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Evans's Salary Cap Proposal Scrapped
Thursday, 16th May 2013 09:32

Town owner Marcus Evans proposed a salary cap on clubs relegated from the Premier League in order to limit the effect of increased parachute payments at a Football League meeting at Walsall yesterday. However, the proposal, one of two on the table, wasn’t voted on after intervention from the Premier League who threatened to with draw their annual solidarity payments.

Parachute payments to clubs dropping out of the Premier League are set to rise to a total of £59 million - up from the previous figure of £48 million – split over four years: £23million in the season after relegation, £18 million in the second and £9 million in each of the following two years.

Evans’s proposal was that this season’s relegated clubs have their spending on wages capped at £16 million in their first year out of the top flight, £10 million in 2014/15 and £8 million the following season.

Crystal Palace's alternative proposal was that relegated clubs wouldn’t receive an annual £2 million payment relating to TV income from the Football League.

However, plans to vote on the proposals were scrapped after Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore sent an email to the Football League an hour and a half prior to the meeting’s scheduled start at 11am threatening to withdraw solidarity payments if either was implemented.

Currently, the solidarity payments are worth an annual £2.3 million to Championship clubs, £360,000 to those in League One and £240,000 for League Two sides.

Unsurprisingly several Football League club chairmen and owners are reported to be angered by the Premier League’s interference and bullying tactics.

While the Football League hasn’t commented, the Premier League told The Guardian in a statement: "A generous solidarity offer has been made to the Football League; however if the basis on which that original offer was made materially changes, then it is reasonable to review it."

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alfromcol added 09:51 - May 16
Can anyone spot what is wrong with football today????

itsonlyme added 09:53 - May 16
Absolutely disgusting behaviour from the Premier League, but then again, why should we be surprised?

cthulhu added 09:57 - May 16
Can the FL send an email back to Scudamore telling him to wind his neck in or it "may be reasonable to reconsider his oxygen allowance"


dommyboyblue added 09:57 - May 16

God forbid there should be more of a level playing field. And lets be honest a its not exactly a crippling one and bigger than most teams have. Disgusting, childish, self obsessed, take your pick of negative phrase.

dommyboyblue added 09:58 - May 16

They could send one word back to him - four letters beginning with C.

tractorboydan added 09:59 - May 16

While the Football League hasn’t commented, the Premier League told The Guardian in a statement: "A generous solidarity offer has been made to the Football League; however if the basis on which that original offer was made materially changes, then it is reasonable to review it."


Well, the basis on which that original offer was made has materially changed, seeing as the PL has increased the parachute payments for relegated clubs. So why have the solidarity payments to FL clubs increased in line with this!?

Typical bullying tactics and hypocrisy of the Premier League!

BtreeBlueBlood added 10:00 - May 16
Ultimately money wins again. PL Parachute money used to be for 2 yrs, perhaps the additional 2yrs amounts should be put into the football league kitty and shared by all football league clubs.

tractorboydan added 10:01 - May 16
So why HAVEN'T the solidarity payments to FL clubs increased in line with this!?

BillBlue added 10:06 - May 16
IMO Sky are responsible for the destruction of English football as we knew it and therefore, again, IMO they are the people who should do something about it. What about discontinuing their sponsorship of the Premiership and offering their payments to the joint FA and Football League. That would have the desired effect and at long, long, last we would see real football on our screens again and not a bunch of foreigners kicking a ball around. Any agreement?

theresonlyonekeano added 10:11 - May 16
Unbelievable! Sad day for football in England when this happens. Premier League bosses as usual don't care about anyone else apart from how much money they have in their back pocket, no consideration whatsoever for anyone in the Football League. Awful

MickMillsTash added 10:14 - May 16
Given that Ipswich Town are bank-rolled by an off shore millionaire though I am not sure that we are in a position to be too outraged

hogster1970 added 10:16 - May 16
sounds about right from the PL, always knew they woul bugger up english football, oh and they have. need some one in fifa or uaefa to start putting caps on salaries to players ect, but ofcourse its the football league has done this in the ffp but no such thing as yet for the PL

chiddley added 10:17 - May 16
Another reason to not watch Prem Football or have sky, you have the choice as individuals.

My local park provides entertaining football every Saturday, no cheating, no diving just good old fashioned honest football which I love.


nitroblue1970 added 10:18 - May 16
Mick...and would we be so outraged if we were in the Prem right now?

MattinLondon added 10:19 - May 16
As un-English as it'll sound, this type of behaviour is a major part of the reason why I'm always glad when the PL gets knocked down a peg or two during the champions league

MattinLondon added 10:20 - May 16
BillBlue added 10:06 - May 16
That would have the desired effect and at long, long, last we would see real football on our screens again and not a bunch of foreigners kicking a ball around. Any agreement?

Nothing like casual racism

cooper4england added 10:20 - May 16
Dommyboyblue- surely we want to be a little stronger than calling him cute!

Disgraceful yes, but would we be moaning if we were one of the recently relegated

tractorboydan added 10:25 - May 16
@ MickMillsTash

Granted, we may have more reason to be concerned had we not got someone to bank-roll us (we all know what financial position we'd be in without ME), however, even offshore millionaires are subject to the financial fair play rules.
It's not like having his money at present puts us in a position of more spending power than most clubs (seeing as FFP states you can only spend what you bring in), it just means we're not in financial dire straits like some clubs (not to get me wrong, that is obviously a very positive thing).

tearle1974 added 10:38 - May 16
As per normal the Premier league looking after their own. However takes me back a few decades ago when the Serie A in Italy was spending funds like it was on trees and only the big clubs had millions. It' very much like the Premier League now. Hopefully the same thing will happen and those clubs will fall flat like those big clubs of Italy with lots of corruption and point deductions and maybe relegations force upon them.

It's about time Fifa made regulations for all the world leagues and put fair play caps on wages and introduce a cap on spending. Especially when we keep being told the world I in a debt crisis.

AndrewPC added 10:41 - May 16
THe biggest misnomer we have is "Financial Fair Play" THere is no such thing.

Congratulations to Mr Evans and the Crystal Palace folks for firing the first shot in what I hope will be a successful war fought against the immense financial inequality between the EPL and all other professional leages in the UK. This is structural, systematic and grossly unfair, stemming from the huge TV related income paid to the PL and its clubs.

The financial gap is widening.

I suggest that the Football League: i) takes its destiny into its own hands by re-setting the rules of the currently misnamed FFP to state that the amount of parachute payments eligible to be used in the Championship will be determined by vote of the other clubs in the League; ii) looks to renegotiate its contractwith the TV channels to obtain a better deal; iii) instead of a cap on individual player's payments, puts a cap on squad size and total payments per season to that squad. Let the owners o the clubs discuss and decide by 2/3 majority vote what that sum should be.

Karlosfandangal added 10:44 - May 16
I am afraid there are many clubs in the championship who will never be able to compeate in the Prem.

If you take Wigan they have been in the Prem for 8 years and have always struggled.
Sunderland Norwich Fulham W.B.A. etc are all way of the Man U Chelsea Arsenal and Man C of this world and always will be as they are Small Big clubs.

Some clubs in the Championship need new ground if they were to get to the prem,

Ipswich with their huge debt to Mr Evans would spend years paying that back and trying to stay in the Prem as we would fall in to the small big club area.

The bulk of prem players wages are out of the reach of most in the prem so there is no way we could pay big money like Newcastle, Tottenham Liverpools etc.

Its hard to get in the Prem and even harder to stay there and impossible to to compeate with the big Four

bringonthetractor added 10:55 - May 16
The more I hear about the Premier League, the more I think maybe we should just close it off so that there is no promotion from the Championship. At the moment, I want Town to do well and be challenging up the league, but I'm really not sure i would enjoy a season in the top flight anymore. These are the same bullying tactics they used to get the E.P.P.P passed. It's disgraceful that 20 of the 92 ''professional' clubs hold all the power like this because the other 72 can't afford to lose the so called 'solidarity payment'.

8ashblue added 11:03 - May 16
Well said Andrew.
Somehow i dont see what we can do other than watch from the sidelines and hope that the PL crashes when it gets out of control. Scudamore is just looking after his paymasters!
One thing i would like to see in the PL is banning all loans to other PL clubs as its just madness that those players can't then play against their home clubs i.e. a player can score against all the other teams but NOT his own. It's just crazy.
Also clubs like Chelsea sign up loads of players so that nobody else can have them and then loan them out. I think they had more loanees out than their own 25 squad. There should be a limit of how many they can have on their books.

MyBlueHeaven added 11:18 - May 16
The Premier League's behaviour (aka arrogance) has been brewing for 10 years at least. It's all well and good bleating about it on message boards but Scudamore only listens to one thing. The sound of the cash tills ringing.

Want to stop that sound? Stop buying Sky Sports - and any cable sports for that matter. And stop watching games at the pub.

We're being treated as consumers - so start behaving like consumers and stop buying the products.

BillBlue added 11:52 - May 16
MattinLondon. What precisely would you have me say? People from overseas, perhaps? Casual racism! Do you really understand what you are accusing me of?

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