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McCarthy: Great Win a Boost for Everyone at Club
Saturday, 11th Feb 2017 18:27

Town boss Mick McCarthy hailed a “great win” which will give everyone at Portman Road a boost including owner Marcus Evans after the Blues defeated Aston Villa 1-0 at Villa Park, loanee Emyr Huws netting the winner with seven minutes remaining.

“It was a great win, a fantastic win,” McCarthy said. “We played well last week [in the 2-2 draw with Reading], I didn’t want to come here and not play well, that’s for sure. It was a back-up performance to last week’s and an even better result.”

The Blues boss felt his team showed spirit after losing centre-halves Christophe Berra and Steven Taylor to injury in the first half, but says that side of the performance was no surprise to him.

“I’ve never doubted the character of the team, I’ve said sometimes that our quality’s not been great but I think that’s been a lot better,” he added.

“I think Toums and Emyr Huws have helped that in the middle of the pitch have been excellent and I think the two lads up front have stuck it and worked hard.

“I could go through them all but there have been certain aspects of the team that has been better, we’ve kept the ball better. We’ve always been good at disrupting others and getting the ball back but we’ve been better with it in the last two games.”

McCarthy was delighted with Huws’s winner having wanted more goals from midfield for much of his time at Town.

“That’s something we’ve not had and it’s invaluable, they should come from other places,” he said.

“The fact that Didz picked him out and didn’t have a shot from a narrow angle was great. Emyr’s made a real difference to us, him and Toums.”

McCarthy says Huws is not unlike a number of players in his Town teams, whose careers have seemed to be drifting a little when they moved to Portman Road.

“There are a few of them in the team, Tom Lawrence, Didzy, Daryl Murphy, he ended up going for £3 million, we’ve had a few in the team like that,” he continued.

“He wants to play, he took a pay cut to come and play football, which tells you something about him, I don’t see too many players doing that.”

Regarding the makeshift back three of Jordan Spence, skipper Luke Chambers and Jonas Knudsen, he added: “It’s lovely, Jordan Spence was with us on trial and then we were OK because Josh Emmanuel was coming through.

"But when we were scratching around for players in the window I thought we’d have another look and he’s been great. If he’s not hungry for it there’s something wrong having not played all season.

“And Jonas, I’ve always fancied that he’d make a left-sided centre-back in a three because he’s good in the air and he can deal with going out wide.”

What was the most important thing he will take from the game? “Three points, and I’ll enjoy my weekend. And going into work will be a lot easier, all those things.

“But I won’t be going out partying or anything like that. It’s a buzz for me, a buzz for the team, it’s buzz for the club.

“I’m sure it’s a boost for Marcus, my owner, he gets plenty of flak and sticks £6 million in a year to keep the place going, which is always great to know, isn’t it?

“If my missus was giving me flak after all the money I’ve put into the house, I’d be a bit pissed off. It’ll be a boost for him as well and everybody connected with the club.”

McCarthy didn’t know too much about Christophe Berra’s injury, the Scotland international having been subbed in the first half after taking a nasty blow to the head from Villa’s Tommy Elphick, which the Blues boss believed should have resulted in a spot-kick.

“I thought it was a penalty, I thought he elbowed him, I thought he was going to head it and it was a penalty,” he said.

“I don’t know what’s up with him, I think he got sparked, I don’t know yet. I don’t think he does.

“I hope it’s not a concussion because if it is he might not be able to play for a couple of weeks."

The Blues manager confirmed that Steven Taylor had been replaced earlier in the half with a hamstring problem, which will almost certainly rule him out of the next couple of games.

McCarthy has also revealed that recent loan signing Dominic Samuel, who scored a hat-trick for the U23s on Monday, will be out for six weeks with a broken toe.

The Town boss says his Villa counterpart Steve Bruce should be given time with the Midlanders having had five full-time managers in the last two years.

“I think Steve’s had to turn the team around and try and get them to play in his own image, not the players that he had. I’ve no doubt that’s what will happen with him because he’s proven and he’s a good manager.

“But it doesn’t always work when all these players come in, they have to gel, they have to get together. It’s a process, it doesn’t just happen.”

How long does it take to turn a club around? "I don’t know but I think they need more than the average tenure which is 12 months or even less than that now.

“You can’t just turn it around, you just can’t. Pep Guardiola goes to Manchester City and he’s a god in the first 10 games and now he’s a dog. How do you get to that? That’s an anagram, very quick isn’t it?

“And he’s been the best manager on the planet for a while apart from Alex Ferguson, and they want him out of the door. I’ve no idea."

He added: “The consensus of opinion would have had me out before November or December. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know, it might have done.

“Might be like Wolves and get relegated two divisions. That was a good decision that one.

“I don’t know, you’ve got to keep working at it. You get an instant response as Steve did, there’s other managers, Nottingham Forest have had an instant response, they’ve signed a lot of players but they’ve had a response.

“Others do, but it’s having that longevity, keeping it going. I’ve done it for four nearly five.

“Brucey’s tops though. They’ll start getting bored with him now, they’ll start getting upset with him because they’ve been beaten by us but he’s got to be given time for the process of making the team his.

“How many promotions has he had, four? Well, he’ll have a fifth if they give him time. Six managers in two years here? That’s always good for continuity, isn’t it?”

Villa manager Bruce felt the defeat, his club's first at home this season, was harsh on his side.

"It's tough at the minute and difficult because we certainly didn't deserve to lose," he said.

"With the chances we've had we've created enough, even though they're not clear-cut ones we've had some really good opportunities and not took them.

"Again we make one mistake and we've been punished and it's one of those horrible afternoons that turns it into an awful weekend. We start again tomorrow and we need something to change for us."

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dan_itfc55 added 18:33 - Feb 11
Superb result. Play the right players in the right positions and you get your rewards. No more Skuse and Douglas please.

Well done. Great result.

martin587 added 18:36 - Feb 11
Great morale booster,and very well done lads but still a long way to go.Lets just see how we stand after the next three games which would give us all a good idea how we are progressing.

walberblue added 18:48 - Feb 11
Over 4 years at Ipswich and MM has achieved nothing and built nothing. Will take at least that time again for the club to recover.

andycookguitar added 18:50 - Feb 11
Top man, top manager, lucky to have him. COYB!

Knightsy added 18:56 - Feb 11
Another 13 points we might stay up.

Suffolk_n_Good added 18:56 - Feb 11
A great result today, think that keeps us safe, well done boys.

He added: “The consensus of opinion would have had me out before November or December. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know, it might have done.

“Might be like Wolves and get relegated two divisions. That was a good decision that one.

However, I'm just really pi$$ed off that McCarthy has to have another pop at the fans that don't want him here, he just doesn't learn does he, he's got a good result but rather than say his bit about how great the team have done, he has to take every opportunity after a decent result to stick another 2 foot gees up to us, & tell us yet again how amazing he thinks he is, surely someone in the PR dept should be pulling him up on this?

Mick_Mills_Tache added 18:57 - Feb 11
Couldn't help yourself but to have a little dig at the fans again.....

When will you learn.

jas0999 added 18:57 - Feb 11
This is a good interview. Great win. But it's three points. Won't go out partying. Spot on. It's exactly what MM says it is a moral booster for everyone. No more. no less. It doesn't make up for an underwhelming season. Nor is he trying to. Credit to Mick.

Suffolk_n_Good added 18:58 - Feb 11

muccletonjoe added 19:18 - Feb 11
Its a fantastic result. Some people have to pick through the bones for something to moan about but they will get more ridiculous the more games we win

blueblood_soldier added 19:19 - Feb 11
When will he realise it's nothing personal. Its not him I dislike it's the style of football..we played some nice football at times today and it paid off.. defo a moral boost as I've not been in an away stand going that mad for a while now!! Keep them playing attractive football and you will keep your job mick....

ClausThomsen added 19:21 - Feb 11
A great 3 points but MM's ego is out of control. Our first win since Lincoln and he thinks it glosses over all the dross this season and that Wolves made a mistake sacking him (when he'd spent a fortune and taken them backwards). Let's try and stick 2 wins together - you haven't achieved that yet this season and it's February.

Interesting to see another player injured in training - I'm sure it's just a coincidence...

Bluetone added 19:21 - Feb 11
Quote “The consensus of opinion would have had me out before November or December. Would it have made a difference? I don’t know, it might have done.

“Might be like Wolves and get relegated two divisions. That was a good decision that one.

He'll always seems to believe he the best thing since sliced bread and no doubt he does believe this but we supporters for more than 50 plus years know the truth compared with real top class managers we have been blessed with you McCarthy are at best mediocre.


scumbuster added 19:23 - Feb 11
It's 7.20 and only 9 posts...if we had lost there would have been pushing 100....i can see why a lot of Narwich supporters call us Fickle..

Kesgraveblue57 added 19:24 - Feb 11
Great win this afternoon credit has to go to McCarthy and lads you played out there

Mark added 19:38 - Feb 11
A superb result today on the back of a good performance Tuesday, both of which are indeed real boosts and ease the fear of relegation. It's lovely to have some decent midfielders at last and Town need to do the groundwork to sign Diagoraga and Huws in the summer. I am so pleased about today's result I might even tune into Channel 5's highlights programme this evening!

Samuel's injury is unfortunate, but McGoldrick and Lawrence are playing very well, and I think Moore and Pitman should be given a chance ahead of Samuel anyway being our players.

htb added 19:38 - Feb 11
Fantastic win and goes to show that playing a more positive attack minded side with some creativity in midfield pays dividends. I will not give much credit to MM for this as feel he has been told change the style or you're out. Shame this didn't happen a long time ago. Anyway long may it continue, COYB

1RWR added 19:43 - Feb 11
No Skuse in 2 games & 2 progressive matches, does that tell you something? It does me, but as sure as eggs are eggs, Skuse is fit. He will play! Keep the 11 today & see how it goes, I dare you!

cat added 20:01 - Feb 11
Great result today, it don't get much better than 3 away points. For that reason only, no negative anti MM comments from me today, I will save them for another day!!!!!

TimmyH added 20:12 - Feb 11
Only time will tell if Diagoraga and Huws are astute loans from Mick or were just 2 from a number of 'cheaper' options, they've no doubt started well and have made somewhat of a difference.
2 better performances doesn't all of a sudden change things for me in relation to Mick - he's been poor this season and relied on too many of the old faces that are coming to near the end of their career and have seen better days, yes a good victory today but lets not get carried away what I've seen of Villa this season they've been average at best, a bit like us.

walberblue added 20:20 - Feb 11
However good a manger you really are you'll never have any class.

JCBLUE added 20:27 - Feb 11

bluesfan_whatever added 20:49 - Feb 11
Which class are you in walberblue

richie78 added 21:04 - Feb 11
No one has said how well chambers has played since put back to center half🤔

Blue_Moses added 21:05 - Feb 11
Good win yes but I won't be renewing if you are still here Mick

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