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Nouble Delighted to Be Working for Mick and Terry
Friday, 11th Jan 2013 06:03

New recruit Frank Nouble cannot conceal his delight at teaming up with Mick McCarthy and Terry Connor at Ipswich.

The 21-year-old striker arrived from Wolves for an undisclosed fee and has signed an 18-month contract at Portman Road.

Nouble, who revealed that McCarthy was close to signing him previously, said: “It wasn’t really a surprise when I heard Ipswich wanted me but it all happened very quickly.

“The interest from a manager is enough for any player. When he likes you and wants you to join his club you are going to be excited about it. As soon as I heard about Ipswich’s interest I just wanted to speak to Mick and get it sorted. It wasn’t a tough call and I was delighted when it all worked out.”

Lewisham-born Nouble launched his career as a youngster at Chelsea and had played in their reserve side before he rejected a professional deal to move across London to West Ham, where he made his Premiership debut and also won England U17 and U19 honours.

He added: “I didn’t leave Chelsea because I was a bad player. I left because I wanted to go to West Ham so I could play games. When I was at West Ham there was a chance that I could have gone to Wolves but it didn’t happen.

“Mick was at Wolves then and when a manager wants you later on it can only be a good thing because he knows what you can do. It’s good to feel wanted here.”

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NorthstaNder added 07:24 - Jan 11
Any one else get the feeling that the signings we've missed out on in the last few years may have been down to the Keane and/or Jewellery effect, because to me it seems like players can't wait to play for MM!

alexharban added 07:46 - Jan 11
Yes I feel that exactly!

alexharban added 07:46 - Jan 11
Yes I feel that exactly!

NorthstaNder added 07:56 - Jan 11
Of course, that should be Jewell effect. Damn auto correct on my phone, I really should check it before adding a comment!

Karlosfandangal added 08:48 - Jan 11
Don't see many comments on here about Mr Clegg anymore.
He was blamed on here for many a failed signing yet since Mm has arrived the signing get done very quickly.
Makes you wonder how much was down to Keane and Jewell.
On the other hand has MM been given a free hand which maybe Keane and Jewell never had.

We may never know

sirbenofmorlingshire added 09:12 - Jan 11
Totally agree that MM seems to command faith in bringing in new players – that’s the sign of a good manager in ANY walk of life. Will be interesting to see if RK and PJ ever get another job in management. As much as I dislike RK intensely (especially as he has the ability to make my skin crawl and blood boil in the same breath when I see him commentating on ITV), I personally think he could be a very good attribute to a club in some capacity (not sure in a management role though and NOT with us!!!), however I genuinely think we have gone through our bad patch now and just looking at what MM seems to be achieving in MONTHS where others have failed over YEARS of opportunity is fantastic. Let’s hope that what we’re seeing through the press and general vibe coming out of the club, transpires on the pitch. I can’t see us getting relegated now, and I’m thinking what sort of topics we’ll be discussing on TWTD in 12-months time: play-offs, can we cut it in the Prem etc… Fingers crossed, very happy with what I’m hearing and seeing now. Onwards and upwards, really think MM is going to bring some glory back to ITFC!!! Small acorns, mighty oaks and all of that…

petermorris added 09:27 - Jan 11
Karlos - they aren't many comments about Clegg because Clegg doesnot seem to feature in the deals. This is a change.

rosseden added 09:39 - Jan 11
Clegg must be doing the back of house side of the deals and looking after money and legals. The difference is Mick doesn't play games. He is straight. Tells you how it is. And gets on with it. In a short career as a footballer what isn't there to like about that. We still have our wage structure and the clubs location is still the same. We now have a strong well respected leader tho. That's the difference. . . . .

jas0999 added 09:40 - Jan 11
I have to also hold my hands up - I thought Clegg was to blame for the lack of signings; but clearly this may not have been the case. Players just seem to want to work with TC and MM!

Gazelle added 10:19 - Jan 11
Jas0999 we'll never know who was to blame but having looked at the situation we were in i'll bet MM laid the law down with Clegg and ME before he agreed to come here.

stringtheory added 11:11 - Jan 11
Pleased to see some of the Clegg-knockers are in a reflective mood and are prepared to say in public they may have been wrong about him - I respect that.

petermorris added 11:30 - Jan 11
I am not in a reflective mood. Clegg was a dead weight around PJ's neck (and "Keano") and thankfully (and possibly due to PJ) MM has obviously insisted on a change in this area.

Last few years = a waste of time while Clegg 'learnt' on the job. Still, at least we got some pressure washing done and the turnstiles painted.

stringtheory added 12:04 - Jan 11
petermorris - Care to provide a few facts to back up you claims - even one will do to start?

petermorris added 12:10 - Jan 11
Yes. At least one stand was pressure washed. There was photographic evidence on this very website.

stringtheory added 12:31 - Jan 11
Just as i suspected...

petermorris added 12:39 - Jan 11
Just as you suspected....? What, I'm not prepared to directly quote someone in order to back up MY opinion. MY opinion - formed through what I've been told?

Not much evidence on your pro posts, by the way. Just like the look of him?

AbujaBlue added 12:47 - Jan 11
As far as I'm concerned I never understood the anti-Clegg rhetoric. The only logical explanation is that it was pure scapegoating during some of our lowest times.

No one was actually in the interview room while negotiations were taking place, so some of the stuff that was said about him was pure fiction at best.

stringtheory added 13:00 - Jan 11
petermorris - Well, you could at least give us a hint about you sources. Go on - I'm prepared to stand corrected.

JohnyJohnson added 13:13 - Jan 11
Either Mick has laid down the law or Clegg has realised he needs to step back, after all he must be aware of the fans view of him (although he took a while) and must have realised that if deals continue to break down and the club goes down his head will be on the line for sure?

Hoping all this positive attitude from incoming players has a good impact on the current squad

stringtheory added 13:31 - Jan 11
Or it was Jewell and/or his staff, or it was financial restrictions in place at the time that no one that posts on here really knows anything about. But let's not let the need for some actual facts get in the way of some wild speculation eh!

JohnyJohnson added 14:19 - Jan 11
That was meant to be phased as a question by the way- to generate discussion. Yes, it is all speculation- it was meant to be.
Just a theory, nothing wrong with a theory is there Stringtheory?
There are loads of reasons why things are looking more positive with transfers. Anyway going off topic now.

petermorris added 14:27 - Jan 11
The countless pictures of Clegg holding pen/wearing stripy tie. His endless quotes and comments regarding transfers/everything – where have they gone Stringtheory?

Thankfully the football management is now being left to the manager. For the first time (since Big Joe IMO) there is a sense of leadership and purpose again - hopefully the footy will follow.


rosseden added 15:48 - Jan 11
agree about MM but i still think SC does just as much behind the scenes, we just dont need to hear it now as we have MM to front everything up...... players want to play for him, he goes for realistic targets.

Austin went to Burnley to play with his old manager, maybe Howe has the same effect on him as Mick has on others and this is all nothing at all to do with Clegg?

stringtheory added 15:56 - Jan 11
You have absolutely no idea of what Clegg was required to do or say whilst Jewell was here
petermorris and moreover what is required now - all you can do is polish a myth about Clegg that was created by frustrated fans. What I really have a problem with is baseless, offensive, sometimes aggressive, prejudiced and class-driven comments against individuals, whether they run football clubs or are just everyday people like most of us are.

petermorris added 18:23 - Jan 11
Well, I'm sorry you're so obviously upset stringtheory, but all I will say is that none of my comments have been 'baseless, offensive, sometimes aggressive', or 'prejudiced and class-driven'. But as an 'everyday person' I'm entitled to put my (informed) opinions - just like you are.


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