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New Signings Should Spark JET
Tuesday, 15th Jan 2013 06:00

Manager Mick McCarthy says players such as Jay Emmanuel-Thomas should use the influx of recent signings as a "spark". The 22-year-old was left out of the 18 at Cardiff on Saturday having been a regular matchday squad member ever since he joined the club from Arsenal in the summer of 2011.

McCarthy said: “You always hope that new players coming in might spark other players and if it doesn’t it’s to their detriment, I always think. If someone coming in doesn’t make you play better, run harder and be better for it, it’s your loss.”

The Town boss had seen Emmanuel-Thomas, who scored in yesterday’s U21 victory at Charlton, as more of a striker than a wide midfielder, however, he says his thinking has changed: “There’s a time when everybody has to deliver. But I’m not suggesting for any minute that my patience is running thin with him anyway.

“I’ve played him up front, I’m not convinced that’s his role, although I thought it should be, but he’s certainly gone down the pecking order in that position [since the recent signings came in].

“He played on the right instead of Carlos [at Aston Villa] and I think that’s the position that he prefers. So, he’s just got to keep working at it.”

Soon after taking over at Town, McCarthy said he wouldn’t call the Londoner by his JET nickname until “he looks like he’s got a rocket up his backside”.

However, the Blues boss revealed he recently used it, although in error: “I actually called him JET the other day and he laughed and said it was the first time I’d called him that.

“I said it was a slip of the tongue. It’s not turned to that yet, but he’s working at it. To be fair to him, he trains well every day.”

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FarringdonBlue added 06:19 - Jan 15
On your bike son. The frustrating thing is that "JET" offers so much skill, excitement and potential but will we ever see it? Mick really can't make his intentions any clearer and if "JET" still doesn't pull his finger out he's likely to be gone come the summer...

floridaboy added 06:30 - Jan 15
Flatters to deceive does JET. If he does not get his finger out and show MM he has more to offer then can see him being offloaded at the of the season. With the players coming in cannot see where there is a spot for him - even on the bench

alexharban added 07:16 - Jan 15
Come on JET! Show us what you really can do! There's a hell of a player in there just waitin to get out...

BotesdaleBlue added 07:19 - Jan 15
If Mick cannot work with JET to bring out the best of him on a consistent basis, then no manager can.

It's down to JET to prove himself (yet again), and my feeling is that this "warning" represents his last chance at the club.

Personally speaking, he is the biggest disappointment of the season for me. Remember all his talk pre-season about improvong his fitness at the running school, used by a certain Mr Bolt. Hmm.

bigolconnor added 07:27 - Jan 15
I don't really understand JET. According to MM he trains well, he is passionate about the club in his tweets and he scores quite regularly for the reserves. It just hasn't seemed to have worked for him in the 1st eleven this season. Odd. It might not look it, but I reckon he is massively insecure and just needs to relax. There is an awesome player in there somewhere.

Rentaghost added 07:35 - Jan 15
Like Martin he will be on his way. If he does well at another club it must be down to his mental state.

Edmunds5 added 07:38 - Jan 15
I am on my own here but for JET to make an impact he has to be given the freedom he wants in a game and the midfield has to understand the importance of second balls and the ability to find him quickly. When you look at the best players who have dribbling ability and are fleet footed they are found really acurately, for example players like Scholes and Gerrard will find them which allows the player to isolate a defender one on one. The problem is our style of football may not be expansive enough to do this and that we have lacking that creative player to see a quick pass, people will also say its a team game and JET has to work hard or he shouldn't play, but I dont think that is the point, I think its his nature to play how he does and he simply will not play any differently, the problem is that Mick will do things his way and if it looks like someone is not giving his all then he simply wont play, it is more than JET showing what he can do. Its about how the team is set up to suit his game.

jdtractor96 added 07:53 - Jan 15
All this potential has to show itself at some point! Once we're far clear of relegation and the play-offs are behind us maybe then he'll get a run of games. It's always been his decision making that's been the problem for me. Mick & Terry are the best coaches in this league, he'll get there! COYB

arablue added 08:55 - Jan 15
Agree with Edmunds5.

What MM is saying is that the new signings will help bring the best out of JET, which includes allowing JET to play his natural "skillful" game.

New signings would include potential signings...maybe that guy with the posh name...

brian_a_mul added 09:00 - Jan 15

Good point, I enjoyed reading that post, but at championship level we cant afford to have midfielders drifting around the pitch in/out of games. There is no doubting his ability but I think JET (in the capacity you described above) would be more of a luxury for us for now. If we get to premier and can get in good quality midfielders then he may excell as a roaming attacking midfielder.
For me at this moment JET would be best suited to a position on the wing where his pace, dribbling are big assets. If MM and TC can improve his finishing and composure (end product) then JET could be an awesome wide man and/or a good striker.

Last season JET came into his own in the second half of the season (business end) so maybe he is a big game player that will ignite from here on!
One of the positives is, that as a squad with plenty of attacking options, we dont need to rely heavily on him week in week out.

mawwam added 09:26 - Jan 15
I like JET, and would like to keep him in the team, I was desperate for him to come on in the second half of our defeat to brighton the other week, as we needed something different to get through their tight defence.

gazzmac4 added 09:32 - Jan 15
I agree with a lot of the comments on here, edmund5 in particular. I think there is clearly an excellent talent in JET, but he is blighted by inconsistency. Perhaps he would benefit from a run in the side, maybe in a free role. Although the way we are playing at the moment i wouldnt want to change the 4-4-2 that is working well, and a free role normally results in a 4-5-1.

The key for me is we bought him at a yound age and he was always likely to be a long term project. I for one wouldnt give up on him just yet. Yes hes had plenty of chances to prove himself, not least at Villa where he certainly didnt grasp it with both hands, but hes exactly the kind of player i want in our squad moving forward. Young, hungry, lots to prove and clearly enjoying his time here so far. I trust mick to get the best out of him over the next few years.

He's certainly a luxury item and although im not sure what he gets paid i would rather we pay players like him, hewitt and cressy than the mercenaries we have seen play in the blue over the last few seasons. COYB.

RetroBlue added 09:37 - Jan 15
Reading between the lines a bit , Id say the clock is definantly ticking for JET to start to show some signs of improvement. The guy should frankly be busting a gut to get tnat first 11. He may have talent , but has he the REAL desire to succeed - Im starting to doubt this tbh.

wiggymcbigalow added 09:41 - Jan 15
JET got through his entire youth career on sheer talent and being bigger than the other players (U18 and below). A bit of hard graft and he could be an outstanding. Wenger once said he is "one of the most exciting talents I have worked with". So come on lad, pull your finger out and show us what you can really do.

Vic added 09:49 - Jan 15
I think Jet will be a much better when we get to the Prem - more space, more time, better players around him. He will rise to the occasion I'm sure. Just a question of holding onto him until we get there!!

daniel9624 added 10:14 - Jan 15
The guy is in his early twenties, the real greats do bloom earlier, but he is not in that league (thinking Messi/Ronaldo), but he could be a very good player, at a level not far beneath them, but he has to start delivering in the next year or so

Fatcatevans added 10:20 - Jan 15
It's all about the team ethic with Mm quite rightly..consequently inconsistent players like Jet will struggle to get in the side. I think he will be gone soon.

Garv added 10:33 - Jan 15
Glad that Mick has changed his mind, JET is not a striker, well not a striker in the mould that Mick wants anyway.


clivewoodsleftpeg added 11:11 - Jan 15
I for one would love to keep him at the club, he's only 22 and still learning the game, if MM and TC have time to work with him on the training ground I am sure they will bring the best out in him, he just needs a bit of TLC and given time he will produce the goods, he is undoubtedly a very talented footballer and has natural ability and every team needs a mixture of grafters and footballers, it is essential we hold on to players such as JET to take us forward and players such as him, Hyam, Hewitt and Creswell are integral to the long term future and success of the club

SamWhiteUK added 11:19 - Jan 15
JET's blocked me on Twitter. Not sure why.

I think JET's problem is the amount he has to offer actually works against him. Fans need to have more patience with him. I feel he is a luxury we can't afford at this time, but people don't understand this. They call for him to be playing, then when he does, and doesn't beat three players every time he gets the ball and score a hat-trick, fans get on his back, because they have this idea that he is a world beater and they get angry if he doesn't offer this. Fans getting on his back cause his head to go down, and from there it is a downward spiral.

Keaneish added 12:23 - Jan 15
I think Mick's right, he's a striker but what type of striker? He's not good in the air, he's not good a holding it up. His work rate is questionable but he's undoubtedly talented so who's he to partner to get the best out of him?

Seems to be like he'll be coming off the bench for a long time yet.

Fatcatevans added 12:25 - Jan 15
I'd take issue with a couple comments there samwhiteuk mate. I in no way consider him to be or ever likely to be a world beater. As for a hat trick? The occasional goal now seems beyond him. Maybe Wenger knew that he had a skilfull player but one whose end product and effort were sadly lacking. I do hope I'm wrong but can you really see him changing?

kerryblue added 12:35 - Jan 15
Totally agree fat cat,Jay is lazy and is on of those players who thinks that they are so special all they have to do is walk out on the pitch with a cool haircut to have played a blinder,Id sell him on quick as we dont need his type of player here we want battlers and players proud of the blue

tallguy6767 added 12:53 - Jan 15
Edmunds5 I think theres no harm in "fleet footed players" still putting a shift in and showing some work rate which he never does!. this really does sound like last chance saloon to me lets hope he takes it but im not holding my breath.

simonsays added 13:03 - Jan 15
It will be more like a damp squib I think!

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