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Chief Executive Clegg to Leave Town
Tuesday, 5th Feb 2013 10:40

Town have announced that chief executive Simon Clegg is to leave Portman Road after four years at the club. A press release from Town says that owner Marcus Evans and the rest of the club’s board will take a more active role in the running of the club.

Owner Marcus Evans said: “Following a review of the club’s management structure and the Financial Fair Play budgeting requirements, it became clear that we would need to operate differently going forward and Simon and I mutually agreed that it was time for him to seek new opportunities.

“I would like to place on record my huge appreciation for all of Simon’s hard work, loyalty and professionalism. Over the last four years he has done an outstanding job as the public face of the club.”

Clegg added: “As a result of the strategic review, it is clear that moving towards break-even will challenge all clubs, not just Ipswich Town.

“At the top of our agenda, and quite rightly, has been the priority to protect the playing budget. This, coupled with the owner’s intention to play a more hands-on role, has led me to the decision that now is the right time to seek a new challenge.

“Whilst we have been discussing this for some time, we agreed to leave any final decision until nearer the time when the rules are due to take effect, at the end of this season, and after the end of this last transfer window.

“I will be returning to my family in Surrey and over the coming months will be looking for my next professional challenge in international or domestic sport.”

The club statement announcing Clegg's departure says owner Evans will have a greater involvement in the running of the club: "As part of a strategy to meet the financial challenges of the Financial Fair Play rules, Marcus Evans, the club’s owner, and other members of the board will be taking a more hands-on approach to the day-to-day management of the club."

We understand that with no direct replacement for Clegg being lined-up, current board members Ian Milne, Jonathan Symonds and Martin Pitcher will now take on many of Clegg's duties - liaising with the departing chief executive - but with Evans himself set to be directly in charge at Portman Road in the longer term.

However, it is not yet known whether Evans will be more publicly visible despite the change of role.

Former British Olympic Association chief executive Clegg joined the Blues in April 2009, taking over from Derek Bowden, who yesterday joined Essex Cricket.

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ip5w1ch added 12:58 - Feb 5
Yes that’s right, andygizmo (your real name of course), there is a direct correlation between suggesting Clegg's appointment may have been to utilise his contacts book and wrongly naming a tory peer as a child abuser.

And besides I just did what it says above 'Add a comment....' no allegation of wrong doing or claim of an illegal act from me...just a comment. If you don’t like it up their on your tall steed.....tough

Chicago_Blue added 12:58 - Feb 5
Fair play - impressive CV (

kerryblue added 12:58 - Feb 5
Nothing could be worse than the little hitler who ba@@sed up so many potential Towm transfers.I am delighted he is gone he was ignorant and hadnt a clue,good riddance to bad rubbish

bluemikey100 added 13:00 - Feb 5
I DONT BELIEVE IT this has ruined my day not been this much upsetsince C

wisbech_blue added 13:02 - Feb 5
This has just made my day hopefully if we stay up bring on the transfers lol that may actually get done

bluemikey100 added 13:03 - Feb 5
I DONT BELIEVE IT this has ruined my day not been this upset since Connor Wickham was sold

Surco72 added 13:03 - Feb 5
Dont think he was ever the right man for the job just through lack of how football works ,but i would imagine he worked undoubtedly hard for the club in which i will thank him for his time and effort .
As for blaming him for everything that is wrong with the club for the last four years is farcical and childish ,and blaming him for loans and not building for the future equally as funny . It was not Clegg who decided to let go young players who have gone on to prove themselves more than good enough for this league Trotter,Haynes , Garvan ,Rhodes and spend millions on transfers to replace them which all failed and have moved on . The club is still recovering from Roy Keane and lesser so Paul Jewell but the big money was wasted early on in the Evans era and it was not Clegg telling either manager what to do

mattraisin added 13:04 - Feb 5
This is all Clegg's fault. CLEGG OUT

mattraisin added 13:07 - Feb 5
kerryblue, why the sh1t are you comparing him to Hitler, that really is pathetic. And a little Hitler is obviously not what you think it is. Basically it's a jobsworth. Someone who enjoys there tiny bit of power too much.

AndyUK61873 added 13:07 - Feb 5
Actually find some of the comments to be quite funny, lets be honest all because Clegg is leaving does not mean we now close every deal or get every player we want....Evans still controls the budget and how we spend our money, especially if the FFP system coming into place. Lets also look if he was on 150k, that does not exactly buy you a lot of extra talent. Let's face it, the football scene is changing into something we have never had before, essentially a "salary cap" like American sports, many teams are going to go through a signinfcant change the next 18mths and the landscape will be so different.

stringtheory added 13:11 - Feb 5
Oh dear - wonder who the next scapegoat will be?

kevtblue added 13:19 - Feb 5
I think he is saving the money from SC salary to pay for part of the bonus he will be paying MM for keeping us up! On a serious note I am sure ME will just share out the jobs across the other three board members and save the salary for playing staff etc.

Either way it seems to be good news too many mistakes from SC who in my opinion didn't really understand football or the club.

Urchin added 13:31 - Feb 5
I wonder how many people on here actually had any dealings with Clegg or had inside information about what he did or didn't do. I know one thing for sure:

When I had a problem with the conduct/assistance of a couple of stewards I sent an e-mail to Simon Clegg to voice my disappointment. Within 30 mins of me sending the email he personally phoned me at home and requested further information and promised to look into the many and give me a full report. Within 14 days I had that full report along with his apologies and asusrances that their conduct was in no way in line with ITFC policy towards its customers. and that it would not be accptable at any time in the future

Now i'm not saying that makes all his decisions right but a measure of a man is how he responds to critism about himself or the club he represents. In my case I have nothing but respect for him.

Lightningboy added 13:33 - Feb 5
Nice one...don't let the gate hit you on the arse etc etc...

mawwam added 13:38 - Feb 5
Has anyone said what his actual leaving date is, or is this it?

IvorFeeling added 13:54 - Feb 5
Don't know him personally and I am sure the maligned SC was not singulary culpable for all of the negative points during his tenure.

However, I believe that ME has seen with the current structure and Management we have had no success and have not improved since his takeover, therefore it is time for a change.

It will be interesting to see how it pans out but one key aspect for me is the academy. This is trully where our future lies and whether we can maintain the FFP rules.

RFATOWNFAN added 13:54 - Feb 5
At last Clegg has done something right for our football club. Maybe when he gets hold of his next position, he'll know something about running it properly!!!

hollywoodginge added 14:00 - Feb 5
Good luck Simon in pastures new, all were quick to point the finger of blame at you in most bad circumstances I.e not signing players etc but if you were brave enough to not bow down to greedy agents/players to protect the best interests of out club then I salute you. The same people weren't so quick to attribute praise to you in the good things such as the deals that were completed, the appointment of Mick McCarthy etc. what I found most distasteful of all was the manner of disgusting treatment of a decorated serviceman who fought for this country, in any other walk of life this would not have been tolerated. Genuinely wish you well, good health and success in your next challenge. Thank you.

blueherts added 14:01 - Feb 5
So , at the end of the transfer window , MM gets a 'virus' which we do not really hear about till Friday - We win big with TC , Next week SC is gone ........... Now I am not a conspiracy theorist - 9/11 part of the new order etc ?- but summit do not add up here
And to add a much coined phrase on here - 'Be careful what you wish for '

Jeff_winger added 14:08 - Feb 5
maybe evans was using clegg for his olympic contacts, olympics over bye bye clegg.

TimmyH added 14:15 - Feb 5
Surprised! - Only read the first page as I'm on the phone but echo jas0999 and souperjim's thoughts. A step forward I believe.

BlueMachines added 14:24 - Feb 5
Clegg Out!!!! Oh wait....

alliedaz added 14:29 - Feb 5
hell yeah best news this year and think i will treat myself to a pint of shandy bass

TR11BLU added 14:31 - Feb 5
For what its worth I cannot believe ALL the failings are down to SC, he was the public mouth piece of ME in my opinion. I met him on several occasions through military connections and have nothing but respect for the guy. All the best to you SC.
As for the constant obsession to 'see and hear' more of ME...why??
I say keep your nose out of the football, leave it to the manager, why do we need an owner whose ego is the be all and end all? Clubs with well known and 'always in the spotlight' owners are usually due to controversy, very rarely for positive reasons.

blueherts added 14:40 - Feb 5
I think some people on here need to understand FFP and how it will impact clubs -
We dont know how the changes will play out - some on here must have inside knowledge to 'know' that all potential transfers broke down due to SC - I am not so sure PLUS , players wage demands are totally out of control and if we dont keep our house in check we will end up like Pompey etc - Keep yer powder dry before we comment further
But hey all we really care about is success on the pitch and if we carry on with TC in charge we fine !!!

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