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Mings Pays Mum's Debts
Wednesday, 8th Apr 2015 10:02

Town left-back Tyrone Mings has cleared his mother’s debts as a gesture of thanks for “all the years of hard work” an exchange of messages on Instagram has revealed.

It’s not the first time the 22-year-old has showed his generous side, in March 2013 the former Chippenham Town man supplied match tickets to a “skint” fan and in July last year he offered to buy supporters new shirts after he changed his squad number.

Mings also recently spent time coaching Bury Town Rams U10s after an exchange with their manager John Byford on Twitter.

The Bath-born defender had a busy Tuesday evening, playing the first half of the U21s’ 5-1 victory over Charlton before travelling across town to Greshams, where he took part in the the club’s Legends of Darts night alongside the likes of Daryl Murphy, Noel Hunt, Teddy Bishop, ex-Blue Aaron Cresswell and darts stars Keith Deller and Kevin Painter.

Photo: Action Images

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BLUEBEAT added 10:11 - Apr 8
why is this front page news? it's a family matter. private too. why would Mings put something like this on social media? is he aiming to reap a load more "aaah, what a lovely lad" comments? yes, it's a good thing helping out fans with tickets, shirts, hospital visits etc. such things should be applauded. this is entirely different. why TWTD would want to sensationalise it is beyond me.

ThatMuhrenCross added 10:19 - Apr 8
Not quite sure if this is news! I'd expect any young man who came into money would pay off his parents' debts. I'd imagine that is pretty standard. If I could pay off my mum and dad's mortgage, I would in a heartbeat.

Unbelievable_Jeff added 10:20 - Apr 8
Bluebeat....Shut up.

MickMillsTash added 10:23 - Apr 8
I like Mings - after years of Town players being accused / found guilty of- beating up girlfriends/ bouncers, betting scandals, firing ball bearing guns, drink driving, wearing tags how can we complain about this?

bluelady added 10:23 - Apr 8
Bluebeat I do agree that Mings should have done this in private its about the love of his mum not what everyone else will think. Not going to knock Phil for reporting it though as its all over the press and he is simply doing his job

SouperJim added 10:37 - Apr 8
I see the keyboard warriors are out in force. Get a grip!

Social media is a part of everyday communication. Mings hasn't "done it in public", it just so happens that there has been conversation on social media that others can see.

As a result it's not private and as Mings plays for ITFC, yes it's relevant news.

Good lad. He can't top Danny Haynes though, whose mum has all his money...

Scuzzer added 10:41 - Apr 8
Yeah...who wants to hear good news?
Cos' we all love the miserable depressing bad news we get delivered every day don't we.

brendenward35 added 10:45 - Apr 8
God wish I had a son like him :-)

Paulblue62 added 10:51 - Apr 8
That's good of him. Least he could do I would have thought.

peteswindon added 10:55 - Apr 8
Good lad well done Tyrone :-)

nthstd added 11:03 - Apr 8
Good lad feet on the ground. I'd buy him a pint for sure

Garv added 11:13 - Apr 8
Footballer pays off parent's debt. I should hope so!

More 'look at me' from Mingsy.

KilburnBlue added 11:25 - Apr 8
His comment at the bottom says it all - 'This is why I do it. this makes it worth it'

For me he is saying if you work hard enough at something then you give your love one things they could only dream about.

That's the message he was sending out to me anyway.

mickeyjb added 11:29 - Apr 8
Genuinely this bloke seems a good lad. A breath of fresh air in a world of over paid hype, however I agree, this one didn't need to be in the news.

noggin added 11:32 - Apr 8
Not sure why this is news tbh. Does anyone, apart from Mings and his mum, really give a toss?

paulthebluealien added 11:45 - Apr 8
Has it really come to this. Mings does something good and you people are CONDEMNING him for doing it on social media.
Get a grip you sad bunch.

Phil's job is to report all things Ipswich Town thus, it is in the news because it's Ipswich Town.

JimmyJazz added 12:29 - Apr 8
Good news, but also should not be news.

Does this sum up an unfortunate side of Tyrone, look at me I'm generous = look at me on Sky, I'm attracting the attention of Arsenal etc

kingcarloss added 12:36 - Apr 8
How much more bigging up does he want, buys a fan a ticket, buys a fan a shirt, pays Mothers debts off, maybe concentrate on your game Mingsy and lets see the player who was so sought after and highly talked about by Prem managers earlier in the season. In my opinion this players attitude has drastically changed he thinks he made the big time and he can casually stroll around the pitch punting the long balls forward for our strikers to break the nuts for 90 mins. #gettingslightlyirritated.

bluefeast added 12:41 - Apr 8
I must send him a message ,i have loads of debt..

buntITFC added 15:02 - Apr 8
@SouperJim - you're wrong mate. Clearly it is a WhatsApp message between him and his mum which he has sreenshotted and posted on his Instagram. So yeah it is private and he has made the decsion to share it publicly.

Huge fan of Mings and all he does nevertheless...

braintree_blue10 added 16:00 - Apr 8
Why are some of us so negative, Ty has done something positive to help his family, he has helped a fan who couldn't afford a ticket, he bought new shirts for fans who had the wrong number, he is a breath of fresh air, give the lad a break, so many youngsters lose their heads when they get a bit of money and go off the rails. Keep up the good work Ty

blueblood66 added 16:30 - Apr 8
Great story, well done Tyrone.

blueblood66 added 16:32 - Apr 8
The haters are people are just jealous, 'probably' socialists who hate others success.

SMS added 17:00 - Apr 8
Captain Spaulding AKA (JimmyJazz). I fear you are bang on my friend.

Hegansheroes added 20:47 - Apr 8
blueblood66 a real dim comment

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