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Derby Chief Removes Tweets
Monday, 12th Jan 2015 18:40

Derby chief operating officer John Vicars has removed the tweets he made regarding Town in the wake of the Rams’ 1-0 defeat of the Blues on Saturday and has apologised to Town supporters.

In a statement, Vicars said: “Regarding comments I made on Twitter after Saturday’s game at Portman Road these were meant to be lighthearted and aimed primarily at Derby County supporters.

“It was not my intention to cause offence to Ipswich supporters and I apologise to any home supporter who thought they might have been disrespectful to their club.

“Saturday was a magnificent advert for the Championship and both clubs more than played their part.”

Quizzed on the comments earlier this afternoon Town boss Mick McCarthy was typically forthright.

“You know I call it ‘Twatter’!” he joked. “I actually don’t know the chap.”

Reminded that the tweets revived a debate about his team and route one football from earlier in the season, he added: “But not with anybody who actually knows anything about football. I said I think he’s probably lived up to the name I give that social website.”

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NoCanariesAllowed added 18:50 - Jan 12
So in other words...

"Derby chief: It was all just bantz"

Frankly, I couldn't give a damn what some businessman at another club has to say about Ipswich Town. I'm exceedingly proud of our current team and staff, and nothing any of our rivals say will make me feel otherwise.

gainsboroughblue added 18:55 - Jan 12
Typical legendary Mick riposte!

4-4-2 added 18:56 - Jan 12
Oh Mick McCarthy i love you!. True Ipswich legend in the making

TractorBoy666 added 18:57 - Jan 12
Really do hope Forest knock them off their perch, actually used to like Derby. Notice how everybody starts talking about hoof ball with us now but not last season? It's because we are doing even better this season and you get a moodier opposition. Love Micks comments, class.

StuartBrett8 added 19:00 - Jan 12
Mick must read TWTD, we've been calling it tw@ter for years ;)

bluefeast added 19:03 - Jan 12
I love ipswich and MM but we do like to lump it. Especially Chambers ,he is uncomfortable in possession. If your captain lumps it then others will to. A pass and move game from full backs is the Mings game ,to watch chambers crosss the half way line is rare.

Marcus added 19:11 - Jan 12
We play direct - not long ball. We still pass things around but we've eliminated the tippy-tappy stuff in favour of fast attacks and a pressing forward line. Sometimes we knock direct balls to Murphy (not long as they're aimed at someone), sometimes we attack down the wings and sometimes (albeit rarely) through the middle. It's called mixing it up, it most certainly isn't hoof ball.

wark_on_water added 19:13 - Jan 12
Love Mick McCarthy - absolutely brilliant response. John Vicars needs to remember noone gets promoted in January. Let's see in May!!!

Tonyitfc82 added 19:18 - Jan 12
WTF its this guys problem!!!!!

Just goes to show that when teams win ugainst us it means so much for them that even their directors or whatever this guy is lose it.
Its not even the end of the season!!!
Lets see who has the last laugh come May.


warktheline added 19:23 - Jan 12
Hate to admit it, but it was extremely quiet in Portman rd Saturday lunchtime, sadly the game failed to live up to its billing, an early goal May have changed this, thereafter the game hit a grove of stalemate until mistake separated teams, that said, the man is a total t**t, typical non football guy, in a position he shouldn't be in.

B1TFC added 19:28 - Jan 12
And I would LOVE IT! LOVE IT! if we finish above them in May, cos he will know all about my tw@tter account then!! What a div!

xrayspecs added 19:31 - Jan 12
I remember the Cambridge United team under John Beck, that was proper route one football.

The current Town team are closer to Spain at their prime than Cambridge United under Beck.

Korrupt added 19:35 - Jan 12
Don't apologise when you don't mean it Vicars. You wouldn't of said it in the first place if you didn't mean it.

warktheline added 19:50 - Jan 12
I guess if you look at from another angle....his remarks sound gleefully, with a pinch of relief . Shows how far we've come with no money spent!!!! Make the most of it Mr Vicars, not many teams come to Portman Rd, and draw, let alone win!

Tractorog added 19:53 - Jan 12
I'd have thought the Derby CEO would be more concerned about the pitiful number of tickets he sells for away games. Not much support for a 2nd v 3rd clash. Derby are a team that are as attractive to watch as a Steve McLaren comb over on a windy day. They won because they got lucky. Enough said.

Suffolk_n_Good added 20:33 - Jan 12
Shame he didn't have the balls to go round the back of The Sir Bobby Robson Stand & say it :)

bluebrit added 20:36 - Jan 12
Ultimately the season is not based on one result - lets see where they end up at the end of the season. Derby didn't impress me with either their football or the attitude of their manager and others associated with the club.

TimmyH added 20:42 - Jan 12
@warktheline - I have to agree with you re: the noise in the stadium, also disappointing attendance for such a big game.

RegencyBlue added 20:53 - Jan 12
Too much post match corporate hospitality I'd say!

WindsorBlue added 20:54 - Jan 12
@warktheline The lack of noise was probably in part to the tension of a big clash, combined with minimal drinking time prior. I think the way forward is to reduce ticket prices for sky games. Make them a tenner and fill the ground. If people are sitting at home with a blanket over their knees they cannot support the town in voice. 20000 is a poor show for such a big match, but fully understand people staying away if its £35 a ticket, when they can watch it for "free" at home. Back on topic, Mick is a legend! Great response, he's not an egocentric 21-year old on tw@tter, that defines their self worth by the number of followers. Good back handed dig...who's gonna argue with Mick? I wouldn't!! Paul Merson said he was one of the hardest centre halfs he ever played against!!

blueboy1981 added 21:12 - Jan 12
Couldn't agree more with MM's description of 'Twitter' - although I didn't agree with his Midfield selection on Saturday against Derby'

As for the crowd at Portman Road on Saturday - I think far too much emphasis has been put on the Southampton match, as opposed to a 'top of the table' match against Derby.
Although a cup run would be nice once in a while.

The deal for the Southampton game, should have been reduced ticket prices for those attending against Derby - as the incentive.
Couldn't believe the 'poorish' crowd for such an important match - mind you the non attendee's didn't miss much - unfortunately.

bluebrit added 21:18 - Jan 12
Let's be honest £35 is about £10 too much for a Championship game.

BristolTractor added 21:37 - Jan 12
If I were in any way associated with John Eustace I would hang my head in shame. No excuse for cynical, off the ball stuff. Should have been off... #DerbyShame

runningout added 22:29 - Jan 12
couldn't give a stuff what this guy at Derby reckons.. didn't have to delete it in my view. Think we are robust enough to take harmless jibes

rinkydinkpanther added 23:08 - Jan 12
To be fair, the guy makes a couple of decent points.

Derby mixed it with us, plus played with the ball when they could, and deserved their win on that basis.

And the stadium is generally quiet. No one can deny that. McCarthy's acknowledged as much himself recently.

Beware a Portman Road that's full of Town fans expecting a win, that's what I always say. It's the quietest ground of them all.

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