer and then maybe one or two top players in the Jan window, The Wickham money would have been well spent.

We should have kept Wickham but its not always down to the club if the player wants to go, However we make good money from the Wickham sale but that seems to have disappeared and not been used to improve the team.

Just my view and not maybe the right one but just as frustrated as all.

I would like to see Jewell here for a longer time to build the team but he needs to learn from his mistake quickly

WoodfordTim added 10:05 - Jan 14
Well, it is Mr. Evans's money that is being invested and keeping our club afloat. Is it £40Mn we are in debt? Let's just keep behind the team and give them our support. It will come right.

itfc1981 added 10:30 - Jan 14
Nice dream Marcus, but how did you feel when you woke up?

tractorboy2434 added 10:50 - Jan 14
What a load of old claptrap, just how long before more fans awake from their comatose state and do what about 7K have already done and STOP GOING, it is the only way to make the club see that change is needed and I don't mean just the manager, the club is rotten, poor management, poor coaching, poor tactics, poor PR and poor direction from above, either stop going or lets have some properly organised protests.

budgieplucker added 10:51 - Jan 14
Just wondering where Marcus is planning to put the Sir Jimmy Jewell statute in a few years

righty added 10:54 - Jan 14
Get real JEWELL is useless backing him sends us into Div 1 so Karlosfandangal total waste of time people like you should get in the real world its results that count at the end of the day and Jewell wont do any good thats why hes been out of football for 2 years hes signings have been awful in the extreme so to keep him here would be terrible

StowTractorBoy added 11:00 - Jan 14
If eveyone on here is so against PJ why have we seen no demonstrations and no banners wanting him out. I believe a change may be for the best but while he is here we should support him and the team. So many on this site and at the EADT are so negative towards almost everything the Club tries to do.

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