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Maitland-Niles to Complete Move on Thursday
Tuesday, 30th Jun 2015 17:49

Arsenal youngster Ainsley Maitland-Niles will now complete his season-long loan move to the Blues on Thursday, TWTD understands.

The 17-year-old has been at the club today for a medical and the paperwork relating to the switch will be completed on Thursday when he will train with his new team-mates for the first time.

Speaking at this morning's press conference, manager Mick McCarthy said he sees Maitland-Niles as a versatile midfielder, who "can play anywhere along the midfield".

Goodmayes-born Maitland-Niles joined Arsenal’s academy aged nine and broke into their U21 side during 2013/14, signing a pro deal in October 2014.

The England U17 and U18 international made his senior debut as a sub last season in a Champions League game with Galatasaray and also made first team appearances from the bench against Newcastle in the Premier League and Hull City in the FA Cup.

Maitland-Niles hit the headlines earlier in the year when his mother, Jule Niles, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting two people at Arsenal’s training ground, amongst them Arsene Wenger's negotiator Dick Law. She was later released without charge.

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Green_Army added 17:52 - Jun 30
Great news! Looks a great prospect, just hope there is no immediate recall clause!

Looking forward to seeing him in a town shirt!

MrBloo added 17:56 - Jun 30
Don't see the point of him myself. Far rather we pushed Kundai Benyu on. Let's start developing our own talent rather than young loans.

iaintaylorx added 17:57 - Jun 30
looking forward to seeing this young kid's flair! don't think there will be a recall included, purely due to the class of the arsenal squad.

really am looking forward to this season, with the money recieved for mings, and our position last year, keeping most if our players, i believe players would want to join us now. get in some good squad depth, and lets push on! COYB!

dugoutdave added 17:59 - Jun 30
Well that will shut bluefest and Blue_movies up :

blue_movies: t isn't going to happen, Mick. if it was he would be here already.
Don't think that Arsenal lad is going to sign ,deal not done MM needs to speak to him to see if all is fine. The lad should of been there today , has he got an attitude >?????????

Gents: Perhaps best to keep quiet sometimes and wait and see.

runaround added 17:59 - Jun 30
It seems the run up to the loan being agreed is longer than the loan itself!!
Will be a welcome when(if) he signs

PragmaticBlue added 18:02 - Jun 30
Bloo will you ever react to anything positively? Until we are on tv I don't suppose you will see whether he is worth having here.

tractorboybig added 18:04 - Jun 30
pointless signing.
Were just a stepping stone for him and arsenal.

MrBloo added 18:05 - Jun 30
Iantaylorx, what do you think that the Gooner has that Benyu doesn't, other than a contract with Arsenal? Have you watched Benyu?

Why are you against promoting our own youngsters?

GeorgeITFC24 added 18:06 - Jun 30
I'd rather see our own young wingers out there. Connolly, Henshall and to a certain extent Stewart.

BlueandTruesince82 added 18:09 - Jun 30
Mick shows if you're ready you play. Mings, Bishop and Hyam show that. As does letting St Ledger go so as not to block Matt Clarke. If Benyu is good enough so will he. Good signing, hope there are more to come

MrBloo added 18:09 - Jun 30
Pragmatic, I'm one of the most positive people on here but I won't call rubbish football good football when it isn't just to appease the herd on here.

If people think just because we finished 6th last season we played good football, they are fooling themselves.

The long ball hoof game isn't good football.

Why would you be positive about a young loanee from Arsenal coming in and possibly holding back one of our own home grown youngsters. Unless, we have had an offer for Kundai that is.

Although a supporter of the club, I wouldn't spend money to watch that style of play.

RobTheMonk added 18:16 - Jun 30
Never seen the lad play, but hoping he develops into something special. All this talk of we should have our own youngsters in our team - to some degree we should - but if this lad turns out to be a game changer, then are we really going to be complaining if he's keeping 'our own' out of the team? Also, don't forget that we've released a shedload of players so need some to come in.

jas0999 added 18:23 - Jun 30
For me, he can't be any worse than Jay Tabb. It's another option. Suspect squad player to be fair.

PragmaticBlue added 18:34 - Jun 30
Bloo, all I have read from you recently is negativity.

Maybe our own need to be loaned out to L1 clubs to gain experience. We are getting a lad who has been exposed to the first team squad at Arsenal which, I believe, puts him ahead of our own youngsters at the moment. Arsenal play outstanding football which is a million miles from hoofball. Maybe his addition, together with an out and out winger (plus of course Connolly) suggests we are going to be closer to the style we would all like to see. If this lad helps us up will you still moan about him not being "one of our own?"

blueherts added 18:38 - Jun 30
I personally cannot see the down side ? welcome to PR and hope the boo boys havent started already

commuterblue added 18:54 - Jun 30
Mick has been judged correct in the transfer market more often than not. I have no idea if he is better than what we have but if MM thinks he has something to offer that's fine by me.

I'd much rather we take on young players from top 4 clubs on season loan than do what we did with JET, Lee Martin, and end up with expensive flops on multi year deals. And to a lesser extent Freddie Veseli.

MrBloo added 18:58 - Jun 30
Pragmatic. did you read my Ambrose to play at right back post this morning? If so, show me anything negative in that.

There were a lot of negative responses from the myopic and the usual suspects, but nothing of a negative nature from me.

Being exposed to the first team squad is good and if he does bring about a change in style, then I will be pleased and may even go and see the odd game live although I have a very comfortable seat in front of the NOW TV box. I agree about Arsenal's outstanding style but I have been a supporter of Wenger for many years and have often thought we should become a feeder club for them if we cannot produce our own players. But, his style and Mick's style are poles apart.

Ipswichbusiness added 20:05 - Jun 30
Why should we act as finishing school for other clubs' players? If successful they return to their home club and if not we take a load of risk and expense. I think that it's better by far to advance our own youth.

matty81 added 20:14 - Jun 30
Finally some pace in the team. Could be an effective substitute to bring on late in games when teams are tiring.

Garv added 20:21 - Jun 30
Don't play him in a narrow midfield.


PragmaticBlue added 20:23 - Jun 30
Bloo I did read your post about Ambrose. However, the vast majority of your posts go on about "poor football " etc. Those of us who go regularly have enjoyed ourselves more than we have in years. You choose to knock MM and the team from your armchair, almost wearing the fact that you "know enough" from watching the odd game on tv as a badge of pride. It gets tedious.

Carberry added 20:25 - Jun 30
I see no problem with developing Arsenal's player if he comes into the team and wins games for us. That's our benefit from the deal.

blue_movies added 20:31 - Jun 30
dugout Perhaps best to keep quiet sometimes and wait and see. he hasn't signed yet

MrBloo added 21:20 - Jun 30
Pragmatic. I express an opinion and I will not yield and say our football is good because it isn't. There are many on here who in the past have witnessed the Town play good football and it is no way similar to this. When praise is due, I give it. Now, that isn't being negative, it's being honest and if honesty offends you and others, well, we are where we are.
I don't have to watch a game live to form an opinion the same as people on here form opinions about how England perform without having been to Wembley to see the game. The coverage on TV is excellent. I'm sure that you post opinions about England's performance having watched it on the telebox.

I have said from the start that Mick is an average manager with a style that is not my cup of tea. I haven't changed my opinion or seen anything yet that indicates he will change his style of play. If he does, then all credit to him and I will post in support.

Football supporting is all about opinions. If we all thought the same what a dull place this would be.

I read what you have to say and if you are polite, then I will express an opinion on your views. I don't say that you are tedious because I don't agree with you, I simply will offer an alternative view, There are many, who are not polite and some who just post hoping to get a reaction and cause trouble. They fall into the tedious category as well and we all know who they are.

You have enjoyed yourself because we finished 6th, not because the football was excellent to watch.

A bit like a golfer who hits a few shanks but holes a lot of long putts and has two holes in one and wins a competition. He may have won, but he knows he has played poorly.

I saw all but one of our televised games and didn't see us play well. I can only comment on what I see. Bournemouth, now they can play football. It was a joy to see.

What it tedious, is the narrow mindedness of people on here who feel the constant need to be rude and abusive towards posters who express opinions that the herd don't agree with. The same people, all of the time being negative towards the same posters

MalcolmBaggio added 22:25 - Jun 30
I find it unbelievable that there are people on here who are knocking this signing without having even seen the guy play. Remember the impact that the last teenage midfielder we signed on loan had? We don't know what impact Maitland-Niles is going to have yet. Perhaps wait and see before forming a judgement, because if he has anything like the impact that Johnny Williams had, it'll be a phenomenal signing. I'm not saying he will or won't - I'm just saying that surely it's logical to see him play before judging.

As for holding back our own youngsters from getting in the first team - perhaps, quite simply, they aren't ready for first team football yet and maybe he is? I'd rather us play a quality loanee in the side than a youngster who's not ready for first team football, purely because he's 'one of our own'.

Just a quick comment on MrBloo. I'm guessing that the reason that people are rude and abusive towards you is because those people have watched Mick McCarthy take over as manager of Ipswich when we were bottom of the table and heading for league one - in two seasons they've watched him completely transformed the fortunes of the team, despite financial constraints which restricted him to only spending £10,000 on transfer fees. I guess they maybe find it frustrating when people not only fail to recognise what Mick has achieved but actually slate him on here and that frustration manifests itself in abuse. I can understand that personally. The style of football has not always been as attractive as other teams (who've invariably had the benefit of a substantially greater budget than us) but I'm afraid Ipswich put in many cracking performances irrespective of your view.

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