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McCarthy on Leeds Boss: He Certainly Gives His Jaw Some Exercise
Friday, 15th Jan 2016 13:42

Town boss Mick McCarthy says he doesn’t understand why the likes of Leeds manager Steve Evans feel the need to talk down teams who have just beaten them. Evans was highly critical of the Blues following the Whites’ 2-1 defeat at Portman Road on Tuesday.

The former Rotherham boss accused Town of simply “lumping” the ball up to striker Daryl Murphy, said they had been “as bad in spells as we were” and dismissively added that if the Blues are “the benchmark [for the play-offs] then we’ll take that benchmark”.

Quizzed about the comments, McCarthy said: “He can talk, can’t he? He certainly gives his jaw some exercise, I don’t know what else but his jaw certainly gets some exercise.

“I thought we were excellent on Tuesday night and all the stats point to that and I don’t understand why people do it. It’s almost like self-publicists talk up a good game. Why?

“We played Portsmouth on Saturday and they battered us and I’m honest to say, I’m not happy to say because I’d prefer not to be saying that, but that they were great.

“If we get beat and we’ve not played very well, why does it always have to be that it’s some outside influence except the opposition that’s beaten them?

“It’s great when you’re on a good run because you can be really magnanimous in being undefeated and winning games, that’s great. But a little bit of honesty and integrity I find is really welcome. Not everybody’s that way unfortunately.”

In addition to his comments about the Blues, Evans was also highly critical of referee Fred Graham after the game - “I thought he was absolutely garbage" - and the official wouldn’t leave the field following the final whistle until the furious Leeds boss had been removed from the tunnel by stewards.

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HKBlue added 13:45 - Jan 15
I think back to 3 years ago... and wonder how a certain Mr Keane would of responded.

Loving how Mick handles himself, just class and professional. COYB

MaySixth added 13:48 - Jan 15
Utter legend.

kizaitfc added 13:49 - Jan 15
Now there's a manager to be proud of!!!

IMO Evans is a perfect suit for Leeds

BlueNomad added 13:56 - Jan 15
Put Mick and Chambo's comments together and it is so clear why we have an outstanding manager and Captain. They may be employees but their honesty and pride in the club is something special.

Pablo9 added 13:56 - Jan 15
He should give his jaw a rest and give the rest of his body some exercise!

KuqiCoup added 13:58 - Jan 15
'I don't know what else but his jaw certainly gets some exercise' is the best way of calling him fat ever.

Smithy added 13:58 - Jan 15
Got to love Mick haven't you, we were dreadful against Pompey think we were all first to admit that as much as the majority of the Leeds fans were to say how much we deserved to win on Tuesday. Pretty much heard only one classless idiot suggest otherwise.

Big man lost in big club syndrome.

BlueandTruesince82 added 14:04 - Jan 15
you may not like his tactics but I defy anyone not like Mick the man, I genuinely think he is one of the most intelligent people in football, certainly one of the most honest, clearly humorous and quick witted.

I reckon and evening sinking pints with MM would be well spent.

“He can talk, can’t he? He certainly gives his jaw some exercise, I don’t know what else but his jaw certainly gets some exercise". Brilliant!

jpring89 added 14:10 - Jan 15
What a legend !

Westy added 14:23 - Jan 15
Leeds are playing Sheffield Wednesday tomorrow. I'll be intrigued to hear Steve Evans' comments if Leeds lose again. It would be better for us if Leeds won to help maximise the gap between us and Sheffield W but I'll be rooting for Wednesday tomorrow.

Nazemariner added 14:23 - Jan 15
I didn't think he said that much wrong......

He's obviously annoyed at losing in the dying seconds, but he's correct.....we do just launch it.

BlueNomad added 14:32 - Jan 15
But we didn't on Tuesday Naze. Evans talked about it happening on Tuesday and said that's why they lost. Maybe he thought all they had to do was withstand an artillery barrage and they'd be ok - instead he was beaten by a surprise infantry attack.

Beattiesballbag added 14:40 - Jan 15
Nice try at a wind up or you didn't watch the match!

ArnieM added 14:46 - Jan 15
HA HA HA HA, Super Mick McCarthy . I love him !

BlueBadger added 14:56 - Jan 15
'I think back to 3 years ago... and wonder how a certain Mr Keane would of responded. '

Well, for starters, we wouldn't have won that game.....

Penguinblue added 15:01 - Jan 15
Just had a listen to Evans to see what all the fuss is about.
Nothing wrong in what he said. Wish our manager could speak so directly instead of coming out with his usual dross and childish riddles every week.
Chambers would get into no other team at right back - so best concentrate on your football.

Vizslaraner added 15:06 - Jan 15
As someone previously said, he's a perfect fit for Leeds, he keeps up the image they like to portray. Before getting the Leeds job he was asked about it and he said " why would I want to be in charge of the titanic when I can be in charge of a cruise liner?" Then he takes the job, it tells you all you need to know! Add hypocrite to the list aswell. As MM says he should try to exercise his body and keep his big gob shut before he comments on other clubs and get his own ship straight! I know we can b direct at times but Tuesday night showed we have far more to game than we get credit for. He said out 2nd goal was a hopeful punt, we'll look at their goal it was from a so called hoof! COYB

NoCanariesAllowed added 15:11 - Jan 15
That picture is perfect for this article, by the way.

Chat bonkers, get Micked.

Nazemariner added 15:20 - Jan 15
I was i have been for nearly every home game for the last 6 years and admittedly we didn't launch it with quite the frequency that we do normally, but we still did launched it far too often.

IpswichT62OldBoy added 15:20 - Jan 15
MM , a manager to be proud of, whether or not you agree with his tactics.
Nothing milky about our Mick.

oldburian added 15:22 - Jan 15
To be fair Keane was an awful manager, marginally better than Jewell, but in his interviews he actually summed up quite well and he never, as far as I cam remember, criticised the ref.

We have, unfortunately, acquired this reputation as a kick first think second team, Brighton were similar critics but when I watched their next game on Sky their long ball game was more prevalent than ours. In the Championship pretty football rarely gets you promoted as we found out 1996/99. You have to have some steel and basic clearances!

rickw added 15:23 - Jan 15
Peguinblue you really are deluded or simply clueless or a budgie?

dud5ers added 15:23 - Jan 15
A few seasons back, oppo managers would say "Ipswich - best team we've played this year" after beating us. I prefer the current arrangement.

HKBlue added 15:34 - Jan 15
Bluebadger haha couldn't be more right actually

Tractastic added 15:46 - Jan 15
Evans what an idiot and a poor reflection on his club.
As if we needed another reason to dislike Leeds.
MM pure class when it comes to PR.

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