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Ticket Promotion at Hull Match
Sunday, 7th Apr 2013 16:05

Town are running a ticket promotion at the home game with Hull City on Saturday 13th April.

Season ticket holders will be able to buy up to four additional tickets at £10 each for adults, £8 for concessions and £3 for juniors.

Silver members will be entitled to buy their ticket at £20 for an adult or £10 for a senior citizen, and can also purchase up to four additional tickets at £10, £8 or £3.

Tickets go on sale from tomorrow with dates and full details on the club site here.

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francisb123 added 17:03 - Mar 14
still wont get over 20k

jas0999 added 18:06 - Mar 14
As a season ticket holder, I'm not a big fan of these promotions. BUT I hope attendances can rise a little as currently it's fairly disappointing. Not a surprise mind, as lets be honest, we have been in decline for several years.

bluethroughnthrough added 18:17 - Mar 14
What's the point? Not everybody has a buddy who is a season ticket holder. This won't bring in much more people or revenue. Lower match ticket prices across the board and we might get 18,000...

StowTractorBoy added 18:32 - Mar 14
I am a season ticket holder and I am all in favour of these promotions if only to get a few more into the stadium to back the Club that are in a precarious position in the league. My main grouse is that these promotions are not widely enough advertised and the EADT could help in this direction by splashing it accross their pages for a few days thus backing the Football Club for a change. Radio Suffolk could help as well by broadcasting it several times well in advance of the match. My four tickets have already been snapped up lets hope more do the same.

big_gaz67 added 20:28 - Mar 14
Quote "bluethroughnthrough added 18:17 - Mar 14
What's the point? Not everybody has a buddy who is a season ticket holder. This won't bring in much more people or revenue. Lower match ticket prices across the board and we might get 18,000..."

I suggest everybody who wants a £ 10 ticket but doesn't know a season ticket holder posts on here and we match people up. I was once in the shop when somebody else (a stranger to me) was about to buy two tickets for one of these promo games full price and was able to save him over £ 50.

Also please note you can upgrade children's and under 10 tickets free of charge for these games. This is never advertised. So if I had 2 friends who want to come I will simply upgrade my under 10 tickets for nowt and then but my boys £ 3 tickets - net result two adults get in for £6.


otleyp16 added 21:15 - Mar 14
the problem i have is that ever since becoming a season ticket holder way back i have sat in the family area of the east of england coop stand area k.This was originally because my boys were very young when we first had these tickets and because we like the seats we stuck with them. Whenever i try and buy tickets in these promotions for my other adult sons i am turned down because it is a family area and i don't have any children only adult ones. My arguement has always been isn't it better to have bums on seats be they big or small but the club would rather these seats remain empty than take my money i don't know what others think but to me this is just silly but unfortunatley a sign of how our beloved club is run now. I therefore cannot take advantage of these offers apart from buying kids tickets and then upgrading but after being a verg long standing season ticket holder i think why should i keep messing about. what do you all think

Mark added 21:16 - Mar 14
I am a season ticket holder who loves these promotions as a good chance to bring friends and family to games at affordable prices. It's a good chance to get new people interested and I would prefer more regular promotions with a bigger limit than the four tickets currently allowed (as I can always sell more).

I agree with the point about these not being very well advertised. Why not shout it from the tannoy at the games, email season ticket holders about it etc. The club are never very proactive at such things.

BotesdaleBlue added 22:07 - Mar 14
Mark - I totally agree. We season ticket holders should do all we can to support these discount matches. We (the Club and fans) need to get casual supporters back to games anyway we can.

As a season ticket holder, I want to see as many fans attend matches as possible and I am rather tired to read the moans and gripe about these promotions every time they are offered.

IamSpartacus added 08:07 - Mar 15
I was a season ticket holder for many years, but frankly can't afford to go to many matches now- and would love to take my son and get Ipswich in his blood, but as things stand, he is looking at other teams. That is a generation potentially lost to the club.

For the few that say this is a bad idea, I feel they are being myopic. Those people probably feeling most financially squeezed- parents with young children- are also the vehicles to get fans of the future in. No young fans now= we become Col Utd.

I'll be speaking to a mate who is a season ticket holder and will get a few tickets (will see if my daughter wants to go too). A good promotion -BUT- I do feel a longer term view is required. One game a fan does not make.

bugledog123 added 09:19 - Mar 15
I uses to live in West London and QPR were always giving out free tickets to the local schools. As a result lots of kids became QPR fans. Ipswich should do the same to encourage the next generation.Especially as we know that we are not going to sell out the stadium for any of the remaining matches this season.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 09:26 - Mar 15
The best way to increase the attendances would be to drop the prices across the board. The Hull match coincides with ITFC Sweden's annual pilgrimage to Portman Road, but we won't be getting any reductions as far as I know (despite now being an official branch of the supporter's club). Obviously we can't be season ticket holders as we can't get to enough live matches to make this viable.
Also agree with some views above that we should do everything we can to cement the allegiance of young supporters to the club. It should be free for kids under a certain age. But then I look at ITFC as a religion, while the owners look at it as a business...

Paulc added 10:36 - Mar 15
I really don't get this marketing at all. If you want to fill the stadium offer up the £10/£8 tickets to all. ST holders are not incentivised to bring anyone as they get no benefit themselves and not evry 'non regular' knows an ST holder. My guess is the club knows the redemption rate of these promotions and budget the 'losses'. If that is the case cap the number of tickets available!

We seriously need a new marketing team at PR a the current bunch have not got a clue!

docsavage52 added 11:23 - Mar 15
Prehaps Season Ticket holders should get a FREE pint as compensation

JWM added 12:39 - Mar 15
Whoop! Whoop! Where's my credit card...

beerhelps added 14:33 - Mar 15
Don't knock it!

It gives me a chance to take my kids for an affordable price (my 10 year old asked for a Town shirt for the first time last week, after several years of baiting me with the threat of ManUre), For those of us who can only afford the odd visit it gives us a chance to encourage the next generation!

clive_baker added 22:51 - Apr 7
I agree with much of what's been said. The requirement for a ST holder to need to buy the ticket seems a bit restrictive to me. The cheap ticket deals are great, but why not just say £10 a ticket for anyone, even on the gate without buying through a ST holder. I know why the deals can't happen too frequently but surely it's better to get closer to 30k inside the stadium and generate a great atmosphere, especially so close to the end of the season when people might be thinking about season tickets for next season. This, together with more publicity surrounding it could get 3 or 4 thousand additional bums on seats, £30 - £40k of revenue and a captive audience for future games.

Devontractor added 23:05 - Apr 7
If anybody can get me a ticket I'd much appreciate it:)

I also would prefer it it the club opened these offers up a bit more. I understand why they restrict the offer however I'm pretty certain Charlton (the nearest League club to me) don't and they'll pull in trouble free crowds of 25k on offer days.

PSGBlue added 23:11 - Apr 7
When was this promotion made offical by the club, this is the first I have heard of it. Just six days before the game. Unfortunately there are probably a number of fans who have already purchased tickets for the match at full price. This is obviously a sudden decision by the club to run this promotion.

But in future, to be fair to all fans these promotions need at 3-4 weeks notice. Yet another mis-management by the club!

PutneyBlue added 23:21 - Apr 7
Have you seen what Derby and Bristol City are doing with airline type prices? The earlier you buy the ticket the cheaper it is, starting at a tenner and rising as you near match day.

Now that's a smart idea.

bluethroughnthrough added 23:30 - Apr 7
PSG Blue - this was announced 3 weeks ago. See the date on the first comments. D'oh!

IamSpartacus added 00:04 - Apr 8
I think this may, unfortunately, allow the club to again say the promotions don't work when- in reality- they would if over a longer period and less restrictive.

Regardless, I am going with a mate, my son, his friend and a nephew.... £29. Great price and would, if over several games, ensure a lifetime supporter in my son. It seems a shame that the club puts so little emphasis on the future supporter :-( (all very well giving them cheap tickets, but the parents/guardians have to take out a mortgage themselves... )

PSGBlue added 00:24 - Apr 8

Maybe the reason I haven't heard about it is because I didn't notice it on TWTD first time round, thought it was a new story as it says Sun 7th Apr on the title of the feature!

This surely raises the point that the club are not advertising this very well. As a S/T holder the club should have made me aware of this. After all they have my E-Mail address, home address and Mobile Number!

I shouldn't be relying on TWTD to inform me of the promotion

Mark added 08:08 - Apr 8
As a season ticket holder I could have sold about 20 tickets for this match, so next time I think the club should lift the restriction from 4 tickets per season ticket holder - just make it first come, first served and try to sell out the stadium!

Pinkyscousincookie added 08:13 - Apr 8
PSGBlue, it has also been advitised on the official ITFC website for a number of weeks!

I posted it on my Facebook page to help spread the word and within a few minuets got a message asking for tickets. I'm not a season ticket holder myself, but I know one and have got me, the wife, my little girl and my son in for just £26! Some people have next to no money and could only dream of having a season ticket, so this promotion is the ONLY way they can afford a ticket or two!!

BossMan added 08:35 - Apr 8
This will be the 7th consecutive home match where the attendance was higher than the previous fixture.

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