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Chopra Quits Twitter After Posting Cash Photo
Wednesday, 6th Feb 2013 18:16

Striker Michael Chopra closed his Twitter account earlier today, shortly after posting a photo of large sum of cash in a bag. A spokesman from Town said the club welcome players using Twitter, but admitted that the 29-year-old, who has had well-documented gambling and financial issues and was lent £250,000 by the club in December 2011, can sometimes go “over the top” while engaged in banter with supporters.

Chopra, who has continued an ongoing dialogue with his detractors both from Town and his other previous clubs for some while, posted the photo along with a message at lunchtime, removing his Twitter account soon afterwards.

A Town spokesperson said: "Michael enjoys the banter of Twitter but sometimes that banter can be a little bit over the top.

"As a club we welcome the use of Twitter. In an era when fans don't get close to players it's a good communication tool, but players should think before they tweet."

Commenting on the photo, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas tweeted: “Michael Chopra you’re a clown!”

Keeper Arran Lee-Barrett later sent up the one-time England U21 striker with a further tweet and photo:

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Kesgraveblue57 added 08:42 - Feb 7
What a waste of space he drags our club name down week after week he has to go

TR11BLU added 08:53 - Feb 7
Words fail me.
He is a typical example of the worst kind of modern day footballer.
The sad thing is the whole world knew of his issues and baggage before we signed him. Thanks PJ for yet another legacy of the very worst kind.
We will never progress with the likes of him at our club. He should never wear the shirt again IMO.
Get rid now.

trunkybuns added 10:32 - Feb 7
Your doing a lot to help
him go .May be that's what
his after ?

JewellintheTown added 10:53 - Feb 7
Sadly he could have blown the cobwebs off of his past history and changed his ways at ITFC and I for one thought he was going to do that, yet his recent actions seem insensitive to the hard working fans that pay his wage. Maybe the Wind-up-merchants were goading him but he should have risen over it.
Sad that it could have been so much better for him and he's wasted his chance. Loyal fans have given him support on the whole even though they knew the gamble, but this will hurt those loyal fans, not so called fans.
To be fair, I bet a lot of footballers and wealthy celebs would like to do this too, Chops was just too wound-up and stupid and actually did it.
Do just one honourable thing in your life Chops and walk away without a pay off.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 10:57 - Feb 7
Everyone deserves a second chance and sometimes even a third, but not a sixth or seventh. Whether thats his cash or not, and whether it was a joke or not, its not funny. Get rid.

walberswick added 11:26 - Feb 7
it's his cowardly way of asking for a transfer

blue_jim added 12:22 - Feb 7
Agree with everyone who say get rid, but only after committing him legally to repay all he owes the club

BlueVelvet added 12:43 - Feb 7
They need to concentrate on training, fitness and winning games and put their expensive IT toys away - but keep them charged and on standby ready for that one call you are apparently allowed to make when ones been nicked. The club need to get a grip of this issue because any resulting bad publicity could effectively damage the £value of a player and hence the clubs investment. And wot on earth does hash tag mean - or is it # tag. bluevelvet#tag - right on bro

simonsays added 13:04 - Feb 7
I thought he has quit the club at first. Would have saved ME the job of sacking him!

tallguy6767 added 13:11 - Feb 7
Chopra is a TW.t !! get him out of the club. everyone knows hes still gambling .

Knightsy added 13:37 - Feb 7
So far this season we have got Rid of Jewell and Clegg is going, hopefully this moron will be next

gri06906 added 13:46 - Feb 7
What's everybody's problem this is top banter with the fans

Ipswichbusiness added 13:55 - Feb 7
This is a photograph of a bag containing bits of coloured paper, not necessarily real money and not necessarily his. No doubt it was intended as a joke, although given his circumstances in rather dubious taste. Everyone makes mistakes (I've made more than my share in the past). Footballing ability and intelligence do not always go together (e.g. Paul Gascoigne). The trouble is that he is a 29 year old man who ought to know better by now, not a kid. The real issue for me is not what he posts on (the aptly named) Twitter, but what he produces on the pitch; so far that's not enough.

jamesmostevens added 14:44 - Feb 7
Anyone still confused why we got 2 strikers in on loan and signed another?

leroygibbs added 15:05 - Feb 7
yes he is a Tw*t, and a Kn*b, just feel sorry for his kid when he grows up and realises his father is a complete w****r

Wickets added 15:12 - Feb 7

warwickblue added 20:00 - Feb 7
This display of vulgarity seems absolutely in keeping with what we are now expected to find acceptable by the class of people characterised by unimportant footballers and B-listers in general. I don't know whether Chopra's general demeanour would be acceptable at another club but, here in Suffolk, we tend to a be a little more grounded.
In short, his contract should be terminated and whatever small fee we might be able to recoup from his sale will hopefully offset some of the tens of thousands outlaid by the club in an attempt to support him.

runningout added 20:15 - Feb 7
Hope Micheal Chopra has learnt yet another lesson. You dont gain points by reacting to foolish jibes

Taricco_Fan added 22:42 - Feb 7
I think he has actually become a mentalist.

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