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Ipswich Town 0 v 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers
SkyBet Championship
Wednesday, 19th September 2012 Kick-off 19:45
Jewell Frustrated By Failure to Take Chances
Wednesday, 19th Sep 2012 22:51

Town boss Paul Jewell was once again left bemoaning his side’s inability to take chances after their 2-0 home defeat to Wolves.

Jewell said: “It was similar to Saturday, we dominated the game, but we’re not just missing half-chances, we’re missing gilt-edged chances.

“If the keeper was making great saves, fair enough, but we’re just wasteful. When you miss chances like that it highlights it and at the moment anything that can go wrong will go wrong, hence their first goal. It was comedy capers really.

“We spoke about giving cheap fouls away, whether it was a foul or not [for the freekick for the first goal] I don’t know, but even the second goal we had them in their corner and we gave a silly foul away.

“It let them out of jail, they took the freekick and it transpired from that they scored. You can always trace things back.”

He says his team aren’t doing the ugly side of football: “It’s the small margins in games which become huge chasms because if you don’t do the tiny little things that people in the crowd don’t quite appreciate but managers do, like closing down, getting little blocks in, little things like that, being in the right areas, standing up and being strong in little situations.

“The sexy things in football, if you don’t do the things that aren’t sexy right, you win matches. And because we’re not taking our chances, we’re getting punished for every little error.

“I don’t quite understand how the ball ended up in the back of the net [for the first goal], to be honest. But we’ve had chances in that second half, two just before half-time, to have won the game comfortably.

“If we get the first goal, the confidence will flow, everybody knows that. Football and life are about confidence, if we go out there and score the first goal, the crowd are up for it, the fans are up for it, at the moment we’re very edgy.”

Jewell admits that the more results go against his team, the more pressure grows: “That’s the nature of football, of life. If you keep on going to work and it doesn’t work out for you, you know the consequences.

“If you’re going to lose matches, you lose your job. That’s life, that’s football. There’s no easy way out of the situation we’re in, the good thing about it is that we’ve got lots of games left.”

He knows results have to change even if performances are good: “It doesn’t always wash if you keep on telling people ‘we’ve had the best chances, we’ve had more possession, we’ve had more crosses’. Anyone who was at the game tonight, I thought we were the better team.

“They didn’t even have to work hard for their goal and goals change games, we know that. If Lee Martin had taken one of his two chances before half-time, if Tommy had taken his chance, if Massimo had taken his, Daryl Murphy had taken his, Jason Scotland had taken one of his, and they weren’t just half-chances, they were gilt-edged opportunities.

“But we’re not blaming anyone. I as the manager take full responsibility for everything that goes on and that’s the way it has to be. Any errors we’re making on the pitch at the moment, we’re getting punished for.”

The Liverpudlian says it’s no surprise fans showed their annoyance at the end: “They’re entitled to get frustrated and edgy. They haven’t seen us win at home this season. It’s a home game and the crowd are the football club, they are any football club.

“We’ve got to get the crowd excited, we’ve got to give the crowd something so they get behind us. We’re not giving them enough.

“It’s not that we’re not playing OK, we’re not taking our chances and when you don’t take your chances and you’re in a bit of a losing spell like we are, you can almost write the script.

“There’s no place for shrinking violets in football. As a manager I pick the team and I make the decisions and as players they make decisions, right or wrong ones, on the pitch. And at the moment every time we make a wrong one we get punished for us.

“People will talk about not keeping a clean sheet, but we should have been out of sight with the opportunities we had at Middlesbrough, we could easily have scored three goals tonight and no one would be talking about the back four.”

The Blues could be without Paul Taylor when Charlton visit on Saturday due to the ankle injury he suffered in the second half: “It’s a nasty one, he’s on crutches, it’s a bit of a blow that.

“He’s going to get a scan first thing in the morning. It’s quite swollen so whether that can tell us anything, I don’t know, but he’s obviously a major doubt for the weekend.”

Jewell says he’s still looking for new recruits but isn't sure whether anyone will be signed before the weekend but insists he has belief in his current squad: “I don’t know, we’re still trying like we always are to improve the squad, but obviously it’s proving very difficult to get players in. But I believe the players we have here are good enough to get out of this rut.”

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bluefeast added 23:10 - Sep 19
Outrageous the comments from Jewel , i watched the game , we looked vulnerable and fearful ,frightened in front of goal .kEEP THE TEAM CHANGE THE COACHES AND MANAGER Please.

TimmyH added 23:10 - Sep 19
Talbs - Wolves were pretty ordinary? and the effort shown by our boys?

I couldn't see us starting the season off this badly but the heads have dropped and by the sounds of it PR is now a library! - Jewell has to go, I was going to give him to October but there are too many teams galloping away. New management in, maybe somebody connected to the club and also a new CEO would be good.

tearle1974 added 23:10 - Sep 19
It sounds like a Nick Clegg apology?? Saying the club is doing everything right on the practice pitch and the financial of the club but when it's the game on the pitch its same old. We have had broken promisses of a defence for months and we are leaking goals and he gets rid of another defender on a free. Thats 3 now??? Ingamarsson, Sonko and Delaney. Only Chambers a replacement. Us as fans are frustrated and maybe you should not bring politics in the game but if we could vote in the stands Jewell would be out and Simon Clegg to follow. (Funny Clegg is the name of broken promisses)???

The fans have had enough and before it's too late Marcus Evans do something now before it's too late??

felixblue added 23:12 - Sep 19
The comment in an article on here earlier said it all This is not a game of Championship Manager, Yep your right PJ now get on with your job and sign some players in the real world.

wychyblue added 23:15 - Sep 19
Just over 12 months ago I drove back from Burnley on a cold wet midweek night having been humiliated by another dismal performance and defeat. In fact it was the worst drive home in following the town for 34 years! . PJ got a stay of execution by a daft game of football at Barnsley (thanks mainly to Keith Andrews and Danny Collins goals who were both on loan and long gone !!!). How are we any better now? How long does Iit take PJ to develope a 'team'.? We have tried PJ for some time now, his record is very poor and not getting better at all. Thanks for trying PJ but a change is required now for all involved. Can't see Harry coming on our budget( and certainly wouldn't want to become a Portsmouth) but what about Steve Cotterill? Always done well where ever he has been? Billy Davies also ?

ITFC2012 added 23:20 - Sep 19
I must also say the stadium was terribly quiet today, quite embarrassing despite the result all i heard was 5 teenagers trying to get the crowd started. The results might not be going our way and yes, the crowd shouldn't be needed to help motivate but what's the harm? Just up the singing and the supporting "banter" and help motivate the team in bad times and good! COYB!!!!

Bluetone added 23:21 - Sep 19
Blah di blah di blah Jewell you just need to do the decent thing and GO.

Garv added 23:31 - Sep 19
Not time for Jewell to go yet, but tonight was terrible. No way did we dominate. I hate to think of the first half possession stats as we didn't pass it at all, they completely controlled it bar five minutes at the end.

Second half was better, we had lots of chances but in fact didn't create very well and didn't play any particularly good football.

Tommy Smith what are you playing at? I hate to knock the guy because he's a long serving youth product and he loves the club but he didn't look a footballer tonight. Less said about the own goal the better.

Not going to 'blame' Luongo for the second but he messes around with it 25 yards from his own goal and they get a shot on goal and the ball goes through Scott Loach who should really have saved it.

N'Daw is a lump in my opinion, wins a few headers and kicks a few opposition players but he looked slow and clumsy tonight. Get Hyam in.

Taylor injured. Things really not going our way.

Ho hum, on to Saturday. Don't like to use this phrase but it is a must win, or at least a must, must not lose.

ramseyn added 23:31 - Sep 19
I have to say, that was the worst first half of football I have ever witnessed. Both teams were awful, dull and lacking in any quality whatsoever. However, as a member of the crowd PJ tells me that it was because I don't appreciate the little things that go on, what's that all about?!?

I could take our position and results if I could see the grand plan, something the management are working towards as a unit, a mission statement, a vision, call it what you will but there just isn't one.

No more Portman Road for me for sometime at those prices for that drivel.

tractorboy11uk added 23:32 - Sep 19
Dreadful display, no pride, no passion, players looked dejected right from the first whistle. It's a sad fact that as far as this season is concerned automatic promotion is already beyond us. Very unlikely we could now make the play offs and at best another mid table finish.
Time for a change now the season is effectively over before we end up in a protracted relegation scrap !

walberswick added 23:34 - Sep 19
nobody wants jewell to fail but with 6 games gone we are 9 points adrift of the top teams. we aren't going to challenge for promotion with this painfully slow progress. yes i'm sure he can turn it round but already you can see it's another season lost. why are the fans going to turn up with so little chance of success. it certainly is someones fault, starting the season with a weak and poosrly equipped team. jewel does his cause no good by persiting with a team missing key players, surely he knows that in this tough league you have to get key people in before the season starts otherwise you give up so much ground that you are bound to fail, clearly jewell has to have a good look at himself and decide whetther he really is up to the task, words just aren't enough. he has a reasonable squad, he needs to be less precious about who he gets in and work with the relity he has created for himself. any of the half dozen cbs linked with us have enough talent to improve our team. as the manager his job is create a fully functioning team. if he needs a defensive coach get one in and get rid of hutchings or mccarthy.
it seems that the jewell and his team allow themselves the luxury of failure early in the season therby removing any pressure of having to compete for a top six spot. jewell dosen't seem to learnt or have a grasp of his situation so that he is able to turn it round, he is weak. how can itfc go forward with a guy who doesn't learn. everyone has been patient but paul seems to think he can continue without making very ordinary progres that is the minimum for survial in thse leagu.he needs to forget his own hype and get his hands dirty. he finished 15th last season and he is 23rd now. he has damaged the club and has made his task a lot tougher than it need be. if he can't show some improvement [and few clean sheets would be a start] he knows that he has to walk. we are patient but it's not paul jewell's club. he is supposed to be a football manager but many of the posters on this site have a better grasp of reality than his scouse ego. good luck paul.

buryblue77 added 23:42 - Sep 19
From a former Pro PJer, I just don't care what you say anymore Paul, just go now!

Lukeybluey added 23:43 - Sep 19
could be worse, we could be 24th!

Blue041273 added 23:48 - Sep 19
I agree - Dead Man Walking. There are simply no redeeming features to complicate the issue. Everything in the Ipswich House is rotten. There is not even a base on which any new manager can build. Individually the players may be useful but as a team they are just a band of disparate strangers. They are clearly poorly coached; how come the dead ball kicks are so awful, how come the shooting is so dreadful, how come the defending and goalkeeping is so amateurish? The squad that PJ has put together is so thin that a) there is no credible back up for any of the selected back four, b) three of the midfield are on loan, and c) there is no real support for Chopra up front. The tactic of playing Chopra up front on his own against two huge centre backs was never ever going to be a success so why keep trying it? Chopra will thrive only with a physical presence to challenge the opposing CBs alongside him. There is still no leadership, inspiration or dogged determination in midfield and the whole team is devoid of ideas, creativity or craft. The management must take responsibility for all this. Unfortunately the damage cannot now be repaired by the current management team. Tonight's insipid performance clearly showed that PJ is banging his head against a brick wall and that the obvious lessons of the Middlesborough game as elucidated in his post match comments were not learned. This journey to League 1 surely cannot be allowed to continue

MorgBlue added 23:49 - Sep 19
Town were poor tonight. We never moved the ball about quick enough and were very static. Misplaced passes in the first half, and a lack of goal threat justified our league positionl.

We had opportunities to win tonight. Excellent chances to take all three points.

Wolves weren't worth their win. They carried no series threat, except a Kevin Doyle strike which hit the post late-on. The Tommy Smith's OG was atrocious and Doumbia's effort was left unchallenged.

Town had their fair share of possession, but I'm seriously beginning to doubt our season already. We are playing catch up already.

Michael11 added 23:58 - Sep 19
As expected, the same headline as the last 80 games!! Get out of our club Jewell and take the little dignity you have left with you! Very fearful for the rest of the season if he doesn't leave.

Notts_tractor added 00:09 - Sep 20
Good call Mr_Evans. Bryan Klug instead of another has-been who gets the job because Evans and Clegg know sod all about football and get their advice from people like Harry Redknapp, who then recommends his mate (jewell). Without a modern, clued up coach and tactician (Jewell is neither) we are League One bound

megamoth added 00:25 - Sep 20
You only have to look at Coventry to know that being the longest serving team in this division is fatal. You have no momentum that teams have when promoted from div 1 and no parachute payment or half sensible squad to sustain you when coming down from the Prem. In addition to all of that, we have a manager who says one thing and does something else (ie saying that we wont rely on loan players like we did last season). And then even at this early stage in the season you have to ask, what chance do we have of signing quality (loan) players whilst we are at the arse end of the table? A return for BFJ isnt the answer but id take him over BFP right now.

blueash78 added 00:28 - Sep 20
I've been following town 40 years. I've seen town torn apart by Port Vale in years gone by as well many other pathetic performances. Over the years the more money town has had to spend the more disjointed town has become. We can't live in the past, like many other clubs but simple and basic things just seemed to have been lost or forgotten by the club.
I'm frustrated like everyone else but what gets on my nerves more then anything else are the non constructive, negative and mainly ignorant comments of so called town fans. These are the same individuals who after seeing town go one down turn on the players rather then get behind the team.

Things have got to change but as far as I'm concerned these fans can be the first to go, we're better off without you. You'd of been calling for Robson's head
in the early years. Complain, rant if you want, but get behind the team or get out.

tomisamos added 00:54 - Sep 20
Was saying on the way out tonight, what is it that we're doing so wrong? For the past six or seven seasons the football has been mediocre at best and downright terrible at worst. Since the last season we really looked like a strong team (imo the season Wigan went up and we lost to West Ham in the playoffs, meaning we sold Miller, Bent, Kuqi and Davis to the Prem) we've seen 4 different managers, probably a hundred different players, several formations, a new invisible chairman, a heap of cash and absolutely no progress. The football has been consistently poor and even if Jim Magilton had some bright patches in his time in charge, everyone was baying for his blood as much as Royle's before him and Keane's after.

Tonight we played no worse than Wolves, even if we didn't dominate. Other that a terrible own goal they only scored from a speculative effort and tested Loach with a 20 yard efforts. We created far more clear cut chances but we were just terrible in front of goal. Martin and Murphy's lack of finish and final ball hugely let us down and Chopra was incredibly lazy for a player who claims to have 25 to 30 goals in him. Not everyone played badly tonight, but certain individuals massively did. But this isn't just tonight, or this season or even under Jewell.

We've been this poor for a long time and it barely gets better. I'm not saying sack Jewell, he is part of the problem. But he isn't THE problem. To say he is would be naive and would ignore the dire teams that turned out before he arrived. I personally want to see most of these players given time, I think some show promise and we don't really have any has-beens and hangers on like we did last year. We have a lot of young and inexperienced players, such as Smith, who will make mistakes. However, it's a results sport and Jewell has had nearly two years. I just think the problems seems to me to sit deeper than him, and if we don't completely root it out it doesn't matter whether he goes or not and who comes in, we'll still be staring league one or at least very poor championship football in the face.

Sospiri added 03:19 - Sep 20
We've been unlucky in the last two games. That luck will change, and the bounce will go our way. No need to run around and panic.

rubbleblue added 06:53 - Sep 20
Passionless loanees, no reason to fight not their club. Spend a load of money on a s forward who gets a panic attack when its time to score. Not got any replacements for defense( criminal) , if pj wants to leave a lasting memory then well done sir. The worst team I have seen at our beloved portman road. No idea who can change it but need some fire in the players bellies. Man management and tactical awareness. Klug step up we will trust in you.

floridaboy added 07:07 - Sep 20
If Jewell leaves the club needs a very experienced manager and sorry oh deluded fans Klug is most definitely NOT the answer.

Lose to Charlton on Saturday and I honestly think we will be discussing a new manager this time next week but who that manager will be is another question.

For some of the fools on here to say the season is over is total rubbish. Ask Reading fans who were in a similar position last season!

tractorboy11uk added 08:09 - Sep 20
Florida boy, not sure if you are referring to me as I said this season is over as far as automatic promotion is concerned , but it is and here's why :-
It's a question of simple mathematics. To gain automatic promotion a team needs a minimum of 92 points or in simple terms 2 points per game. Therefore after 6 games you already need 12 points, we have 5 points. To get back on track we would need to do the equivilant of winning the next 7 games in a row which would give us 26 points from 13 games, and then, we would still need 2 points a game average for the rest of the season !
Can we do that ? As I said, automatic promotion is now beyond us, I believe. If we did achieve it I'll be as happy as you, but I fear not.

NoelTheDub added 08:13 - Sep 20
Did anyone really think we could beat wolves last nignt,the way this team has been put together this season is a joke.Teams will want to come to PR and take 3 easy points away as long as Mr jewell is in charge.Its now the strikers thats getting the stick but if you keep clean sheets you wont lose and the goals will come.Most fans could see this shambles coming as so far jewell has no clue what to do.

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