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McCarthy and Evans Will Meet for Talks Once Town Are Safe
Wednesday, 15th Mar 2017 15:43

Boss Mick McCarthy says he and owner Marcus Evans will meet for talks once the Blues’ are assured their place in the Championship for a 16th successive season.

Town are currently 16th, seven points from the relegation places, despite having been undefeated for eight games, seven of them draws, including the last six.

The Blues, who will equal a club record of seven successive draws established in November and December 1990 if Saturday's fixture at Cardiff ends level, have nine more matches left.

McCarthy, who has said he will consider his future at the end of this season, his toughest at Portman Road, is the longest-serving Championship manager with three more bosses sacked this week, which he admits even surprised him.

“Steve McClaren I thought was brought in because he plays the ‘Derby way’,” he reflected. “

“It just shows you, you’ve got to get results. He started off on fire, I think he had six wins on the bounce and it looked like he was going to get in the play-offs, so that was a bit of a shock.

“Warren Joyce didn’t inherit great things [at Wigan Athletic] and it’s been tough for him. [And there was] Alex Neil [at Norwich].

“I just think more things are expected of them. Obviously that’s the case. Having been promoted and did a great job and everybody thought [Neil] was great. Just 18 months on he’s out of work again.

“I’m always sad to see it but then the other side of that is that if managers didn’t go, the ones who are out of work would never get another job. I’ve been the lucky recipient on a few occasions when I’ve got a job when somebody’s left.

“There have been a lot of stats thrown up about how many managers have gone over the last four years, there’s been something like 80 or 90 gone since I’ve been here. And I can hear a lot of them [reading this] screaming that I shouldn’t be here, but hey ho.”

Do their departures make McCarthy feel fortunate that he’s working under a more patient owner?

“No, it confirms to me that for four years I’ve done a really good job here and this year it’s been tough,” he said.

“That we haven’t spent Aston Villa money, we haven’t spent Norwich money, we haven’t spent vast sums of money and we’ve been competitive every season up until this season.

“So, no it doesn’t make me feel lucky. I’ve got a really good relationship with Marcus, it just confirms to me that I’ve been good at my job and I’m having it tough this year. That’s part of the gig as well.

“Maybe Marcus looks at it and thinks I’ve been doing a good job and if I hadn’t we might have been in a bit more trouble than we have been.”

Have the two spoken about McCarthy’s plans for the future? “We haven’t met yet. We need to sit down, and we will. But we need to have enough points on the board first, make sure we’re staying in this league and then we will sit down and talk.”

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Bluebell added 15:55 - Mar 15
Such a shame that Marcus Evans isn't a 'hand's on' owner in the respect of keeping Mick updated. It is probably good that he doesn't get involved with team selection like some owners but ME seems too far the other way.

I am sure Mick needs to see him more often to discuss options. Having to wait until we are 'safe' is ridiculous. That could be the end game of the season.

Season ticket letters will be coming out soon. It would be nice to know what is going to be happening!

christiand added 15:56 - Mar 15
I imagine it will go something like: 'Shall I phone for a taxi for both of us Marcus?'

finidi added 15:57 - Mar 15
Still smacks of arrogance! It will after the last game of the season then as if we lose at Cardiff then two massive games at home to Birmingham and Wigan! we all know how bad we are against struggling teams at home. It's not all about money Mick! Preston Barnsley, Brentford are all doing better and they are not rich clubs, Wake up and smell the coffee man.

arc added 16:02 - Mar 15
A long way from safety yet. We need at least one win and probably two, and we haven't looked like winning matches for months. Everyone below us is scrapping like tigers, so we to too.

TractorBeezer added 16:13 - Mar 15
Most professional businesses conduct periodic performance reviews (with measurements) with management and staff. Mick has done fairly well with recruitments but his negative tactics and team selection/formation is producing drab play with very few chances and dwindling attendances.
I am surprised that Marcus is not dealing with these matters with a sense of urgency.

cat added 16:17 - Mar 15
Mick McCarthy, still blowing smoke up his own ass!!. Judging by the way his talking you would think that the future of ITFC is in his hands, not the other way round. I have been lenient to say the least with M.E up to now, for reasons I mentioned a while ago, but if that DINO is here next year then my views are going to change, along with a few others I suspect.

TR11BLU added 16:33 - Mar 15
And once those talks have happened and we are appeased of what the situation is...then I will sit down and decide if I will renew my ticket.

Dino out

poldark added 16:38 - Mar 15
No ticket for me until McCarthy goes and think a great number of fans will do the same he is the most arrogant man he really believes he is gods gift to town fans McCarthy out

Ferguson added 16:45 - Mar 15
Fact. With our current goals total, against teams in this league and others, we ought to be bottom three. Of course our goals against is better than theirs, or we'd be down there and drowning already. If it was the start of the season it'd be Roy Keane all over again near as makes no difference.

I'm deeply worried that with the current system we can't make enough chances to score enough goals to win enough matches, and those 6 pointers are coming. Players have to have the freedom and the confidence to create, to beat their man and to use possession in critical areas to win games. (Pitman's assist on Saturday for example)

I do believe we've got the players to do it, but have we got the manager to make it happen.....?.


Penguinblue added 16:48 - Mar 15
Unbelievable. Deluded and arrogant. Incredible how he has the front to tell us what a good job he has done.
Short conversation - thank you and goodbye
Even shorter, Foxtrot Oscar.

McCarthy OUT

battyblue added 16:48 - Mar 15
Should have gone long ago and he better before next season or may as well shut three quarters of the stadium ,,reckons he has done a good job says who! only sir bonehead McCarthy boring as his football.

itfchorry added 17:05 - Mar 15
McCarthy Out

Blue_Moses added 17:11 - Mar 15
So arrogant

jas0999 added 17:24 - Mar 15
The only acceptable answer is for MM to leave at the end of the season.

walberblue added 17:30 - Mar 15
What a fantastic manager and what achievements on a tight budget.

Gates down 5000, 17th in the table, one win in 13, 34 goals in 36 games. Playing 8-2-0. Signing over 60 players with a 1 in 10 success rate. Many players paid to leave, contracts scrapped or just told not to bother coming to work. Academy left to run itself and players loaned out or benched. Loan players developed or recuperated at ITFC's expense. Yes Mid table Mick is a proper manager.

“It confirms to me that for four years I’ve done a really good job here and this year it’s been tough,”

Well no-on really worries that we are going to end up bottom six, lost all cup game in 4 years, failed to win a derby game or failed to win any big game in his rein.

And if he left he'd leave half a first team, all best players will have left as they are loans. Any player with any ambition will be queuing to get out the door in the summer. all young players sitting on the bench waiting for Big Mick to guarantee championship status in a season when it is impossible to get relegated.

best of all he's stuck to his principles and playing for a draw oin every situation pure genius.

let Bottom Six mick decide, he's done a really god job on ITFC and its only coat £5m+ and the soul of the club.

SACK Terry Connor NOW!!!

Mullet added 17:53 - Mar 15
Mick McCarthy cannot win.

Mark added 17:55 - Mar 15
"I've done a really good job here" says the manager as we face the lowest league position in my lifetime and with season ticket renewal about to fall off a cliff during to dull defensive football.

martin587 added 18:00 - Mar 15
Such arrogance from the man.How he can say 'I will decide if I stay or go".Tell me,just how can he justify saying that.Is he holding he owner to ransome.
This season he has done nothing and the club is now stagnating.He may well have done a good job in his first two seasons but after that it's been very mediocre to say the least.
The best thing for everybody concerned is for MM to leave now as nothing is going to change between now and the end of the season apart from supporters stalling on the decision to renew their season tickets and that includes me after 55 years.

blue75 added 18:02 - Mar 15
I really hope once we're safe Evans does the right thing and sacks this arrogant man who's destroying our club!! McCarthy Out!!!!

MooseJuice added 18:06 - Mar 15
I think the fact that our saviour of a manager hasn't even been linked to a single Championship job (and there's been a few!) over the last year tells you that maybe you're not doing as heroic a job as you think you are Mick.

Bet Marcus was hoping someone would come in for him when all these jobs popped up and end this dying relationship as it would be the only way everyone saves face, and more importantly... money! Not going to happen Evans, your buddy is past it and everyone else in this league can see it.

Surco72 added 18:37 - Mar 15
Dragging out poor results to prolong Evans decision !! Personally I think we have only really challenged for 2 half seasons under MM when he first took over and had Jewells squad the rest has been average and negative however MM wants to put his spin on it

ronnyd added 19:13 - Mar 15
This just goes to show that neither Evans or Muck give a flying one about ITFC. Seems like they are saying lets shove our heads in the sand and hope that we manage to stay up. Message to those two clowns, Get real, get a grip and talk before it,s too late. This beggars belief.

dukey44 added 19:19 - Mar 15
Which bit about the fact that fans DONT WANT YOU HERE DONT either of them understand?? Mick please just leave us alone and walk away!! You did say few weeks back you would take into consideration what fans thought of you?? We don't want you it's that simple??

surgery added 19:34 - Mar 15
I've got a better idea, why don't you meet for talks tomorrow and at the end of said talks walk out the door clutching your P45

itfchorry added 19:51 - Mar 15
If you are going at the end of the season
Why don't you just announce it now ?

Would give an indication of the Club's intention
Of the way forward -

Would also bring some good news at last.

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