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Portsmouth Boss Fears Further Town Moves for Trio
Portsmouth Boss Fears Further Town Moves for Trio
Wednesday, 8th Feb 2012 11:35

Portsmouth manager Michael Appleton admits that he’s concerned that the Blues may make renewed overtures for their trio of Pompey targets - keeper Stephen Henderson, centre-half Jason Pearce and midfielder or defender Joel Ward - with Football League clubs able to sign players on ‘emergency’ loans from today. Town had offers accepted for Henderson and Ward on the final day of the transfer window but with the deals breaking down over personal terms, while the Blues were unable to agree a fee for Pearce.

Appleton says that with Portsmouth’s financial crisis appearing no nearer a resolution – the players still haven’t been paid for January – he continues to fear losing players: “You are going to be just as concerned as January with the opening of the loan window.

“I would imagine – I don’t know but I would imagine – there were plenty of people there last night [at Pompey’s 1-0 defeat at Birmingham] having their eye on a few of our players. You would expect that because people know the situation we are in.”

Last week, Blues boss Paul Jewell didn’t rule out further moves for the trio, presumably loans becoming permanent deals in the summer, although not unless Ward and Henderson reduce their “excessive” contract demands.

Appleton says he will have to plan for possible exits: “Ipswich might come back in but if that is the case, we just have to use a contingency plan in terms of having players ready to get on loan from other football clubs.”

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PJewellisaGod added 11:44 - Feb 8
The never ending saga continues......

PJewellisaGod added 11:46 - Feb 8
And how can they even afford to get in players on loan from other clubs??
Ludicrous situation.......they should NOT be allowed unless they can get them to play for free!

JewellintheTown added 11:49 - Feb 8
Appleton looks like a hitman in that picture - PJ better watch his back.

ozzy_itfc added 11:51 - Feb 8
Pjjewellisagod -

i assume that if we were to get them on loan we would have to pay 100% of their wages.

anf if pompey get someone on loan then they will get a player where they will pay hardly any wages, like when we loaned drury to crawley, hes a low earner anyway and i doubt they were paying more than 20% of his wages

Keaneish added 11:53 - Feb 8
Yeah it's beyond a joke now. How can Pomepy go to court with the HMRC on the 20th and say, 'yeah, soz, we had an opportunity to get the money to pay our bill but we decided to gamble and hope we could get some more. Sorry about that! Please don't close our club down, it's only the second time this has happened and we promise it won't happen a third time...even though we have no owner as our's are in administration themselves'!!!!

Fookin' ludicrous!

As for the players. Great if they want to come. If not, look elsewhere.

hampstead_blue added 11:54 - Feb 8
We can only do deals if we agree a fee for Pearce and his wage demands are more realistic than the other two.

If the other two get a grip on reality then we could get them, but that would be one huge climb down on their part. I fear they have priced themselves out of the market.

Still, never mind, they could all stay at Pompey and not get paid?!

Wacko added 11:55 - Feb 8
The Saints fans' nickname for Appleton is 'Voldemort'...

PJewellisaGod added 12:09 - Feb 8
Given their present financial situation, I think they should be forced to play with what they've got. They've made their beds, now its time to lie down in them. Even if they are paying 20%-they shouldn't be allowed. Make them replace their first team members they lose with their reserves, their squad is huge anyway. Their hands deserve to be firmly tied.

As for Appleton, looks like pure evil incarnate.

And as for Ward, Pearce, Henderson etc. If they want paying it looks like they'll need to go on loan.

Surco72 added 12:15 - Feb 8
Take the three players and offer them less than we did before in wages ,if they dont like it stay at a club going out of business and them not getting paid .
Tried to play the club and it has backfired ,if Pompey dont pay their bill on 20th they will again be docked points and game over ,what a shame

AppysBWA added 12:27 - Feb 8
@ PJewellisagod 12.09

We don't have a reserve team.. and our squad is the smallest in the whole of the football league. Facts right much?

ashfordtrueblue added 12:27 - Feb 8
Well offer all three the exact same wages they are on at pompey, which by all accounts aint a lot probably £5000 a week if their luck, Pearce might be on more about £8000 a week, then i would say if you pass your medicals and sign up we will up your wage to another 25%, based upon performances, then if we get promoted next year, your wages will be doubled.

Probably wont accept it but worth a try, better than not getting paid at all

BlueVelvet added 12:28 - Feb 8
Appleton reminds me of something, oh yes, one of those loan sharks. If you are planning a trip to Pompey, Paul J, make sure you take some back up with you. Best to meet on the ferry out of Portsmouth away from snipers gun sights, or in the middle of an empty car park

buryblue77 added 13:14 - Feb 8
Don't want them, we've enough money grabbing disinterested players here already and three more wont help. We need more Drurys, Cresswells and co, people who want to play and when given the chance to step up a league, take it. Don't want anymore mercenaries here, they turned us down already and as far as I'm concerned that should be the end of it, they can sit and rot at Portsmouth and get paid nothing!!!

wilnis_barmy_army added 13:14 - Feb 8
I'd only want Pearce, feel the other 2 made it clear enough they didn't want to come but for silly wages! Get Pearce if we can and look elsewhere for a RB!

quicksy17 added 13:17 - Feb 8
ashford true blue, sounds like football manager tactics :') like it, but very unrealistic, they're going to want a raise, probably a stright up 25 % straight away and then depending on performance etc then add the extra clause

Mungo added 13:18 - Feb 8
I wouldn't expect any further moves for them unless they lower their demands spectacularly, which I don't expect they will do, as the players know they will be able to move on free transfers if Portsmouth continue to fail to pay them...

Other options are available...

quicksy17 added 13:19 - Feb 8
surely we should wait till we could possibly get them on a free, that way we can use the funds saved from paying to bump up their wages that little bit more,

singtown added 13:31 - Feb 8
Don't get players who do not even wish to wear the town shirt! They will rot!

I rather get sixto peralta here than these 3 money grabbing trio! PJ please wake up! Scout for other RB and CB and leave the 3 Pompey mouse-keteers alone!

Len_Brennan added 13:43 - Feb 8
The worm has turned and Pompey realise that their game of brinkmanship on deadline day with Pearce has backfired. This appears to be an invite for ITFC & other clubs to come in for players with some cash and quick - looking for £X paid upfront for a loan with the balance of a full transfer in the summer perhaps.
We may have been hugely critical of the club's recruitment & remuneration policy at times since the summer, but to be fair (for better or worse) they have stuck to their principles, ruled out excessive transfer fees, cleared out some deadwood taking thousands off the wages bill and sent out a message that Ipswich is not going to throw money at players to come here - there's got to something admirable about that.

StowTractorBoy added 13:49 - Feb 8
Whatever has gone on I would like to see all three players here. It was very difficult for the three lads to wrench themselves away although they may have cost the Club a future if they don't find a buyer quickly. We don't really know what their wage demands were it but may be ITFC were going in low with their wage offers hoping they would get a bargain. Can't believe that any of them are on more than £7K a week so still believe we can secure the services of at least one of them. Would prefer the two outfield players as we can get a decent goalkeeper on the cheap from somewhere in the Summer I am sure but as stated earlier all three would be welcome as far as I am concerned.

Bergholtblue added 14:25 - Feb 8
I can't see how, without knowing what was offered and what their wage demands were, how anyone can describe Town as stingy or the players as greedy. All we have is PJ's comment that the wage demands were unrealistic. What does that mean?

Not only that but the offer for Pearce was rejected so that didn't even get as far as wage negotiations, so how can you call him greedy?

At the end of the day, the two other players preferred to remain at Portsmouth and fight to get the club out of the mess that they are in. That is only to be applauded and is no more than I would expect from our players in the same situation.

If they are forced out of the door because of the club's financial position, that is a different story and I would welcome any of them to Portman Road.

WorcesterBlue added 14:46 - Feb 8
I know I'm going to get slaughtered for this but I am amazed at the attitude of some of the "fans" on here. Pompey are a team going through what we did 10 year ago and just because we got shafted by the likes of Charlton then you think its ok to do the same to pompey now. Get a grip! If we want to look to the future we need to recruit and develop good up and coming young players or better still develop our own. Anywa, from what I've seen/hear Pearce is the only one worth having so lets move on a save our money for the likes of Matt Richie come the summer......rant over.

Karlosfandangal added 14:47 - Feb 8
Not sure why people are having a go at Pearce as he was never coming to Town as no fee was ever agreed for him so he was never offered terms at Ipswich.

As for the other two Jewell stated that he had never spoke to them so I would say it was the agent asking for the silly money not the players.

Think if time was on our side and not 2 hours before the window closed there may have been time to discuss a deal, get the feeling Ipsich knew they did not have the time so pulled out so they could look at doing a loan deal with view to perminent when they will have time to talk to the players and agents without the time issues

Michael11 added 14:47 - Feb 8
Forget them they would only come for the money and Pearce quite clearly said he doesn't want to leave Portsmouth anyway, lets go for players who aren't money grabbers and want to wear the shirt instead!

Garv added 15:12 - Feb 8
I'm going to kill you Harry Potter

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