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McCarthy Confident of Owner Evans's Backing as They Prepare to Set Budget
Friday, 5th May 2017 17:00

Town boss Mick McCarthy is in no doubt he still has the backing of Blues owner Marcus Evans as the two prepare to continue their summer meetings and set next season’s budget.

The duo met up to hold their first discussion the day after the Rotherham match and will speak again soon before McCarthy departs for his close season break.

Asked whether Evans has indicated that he will back him and give him time to rebuild, McCarthy said: “I don’t think time’s a problem, you were asking me at Christmas if it was good that I’ve got an owner who is prepared to give me time.

“I’ve had plenty of time and pretty much over the nearly five years it’s been a good time. So I think that’s why Marcus has given me his support because he believes in me.

“Whether we’re going to have loads of money to spend, that’s a different ball game, but support and time’s never been in short supply.”

Any concerns that Sunday’s match at Nottingham Forest might be his last in charge at Portman Road? “No, not at all. From me or from Marcus? From Marcus? No, not at all. I’m not even sure I recognise that question.

“Absolutely no problem, that would be a strange one now if that changed, but I don’t think that’s going to happen at all.

“I think I’ve spoken before about this and said that if anything the one person who has had faith and belief in me has been Marcus. And I think I’ve also said why wouldn’t he, when I’ve proved that I can do it.

“You look at Nottingham Forest, who we’re playing on Sunday, they’ve had 10 managers, I believe, including caretakers, since I’ve been here.

“And they’ve spent a lot of money as well, and they’re in a relegation fight on Sunday against us.

“Blackburn, how many managers have they had? Wigan, Rotherham? There are a few of them around. QPR, Wolves since I’ve left, over the last five years, they’re not in any much better position than we are. I think he’s right to put his faith in me.”

McCarthy says he’s not able to make any moves in the transfer market until he and Evans have thrashed out the budget, although he admits he already has players in his thoughts in “a number of positions”.

Strikers such as Rotherham’s Danny Ward and Preston’s Jordan Hugill, both targeted in January, are likely to remain in his thoughts, while Cambridge United midfielder Luke Berry, who has been watched regularly by for some time, is again rumoured to be a summer target.

“We’ve got players that we’d like to talk about but until I know what we can spend on them or if there are any transfer fees, I don’t know,” he said. “There’s no point in really talking about it until I find out. We’ve certainly got targets.”

Does he know what a competitive budget will be in the 2017/18 season? “Not really, you could easily find out what Brighton’s budget was and what everybody else’s and then you could say that’s a competitive budget.

“What’s Preston’s? I’d say they’ve been competitive and been pushing at the top six. I don’t know what their budget is, I’ve no idea.

“Then there’ll be others. What’s Nottingham Forest’s budget? What’s Blackburn’s budget? What’s QPR’s budget? It’s a damned sight more than some other clubs.

“I think it’s changed, I think it’s got harder because if you look when we finished sixth and seventh we’d have still been down the pecking order in terms of budget. Can we compete? Possibly, but it’s getting harder.”

Will he be pressing Evans harder for more cash this summer? “I can only say about the players we’d like to get and whatever they cost they have to be in the budget.

“But he sticks £5 million a year in to keep this place running. So I think it’s very hard on him when people are saying he’s not putting any money in.

“He’s got his leg in for a hundred million or something. I don’t know too many people who would have an appetite to keep doing that.”

He added: “I don’t know what I need. How can I tell? We’ve got Dwight Gayle who cost £10 million and Matt Ritchie who cost £15 million or was it £12 million and £10 million or whatever it was.

“That’s not going to happen, so that’s at one end. Who could we say is a team [at the other budget-wise]. Huddersfield have done great, I think they’ve been, not fortunate because they’ve picked the manager, but he came in and he knew these players in Germany that he could get his hands on and that’s been a good market for him.

“I don’t know where we are in terms of other budgets. But it’s pie in the sky to say I’m just going to sit down and give him a figure and he’s going to go ‘Oh year, have [that]’, because we don’t know.”

McCarthy says they will look to get the budget confirmed quickly: “It’ll be done sooner rather than later and I will be going on my holidays. I’m more than ready for that.”

He added: “Whatever budget you’ve got you have to try and get the best players that you can get with that budget and then work with them and try and get the absolute maximum out of them.

“That’s on ability and effort and personality and everything that needs to go on the pitch. And I’d say I’ve done that, me and TC we’ve done that over our time here.

“It’s funny because somebody’s reminded me I sat here at the start of the season and I said it was the best squad I’ve had since I’ve been here.

“Well, I’m not going to sit here and say it’s the worst squad I’ve had since I’ve been here, am I? And I might be saying next year, ‘It’s the best squad since I’ve been here’.

“You’ve just got to get what you can with what you have and make them as good as you can.”

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poldark added 17:03 - May 5
God what is this idiot thinking still no fans relegation on the next season Evans grow a pair and sack the moron

PortmanTerrorist added 17:10 - May 5
The only reason Mick is still here and will be in August is because he will accept a non-budget.

What manager of any quality would come in and accept that? No one - so Mick stays, Evans keeps his money in his pockets, and we have another year in this league with hopefully little chance of getting out......via relegation.

At least Mick is not talking top 6 anymore - not a mention - he knows !

ITFCGloryDays added 17:15 - May 5
Support = No signing of a striker throughout this season. That worked.

Time = Finding ourselves potentially in the lowest league position since 1959 apparently.


Blue_Meanie added 17:15 - May 5
Ahh, so the snake oil salesman really is going to be here next season.

God help us all.

What's the chances of sub 10k season tickets now.

Early bird 'til the middle of next September I reckon.

Bluetone added 17:16 - May 5
Well that's the club I've always supported and followed since 1950 right royally shafted for another season.

Scuzzer added 17:18 - May 5
...I'm glad Mick is because I 'm not.
We're doomed.

ScottCandage added 17:24 - May 5
Scuzzer, I was JUST about to post the exact same thing. Have an uppie.

Ferguson added 17:26 - May 5

ipswichben added 17:27 - May 5
Speaking to a scum fan, spurs fan and preston fan last night at a works do and they all stated how from the outside looking in that McCarthy has done an amazing job with little to no money at all. I recognise the disappointing season and little to no entertainment factor but it does prove that out of the Ipswich bubble he is still a well thought of manager and I'm sure many would be happy for him to leave right now but I can't see how any other manager would keep us in this 'bonkers' league of ever increasing competition and finances on our almost non existent budget. I'd be the first to be delighted to be proved wrong however.

carsey added 17:31 - May 5
What an idiotic arrogant cock McCarthy is. He says loads but tells you nothing and to be honest I wouldn't expect him to but I wish he would stop bigging himself up. He is not that good and is only here because Evans wants a manager who will work with nothing and not complain. If he was any good a Premier League club would have been after him long ago.
Unless Evans stumps up some cash and McCarthy or better still another manager, spends it wisely on players who can play decent passing football at a decent pace Town are going to face another poor season in the bottom half of the table in front of less than 10,000 supporters.

howdonblue added 17:32 - May 5

Someone turn the light off on the way out please

IpswichFuture added 17:34 - May 5
How depressing. I hope our fans make it clear on Sunday that whilst he may have the backing of the owner, he doesn't have the support of the poor sods who have had to watch his team this year.

iaintaylorx added 17:35 - May 5
I reckon Mick and Jeremy Corbyn drink the same water!

strikalite added 17:36 - May 5
"Huddersfield have done great, I think they’ve been, not fortunate because they’ve picked the manager, but he came in and he knew these players in Germany that he could get his hands on and that’s been a good market for him"

Their owners understand that the game has changed hugely over the past few seasons and finding real quality within a budget to be able to even try and compete with the Clubs coming down is essential....this guy knows a player make no mistake, he's worked with top quality, his coaching skills are far superior I'm afraid to say, we are a mile away from his forward thinking methods, the fact he can make a change within twenty minutes of a game tells you something alone...

We are desperate for this change, now would be a good time as our squad needs rebuilding.....but with MM rebuilding with what? This worries me, you can do it on a reasonable budget if you know your market and the type of player you need...I just don't see it with Mick, some of his signings here have just been bizarre to say the least, his view on the quality of a player is worrying.....we can all name a few can't we..

cat added 17:38 - May 5
The DINO's swag is bac - “I’ve had plenty of time and pretty much over the nearly five years it’s been a good time", feck off you donut!! I'd say 50% of that time has been decent, not so sure about the rest, you self obsessed spoiler of all things football related!!.

I have had mixed emotions regarding the 'quiet one' (M.E), I was hopeing that this summer would bring 2 major changes for my piece of mind and sanity, 1/ the Dino extinction 2/ reasonable investment in the summer, it's looking like one of these (the latter) might actually happen, which ain't enough imo. If this should prove the case then it's a 'full on' disassociation with all things ITFC, from ST, to family memberships, merchandise, etc ,etc cause I simply cannot put up with that egotistical Yorkshire tw@t, lover of all things - hoofball, favourites, pegs, tactics and anything else DINO related!!!.

Swn98 added 17:40 - May 5
Poldark Moron?

midastouch added 17:47 - May 5
I expect they'll set the derisory budget on the 18th hole at the Algarve Classic, that's how it usually seems to work!

tractorboybig added 18:04 - May 5
Dear Mick and co.
I have no confidence in the future of this once great club at all.
I really wonder with some concern where we are going.

martin587 added 18:26 - May 5
The team needs a major investment before we can even talk about the prospects of a top six position next season.
Whoever is manager for the coming season will struggle with the current squad and that's a fact.!
The owner must hold his hands up and admit he has made a big mistake in the non investment this season.
A top class striker and midfielder is required..Ok,this will cost a fair amount but if we are to progress then this is a must for the owner.
We are all aware the owner puts in excess of 5 million every season but surely to recoup his money he needs to invest.
The price of tickets still needs to be reviewed to satisfy supporters asap.

jas0999 added 18:42 - May 5
Disgraceful. His position is untenable. Shows Evans really doesn't care.

braveblue added 18:44 - May 5
Thank goodness I cancelled. What a load of garbage. More self adulation from the man who will guide us to our worst position in 50 years. He keeps on about this £5m a year. Just ignore the £18m in sales then Dino.

toxtethblue added 18:46 - May 5
Iaintaylor X- yeah cos Mays doing a great job isnt she?! Kiss goodbye to the NHS if they stay in... 30k a year dying due to cuts

TractorWood added 18:46 - May 5
More flippant examples used to justify his own arguments, conveniently ignoring our awful brand of football and downward trajectory.

toxtethblue added 18:47 - May 5
Wouldn't be suprised to see him stay on and get a contract extension when his contracts up. They scratch each others backs very well...

Chondzoresk added 19:52 - May 5
Martin587, we need major investment to stave off a possible relegation first.
Cant believe our club is being fcuked into the ground presently. I will not invest my cash into the club via ST until McCarthy has gone.

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