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Ipswich Town 0 v 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers
SkyBet Championship
Wednesday, 19th September 2012 Kick-off 19:45
Jewell Frustrated By Failure to Take Chances
Wednesday, 19th Sep 2012 22:51

Town boss Paul Jewell was once again left bemoaning his side’s inability to take chances after their 2-0 home defeat to Wolves.

Jewell said: “It was similar to Saturday, we dominated the game, but we’re not just missing half-chances, we’re missing gilt-edged chances.

“If the keeper was making great saves, fair enough, but we’re just wasteful. When you miss chances like that it highlights it and at the moment anything that can go wrong will go wrong, hence their first goal. It was comedy capers really.

“We spoke about giving cheap fouls away, whether it was a foul or not [for the freekick for the first goal] I don’t know, but even the second goal we had them in their corner and we gave a silly foul away.

“It let them out of jail, they took the freekick and it transpired from that they scored. You can always trace things back.”

He says his team aren’t doing the ugly side of football: “It’s the small margins in games which become huge chasms because if you don’t do the tiny little things that people in the crowd don’t quite appreciate but managers do, like closing down, getting little blocks in, little things like that, being in the right areas, standing up and being strong in little situations.

“The sexy things in football, if you don’t do the things that aren’t sexy right, you win matches. And because we’re not taking our chances, we’re getting punished for every little error.

“I don’t quite understand how the ball ended up in the back of the net [for the first goal], to be honest. But we’ve had chances in that second half, two just before half-time, to have won the game comfortably.

“If we get the first goal, the confidence will flow, everybody knows that. Football and life are about confidence, if we go out there and score the first goal, the crowd are up for it, the fans are up for it, at the moment we’re very edgy.”

Jewell admits that the more results go against his team, the more pressure grows: “That’s the nature of football, of life. If you keep on going to work and it doesn’t work out for you, you know the consequences.

“If you’re going to lose matches, you lose your job. That’s life, that’s football. There’s no easy way out of the situation we’re in, the good thing about it is that we’ve got lots of games left.”

He knows results have to change even if performances are good: “It doesn’t always wash if you keep on telling people ‘we’ve had the best chances, we’ve had more possession, we’ve had more crosses’. Anyone who was at the game tonight, I thought we were the better team.

“They didn’t even have to work hard for their goal and goals change games, we know that. If Lee Martin had taken one of his two chances before half-time, if Tommy had taken his chance, if Massimo had taken his, Daryl Murphy had taken his, Jason Scotland had taken one of his, and they weren’t just half-chances, they were gilt-edged opportunities.

“But we’re not blaming anyone. I as the manager take full responsibility for everything that goes on and that’s the way it has to be. Any errors we’re making on the pitch at the moment, we’re getting punished for.”

The Liverpudlian says it’s no surprise fans showed their annoyance at the end: “They’re entitled to get frustrated and edgy. They haven’t seen us win at home this season. It’s a home game and the crowd are the football club, they are any football club.

“We’ve got to get the crowd excited, we’ve got to give the crowd something so they get behind us. We’re not giving them enough.

“It’s not that we’re not playing OK, we’re not taking our chances and when you don’t take your chances and you’re in a bit of a losing spell like we are, you can almost write the script.

“There’s no place for shrinking violets in football. As a manager I pick the team and I make the decisions and as players they make decisions, right or wrong ones, on the pitch. And at the moment every time we make a wrong one we get punished for us.

“People will talk about not keeping a clean sheet, but we should have been out of sight with the opportunities we had at Middlesbrough, we could easily have scored three goals tonight and no one would be talking about the back four.”

The Blues could be without Paul Taylor when Charlton visit on Saturday due to the ankle injury he suffered in the second half: “It’s a nasty one, he’s on crutches, it’s a bit of a blow that.

“He’s going to get a scan first thing in the morning. It’s quite swollen so whether that can tell us anything, I don’t know, but he’s obviously a major doubt for the weekend.”

Jewell says he’s still looking for new recruits but isn't sure whether anyone will be signed before the weekend but insists he has belief in his current squad: “I don’t know, we’re still trying like we always are to improve the squad, but obviously it’s proving very difficult to get players in. But I believe the players we have here are good enough to get out of this rut.”

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roytheboy added 08:13 - Sep 20
Same old problems, same old excuses, I've nearly had enough of it all, do we actually have a strategy on the pitch or is it just a glorified free for all kick about and hope ?

MrCool added 08:34 - Sep 20
Overheard in crowd last night from one Town fan to another, regarding a recent signing..

"Where did we get him from?"

"eBay, I think."

goldengoal added 08:38 - Sep 20
Just how many more seasons do we have to put up with this mediocrity.
Managers, coaches, players come and go at this club but the same 'let's not bother too much' attitude from our team remains. Time for a winning mentality and stronger players.

Harry Redknapp to become Evans' 4th manager?
Make it soon Marcus.

NoelTheDub added 09:05 - Sep 20
We,ll wait until redknapp goes to leicester and get in another waste of space.Mr jewell we dont no how to defend ,score a goal or win a match for that matter.I can give any man credit but you have been given plenty of time to improve this team and you failed.What on gods earth were you doing during the summer to have us in such a mess.I cant believe your still looking for a CB since end of last season.What were you doing looking at davis ,boyd, or getting taylor and murphy when you had a major hole in your back 4 thats still there.I GIVE UP AND SO SHOULD YOU.....

BecclesBlue500 added 09:11 - Sep 20
Can we just agree on one thing that makes me cringe somewhat; Harry Redknapp is not going to be the next manager; get real folks; we are equivalent to a Barnsley, a Burnley, a Watford etc - surely they don't have the arrogance to actually believe that a Premiership Manager recently involved in the Champions League and touted for the national job would turn up at their training grounds - why do we?

I just find it embarrassing and a sign of how deluded we really are. We have cemented our position as mediocre Champ club with potential to get worse; why don't we talk about signing Gareth Bale or Theo Walcott - if we're going to talk about Redknapp coming we might as well add those to our fantasy.....

We had our shot folks - ME backed the wrong pony (Roy Keane - 'in Keane we trust' etc etc yawn...) and the financial climate has juts got a whole lot worse.

Kesgraveblue57 added 09:22 - Sep 20
Why do we have to listen to Jewells hype and dreams , he might be a nice family man but I want him out of work. The team is in no way better than the one he inherited we are going backwards fast, of course at this stage it does not mean the Town will be relegated but in six games time we could well be past the point of no return. I make no secret Jewell was the wrong man from the start for Ipswich Town, Keane was very poor Jewell is a complete disaster.

yorksblue added 09:27 - Sep 20
Mass protest required, boys. Flood the switchboard. on ME's website and let him know just what he's doing to our club, Bombard SC's email. Verbally at the game on Sat and then step it up until they all go.

alfromcol added 09:49 - Sep 20
Why did the coaching staff allow Taylor to WALK half way round the ground to get to the dressing room when they must have known it was possibly a bad injury.

Must have done even more damage to it getting to the dressing room??

Another, perhaps small example of poor management of the players.


thechangingman added 09:50 - Sep 20
Jewell - it's over mate, you've been found out - you're out of your depth and it's time to man up and move on.

I would say "thanks for the memories", but, um, er - there really aren't any good ones are there?

nitroblue1970 added 09:53 - Sep 20
Jewell is concerned about missing chances..quite rightly but unfortunatly he or his coaching buddies dont have the talent to improve the players in training....if there is an opoortunity to return to soccer saturday soon PJ make sure you dont miss that one..PLEASE!!!

RaymondovicBlue added 09:53 - Sep 20
FACT - PJ has said he needs ten games before judgement - that gives him four more in the league. the chairman is giving him time as well, so nothing is going to change before that.

So - get behind him for the 4 games FULLY - see what happens ... give full credit if things do go well, and ... remind him that his time is up if it doesn't

Christmas is too late to wait to try to change things for a good finish, so let's be honourable all round ... ten games and we'll see where we are and act accordingly.

But for the record - PJ HAS bought in people who know how to score .. they are just not scoring. And if the front-line refuse to put the ball in the net why do we "hound" the back line for their mistakes ... radio said Tommy Smith had a solid and fair game - gilt edge miss excepted. Will anyone praise him today?

battyblue added 10:02 - Sep 20
If Pj could make us points as well as he can make excuses we would be league champions if we are going to win games we will have to score at least three times with our goals against average 2+ i just cant see that happening with current set up pj its time to go NOW

bingboast added 10:05 - Sep 20
Jewel - Go, go, go

TotalBlue added 10:23 - Sep 20
I have never been a Jewell out or Clegg out person. People calling for Evans to go are deluded No Evans = No Town. Something has got to change though and I find it strange 3 managers in a row have failed does anyone know what Dereck Bowden is up to these days he was not a football CEO but did a fantastic job. If we are going to yet again change managers I feel it has to be soon so any new guy has a chance of getting to know the team for the tranfer window. I personally though think Jewell can do it with the right support

CornardBlue added 10:24 - Sep 20
It is getting bad when the only thing that got the crowd shouting was when the corner flag fell over.
Paul Jewell said at the end of last season we need permanant signings, players young and hungary also more height in the team and no more loan signings.
I am pleased with Loach, Taylor and Chambers but where is the big centre back and striker the speedy winger.
All we did last night was lob high balls to Chopra Taylor and Scotland who are never going to win a high ball. Murphy is a waste of space Martin wasted on the wing.
There are no Portsmouths Doncasters and Coventrys to save us this year the league is much stronger, unless Mr Evans makes some big changes very soon and i mean this week there is only way we are going.

Pabloisgod84 added 13:23 - Sep 20
f'in boring it really is!
just go please just go!
our club is ruined from top to bottom!
everytime we lose which is every week he says hes still looking for new players!
use the ones you have which you signed most of them and make them work.
i want karl robinson in !!! or di canio!

all the do gooders who think jewell is ok can f off! 50% of our fans are clueless too!

whittonite added 17:39 - Sep 20
we've only got one problem, GOALS!!!!,we miss more chances than our defence make mistakes. i'd like to see us try out what ac milan did with their forwards and put their best three strikers in and played a 4 1 2 1 2. i'm pretty sure that at least one of chopra scotland or taylor would find the net...! if we have no problems with the number of strikers we have in reserve,then bloody use them!!!! chopra must be getting seriously fed up of running around on his own,and the way he is getting knocked around by defenders this year suggests to me the man needs more around him.lee martin is collecting footage for a xmas dvd with some of his misses so far.i hope p j isn't scared of dropping him.murphy looks to me to be playing a disciplined roll as all our clearances go to him. he doesnt look to me to be playing his natural game.we look like we are going to loose more talent because we have got theese guys in(loanees) and guys like hyam have to step aside.i think( louongo aside)that if theese guys are getting first team football and had the cheek to only sign here when they realised they werent going to get paid,instead of before the start of the season when we needed them to be here isnt in the same bracket of loyalty in my cant tell me that the likes of hyam and drury who often seem to be the scapegoats see a rosy future at town...!!!

Steelmonkey added 18:56 - Sep 20
Concerned that we have brought Murphy back again just to head goalkicks from out on the left into the centre of the park, because he is not doing much else. Apart from missing open goals.
The opposition must be laughing their socks off, as it's our only ploy.
Crosses going into the box with no town player being anywhere near them.
No one in there competing for the ball.
We don't seem able to create any sort of chance from open play..
Thought that leadboots was back in the side, can't clear the first defender at corners.
Just what does the coaching staff get them doing in practice?
Not impressed with N'Daw, first half he seemed slow of pace with not much idea of what position he was playing., balls pinging off him right left and centre.
Are they running them so ragged in training that they have nothing left for the game.
We have had three or four seasons of this drivel now.
In an earlier post I said it would be at least ten games into the season before we get going, and by then it will be to late. The other teams have stolen a march on us already.
Had enough of tired telly pundits trying to run this club, get someone in with a footballing brain that has fresh ideas and is hungry for the game, it might just rub off onto the players..

NoelTheDub added 19:49 - Sep 20
steelmonkey...Murphy is at best a centre forword but we play 1 up,jewell brings him back and plays him on the wing whats thats all about.He leaves jet and carson out so the balance is all wrong.Play 442 in this league and give chops a hand up front,that might be a start,and get a cb asap before its to late..

Ipswichbusiness added 21:16 - Sep 20
On the positive side, I think we have an excellent team trying to get out. Also, we have only played six games and if we put a run together we can climb the table quickly.
However, after the Boro' game I posted that if we keep conceding two goals a game then we are at risk of being relegated. I have been posting similar comments for many months. Mr Jewell just doesn't seem to understand how to organise a defence. Why not hire someone like George Graham as a defensive coach? You might not like his methods, but they work. We cannot go on as we are; something must change or we're going down.

chorltonskylineblue added 00:02 - Sep 21
If you take a look at any successful organisation you will always find good leadership. 90+% comments on here are about Paul Jewell (and his predecessors before him), but he's just a symptom and not the root cause. Our club is rudderless and has been ever since Marcus Evans took over.

I'm not making any judgements about the what Marcus Evans takeover means in terms of the club's finances. Some say he's our saviour, some say he's the opposite. I find it hard to make a call, because the whole thing is so opaque and he refuses to come out and make any sort of useful statement about the vision and plans for the club. Top down, there's no clear plan for the club or any sense of what we're about or trying to achieve. We just lurch from one game to the other.

That brings me to the symptom, Mr Jewell. When we sacked Roy Keane my attitude was - let's get behind him, no matter how bad it starts (that thumping from Chelski!), because the only way is up and no club ever got anywhere by consistently sacking managers - Cov, Leics, Sheff Weds, Soton all went down on that basis. But, I;m sorry, I've lost all patience. I don't think I've heard him say a word of wisdom from him since day one. You can argue the point with me on that one, but I just don't see it on the pitch. The players look fearful and so would I if the manager was slagging me all the time. The latest statements talk about the lack of quality and cover at the back. FFS, what a way to motivate your players. His latest comments smack of the 'dead man walking' comments and body language he was using around the time of the Barnsley game last year.

So what am I waffling on about I hear you say? I think Jewell is plain wrong for Ipswich, but sacking him won't solve the problem. Evans / Clegg haven't got a clue and maybe the only way out is for us to go bankrupt and start all over again - assuming Evans won't stomach a massive loss to his empire (although I'm sure a well paid accountant has weighed this up at some point on his behalf in recent years). There I said it, I'd rather we went non-league than put up with more of this dross and the complete lack of soul in the club. Disagree with me by all means, but make no mistake, we're in the dark brown stuff big time.

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