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McCarthy Frustrated By Failure to Take Chances
Saturday, 8th Apr 2017 18:14

Boss Mick McCarthy was frustrated that his side was unable to take their chances during their 3-1 defeat at Fulham. Town spurned a number of opportunities to get themselves back into the game at 2-0 and then conceded the Cottagers third which all but sealed the home side’s victory.

“It’s frustrating really because we’ve had good chances and certainly in the second half we had three great chances before they scored,” McCarthy said.

“Unfortunately, probably the tale of our season, we didn’t score them and we let one in the other end.”

Was the difference between the teams the ability to take chances? “I’d say so, a big part of it anyway. They didn’t defend particularly well either.

“Their keeper [Marcus Bettinelli], I’m sure Slavisa thinks it was a good decision to change him because of the performance they got out of him.”

He added: “We had our chances in the first half and we had our chances in the second half.”

David McGoldrick’s chance just before the break which hit the post was a key moment, McCarthy admitted.

“Quite clearly we would have all felt better and the players certainly would [coming in at the break],” he said.

“And the reality is that we should have scored after half-time because we did have good chances. But their keeper’s made good saves and we’ve not managed to score.”

McCarthy switched the Blues to 4-4-2 at half-time, bringing Tom Lawrence on for defender Tommy Smith, and felt it gave his side momentum or down to Fulham taking their foot off the gas given their lead.

“It did [give us momentum], I’ll have a look at it, whether [it was that] they gave the ball away, they thought they were comfortable and we pressed it,” he added.

“I didn’t think we were bad in the first half, we just gave away two really soft goals, certainly the second one. But good finishes from them. I changed it, it needed to be changed to get something out of the game.”

He added: “They put Chris Martin in so they’d got an option to knock the ball long. They did and I don’t think we dealt with that particularly well. He’s a threat up there, he can win balls and keep it up there. I guess Slav got his tactics right today.

“They’re a good team. There are two choices, you either try and stop them playing and push up on top of them, which we did. And they didn’t pass through us from the back.

“What they did was put it up to Martin and he knocked it down to midfield and they got their chances from that.”

McCarthy stuck with the same side which beat Wigan on Tuesday, aside from Tommy Smith replacing the injured Steven Taylor, but says they came up against much stiffer opposition.

“They were a much different, much better team, a harder venue to play at. As has been proved all season for them, they’re a really good side.

“That’s the dilemma, change that winning team and we lose and it’s ‘Why did you change it?’.

“Don’t change a winning a team and it’s ‘Should we have rested someone?’. I don’t think we looked tired, not at all, and I thought Didzy and Freddie were a constant threat yet again.

“I think you’ve seen me now for almost five years and if we’ve played well and had a good result it’s very rare [that I change it]. It’s hard to justify it. They weren’t tired, they weren’t tired at all. They’ve taken their chances and we haven’t in the end.”

One positive was the return of Tom Lawrence following his groin injury: “It’s great to have him back, you could see he’s a threat with his delivery.

“Although even he got booed when he put one out with his first freekick but the second was on the button and Berra scores. Unfortunately it was a little bit too late.”

The large Town following again made their frustrations with McCarthy and owner Marcus Evans clear during the second half. How did their chanting make him feel on the touchline? “It made me think I’m going to go home and have a beer.”

Slavisa Jokanovic was pleased with his side's display, although admitted they didn't have it all their own way.

“Today we showed the character and our ambition and played with confidence. We scored three goals and we could have scored some more goals," he said.

"To be honest we were in some kind of trouble during the game but this time we knew better how to survive these moments.

“We should have finished the game with a clean sheet, we were so close, at the end they scored the goal and I’m not sure if the situation was legal or illegal. But generally I am happy.

Photo: TWTD

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guentchev added 18:19 - Apr 8
We were lucky not to take an 7-0 thrashing MIck. It wasn't a close game at all.

surgery added 18:21 - Apr 8
Shut up you fool, everybody is laughing at you, apart from your bank manager

kozmik added 18:22 - Apr 8
How about selling our top scorer and not replacing him then, you bell-end??!!

TractorBoy666 added 18:23 - Apr 8
Oh just do one mick. I'm 20 years of age and I've had to spend the last few years of my teenage life watching your rubbish! You've brainwashed me into thinking this is our way of playing and it's beyond shocking to watch. Just looking at the stats and it could have quite easily been a thrashing like the scum did today. I'm still renewing hoping for a change of management, I just want to see the old Ipswich I got a glimpse of watching. I hope you go home have that beer and phone up Evans saying you're resigning.

Hipsterectomy added 18:26 - Apr 8
Let's hope you don't choke on that beer

Smithy added 18:28 - Apr 8
If we weren't set up negatively week in week out, the players may have had some confidence in front of goal instead of snatching at chances they aren't used to having due to your ridiculous tactics

TimmyH added 18:28 - Apr 8
“Unfortunately, probably the tale of our season, we didn’t score them and we let one in the other end.” - Some how Mick I think it's a bit more to it than that, 1. we've lacked a creative midfield due to you largely playing 2 defensive midfielders 2. our defense is not as water tight as it used to be a few seasons back even with the holding midfielders (doesn't that tell you something?) 3. Murphy wasn't replaced and we struggle scoring goals 4. your over use of players past their best, I could go on with further points but I couldn't be bothered, Mick makes it sound like we've been unlucky and not had the rub of the green - deluded!!

McCarthy out.

DurhamTownFan added 18:29 - Apr 8
Clearly, MM just doesn't care any more. Doesn't really care if we lose because we won't go down and doesn't care at all what the fans think. All very stale and ugly. End of the season can't come quick enough!

StringerBell added 18:29 - Apr 8
Clueless and inept. Just s0d off McCarthy.

blue75 added 18:32 - Apr 8
At least we're being linked with other managers!! 2 more defeats for Blackburn and we're safe. McCarthy Out!!!

jas0999 added 18:33 - Apr 8
Hopefully MM will go home, be half way through that beer (real ale?), when he receives a phone call from Evans telling him not to bother turning up Monday. Perhaps Evans will do that or perhaps he will be sitting on his yacht enjoying an obscenely expensive bottle of wine.

dukey44 added 18:37 - Apr 8
Please go now Mick !!!!

martin587 added 18:41 - Apr 8
MM!the clue there is one word,"Murphy".Bad judgement throughout the club.Had we spent the Murphy cash on a decent striker,then maybe we would be in a better league position.Need I say more.🤔🤔

Bluetone added 18:46 - Apr 8
McCarthy I am absolutely fed up with the garbage you spout week in week out.
If you have one single solitary honest bone in your body Go and go now.

surgery added 18:57 - Apr 8
Breaking news....Ipswich Town Manager shot whilst making his way home for a beer.....police confirm that there are currently 25,000 suspects

dukey44 added 18:57 - Apr 8
I keep checking phone to see if you been sacked yet

LordMamu added 19:00 - Apr 8
Just go away and let your mouth spew torrent after torrent of this effluvia at another club, you witless arrogant bore...

dalianwasexciting added 19:01 - Apr 8
I was asked by a guy behind me who I would have as manager, sadly I feel it's irrelevant as long as MEG own and administer the club that was once about the fans, town and community.

Surco72 added 19:04 - Apr 8
Jewell had run out of ideas but still had the class to take it on the chin and step aside ,MM is showing no class or pride in what he is serving up and is totally arrogant to admit his team , tactics and squad are poor and it is his fault

cmoses added 19:07 - Apr 8
Mick...please take your tired and outdated tactics elsewhere...you did save us 4 years ago but you leave us exposed and wobbling. We desperately need a breath of fresh air and for Evans to openly declare his investment strategy for ITFC. If it's wages, limited transfer funds and dependence on the youngsters coming through then find us a manager who can work with those limitations. MM has shown now he cannot deliver with that strategy; all he does is set up not to lose, play guys out of position, persevere with his favourite blokes even when they are not performing, rarely gamble with the youngsters and never have a plan b. Make my Easter and give him a nudge.

Crawfordsboot added 19:10 - Apr 8
Just got in from the game and a post match beer.
I understand the frustration after a difficult and often drab season but they didn't play badly today. Fulham played more hoofball than Town and we tried to play it around in the second half. It could easily have ended 2-2.
How many of those commenting above were actually at the game.

RegencyBlue added 19:11 - Apr 8
Evans isn't going to sack MM any time soon, he's using him to deflect criticism of his inept handling of the club since he bought it!


Keaneish added 19:14 - Apr 8
The difference today was that they had cohesion throughout the team and the ability to move the ball quickly from defence to attack you t*at. Again, we were lacklustre and lethargic in the first half as we have been for pretty much every first half of a game this season.

I got a freebie and sat with Fulham fans today. Loads of them sat around me and asked me what I thought of MM. I was delighted when you all started chanting, "we want McCarthy out" - it upheld everything I'd been saying.

Good riddance. Deluded. Out-of-touch. And, quite frankly pretty s*it.

Taricco_Fan added 19:17 - Apr 8
Taking chances is one thing, shipping three at the other end is another matter.

martin587 added 19:38 - Apr 8
Glad you enjoyed the match,your obviously easy to please.For me it was the same boring football,huffing and puffing and getting nowhere,once again.
Yes,we could and should have scored at least one goal,but once again the finishing was awful,which brings me back to the point when we sold Murphy and never replaced him.Who's fault is that I wonder.
On paper,yes the team looks ok and we should do a lot better.The players lack confidence and it shows.MM cannot blame us the supporters today because we got behind the team but still they failed to offer us anything to get excited about.
There needs to be big changes now starting with MM. 👍👍

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