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Boss Delighted With Anderson and Taylor
Tuesday, 14th Jan 2014 06:00

Town boss Mick McCarthy was delighted with the performances of Paul Anderson and Paul Taylor during Saturday’s 3-1 home defeat to QPR. Anderson started as one of a front three for the first time for the Blues, while Taylor made only his second league start for Town since his long-term lay-off with a foot injury.

“I thought the two of them were excellent,” McCarthy said. “I thought they played really well and I was delighted with their performances.

“When I make changes, I always want them to play well. What I was disappointed with was that they didn’t make the most of a couple of opportunities when it opened up for them.

“That might be with not playing many games, the confidence comes when you’re playing and you’ve scored a goal. But I thought their performances were really good.”

He felt Anderson adjusted well to the different role: “Ando’s a good player. I’ve been pleased with him.

“When he plays wide in a right or a left role he puts his shift in, but we gave him a bit more licence on Saturday and I thought he did well.”

Overall, McCarthy was left rueing missed chances in the first half and bad defending in the second: “We let them off the hook, we defended abysmally for their first goal but when Niko Kranjcar got his chance, when we let him wriggle out of the corner, which he should never have done, he passes it into the net and it’s a great finish.

“I think people get mistaken by frustration and annoyance [after the game], but I come back and look at it in the cold light of day and it is what it is.

“We played well in the first half, should have scored, should at least have taken a couple of chances to have a shot and we didn’t when we should have done better.

“I didn’t think we played badly in the second half, we just gave them goals. The second goal we didn’t defend particularly well, Deano sticks his hand up and says he should have done better with it.

“The third goal, Tommy comes in and apologises for it. They didn’t make any mistakes that we capitalised on.”

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bluefeast added 07:37 - Jan 14
They looked like average championship players to me. Taylor needs to get his head up and make a pass in order to take advantage of the good positions he gets himself into. He is all a bit selfish at the moment . Anderson works his socks off know doubt about that.

essexboy added 07:55 - Jan 14
Play them tonight in the same positions and see what happens,nothing too loose .COYB

dirtyboy added 08:27 - Jan 14
Can agree with the comments about Taylor being a bit selfish, but he's still lacking match time, and importantly, his fitness levels were spot on, and his commitment to tracking back was evident from the start to finish.

Anderson linked play very well too. Having head a lot of negativity about Anderson and also Chambers of late, I was very surprised, as both were excellent.

We did miss Murphy at times, particularly in the second half, when the game got away from us a bit, but we looked after the ball well, again, something I was surprised about, and have no doubts that if we can continue to perform like that, we'll be in with a shout come May.

Looking forward to the extra dimension Ebanks-Blake can provide.

Karlosfandangal added 08:52 - Jan 14

I have been shot down on here for saying what you have just said.
The Posh fans have all said he is not a team player, they said he makes good runs but never lifts his head up to see the pass.
Really can't see that happening as if we can see it so can MM and TC, the problem is Taylor can't see it.

thebeat added 09:18 - Jan 14
Thought Taylor was great but im not having Anderson as a championship player. Runs around a lot but so does usain bolt but i wouldnt want him on the wing.
The game just passes him by week after week.
My Bristol City supporting mate told me their fans couldnt wait to get rid of him, he was just as bad there.
Maybe im missing something but i just dont see what he contributes, arent wingers suppose to take their man on and get a cross in? Its January and he hasnt done it once, says it all really.
Some people on here probably think its a personal vendetta, its not he just isnt good enough at this level.

SouperJim added 09:34 - Jan 14
Taylor was excellent for me, yes he was a bit selfish but he's a striker trying to score a goal and force his way into the team. Some of the best strikers in the world are selfish, and in part it's because they are a selfish that makes them such great players.

What I would say is his movement was excellent, he worked their back line all day and this is something none of our other strikers do enough, or at all at times. Plenty of games this season we have been totally static while the crowd lay into the midfield for not being able to find a pass.

The jury is still out on Ando for me. He works very hard, is really good off the ball and shows glimpses of ability on it. He needs to create a lot more to convince me, but at least he's a step up from Lee "Tissue Paper" Martin.

muccletonjoe added 10:05 - Jan 14
Yes both are decent squad players , but wouldn't play either in our best starting 11

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 10:24 - Jan 14
I realise i am in the minority but i quite like Anderson and think he gets some unfair stick. He and MM have made comments that he has been asked to do a different role to previously in his career "tucking in" as they refer to it.
Where as in the past he has been more of a natural wide man. He works his socks off and has good delivery from set pieces and more importantly has a goal in him.
He did miss a good opportunity on Saturday and certainly can contribute more at times but i just think he is one of those players that when he plays the team play better, even if he doesnt stand out.
Could probably do with a settled run in the side but i think there is a decent player in there.
Taylor was my MOM on Sat, just ahead of Hyam and again i would like to see him given a run now. Agree that he was too selfish a couple of times but he is inventive and we lack players of his type and he did some great tracking back and put it a good shift.

Lord_Mac added 10:39 - Jan 14
I've not been a fan of Anderson in the wide midfield role, but I thought the first half on Saturday showed the best of him and Taylor in a blue shirt. If they can replicate that against lesser sides - a big if I know - we should be tearing them apart.

And as somebody said before, anything is better than Lee Martin, which was like playing with 10 men, and often ended up that way.

Paddy39 added 10:45 - Jan 14
The Beat I totally agree with your comments on Anderson, I think given some games Taylor will come good.

Surco72 added 10:48 - Jan 14
Thought Taylor was excellent on Saturday and needs more game time which should have happened a long time ago ,he adds a bit more creativity to a very workmanlike side which we desperately need to take the pressure off Dids .
Anderson for me is a worker but does not offer enough ,the same as Tabb . As for being asked to play in a different role from his natural position ,that is surely bad management ? You don't sign a naturally wide player who likes to get at his full back and then play him more defensively and central and say it is not his fault he is not playing well

thebeat added 11:00 - Jan 14
Just to back up my comment, with Anderson in the team played 13, 15 points. Without Anderson in the team played 12, 21 points.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 11:01 - Jan 14
Surco - cant agree with the bad management bit , its not a massive change in role and MM obviously felt/feels PA has the skills to fulfil the role he wants him to, its just a change and i think he is doing ok when in the side.
For me he offers more than Edwards on that side , particularly on the defensive side.

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 11:05 - Jan 14
thebeat - i dont think its a vendetta, you obviously just dont rate him and thats fine, football is about opinions and i think quite a lot agree with you, i just feel he is a decent player and deserves a run which would improve his confidence.

Roola added 11:19 - Jan 14
I would agree that maybe Taylor missed out on a few passes on Saturday BUT it was a breath of fresh air to see someone other than McGoldrick running at goal and having a punt. Normally we're all moaning that we get in front of goal and noone wants to shoot, it just gets passed around the edge of the box waiting for someone to do something. Its great to see Taylor have the balls to test the defence and hopefully a bit of guidance from TC will have him thinking a little more on the ball.

Count_Arthur added 11:31 - Jan 14
I've said it before on TWTD, but I think Anderson shows a lot of promise, both him & Taylor both found themselves one on one with the keeper on Saturday both both lacked a bit of confidence to shoot.

That said, they both worked hard and had chances to score against a class team which is something. Compare Anderson to Wordy & Tabb's performance against Preston or Lee Martin last year and I'd have Anderson in the team any day!

Taylor was all over the pitch too, he worked hard. I think it's the defence (including Gerkin) that's having a wobble at the moment.

roytheboy added 13:06 - Jan 14
Paul Taylor gives the team something we have needed for a long time, someone with speed and who can and is prepared to run through players to create something, if as some have suggested, he does not see other players to pass to, it could be that they have not kept up with his sprints with the ball and that they are not up with him to assist, otherwise I would put it down to the Strikers natural instinct to score, I'm sure he will come good for ITFC, I was most impressed with him against QPR, he impresses me with his effort.

oddball added 18:06 - Jan 14
Count Arthur really!!!!! Unbeaten in eight until saturday :-)

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