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McCarthy Praise for "Flying" Lawrence
Saturday, 14th Jan 2017 19:06

Town boss Mick McCarthy hailed “flying” Tom Lawrence after the on-loan Leicester man netted twice as the Blues beat Blackburn Rovers 3-2 at Portman Road. But McCarthy says the Wales international’s excellent form is putting him further from Town’s reach as a permanent addition.

McCarthy was pleased with his side’s performance even if he felt they made life difficult for themselves at times.

“I’m delighted,” he said. “I thought we played well. It was a good performance. We almost contrived to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by giving goals away.

“When we scored the first one I just thought it had settled down. We’d got the game by the scruff of the neck.

“But we gave a goal way, it was a good finish by him but nevertheless it was giving a goal away.

“And similarly when we were at 3-1 it just made for a nervy ending. But I thought it was a good performance.”

Regarding Lawrence, who smashed in a 30-yard strike in the second half, his seventh goal of the season, having put the Blues in front in the first half with a freekick that went under the Blackburn wall, he said: “It saddens me really because every time he scores it puts him further out of our reach. In a good way, I’m glad he’s here, of course, and he’s scoring goals.

“We’d be up a very muddy creek without a paddle without his goals at the minute and thankfully we’ve got him and thankfully he’s playing as well as he is.

“I can hear the fans singing ‘sign him on, sign him on’, but I think he’ll have a few more options than Ipswich Town, to be quite honest with you. And in the summer he’ll have options and he can sort his career out, we’d like to be one of them.”

McCarthy confirmed, as previously reported, that Lawrence can’t move on during the January window, and added: “He’ll have plenty of options in the summer. I think for him, he should rejoice in the fact that he’s playing as well as he is in a team which hasn’t been playing well and has been struggling, and yet he’s been carrying the weight with his performances and his goals, certainly today.

“If this is the best part of his career now, keep enjoying it. Disturbing that and going elsewhere at the minute - he can’t - but sometimes you go and you don’t play.

“He’s flying here, everybody loves him. That’s the time you should enjoy your football, when you’re playing well and the riches will come. I don’t think he’s skint anyway. But the riches and the rewards will come through playing like that. That’s how it comes.

“It’s a lovely time in your life when you’re playing in a team and you’re getting adulation from the fans and everybody’s talking about you.”

Having been booed and jeered by fans at previous games McCarthy was pleased with the backing he and his side received today.

“The crowd were great,” he said. “I had lovely support coming out, people, kids saying they’re still with me, to keep going, ‘you’re doing right’.

“It was nice. I keep reminding people that there are a lot tougher places than here when you’re having a tough time, believe me. Our fans have been very supportive and they were great today.”

He added: “There has been a bit of doom and gloom, rightfully so, we’ve not been playing particularly well, we’ve not been winning enough games here and I’m the one that keeps saying it, so I’m cool with that.

“It was a good performance, I think we certainly should have won more comfortably, we’ve found a thousand and three ways to give goals away. I hope that’s it for a while, it would be nice.”

The Town boss was pleased with Christophe Berra’s goal, which came from a well-worked corner.

“I would imagine Coyley’s going mad because we conceded one,” he continued. “It’s the delivery, the movement, getting free, finishing it, all of that which we try and we work on.

“Getting blocks in, not getting blocked, getting away from your marker, not getting pinned, all of those things.

“It’s great when it works and unfortunately it’s worked against us more than it has for us this season, whereas in the past.

“When he was going back out Berra was sick about the first goal, so I said, ‘Go and score the winner’. As it turned out it wasn’t but it was a good goal for him.”

McCarthy admitted that he was concerned in the final moments when Derrick Williams felt he was fouled by Josh Emmanuel inside the area.

“Yes, because the way things have been going it could have been three-all,” he said. “I didn’t know whether their second goal was a penalty or whether it was a tangle of legs.

“So I would imagine that Coyley’s been bleating like a lamb in here. I know he’ll understand when I say f— him! And if he doesn’t I’ll just go and give him a beer and we’ll have to have a laugh about it, because he’s a mate of mine and I’d be doing the same.

“I don’t know whether the first one was, the second one, maybe. I really haven’t seen it, but my heart was in my mouth because the way things are going I could see me needing a new tin hat coming off the pitch.”

Rovers manager Owen Coyle was adamant that his side ought to have been awarded a second spotkick in the final moments when Emmanuel clashed with Williams.

"We gave ourselves a mountain to climb and got ourselves back in the game and were pushing for an equaliser and certainly for me we should have had a second penalty,” he said.

"There is a bit of everything there, frustration, anger, whatever you want to call it."

"I've watched it again and it was as clear a penalty as you will see. Our fans who were on that side will have seen it and we thank them for that and we're disappointed not to give them something to celebrate.

"It was a clear penalty and I have no doubt about that. The referee has obviously seen something we have not."

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Mark added 19:11 - Jan 14
“It saddens me really because every time he scores it puts him further out of our reach."

And that is the problem with loan signings, although we can be very glad to have signed Lawrence on loan this season as he is superb, even better than Fraser I would say and good enough to break into the Leicester team next season.

It was a good performance today, with no height up front we really tried to pass the ball on the floor and that was pleasing to see. Dozzell showed what a quality player he can become.

Massive win too, great to be 10 points ahead of Blackburn rather than the 4 if we had lost. Being so clear of relegation should help when it comes to signing new players. Just the reverse is true for Norwich who now do not look like being play-off contenders. A satisfying afternoon.

Penguinblue added 19:12 - Jan 14
Yes Lawrence is a highlight.

Good that a few kids like you McCarthy.

Those that have watched football a bit longer can see how limited you are and how you are holding back Town. Please go.

McCarthy OUT

itfchorry added 19:14 - Jan 14
Change still needed.

jas0999 added 19:16 - Jan 14
Just like with Fraser we will be back to square one in the summer as Lawrence returns to Leicester. As Mark rightly points out, that's the problem with loans. In our position - bang on mid table side, not going up or down, it's now very important that we don't bring any more loans on January. No point.

Warkys_Tash added 19:17 - Jan 14
Well done lads decent win. It's pleasing for McCarthy after the abuse he has been getting lately. Football hasn't been pretty but he is a top guy & deserved this win.

For all their money, Villa & Norwich only just ahead & we have had a poor season!

muccletonjoe added 19:19 - Jan 14
If the club from Evans downwards want promotion then we need to put everything into signing lawrence

hucks216 added 19:39 - Jan 14
If every goal he scores pushes him further out of our reach then surely that should add impetus to sorting out a deal before it really is too late and offers come in for him. Sign him within the next fortnight and it won't make a blind bit of difference who takes notice of him because of his goals, he'll be ours and not a player we are probably paying the wages for just to benefit Leicester.

Woodbridgian added 19:46 - Jan 14
If Marcus Evans wants to send a message to the Town faithful that he hasn't lost interest in the club and that he meant what he said in his 5 point plan then signing or even making a serious attempt to sign Lawrence on a permanent basis would go along way towards it.

Tampa_Florida_Blue added 19:52 - Jan 14
I agree with jas0999, and will add, lets get safe to stay up, and then give more of these youngsters a run out for a few games and see what they are truly made of.

ArnieM added 20:04 - Jan 14
second penalty? couldn't give a shyte . It's about time we had a rub of the green I say.

GREAT performance by and large. Fans signing like we used to.vSvum lose AGAIN and get another straight red AGAIN. Great weekend so far guys !

COYBS first Tuesday. Let's get winning.

blues1 added 20:48 - Jan 14
Muccletonjoe. The fact simply is that regardless of whether we'd be willing to pay the fee Lawrence would cost, he's on premier league wages so we couldn't and indeed shouldn't pay those wages as it would cause unrest with the rest of the squad. And hucks we are not paying all his wages right now neither. Just a percentage

LegendofthePhoenix added 20:49 - Jan 14
The whole thing boils down to Marcus Evans. Lawrence would now be worth what- £5M, maybe more? Mings went for £8M after one good season. I can't see ME parting with £2M+ let alone what it might cost to get Lawrence. So we are dependent on McCarthy doing what he does best and finding bargains in the lower leagues. Can't see ME getting rid of Mick, as it suits his pocket. But we ain't gonna get promoted anytime soon by relying on the odd bargain or loan signing coming good. So what is ME's 5 year plan? is there any ambition for promotion, or is it just perpetual damage limitation?

jpring89 added 20:51 - Jan 14
Credit where its due Mick ive been critical of you but you played the team today to win its not your fault about individual mistakes. I hope you can also bring in the players required this transfer window to improve our squad as it is in desperate need of quality.

wychyblue added 21:04 - Jan 14
It could be argued from a business point of view as an investment if he was brought as his price will only go up I would have thought .
To be fair today the side played well and well done to Luke Chambers who did very well in the MIDDLE of the back three. Formation certainly suits the players we have apart from Berra who is too slow and clumsy with his feet to play in a three. But he has been a good secant to itfc and deserves his move 'home' at the end of the season so bring smith in when he is fit .

BillyBaxterwasbest added 21:05 - Jan 14
Well done Mick,

DurhamTownFan added 21:15 - Jan 14
Even when we win and score three, bring a bit of optimism and a sense of change to the ground, mick still finds a way to say something dour and negative..! Sooooo nagraive all the time! Why not just stick to the optimism for one game?

12th_Man added 23:11 - Jan 14
Fantastic player so exciting to watch just a shame we won't sign him

shakytown added 23:28 - Jan 14
Imagine what could be achieved with a progressive attack minded manager????

gippeswyk added 00:05 - Jan 15
I agree that Fraser was our best player last year and Lawrence this season. Thankfully McM can secure these loans or we would be relegation fodder especially after selling our top goal scorer.

Les57 added 01:28 - Jan 15
I think everybody would like Tom Lawrence to sign permanently for us, including MM and the rest of the team.. as Mick has rightly said the way he is playing he will have plenty of offers come the end of the season. The one thing that so far has not been raised is would he like to sign for us?
Has anybody even thought of asking him that?
I also expect Leicester will have some say on what happens to him and the way he is improving will be lining up for them next year in the premier league.
In the meantime let's enjoy his performances for us until the end of the season

battyblue added 05:15 - Jan 15
Nice to win and entertain for a change or so i hear from here and media,,but it changes nothing i can't believe after one 3-2 against woeful Blackburn anyone who says Mck out gets marked down,Maybe McCarthy has softened his pig headedness a little,maybe he is trying to win over us fans a little for the time being,if all of us on here in the EADT and the protesters in the stadium with the chanting mick out and boing at the dross being dished up he would still be playing Douglas,,Emmanuel would still be on the bench with Dozzell and we would be playing eight at the back.Lets see what happens in the next few games i believe he will revert to type again but well done for now improvement all round lets hope it continues.Tom Lawrence you are a star thanks for saving us keep it up we need your quality.

jonbull88 added 07:12 - Jan 15
People need to realise we can't sign people like Lawerence hence why they come on loan. I for one am glad if we can't sign then we at least get them on loan.

muccletonjoe added 07:56 - Jan 15
I agree his wages would be nore than we pay players at present but it is a case of going for the premier league and everyone getting a pay rise. Only players like fraser and lawrence will get us promoted.

DJ27 added 10:17 - Jan 15
I actually think loan signings of this calibre and on season long with no recall are great for us. We all know we would never be able to afford this type of quality player on a permanent basis currently. So get a couple in, and if they make the difference and we do eve tally get promoted we would be In a position to buy. If not, we look again next season. Williams to Fraser to Lawrence. I remember Hull did it with Fraser Campbell, had on loan got promoted and signed him. I agree it should be limited to one or 2 tho, and not block our own kids from developing.

BobbyBell added 10:27 - Jan 15
I really can't see the business sense of not signing Lawrence.Signing this lad means better results, bigger crowds, more shirt sales. He lifts the other players and lifts the fans. Even 5 million would not be a serious gamble on this lad as he's already proving his worth and could be worth double in a few seasons time if he plays like this. Surely it's a much bigger gamble not to sign himas this club is going nowhere without a player of his class. What could be the cost of not signing him? I hate to think.
You don't need to be a top business man to see this. He's a highly skilled man capable of bring in more customers, selling more of your products and moving your company forward to the next level. it's a no brainer.

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