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Town Announce New Boro Prices
Town Announce New Boro Prices
Monday, 13th Feb 2012 16:16

Adult fans who bought matchday tickets for Saturday’s abandoned game against Middlesbrough will now be able to attend the restaged match on Tuesday 27th March for £5, £7.50 and £10, the club has announced.

Town had cut Saturday’s prices by 25% - adult tickets were priced at £20, £25 and £30 - and the same price discount will be in place for the rearranged game.

Supporters who attended the weekend game will be able to buy tickets for £5, £7.50 or £10, subject to proof of purchase for the original match.

Chief executive Simon Clegg said: “It was very frustrating for all concerned that Saturday’s game ended the way it did but as a club we could not have done any more to ensure the game went ahead.

“Extreme temperatures of minus 13 were recorded at the ground and while our groundstaff did an amazing job to get the pitch playable, the referee felt that the conditions had deteriorated enough in those 37 minutes of play to make his decision.

“We were obviously particularly disappointed for the supporters of both clubs and after the game I made it clear from the outset that we would heavily discount prices for the rearranged fixture and review the situation today – and I have done that.

“It’s the club’s policy – in line with the vast majority of Premier League and Championship clubs - that as the game was abandoned before half-time we would set a 50% discount, but on this occasion we have reduced prices significantly beyond that.

“No one who was at the game on Saturday will have to pay more than £10 to watch the rearranged match and for the vast majority it will be £7.50 or £5.

“I realise that we can’t please every supporter but it has to be recognised that there are significant costs to hosting a football match, regardless of how long it lasts.

“We employ 400 additional staff on matchday for example, who all have to be paid, plus there are costs for catering, medical, match officials and plenty more.

“Hopefully the vast majority of supporters who were here on Saturday will be back at Portman Road on March 27th – with the weather a bit warmer this time!”

The Football League has confirmed that it strictly ensures that every club has a publicly-stated policy regarding ticket refunds or other arrangements for abandoned matches – Town’s tickets include mention of the 50% referred to by Clegg - although with clubs having the freedom to determine that policy.

Town will announce sales priorities and dates in the weeks to come.

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mugsykets added 16:22 - Feb 13
See? The club really cares about it's fans! They can't do enough for us!

SeriouslyDelusional added 16:25 - Feb 13
I'm welling up here

Keaneish added 16:27 - Feb 13
...and you'd like me to spend another £50 on top for a further train fare?
Surely the FA can compensate fans in these situations?

flashblue added 16:28 - Feb 13
Ridiculous. Refund please.

footballfriend added 16:28 - Feb 13
I'm quite happy with this. I was at the game that was called off, and I travel from Essex (near Southend) so travel costs are relatively high. I totally understand where the club are coming from and it is of no fault of their own that it was cancelled. People who attended the game at the weekend should just write it off and view Tuesday as the proper fixture...a tenner to see the team you love play is a good price and I don't think anyone can moan about this. It basically means we get our burger, chips and few pints free of charge :)

Scuzzer added 16:29 - Feb 13
As Kids got in for £5 on Saturday...what will they be paying? Will they get in for free?

Town_Boy added 16:30 - Feb 13
Keaneish This comment goes out to idiots like you..

“I realise that we can’t please every supporter but it has to be recognised that there are significant costs to hosting a football match, regardless of how long it lasts.

Scuzzer added 16:31 - Feb 13
Still think the club should have requested some sort of compensation from the Football League to cover their costs on Saturday.

jas0999 added 16:31 - Feb 13
Pathetic. I am a season ticket holder, but even I can work out it is costing match day ticket holders even more money to essentially see one game. The club FAILED to get this match played to a full - as they only played 37 minutes - they should therefore do the right thing and allow fans who bought a ticket in for free. Typical ITFC, a deluded owner, a terrible CEO and a hopeless manager who has delivered a loss ratio of over 50% this season. I dread to think what season ticket sales will be like.

Urchin added 16:33 - Feb 13
@jas0999- will you be buying next year?

bluelady added 16:36 - Feb 13
Jas back to your happy self i see.... how is the fact that Ref called the game off the clubs or anyone elses fault and how do you always manage to get a dig at PJ? you are the pathetic one, i used to have a great deal of respect for you, no longer im afraid. Having an opinion is one thing, trouble is yours never changes its one tune all day every day and your response is the same, whatever the subject is.

bluelady added 16:36 - Feb 13
Urchin i do hope not, perhaps he will find a new team to winge on about and on and on and on and on..... yawn

hampstead_blue added 16:37 - Feb 13
Good prices I think.

Can't wait to have PR filled for the re-arranged fixture.

Well done Clegg for getting things done so quickly.

JewellintheTown added 16:38 - Feb 13
Keaneish -"...and you'd like me to spend another £50 on top for a further train fare?
Surely the FA can compensate fans in these situations."

@Keanish - No, you get sweet FA.

MintyHalfWit added 16:39 - Feb 13
Clegg is a liar. The Club could have had the match called off at 11am. The ref would have taken their advice. Presumably the absentee owner instructed Clegg to get the match started at all costs to make sure he could pocket all the gate receipts. There is a revolting smell anging round Portman Road these days.

Keaneish added 16:43 - Feb 13
TownBoy - ????

I'm talking about the train fare not the ticket price and Clegg's statement you fool! Where does my post quibble about the discounted offer!? Maybe if you read my post you'll see this very basic statement referring to travel expenses. My grievance is with the FA not the club you d**khead! What a muppet!

mark1969 added 16:44 - Feb 13
Hampstead Blue , fair enough arrangement but quick , get a grip we took our time , Middlesboro announced their arrangements 5 hours ago are you Mr. Clegg in disguise ? No wonder are transfer dealings are drawn out , any sign of a centre half coming in ?

wrightyblue added 16:44 - Feb 13
Town boy. your the idiot clegg out.

bgexile added 16:44 - Feb 13
Jeez...some people are hard to please on here!!!
I don't think you can really expect much more than what they've done...but some of you wouldn't be happy unless Cleggy picked you up in a Roller and whisked you there himself, plied you with free food and drink, threw in a few dancing girls and then drove you home after the game!
In fact...I bet someone would still moan about that lot...
the white wine was too cold or the chips too crispy...

Edinburgh_Blue added 16:45 - Feb 13
Sounds fair and reasonable to me. Now can the moaners move on PLEASE?!

Keaneish added 16:45 - Feb 13
Jewellinthetown - Yeah i figured that would be the inevitable outcome but i'll email them regardless and see what the outcome is and post it on here.

sonian_blue added 16:45 - Feb 13
Well said footballfriend.
Some people on here are just idiots.

bugledog123 added 16:47 - Feb 13
Maybe i'm being slow here but don't the club have insurance for this kind of thing? Surely they could then just claim on it rather than make the fans pay out?

FenboyBlue added 16:48 - Feb 13
You'll no' be havin' a sale will ye ?

Paulc added 16:49 - Feb 13
Keanish - You idiot, what the hell makes you think your travel should be paid. Do you ask for Petrol money if you go to McDonalds and they've run out of Chocolate Thick shakes?

MintyHalfWit - can you please refrain from using the phrase 'Presumably' this implies your comments are based on your opinion and not fact.

Whislt this whole offer falls short of the free admission that would have been a much stronger show of understanding for the supporters - PR balls up! however this is a little better than the off the cuff remarks made by SC on Saturday.

Clegg - I reallt thought that PR was your thing, if not, what are you here for - USELESS!

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