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McCarthy: Ando Different Class
Tuesday, 3rd Dec 2013 06:01

Boss Mick McCarthy says midfielder Paul Anderson has been “different class” since becoming a regular in the side in September.

The summer signing from Bristol City has made 12 starts and three sub appearances for the Blues but is yet to complete a full 90 minutes in the league.

“I didn’t even know that,” McCarthy said. “He’s been different class, Ando. He works his bollocks off when he’s on, that’s why.

“If I need somebody to shore it up and we’re in front, it’s always the poor old wingers who get the hook, it always was and always is.

“He’s fine, he’s fit as a flea, Ando. I have to say he puts a shift in over and above, you should watch him and just take notice of how much he works, tucks in, gets back out, chases the full-back.

“He’s been great, I’m delighted with him. I didn’t know he hadn’t finished a game. I better leave him on, hadn’t I?”

Anderson’s remarkable blue moustache was marked 10 out of 10 by the Daily Mail, which named him the ‘winner’ of Movember.

McCarthy says the 25-year-old fully deserved the accolade: “I should think he did! I notice it’s gone now though.”

The Town boss joined in the club’s Movember exploits and plans to stick with the bearded look “Well, it’s still here, isn’t it? I kinda like it.”

Photo: Action Images

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Moscow_Blue added 06:09 - Dec 3
I think many of us agree that he is in a different class but not sure that is a compliment!

battyblue added 07:28 - Dec 3
But he should be getting forward getting in telling crosses and supporting the strikers scoring a goal now and again and be able to take a decent free kick or corner i have not seen any of this which is what different class wingers do week in week out

dannym09 added 07:30 - Dec 3
huh? i think he's been pretty average this season as the twtd player ratings state. Maybe a psychological ploy from Mick as a new winger has been brought to the club?

Gipeswic added 07:39 - Dec 3
You cannot be serious!

Surco72 added 07:54 - Dec 3
I would be worried about my position if I was Anderson ,last week MM was telling us how good Mings was before he was dropped !!!
If a player was on top of his game even if you wanted to "shore it up" you wouldn't take him off ,fact he hasn't finished a game says he is not good enough or MMs tactics and substitutions are the same every game whatever the score or opposition ?
Very average for me would rather have Jets flair and entertainment than someone who works hard .
By the way MM how is that "shoring up " tactic working for you ,how many leads have we thrown away this season ?

bluemikey100 added 08:01 - Dec 3
strange wen all ive heard bout him is negatives on this sight

TimmyH added 08:06 - Dec 3
Really Really!?! what I've seen of him very average although out of position at times.

Popeye added 08:22 - Dec 3
Runs around a lot but with very little end product.....a poor mans Lee Martin!

sotd78 added 08:26 - Dec 3
Bad swap...Jet, at least, gave us options if only ever off the bench. Where's the flair players in our team? Where's the talent to pick a pass, beat a defender, whip in a cross, shoot even?
We had and have players who can run all day long, tackle and harry and probably would do more up front than Ando too...
but that's what we knew we'd get with MM...honest, hard graft ain't it?

Letchworth_Blue added 08:28 - Dec 3
For me both Anderson and Tabb have been very average, and that's being kind. As 'wingers' they deliver no crosses, no attacking threat, no shots and play too deep. Working their 'bollocks' off does not mean they are different class. I'm sure my 9 year old could run around a pitch like a headless chicken for 90 minutes, doesn't mean he is a shoe-in for Real Madrid!

Keaneish added 08:38 - Dec 3
Completely agree with every post. No way Anderson should be starting.
Even if he is playing a slightly different role I can't remember any occasion where he's broken that mould, beat a few players, driven into the box and flashed the ball across the face of goal. That's what different class means to me - service.

dirtyboy added 09:05 - Dec 3
From what little i've seen of him, he puts a shift in, and offers a bit of protection to Chambers who's not 100% comfortable in the right back position, although improving every game.

There's certainly a good balance about the team, if anything is lacking, it's a bit of creativity in the centre, but we all know Mick is committed to being a tight unit, which puts hard work at its core, and is difficult to break down.

We're not doing too badly considering our budget constraints and the personnel we have in.

He's certainly no poor man's Lee Martin either, and I liked Lee Martin for what it's worth.

georgelamming added 09:12 - Dec 3
I know it would mean MM going back to Wolves for a player, but Sakho is ripping up League 1. Pacey, powerful and scores goals, would be a dream on our right wing. WIll probably be priced out though i guess..

oddball added 09:13 - Dec 3
Standard of quotes on here shows why u are all supporters and not managers, clueless comments.

georgelamming added 09:15 - Dec 3
Keaneish - Pretty sure anderson put an absolutely class ball through for McGoldrick before we scored at Charlton. I'd probably class that as service.

Jimmy86 added 09:21 - Dec 3
Anderson hasnt set the world alight yet, fair enough but he is being asked to play a more defensive role by mick!!! He isnt tucking in of his own accord, he is doing it coz he's been asked to!!! He naturally is a chalk on his boots winger who likes to put crosses into the box. And as for all of you saying ud rather have kept JET, have a day off!!! He was the most inconsistant, lazy and pure bone idle player to ever pull on a town shirt. Was like playing with 10 men and we couldnt carry anyone. Yes he occasionally showed flair and glimpses of his talent, but nowhere near enough. And whether we like it or not mick wants 11 workman like grafters and isnt 1 for flair type players. Bit like a certain keane when he was our manager. Mick happens to be a better man manager tho thankfully

Hegansheroes added 09:29 - Dec 3
Unfortunately MM's comments really sum up his philosophy on football. One of the directors recently said football is about entertainment, please let MM know.

will09 added 09:32 - Dec 3
a lot of very harsh comments on here. It does make me wonder if a lot of you actually go to see us play. Batty - he has chipped in with a couple of goals this season (albeit the one against Millwall went in off a defender after his touch). His free-kick delivery in the same game for Tommy's goal was excellent. On Saturday, within the first five minutes, he had already put McG in on goal and provided two excellent corners which we were unlucky not to score from. You could have seen that from the highlights.

It is also worth pointing out, as dirtyboy has, that Ando has been a little hard done by in the sense that if he were playing down the left, with Cressy bombing forward, he would appear as much of a threat, if not more, than Tunnicliffe. The fact is he's been playing down the same side as an young inexperienced right back (Hewitt) and Chambo, who isn't a right-back by trade. This means that he has to do an awful lot more work tracking back to help out. On the left, Cressy doesn't need as much defensive support and his attacking intent means whoever is on the left, Tunners or Tabb, sees more of the ball in the final third. Cut the lad some slack.


Simonds92 added 09:34 - Dec 3
Paul Anderson is awful. I'm so fed up of watching him do absolutely nothing in games, if he's in there to work hard and be good defensively then why does he get brought off? because he certainly doesn't offer anything in a forward sense, and if defensive cover is why he's there we'd be better off playing a right back. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see him playing well but he seems so out of his depth and too lightweight, don't forget this is a player who was struggling to get in a team which got relegated last season.

StowTractorBoy added 09:45 - Dec 3
This is not the first time I have tried to defend Anderson. No he is not the Anderson that tore us apart at Nottingham Forest but his is picked to do a job and he does it very well.
Watch him tonight and see how much ground the guy covers and also note as soon as MM took him off against Barnsley they scored from his side of the park. I agree he is not a world beater but in my opinion there is harsh criticism of him on here.

Arnie added 10:30 - Dec 3
I think he did thread that ball through to McGoldrick against Charlton in the opening minutes. However, I will study him against Blackburn, maybe I'm missing something in his game, like how many tackles does he make, how many completed passes?

Ipswich24 added 10:56 - Dec 3
This is what does my head in Micks negative boring tactics. Fair enough work hard but we need pace and creativity. People who think Anderson is any good knows nothing about football. Defenders hate paying against pace and trickery and we have those players on bench but never gets a chance. I want to be entertained not having to go home with neck ache every week watching ball in air. Yes we may grind out few results that way but we will never progress playing like a basketball team. I was at charlton sat and 1st five minutes we were great but then we stopped. Come on Mick give villa winger, Taylor and wordy a chance

thebeat added 10:57 - Dec 3
Was Mick p****d when he said this? Anderson is the most invisible do nothing player ive seen for a long time.
What does he do? Everybody round by me in SBR Lower say the same thing every week, they all question how he gets in and how he stays on for so long.
Id say 90% of fans think hes pants and does nothing. We cant all be wrong.
Our right hand side is non existent.If you dont believe me get down to Portman Road tonight and see for yourself.
Mick has to talk him up because he knows we all want him dropped.
Deep down he knows hes been rubbish.
Even Mick Mills a total legend who knows a bit about playing down the flanks doesnt see what Anderson offers.
Like i said how can so many people with 2 good eyes be wrong?

Cr0wman added 11:05 - Dec 3
Good management ... just praising up Ando, so that he doesn't get too down when dropped for the loanee winger, hopefully to come back later refreshed and. in good form

essextractorboy93 added 11:22 - Dec 3
McCarthy is using good management here, he is putting an arm round Anderson when things are not going great. He has praised his work rate which is the same for most of the team. I don't understand why amongst the fans Anderson seems to be the main focus of negativity. I don't think Tabb or even Tunnicliffe have been much better. Although players like Tabb and Anderson do bring a lot of work rate to the team which often is unnoticed.

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