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Chambers: Leeds Boss’s Comments Disrespectful and Staggering
Thursday, 14th Jan 2016 18:06

Luke Chambers has hit back at Leeds manager Steve Evans for his comments after the Blues’ 2-1 victory over the Whites on Tuesday, which the Town skipper felt were “disrespectful” and “staggering”.

Evans accused Town of simply “lumping” the ball up to striker Daryl Murphy, said they had been “as bad in spells as we were” and dismissively added that if the Blues are “the benchmark [for the play-offs] then we’ll take that benchmark”.

Chambers, who scored Town’s equaliser five minutes after the break with Brett Pitman netting the winner in injury time, said he and the rest of the squad were less than impressed.

“Myself and the boys felt very disappointed by his post-match comments, having read them after the game,” Chambers writes in his column in the programme for Saturday’s match against Preston.

“I don’t whether he’s addressing the Leeds supporters who weren’t at the game to try and save face but I’ve no idea where he’s coming from.

“Yes, they look the lead and had a good 10-15-minute spell but after that it was one-way traffic.

“For him to then disrespect us as a team and say that if we are the benchmark for sixth place then he will take that, is honestly quite staggering.

“At the end of the day, we’ve walked away with six points off them this season and we are the ones who are in the play-off places fighting to get into the Premier League.

"I had a lot of respect for him before the game but I've lost some of that now.

“Nobody at Portman Road on Tuesday, even the most avid Leeds fan, would have thought they deserved to beat us, apart from Steve Evans and for him to even suggest that after the game is, in my opinion, disrespectful to the football club, the manager, the players - to everyone really.

“To their credit, I saw that a lot of Leeds fans disagreed with their manager and held their hands up, admitting we were the better team and deserved to win.

“I haven’t looked at the stats but I’m confident that we would have had more possession, more shots and more chances in their box. The stat that matters though is that we won the game.”

Evans was also highly critical of referee Fred Graham after the game - “I thought he was absolutely garbage" - and the official wouldn’t leave the field following the final whistle until the furious Leeds boss had been removed from the tunnel by stewards.

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blueboy1981 added 18:09 - Jan 14
Everyone entitled to opinion Luke - even him. Right or Wrong.

Corrick91 added 18:09 - Jan 14
Well played coming out and defending the team. Embarrassing comments from the Leeds boss. Either we were very good or they were very bad - either way his comments make no sense.

bluehook added 18:10 - Jan 14
Chubby fool.

craigyboy10 added 18:13 - Jan 14
Shocking comments.. We think Sheffield Wednesday are better than these.. Table says different Stevie boy..

jas0999 added 18:17 - Jan 14
Although I agree with Chambers, the reality is we have a very poor reputation as being a long ball hoof team and frankly that has been evident this season. We don't have much quality but we do have great team spirit and hard workers. It gets you so far and let's hope we continue to push on. I'd personally prefer us to play more attractive football, ironically I thought we did play better against Leeds, but with the players we have in order to win, we play a certain way. It's not usually attractive, but is effective.

wokingblue added 18:18 - Jan 14
I was there. Evans is a complete knob.

stevieiriswattii added 18:19 - Jan 14
Steve Evans in stupid comments shocker ;) surprise surprise.

itsonlyme added 18:23 - Jan 14
It was the best performance from us for a very long time! We outplayed and outhought Leeds, who were possibly the worst away team at PR this season? So Evans needs to take off those blinkers occasionally!

Crawfordsboot added 18:26 - Jan 14
Lets be fair. We beat them with a late goal. The poor b****r will have been deflated and totally peed off. He then gets a microphone shoved in his face. How many of us would be gracious in such a moment.

Just enjoy a great three points and look forward to three more next match. We don't need to take in the moment comments seriously


VulpineBlue added 18:27 - Jan 14
Steve Evans was a different kettle of fish at Rotherham. At Leeds he is under pressure from the 'manager eater' Cellino. The Leeds job is Evans really big chance. He knows that if it doesn't work for him then football oblivion beckons. This is fear aggression at its worst. Those of us who were there know that the ref was poor, but mainly in Leeds' favour. Yes, as jas 0999 says, we do have a reputation as a long ball team, but on Tuesday with a full compliment of players this was not the case. Evans was using this reputation as a smokescreen. Evans' comments are not an opinion. They are untrue and ungracious. I liked the man before this, but to me he is diminished.

Michael11 added 18:30 - Jan 14
Who cares? Even if Leeds were top by 15 points, the fat tw*t will have a heart attack before May anyway.

SouperJim added 18:32 - Jan 14
Ha ha, this is brilliant. If we're winning games and opposition managers are losing theplot like this then we're doing something right in my book. Makes the victory even sweeter!

ericclacton added 18:34 - Jan 14
The silly word Leeds has gone to the poor mans head, that apart we should never ever be commenting on sad little men like Steve Evans!!!!

Phlooky added 18:35 - Jan 14
I can never quite understand this 'long ball' criticism levelled at teams. It may not be pretty, but surely the idea is to win games fairly but in a way that suits the team's abilities. After all, if members of your team have the ability to accurately kick a long ball to a forward, and that forward has the skill to bring it under close control, then you are surely going to play to that strength? It's up to the opposing team to counact that. One of Beckham's skills was his long accurate kicks, which teams he played for used to good effect.

Dissboyitfc added 18:35 - Jan 14
Blueboy1981... yes everyone is entitled to an opinion and i would always defend that, but That was not an opinion, that is sour grapes and is not professional. For all of MM's faults i could never imagine him behaving like that.

Mark added 18:38 - Jan 14
I couldn't really care less what Evans said. We just beat them after an excellent display where we had 58% of possession and 17 shots to their 4. We're 10 places ahead of Leeds in the table having scored 9 more goals. "We'll take that benchmark"? It doesn't even make sense. Ignore it.

blueboy1981 added 18:39 - Jan 14
Mark me down, as you will - but I cannot see where he said anything untoward - typical Yorkshireman's assessment of the game. He spoke honestly, and what people should realise is many people within the game will have the same opinion of our games style - and not be terribly impressed.

Evans said what other's may well be thinking - and credit to him for what appears to be Leeds heading in the right direction at long last.

The important thing was - we won the points, and we played well, in comparison with previous home games.

Long may it continue.

Nthsuffolkblue added 18:39 - Jan 14
"Happily take that as a benchmark" and sit 12 points away from it and only 11 ahead of the relegation zone. Sounds very like a Roy Keane style comment to me. Certainly that of a manager under all sorts of pressure.

blueherts added 18:41 - Jan 14
He will be sacked within a month - pointless comments from a nobody

therein61 added 18:41 - Jan 14
Yes we knicked it that's because we play for the entire game 1st to last whistle in any game there are situations where either side can get the advantage if allowed, regarding the comments of a sour loser who has no respect to ethical behaviour re his previous dealings a few years ago!!!! you are lucky to be in charge of a "big club" so accept the defeat and also accept you are working for a basket case who will sack you any time soon.

Dissboyitfc added 18:44 - Jan 14
One thing about the long ball issue, a punt up field with no intended target is hoofball. A pass whether 5 yards or 50yards is football, accurate passing over a distance is skilful, as Highlighted by phlooky Much of beckhams game was based around accurate delivery.

I will always hate hoofball but a long pass is something different..

kerryblue747 added 18:45 - Jan 14
I used to ride thier horse Elland road when i worked in Newmarket that had a bad mouth as well

BlueandTruesince82 added 18:47 - Jan 14
He was speaking about a 90 mins in which we creamed them, even you admitted we played well Blueboy, his assessment of said 90 mins is plainly inaccurate. It has nothing to do with the rest of the season.

I am entitled to have the opinion that 2 plus 2 equals 5, that does not make it correct.

As for Sheffield Wednesday didn't we beat them too?


Cakeman added 18:50 - Jan 14
This long ball team criticism is getting boring now and it is usually the teams that have failed to beat us that mention it.
How about the fact that our pacey wingers Fraser and Sears ripped them apart time after time? Hardly long ball tactics I would suggest!

Mr Evans perhaps you should enjoy a nice pint of Adnams to take away the taste of your very sour grapes!

Cakeman added 18:50 - Jan 14
PS well said Chambo!

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