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Oar and Agent Clarify Comments
Friday, 29th Jan 2016 19:57

Departed winger Tommy Oar has sought to clarify comments attributed to his agent Michael Jansen in the Australian media which claimed Town’s style of play was behind his decision to ask the Blues to terminate his contract last week.

Oar, who joined Town in the summer having left FC Utrecht in Holland, had previously been quoted citing his failure to settle in England as the reason behind his departure.

“I have spoken to Michael and he is pretty annoyed and says his words were taken totally out of context,” the 24-year-old told the club site.

“The football was faster and more physical than what I was used to in Holland but I felt I was improving in those areas all the time.

“I was enjoying the football side of it at Ipswich but as I said when I left, I found it harder to settle into life off the pitch. That is the reason why I asked the club if I could end my contract.

“We are being called by journalists daily with questions. We are not focusing on the media now at all, we are only focusing on the next step in my career. Where that will be, time will tell.

“My agent and I have a great relationship with Ipswich and want to keep it that way. We feel it’s not fair how this story has been reported in the media about Mick and we have apologised to him for that. He and the club have treated me in a very helpful and respectful manner.”

Oar has been linked with a move to China, while Australian clubs including his former side the Brisbane Roar have also been linked.

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Len_Brennan added 07:56 - Jan 30
But as jas0999 says, it's time to move on now, he's gone & we need reinforcements in to replace those lost & address other weaknesses we have.

grumpyoldman added 08:34 - Jan 30
Just a couple of points does anybody on here actually know the truth about the reasons he left? NO. Also on what grounds would ITFC start legal action, the agent stated an opinion which he is allowed to, he did not defame anybody. Last point oh I love the way some on here use gutter language to make their point probably in the belief it makes their opinion valid and more forceful

Michael11 added 08:37 - Jan 30
Get gone already. Got no time for players with no fight in them. How can you be so home sick when you've lived in Holland for the last 6 years?

essex57 added 08:42 - Jan 30
Len brennan utter rubbish he wasnt good enough for the rough and tumble of championship football surely nobody realy thinks that mm just lets players go if they are going to boost the squad town media could of said weve let him cancel his contract cos his no good and not worth the wages obviously they didnt want to spoil his chances of another club with regards Frasier perhaps thats why weve not bought any one going to make a bid to bournemouth and arsenal for amn

Len_Brennan added 08:48 - Jan 30
essex57 - Awwh bless!

bohslegend added 09:09 - Jan 30
Gcon, apologies, meant to be an up arrow.

vanmunt added 10:01 - Jan 30
I agree Lee, so this bodged retraction where he hasn't really retracted anything makes all the comments obsolete in the other thread about our terrible play style. Have we suddenly stopped being a hoofball team with low ball retention now? The ostrich's are just as bad as the moaners but this is a great forum.

BlueandTruesince82 added 10:12 - Jan 30
Oar or his agent make a comment that gives the anti Mick brigade something to seize on and it's "now the truth is comming out", Oar and his agent clarify that and make said brigade look like the over zealous key board bashers that they are and it's "we don't belive you". Laughable.

All that in spite of the evident team spirit that Mick has bought back to the club and the fact that almost without exception (Roy Keane, and we all saw what a self inflated prick he is) everyone who has ever played for Mick says what a great guy he is.

Wood, trees, through, see, can't.


BanksterDebtSlave added 10:30 - Jan 30
Len Brennan... Why wouldn't you see the original story as 'agent spins situation to make his player look good' rather than as confirmation that your team play crap football? It is possible to argue the case that a full back and creative midfielder are needed without spewing the degree of bile towards our team and management that some on here do.

AbujaBlue added 10:30 - Jan 30
Good post BlueandTruesince82. Clearly Oar was horrified about what was being reported in the Aussie press and this clarification is welcome. But it's now time to put this to bed and move on.

BlueMachines - I hope you're not holding your breath for an 'apology' like you said you would not. But you're right, the truth does come out.

Bert added 10:41 - Jan 30
Len Brennan you make it sound so logical but the fact remains that nobody really knows what Oar thinks and quite frankly as he was rarely selected it is clear that others at the club were preferred . It is unlikely that the press office would have given any thought to agreed statements for someone who is a complete unknown. All that Oar's departure has achieved is to bring out the same old stuff that we are merely a hoofball team which not everyone agrees with.


Len_Brennan added 12:04 - Jan 30
Bankster: I do want to move on as I have given my opinion & outlined the reasons behind it, right or wrong, but 2 things quickly in reply.
1. I haven't spewed any bile on here, I've just made my observations, with the content thar informed them.
2. You ask a reasonable question as to why I wouldn't believe that the original story isn't just agent spin, it could be, but the when taken with Oar's comments from a week earlier, the fallout from the Portsmouth game & the level of detail in the agent's comment re: the change in approach since the defeat to Reading, which we all see, it just doesn't seem plausible to me.
I do acknowledge that you could be right & that it is only my opinion based on the sequence of events.

essex57 added 13:03 - Jan 30
Len Brenda very eloquently put.

BanksterDebtSlave added 14:45 - Jan 30
Len Brennan, the bile comment was a general one not directed at you but unfortunately accurate for some on here. Accept it could have been clearer but it was just the first point directed to you which you have expressed your opinion on. I do think that some should be careful not to let all stories fit their preferred narrative though.......such as the weather/ pitch availability story a couple of days back and this one! Anyway onwards and upwards COYB.

prebsa added 18:01 - Jan 30
Haha derby123 I never had any problem with oar and I didn't care for his reasons of leaving. It's just funny how you come in for 1 week and just knock people down the whole time. I actually agreed with Essex57 earlier could you believe it.

derby123 added 20:31 - Jan 30
Lol prebsa agreeing with Essex57. I just disagree with your opinion. Same as you seem to disagree with mine. Were both entitled to them neither of us are right or wrong. You never know one day we might even agree over something.

ozzie added 22:09 - Jan 30
TBH any player who wants to leave a club and is under contract 1 . should see out his contract or buy himself out of the content whatever the circumstances and 2. The player should never be allowed to play in Europe again (due to his circumstances again )but if he does he would have to pay the club a fee to allow him to do so.
That way more players who fancies to mess a club around in the future will think twice about there actions.
He has gone so move on

Hegansheroes added 12:09 - Jan 31
Certainly no smoke with out fire.

Seasider added 13:24 - Jan 31
If as his agent says,he is I demand,why couldn't the club have got a little money for him;as they reportedly did with Jonny Parr

paulnstar added 19:49 - Jan 31
why backtrack oar ur right we play football in clouds we r not going to make play offs with this tosh, big shout mick for repositioning one of the best goalscorers in championship sears

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