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Town Announce Season Ticket Price Rise
Thursday, 20th Mar 2014 17:16

Town have announced a slight rise in season ticket prices for the 2014/15 campaign. An adult seat in the lower tier of any stand purchased before the April 14th early bird deadline costs £399 compared with £390 for the current season, only the second time prices have risen in the last eight years.

That works out at £17.35 per game at Championship level, a saving of more than £230 compared with the club’s current matchday prices.

Upper tier prices around the stadium for a standard season ticket have gone up by around six per cent.

Season tickets for concessions are available from £289, while fans under 20 will pay from £231.

The under-11s season ticket is frozen at £10 for the year, while the cheapest under-16s price has increased to £113.

Town, who had around 12,000 season ticket holders last season, have added an incentive to sign up to the Academy Association. Season ticket holders who purchase before the Early Bird deadline of April 14th and who are investing £10 a month in the Academy Association will receive a free Premier League season ticket for 2015/16 if Town go up.

This replaces the Premier League Price Pledge which has run for a number of seasons and gave season ticket holders 50 per cent off a Premier League season ticket if the Blues went up.

The 12-month interest free direct debit payment scheme with continue with those that used the facility last season automatically renewed for 2014/15.

Joint-managing director Jonathan Symonds said: “One look at the Championship table illustrates the progress we have made over the past year or so.

“Under Mick, we are heading in the right direction and striding closer to our ambitions of Premier League football.

“While success at first-team level is obviously the priority, we are also committed to investing in homegrown talent through our Academy and we hope to reach category one status by the end of the season.

“That will put us in the best position to find and develop our own players and see them progress to the first team.”

Season tickets go on sale from ITFC Direct on Monday with more details on the club site.

Danny Baker Live! Good Time Charlie's Back. Ipswich Regent Theatre, Ipswich, Thursday 10th May 2018 at 19:30. Get your tickets before they sell out.

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TractorCam added 17:22 - Mar 20
Highest prices in the championship and only 15k attendances (8k decrease average from 2004), let's put the prices up! Joke of a club.

Bluecynic added 17:26 - Mar 20
Are they seriously the highest prices in the Championship?

TractorCam added 17:28 - Mar 20
^ Yes

SouperJim added 17:29 - Mar 20

A price rise was inevitable. Only an extra 75p a month for me, while I'd obviously rather see the cost of going to football dramatically reduced, this tiny price rise makes little odds.

Marcus_Evans added 17:30 - Mar 20
They aren't the highest prices at all. Yes Block D is, but that is a premium area and shouldn't be considered.

Season ticket prices aren't the issue, it is match day prices which are the problem.

lowtit added 17:39 - Mar 20
cheap -

CavendishBlue added 17:42 - Mar 20
How the hell has Marcus Evans made his fortune with clowns like this running his companies?

Whilst I understand that 75p per month isn't a lot for most people, my A level economics tells me that this will be proven to be a very poor decision.Expect season tickets to dip below 12k and average gates of less than 15k.

joolsitfc added 17:43 - Mar 20
Price not particularly the issue, season ticket holder who is not renewing because of complete lack of entertainment on the pitch plus stewards also sucked the life out of enjoying yourself at a game as well !!!

jas0999 added 17:44 - Mar 20
Very poor decision. I commented the other day that I had a feeling prices would increase. Reality is it may only be a small increase, but it's tough to justify an increase for the quality of football on offer. The club are not spending on players, yet they want us to pay more to watch average yet hard working freebies.

Sadly my circumstances are changing and any increase is very hard for me to justify for below average quality football. I have been struggling to decide whether I could afford a season ticket based on current prices, so this may have forced my hand.

runaround added 17:52 - Mar 20
I will renew as I am addicted but the price is a kick in the guts to all of us who continue to support the club. As for the free premier ticket if you give us £10 per month, we are so far away at the moment it means nothing.
This is another PR own goal from the club & it will probably cost them more in the long run than they will get from the increase as some won't renew on principle

dukey33 added 17:52 - Mar 20
Surely mr evans needs to explain the plans for next season, now that attendance is dropping and prices going up?

michael99 added 17:53 - Mar 20
£17.35 per match £40 per month direct debit not that much really is it,get a grip people .Average £10 a week to support your local team(although i would think twice if i had to pay the whole £399 upfront)

jas0999 added 18:00 - Mar 20
Before people start having a go at others, a reminder that for various reasons not everyone can AFFORD to go to football. This doesn't mean you are not supporting your team. Circumstances in life change. Also, not everyone will think an increase is acceptable. It's an opinion. My ticket has increased 26.00. I don't think that's reasonable based on recent performances.

itfc_f95 added 18:02 - Mar 20
Where will this stop!? 10,000 fans, 5,000 fans, 0 fans?! We need to act on this before it gets too late.

casanovacrow added 18:05 - Mar 20
When the cost of living is rising an Ipswich season ticket would be quite near the top of what people decide to save money on.
Any kind of a rise, no matter how small is a rise and it is the word "rise" that might push people over the edge.

I've got s feeling they're shooting themselves in the foot with this

cinnamonITFC added 18:28 - Mar 20
To be honest, I'm just so impressed that the club has only increased season ticket prices twice in 8 years. How anyone can complain about the season ticket prices is beyond me! This change was inevitable and we can't really complain.

Standard match tickets though is another matter...

Michael11 added 18:29 - Mar 20
I agree with the earlier comment, it's the match day prices which need to be lowered if we're ever going to see a good attendance like we used to get. Average of £17 a ticket isn't too bad at all, but for people who aren't able to get a season ticket, £30 is a hell of a lot to watch our standard of football.

Taricco_Fan added 18:32 - Mar 20
Poor decision, particularly as the standard of football is garbage and the stadium is devoid of any atmosphere.

Andy32Cracknell added 18:32 - Mar 20
Well i must admit after recent performances i had been contemplating not renewing my season ticket. However, after this somewhat foolish decision to increase the season ticket prices and the dier performance from the team on the pitch i will not be renewing for sure. If i (a season ticket holder of 26yrs) is having serious doubts about the club and the direction its heading in god knows what any of our younger supporters are thinking. Honestly it scares me to even think about it.

blueboy1981 added 18:38 - Mar 20
........ no disrespect, but some people will cough up regardless of cost, or entertainment value - because ITFC is basically and essentially 'their' life.

The rest of us will certainly way the pros' and cons' up before commiting, and justifiably so because some (if not most) of the 'entertainment' on show at Portman Road this season has been dire to be honest.

I think many current Season holders will renew , HOPING - maybe, above hope - that next season will be better.
Needs to be some serious committment from the 'powers that be' in terms of plans, intentions, and dedication to the Club's general cause as soon as possible. AND NOT JUST WORDS EITHER, before this happens I feel.

cossy81 added 18:40 - Mar 20
Like Runaround i also will renew cos i am also addicted,but my addiction is going to the pub first with my friends and having a sing at the game..I am not addicted to the pile of crap they serve up on the pitch every week and ME puts prices up,jeez!

Mark added 18:42 - Mar 20
I will be renewing, but I would understand why others may not if finances are tight. It is probably the worst value it has ever been, as we are a side of free transfers on limited wages. Results have been good under McCarthy, but if we are honest the entertainment value is not high at the moment due to the lack of quality in the side.

So the Premier League cash back offer has been taken away. Perhaps that is an omen and we will go up next season so we all lose out on that discount? ;-)

As has been stated above, if season tickets are expensive then match day tickets are a complete rip off. That is keeping our attendances down and cutting off the supply of future season ticket holders.

EssexTractor added 18:57 - Mar 20
Yes football is now a business not the lovely game it used to be
In view of the lack of entertainment this season and that 4 games remain to be played after April 14 a club that really cared about its supporters should delay/ cancel this "blackmailing" earlybird scheme until the season has ended and then still offer renewing season ticket holders the same deal.
And please club don't say such a delay would not give enough time for the admin processes. This is the 21 st century. It could be done

BluJu added 18:58 - Mar 20
Probably closest ever this time to walking away from my season ticket I've had since the 90s.

Removing the premiership pledge when things are looking slightly more positive than many a recent season is a real kick in the teeth too, and leaves a bitter taste of cynicism.

I don't think I've ever felt as detached from the club. Is that the same for anyone living locally? The 200+ mile round trip every fortnight is really grinding these days and I sometimes question why I bothered going to a game even if we won these days.

BlueArmy01 added 19:00 - Mar 20
3 days after the interview from the muppets saying they have been disappointed with attendances this season they announce a price increase........that's ok we can all pay for it with our wage increases..........................with the spare left over from our grocery shopping etc etc. FOOTBALL NEEDS TO JOIN THE REAL WORLD

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