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50% Off for Rearranged Game
50% Off for Rearranged Game
Saturday, 11th Feb 2012 16:55

Town have confirmed that fans who had tickets for today’s abandoned match against Middlesbrough will be given 50% off the full price of a seat for the rearranged game.

Referee Dean Whitestone called this afternoon’s match off after 37 minutes with the pitch becoming more unplayable due to sub-zero temperatures as the game progressed.

The new date for the match is yet to be set.

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Garv added 17:22 - Feb 11
The club have to pay the league, but there's nothing stopping them reimbursing fans THEIR money.

Now we have to pay the price of one and a half games of football to see one game of football, plus travel x2.

What a joke.

runaround added 17:22 - Feb 11
A joke all round and once again its the fans who miss out. My missus paid £20.00 for a ticket today so will have to pay another at least £12.00 to attend the rearranged game and we will have to sort out childcare again. So it will end up costing us a lot more than for her to have come to a game at usual price. The end result will be she doesn't attend the rematch. The whole thing stinks and ITFC have to think very carefully about this otherwise they will lose even more fans.

martin12120137 added 17:25 - Feb 11
sue the fa that pitch was passed as fit it hadnt detoriated since it was inspected im getting my money back from them! seeing as the ref works for them!

Suffolk_n_Good added 17:27 - Feb 11
What a bloody joke!!! They only played 37 mins, yet they want to charge 50% for the re-arranged fixture!!!! disgraceful......... Shame on you ITFC......

Wickets added 17:27 - Feb 11
Clegg a PR nighmare, why is he still at the club we love.No PR skills,as he proved on Radio Suffolk today and as for transfer and players wage negotiations!!!! Mr Evans please get a competent man in.

bluelady added 17:30 - Feb 11

djbreeze added 17:34 - Feb 11
as a season ticket holder i should be given something off the new season price !
and for every game where admission has been £10 when my ticket pans out at £17 a game or what ever ! ..
and that doesn't even get started on cost of fuel, programs and food etc ..
thanks for quite frankly not a lot ..
get the fans back huh ? .. going the right way about it ..

our club is actually becoming a joke.

Dissboyitfc added 17:38 - Feb 11
I didnt go today, but i am furious of the clubs treatment of you guys that did spend your hard earnt money.... ffs clegg what planet is he on, this will just push fans even further away.... its really upsetting to see what is happening to our club..... clegg has nt got a clue about being a football supporter and the hardships being faced by many on the finances front.....Clegg out

painterman added 17:39 - Feb 11

bluewall3 added 17:39 - Feb 11
just got back from the match!! being asked to pay again is well out of order i don,t often get chance to see the town much through work comitments and cost. but was on holiday so took my nephew down for a treat!!! i really have had enough of town now it just seams to be one thing after a another, to say you have to pay 50% for the next game is very bad PR from town the ticket cost me £20 each so if i went again thats£30 each!!!! thats brings the fans back i don't think. once again it the fans how lose out. O does this mean the players and staff only get paid HALF there wages for this match!!!!!!!!

davidsc1971 added 17:41 - Feb 11
No this is wrong and the club should be honouring the ticket stubs, like they would do if the game was called off in advance.

The club will benefit from double bubble programme and kiosk sales do the least they should do is re-admit FOC.

Events like this are a fact of life. You won't be able to sue the FA (I mean, please) but the club can play their part and be fair to those who made the trip.

I guess this proves once again that the senior management at ITFC don't know much about PR or fail to understand how fans would react to half a response like this, given that it is likely that a conversation hasn't even happened at the club about what to do here!

suffolklad added 17:41 - Feb 11
The 50% discount is this off a full match price ticket or the 25% special price offer.Whatever this is turning into a PR nightmare,a ticket price that was supposed to encourage supporters to come will cost them alot more,good PR there.The people I feel sorry for is the players a 50% lose in wages is alot !

ITFC4daprem added 17:41 - Feb 11
absolute JOKE

Dissboyitfc added 17:45 - Feb 11
djbreeze, no we are a joke.... does evans employ such incompetence in his other business? i think not.. so dont do it with the town... lose this clown, Clegg out NOW

ITFC4daprem added 17:45 - Feb 11
If we go to the next game we will of paid for 135 mins when we only watch 127

RegencyBlue added 17:46 - Feb 11
So the ticket promotion ends up costing any fan who took it up more money than a normal ticket if they want to see the re-match or they end up having paid 75% of a full ticket price for 30 minutes of football.

Thats really going to have them clamouring to come back to Portman Road on a regular basis Mr Clegg!!


flyingdutchman added 17:46 - Feb 11
what a good deal £20 for this match rearranged game £12-50 so your 20% discont is now a £37-50 good buisness town clegg innnnnnnnnnn

ITFC4daprem added 17:46 - Feb 11
Clegg out now

blue added 17:49 - Feb 11

Scuzzer added 17:52 - Feb 11
I think everyone has missed one point. People bought the ticket for todays game because they were able to attend. The rearranged fixture will probably be mid-week. People may not be able to attend night games...for varying reasons. So...infact they will have lost the entire cost of their what is being offered is a discount on a new ticket. This is a disgraceful siuation, and I wonder what the trading standards people would make of it. People have shelled out for a game of footballl which clearly did not deliver. If ITFC are worried about recouping some of the expenditure for attempting to stage the game then it shouldnt be the put upon fans to cough up...ITFC should seek compensation from the Football was one of their officials who caused the situation. I am livid! Not so much at the referee, although I thought it was a really poor decision to stop the game, but with the Club...that I support, who are being somewhat disengenuous to say the least.

TMWNN_1996 added 17:55 - Feb 11
This will hurt the club badly in the long run. PR nightmare. This will leave a bad taste in the mouth of many who came today. It's a no brainer for me, free ticket for the rearranged game, people have had to pay enough with petrol, rail, bus fares etc. if these people are forced away then it may take a long time for them to return. Think about it, take your financial blinkers off town.

Taricco_Fan added 17:57 - Feb 11
Exactly Scuzzer. I work 12 hour shifts, covering both days and nights, and weekends too. There's no guarantee I can make the rearranged fixture so I'm facing the very real prospect of having spent £40 for nothing. I won't be going to the game anyway unless it's free.

Also, lets not forget the Middlesbrough fans here. That's one huge round trip and a lot of money for them. I really do feel sorry for the Boro fans, who turned out in good numbers today.

shaunminx added 17:58 - Feb 11
That's taking the pi$$ big style. Not lost a thing by having this as a cheap ticket game. A quarter of the price off today's ticket then have the next ticket at half price. Assuming the same people will go that we're there today then they're paying 25% MORE in the end! The least they should do is have the rescheduled game free for those that have tickets for today.

Umros added 18:06 - Feb 11
ST Holder so.......happy days.

Agree, pretty disgusting for ticketed fans, however with provisio that these are not the same who were having a pop when ST holders were questioning why ST holders were disagreeing with ticket promotions, if so surely fickle?

Happy2bBlue added 18:08 - Feb 11
Clegg completely out of touch again. The man is a complete liability, we'll have no fans left by the time he's finished.

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