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Woody Frustrated By Forest Axe
Tuesday, 8th Apr 2014 06:00

Anthony Wordsworth has revealed the full depth of his frustration at being axed from the Town side against Nottingham Forest recently.

The ex-Colchester midfielder made his first two league starts of the current campaign, deputising for the injured Cole Skuse, as both Brighton and Derby were defeated in the space of just three days towards the end of last month.

But when Forest came to Portman Road to complete a busy schedule of three games in eight days the fit-again Skuse was preferred and Wordsworth, recalled for Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at Blackburn, was not only missing from Mick McCarthy’s starting line-up but also absent from the bench.

He said: “I was deeply hurt and disappointed. The manager is like every other manager and says if you get your opportunity and you do well you will keep your place. That wasn’t the case and I was deeply upset.

“I was upset but the manager had his reasons for what he did and I’ve just got to agree with him really. If I disagree it isn’t going to make any difference – I’m still going to be sat in the stands.

“I can try to do my best in training and try to get back in the team, and I did manage to do that against Blackburn. Hopefully I’ve done enough to keep a place in the squad.

“I still wanted my team-mates to win against Forest because we had a chance of getting into the top six and I was probably our best fan from the stands.”

Wordsworth said he and McCarthy had a chat about the situation. “We had a discussion but I had to agree with him because he’s the manager,” he added. “I can say my piece and it still isn’t going to change anything.

“I’ve been there before in the past and disagreed with managers. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really get you anywhere. The best thing you can do is to get your head down, work hard and try to get another opportunity.”

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battyblue added 06:31 - Apr 8
Well done woody you deserved your place against forest and you deserve to play in your best position we need players like you with your attitude who wouldn't have been upset poor poor managing probably cost us several points. hope you are back in your best position tonight and looking forward to three points.

constable added 06:36 - Apr 8
Every right to annoyed.
Hard luck.

RYITFC added 06:37 - Apr 8
Totally sympathise with Woody here, he was played well in the 2 games prior, was crazy to leave him out the squad altogether. should have been Tabb or Green that were dropped from the squad and you can see from the effect it's had on him from this interview.

Jimmy86 added 06:50 - Apr 8
In a way this interview from woody is a good thing, what he effectively has said is its micks way or the highway, regardless of what the player thinks. In my opinion woody should have started against forest and didnt deserve to be dropped, he has spoken out and vented his frustration. Fair play to him for saying what everyone else thought

jabberjackson added 07:56 - Apr 8
Fair play to him, but I don't think it will do him any favours with Mick

WhoisJimmyJuan added 08:01 - Apr 8
Yes this is all said through gritted teeth by Woody isn't it? Interesting question jabber - MM probably likes honesty and players showing they are hungry, but this may be a little too far and public for MM's taste. Like others here though, I can understand Woody's frustration.

roytheboy added 08:42 - Apr 8
We and many others thought it to be most strange that he was not even on the bench, I have a lot of admiration for Mick but am concerned that his man management may not be ideal sometimes, I can't help wondering if something similar occurred between him and Paul Taylor, but maybe Taylor was a little more vociferous in arguing his case ?

KiwiTractor added 09:14 - Apr 8
Would love to see Woody play in the middle tomorrow with either Hyam or Skuse ........... unfortunately can't see it happening.

Ipswich95 added 09:19 - Apr 8
Would much rather see Woody in, Hyam out. What does MM see in him!??

Gingerblues added 09:46 - Apr 8
In my view dropping Woody after two wins was harsh and has resulted in a draw and a defeat. Skuse tidies games up nicely and has had a decent season but he is the play it safe player. When you need to get 3 points and push on Woody offers more. I guess you cant have it all, MM's solid defensive approach has got an average team punching above their weight. But to wins things you have to take a gamble at some stage.

SouperJim added 09:47 - Apr 8
Storm in a teacup. He had played 2 games in 3 days, his first bit of competitive football for a while, so Mick quite understandably rested him for a game.

Nothing wrong with that and all you drama queens should stop looking for problems where there are none. Of course Woody is going to be disappointed, because Mick has put together a squad of good professionals who all want to play football. If Woody WASN'T complaining, then there would be a problem.

pazelle added 09:58 - Apr 8
Pathetic from Mick imo, full of hot air.

KingPablo added 09:58 - Apr 8
Such good news to hear wordsworth stand up for himself and have that desire to get on the pitch and perform, he is an attacking midfielder that so many TWTD'ers say we need in our team and when we need to push on and win games to find our top 6 spot mick reverts to a defensive team who invite pressure onto ourselves. I love what mick has done here but sometimes I feel he just needs to mix it up a bit.

AbujaBlue added 10:09 - Apr 8
Woody pines for first team place, McCarthy not teaking any chances.

Beattiesballbag added 10:10 - Apr 8
It wouldn't have been fair to drop Hyam or Woody as they both played their part in the two excellent wins.
It should have been Skuse sat on the bench for Forest & wait for a dip in form or an injury to get his place back. Unfortunately he came back in & the momentum was lost !
Then after public out cry the Childish manager brings him back but plays him out of position restricting his chances to shine for a third match thus justifying his decision to bring Skuse back..............................................either that or he just didn't have the balls to tell Skuse to wait his turn.

Beattiesballbag added 10:18 - Apr 8
Not to mention the strange man in charge bringing Nouble back on the left after looking a changed man in those two games in his new position on the right.

SouperJim added 10:19 - Apr 8
ballbag if you really think "public outcry" effects Mick's decision making then you're even more deluded than your pet theory suggests.

Lightningboy added 11:02 - Apr 8
Agree with you Woody.

Mick shot himself in the foot with the Forest game,they were there for the taking but he resorted to type,played it safe and has probably cost us a play-off place by potching around with a team which had arguably just had our best 2 results if the season ( Brighton & Derby).

I don't mind us playing it safe away from home but Mick needs to let the team off the leash at home..this is why he'll never be fully accepted as a town manager.

TimmyH added 11:03 - Apr 8
Understand Woody's frustration, mick mentioned in the EADT he wanted 'fresh legs' on the bench and that's why he wasn't even in the squad, but it is strange that he performs well in 2 games and he is completely dropped and when he does come in against Blackburn is played completely out of position. Can't help thinking to myself once Skuse was fit again that Mick has this mind set that he had to HAVE AT LEAST 2 defensive players starting, unfortunately this was at Wordsworth's expense, the only time he hasn't done this was against Brighton purely as Skuse was injured and Green/Tabb were just not up to the job (as we know they aren't).

TimmyH added 11:05 - Apr 8
@lightningboy - and as we know that has cost a few times at home this season i.e. Barnsley, Blackpool, Charlton - all teams playing poorly.

J4ck22 added 11:30 - Apr 8
'In my view dropping Woody after two wins was harsh and has resulted in a draw and a defeat.'

How can people possibly say this? We could just as easily lost/drawn the games if Wordsworth was actually in the team. Please for the love of god stop finding little things to have a go at Mick for, it's getting really boring.

Michael11 added 11:54 - Apr 8
Keep going Woody, all the fans are behind you. Been a breath of fresh air to the side which lacked creativity. Hope he plays in the middle with Skuse tonight rather than dumped out wide. Hyam hasn't done enough to be such a regular starter for me.

WickedBlue added 15:11 - Apr 8
@SouperJim where did you get that from? MM plays his favourites has nothing to do with Woody playing 2 games and being rested. Your an MM apologist for when he has done things wrong. MM has made mistakes and is quite nieve at tactics at times. It doesn't take away from the fact he has done a good job overall. If your so in love with MM that you can't see his faults then that is your problem, you'll just have to come to terms with your crush. However there is no need to be rude to people who do see them.

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