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50% Off for Rearranged Game
50% Off for Rearranged Game
Saturday, 11th Feb 2012 16:55

Town have confirmed that fans who had tickets for today’s abandoned match against Middlesbrough will be given 50% off the full price of a seat for the rearranged game.

Referee Dean Whitestone called this afternoon’s match off after 37 minutes with the pitch becoming more unplayable due to sub-zero temperatures as the game progressed.

The new date for the match is yet to be set.

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AlanMahon2011 added 16:58 - Feb 11
Pathetic town, pathetic.

SeasonTKT_Cobbold added 16:59 - Feb 11
Entry should be free if they've got a ticket!!!??

TractorMan added 17:00 - Feb 11
Regulations say 50%, but he said they would look next week at what they could do.

He said no decision would be made in heat of the moment after game

bluearmy4life added 17:00 - Feb 11
Pathetic Clegg.

markwhite1 added 17:01 - Feb 11
Absolutely disgraceful. I suggest a boycott of the Cardiff game to make Clegg see some sense

AlanMahon2011 added 17:01 - Feb 11
Clegg just get out.

NoCanariesAllowed added 17:02 - Feb 11
Just a quick fact check for the Clegg-bashers - league regulations say Town cannot give a full refund, 50% is the best they can do.

Dissboyitfc added 17:03 - Feb 11
shocking, clegg you are a clown, once again he is showing how little the fans mean to the club... do the decent thing.... i think there should be a clegg out demonstration...coyb

MarkITFC added 17:04 - Feb 11
I have a season Ticket so doesnt concern me but this is a Joke !

It should just be a free ticket for those who have already brought one !

DallasBlue added 17:05 - Feb 11
Should be free for anyone with a ticket, not the fans faults that the game was called off. be a bit like missing the bus because it broke down, but the next one along will only cost you half the price of the ticket you already paid for the first bus, which isn't coming anymore...bloody hell, that didn't make much sense...bus for Cooley :-) Must be all this sand over here, the duct is getting to my head...

tractorboy1961 added 17:05 - Feb 11
Pathetic. I have a season ticket so it's not applicable for me but those fans who bought tickets and the away supporters should get their tickets totally free for the re arranged match.

Assuming they don't ( if Clegg has anything to do with it ) then the money Town made today should be invested in under soil heating.


Smithy added 17:06 - Feb 11
Brilliant, so I will pay at least £33.75 to watch Middlesbrough at home, bargain! Let alone twice the travel costs

DaneITFC added 17:07 - Feb 11
So around £35 for home fans and id guess around 50 for boro

TractorMan added 17:08 - Feb 11
FA regs say a MINIMUM of 50% discount - clubs can do what they like above that and Clegg has said that is what they are looking at!

legoman added 17:10 - Feb 11
Well done town. Very fair imho.

KentBlue92 added 17:12 - Feb 11
What an absolute joke.
Do season ticket holders have to pay extra as well then?

felixblue added 17:12 - Feb 11
Sorry Town thats really bad play yes i understand if someone has spend £100 getting to a game you cant help that and if they had left very early to get here i can understand that to, but the least the club could do is give a free ticket for the replay or a refund. The idea was to get more fans this is not helping 1 bit as a season ticket holder that would often go on about glory fans and cheap tickets i feel sorry for them this time Clegg and Evans need to sort it out or we will be well down on season tickets and fans next year.Come on you Blues and dont blaame the ref Town for once show some support to the fans of our club. Mr Evans you own Town on paper but without fans you are nothing you need to think on that.

Dissboyitfc added 17:13 - Feb 11
tractor man, there is no rule that say the town cannot offer free admission to those with ticket stubbs.. clegg is a fool and must leave this club now. I assume tractorman you did not pay today???

AlanMahon2011 added 17:13 - Feb 11
So the ref calls a game off which fans have paid for THEN they have to pay AGAIN to go to the rearranged fixture!?

Clegg Out.

MonterreyBlue added 17:15 - Feb 11
Didnt go to the game, wont be going to the next game (im in Mexico) but that is an ABSOLUTE joke ITFC. SURELY it has to be free as the game was null and void.

Sorry Mr Clegg but thats outrageous.

Dissboyitfc added 17:17 - Feb 11
And furthermore, the purpose of todays reduction was to boost the gate receipts with perhaps new fans and returning fans, this attitude will NOT help, get lost clegg, he should not have said 50% , if the situation was going to be looked at in the following days..... CLOWN

jas0999 added 17:19 - Feb 11
Season ticket holders get in though?

theblueginger added 17:19 - Feb 11
What does he mean he 'can't' give a refund. How can you offer free transport to blackpool, and reduced home ticket prices, when you didn't have to do that?
It that case the regulations should also say that the game should be called off beforehand or not at all!

Taricco_Fan added 17:19 - Feb 11
I couldn't give a stuff about FA regulations, it's common decency to offer free admission for ticket holders for the re-arranged. If I'm expected to pay again then I'm on the verge of being done with ITFC and football in general.

Having to write off £40 in the current economic climate doesn't sit well with me. I'm sure other fans feel the same.

GreenwichBlue added 17:20 - Feb 11
How dare they. With train cost as well that's disgusting. I don't what half off - I want a full refund plus travel. Nothing wrong with the pitch if you can play 37 mins. Player tweets say they agree. Disgrace.

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