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McCarthy Turned Down Forest Interview
Friday, 5th May 2017 18:11

Town boss Mick McCarthy has revealed that he turned down the chance to be interviewed for the manager's job with Sunday's final-day opponents Nottingham Forest in the summer prior to taking charge at Portman Road in November 2012.

“I had a phone call and they asked me if I’d go and have an interview and I said no,” McCarthy recalled.

“Well, I said I would and then I said no, I wasn’t going for an interview because it said in the paper then on Saturday morning while I was in Portugal that Mick McCarthy is in Portugal and he’d coming for an interview on Monday, so I said ‘No I’m not’.

“I wasn’t offered the job, I was asked to go for an interview. I don’t want the world to know I’ve been for an interview, that’s a great recipe for success that, isn’t it? Everybody [told] you’ve been to an interview and then they say ‘No, we’ve turned Mick McCarthy down’. That’s a good one isn’t it?

“That’s kudos for them, you know, somebody who has won the Championship twice, we’ve turned him down. I don’t give people the chance to do that. Maybe they wouldn’t but they don’t get the chance.”

Photo: TWTD

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prebsa added 18:17 - May 5
Is that supposed to make us feel better that you are here. Maybe you could go there now? That would make us feel better!

Michael11 added 18:19 - May 5
Has McCarthy won the Championship twice? He's never mentioned it....

Bluetone added 18:22 - May 5
McCarthy is so shy about his few achievements isn't he.

Coco added 18:41 - May 5
Jeeesus this is tragic. Has he become David Brent.

cat added 18:45 - May 5
Forests gain is ITFC loss, so they say!!!

Matt_Portman added 19:32 - May 5
Shows his ego. That whilst out of work he was more worried about losing face if he didn't get the job than talking to the club about a role he was initially interested in.

joepublic added 20:00 - May 5
His ego is running riot.


BLUEBEAT added 20:22 - May 5

blueboy1981 added 21:24 - May 5
........ has anyone ever loved themselves as much as this man ? FFS get him out of our Club.

Penguinblue added 03:29 - May 6
What a deluded person. Yes David Brent at his best (or worse).
If the job was viable Nigel Clough would have been their man.
There is a proper man and football manager, fantastic achievement at Burton without all the McCarthy hype and whinging.
Would love to have Clough at Town

McCarthy OUT

MicksZzzTactics added 08:34 - May 6
Dear oh Dear! What more can be said about the clearly suffering from 'Delusion of Grandeur' etc. MM's so luuuuvable mentality that haven't already been posted here and/or on innumerous other justifiable occasions??? :-) lol
Hmmmm .... Hmmmm .... Well maybe I can contribute with a little extra after all! since I just happen to have no less than 1 psychiatrist, 1 psychotherapist, 1 school psychologist and even 1 sexologist Uhuuu! :-) on just the one side of my alive-and-kicking immediate family ...meaning that although it's certainly not any of my own professions or educational paths etc. I've nevertheless gotten not only "home schooled" but also involuntarily heavily "indoctrinated" for many many a swell years into these aforementioned "dear" family members so self-perceived jaw-droppingly aaaaawesome "Psychic Universe" lol which combined with my obvious own learning & experiences throughout this particular about-to-turn-a-sharp-corner fairly advanced juncture of my live, can thus now safely say that I know more than just "peripherally" or "very basic" what I'm talking about whenever the discussion lands on a very mental subject like this one here.
But hey!!! of course don't take MY dubious words for it, dearest Muppets :-) lol so therefore why don't I just settle for in an abbreviated form recite the nearest venerable 'Encyclopedia of Psychiatry':

'DELUSION OF GRANDEUR' = "Is a fixed, false belief bla bla bla that one possesses **superior qualities**... such as genius, fame, or omnipotence. And it is most often a symptom of schizophrenia, but can also be a symptom found in psychotic or bipolar disorders"!!!

Sooo there you have it! and now pleaZzze go ahead you ultra pathetic, counter-productive, See-No-Evil-Hear-No-Evil unconditional Dino worshipperZzz and 'pick your poison' from the above lol, ..... but whatever your choice or perhaps even silly & hollow objections to the above, know this: That from a **clinical** and strictly professional perspective (yeees I've indeed discussed the mucho curious 'Case of MM' (incl. many of his mind-boggling & non-funny quotes) on several delightful occasions with 2 of said highly professional in the strange 'Ways of the Psychic' family members) one thing will very likely always be indisputable & beyond a shadow of a doubt:
That the hyper pathological obsessed with padding himself on the back Mr. Mick "Oh I'm also as good as personally infallible by Default!" McCarthy fundamentally is way way overdue not only for a little cozy visit to any sort of local "Head Doctor" but invariably for a real voluntary admission to 'The Funny Farm' .... or 'Cuckoo's Nest' if you prefer it the famous Kent Kesey way.... as your perceived one & only Dino Messiah is definitely ****CERTIFIABLE**** as in him suffering from an actual very serious mental disorder .... and then some!!! (As the Dino McCarthy just for the literally umpteenth time & to some frightening degree just so "elegantly" showed once again in this article). Period!

....And on that in actuality very sad note now over to something a little more amusing lol, namely the constantly metaphysical etc. inquiring 'Philosoraptor' Dino, who this time ehmmmm have been watching a little too many episodes of "Pirates of the Caribbean" and is thus subsequently currently stuck with pondering on Captain Jack Sparrow's (Mr. Johnny Depp) impeccable 'Proclamation of Innocence' here:

:-) :-) :-) :-)

itfcbam added 09:33 - May 6
Moan moan. Whatever people may or may not think of him with the exception of this season he had over achieved with the club's position compared to the resources at his / the club's disposal. If you pool together attendences, parachute payments, etc we are probably ranked somewhere around 17th. Therefore we have overachieved in the last 3 seasons and this season has been par on that basis. That said we all want to be better, but lets face it with the wrong manager guven those resources we could easily be in the bottom 3, remember thats where we were with the previous 2! So many deluded on here forget we are not a big hitter in this league for many reasons. Nor do we have the finances to compete at the very top, unless like many expect on here, our owner heavily spends and increases the losses (not exactly a shrewd business plan).
If he does go in the summer then we should look at what he has achieved, finishes above par compared to resources available, tightened budget meaning we are no longer haemorrhaging money to the extent we were, have sellable assets which help balance the books (just like we had to under Burley) and massively improved team spirit and honesty (remember how gutless we were under Jewell and Keane). However the cost to the style of our play has been too big a cost to pay for all the above.

itfchorry added 09:54 - May 6
Forest had a lucky escape

Oldsmoker added 11:11 - May 6
itfcbam - that sums up my thoughts about MM.

Warkys_Tash added 11:17 - May 6
MickzzzTactics: Have you ever been to PR to watch a game?

Seems to me that you spend all your time writing the longest, most boring posts that ironically give others the Zzzzzzzz's :-(

Btw, I never read your posts to long & too much nonsense.Sorry

DurhamTownFan added 11:23 - May 6
So he said yes initially and then changed his mind. Probably because he heard they were already decided on someone else and they were just inviting him to make up the numbers?

dirtydingusmagee added 12:34 - May 6
that proves it .he really has got it in for us fans,

dirtydingusmagee added 12:40 - May 6
MICKSZZZZZZ , A MAN OF FEW WORDS ! every post makes War & Peace seem like a news flash .Even if what the post contains is ok ,I never have have time to read em .lol.

DidHisHelmetTurnBlue added 13:17 - May 6
mickzzzztactics postszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

MicksZzzTactics added 13:44 - May 6

HAHAHAHA! It's that there really the 'best', the very very deep down 'best' you can come up with.... in your above posted seldom seen more inherently lame but above all extremely INFANTILE "attempt" to vehemently **defy** my latest & fairly factual TWTD input???

I general succumbing to anywhere remotely near your exquisite "level" is simply beneath me @Warkys_Tash! and also your excruciatingly daft & beyond baffling posed personal question does certainly in no way really warrants any answer ..... But what the heck since I'm in such a jolly good mood today I will partly (humorously of course!) INDULGE you anyway so here we go:

A) Noooo! "Of course" I've never set foot in Portman Road during my 40+ long years of previously wholehearted following & supporting ITFC! As each & every time I have resided anywhere in this country I simply luuuuv my super duper luxurious sapphire-encrusted "armchair" too much to preferably ever move more than a just few inches away from it ....unless I've to go to the bathroom of course!

B) Therefore it's sufficiently extraterrestrial-like "strange" all up to the point where I think I better call in 'The X-Files' esteemed Agent Mulder & Agent Scully to ehhhm investigate how come then that I have a sizable amount of ITFC memorabilia, some of it not only very rare! but also SIGNED?! going all the way back to the glorious late 70's.... when the fact is that I've NEVER either inherited any of it nor ever made one single registrered purchase at any 'Memorabilia Store' or 'Collector's Store' or equivalent anywhere on Planet Earth???!!!

Well I guess that if it turns out I really cannot obtain the help & services of Agent Mulder & Agent Scully .... let's just say I literally "nicked it" then .... from say my-next-door equally fed-up & disgruntled ITFC fan & neighbour shall we??? :-) lol


So CHEERS matey! and keep up your "superb" so called 'Deductive Reasoning' and even "finer" & etiquette-ladden posting! simply because I can clearly tell that you definitely is not one of the local entities who invariably contribute to Suffolk County emphatically dragging down the UK National IQ Average! :-) ROFL!

And lastly no need to say "sorry" (but thanx anyhow!) as you obviously are fully entitled to your jaw-droppingly awesome opinions .... about me, as well as your seemingly even more awesome opinions about my posts. Hands down and all that jazz! ..................But hey wait a minute!!! because to put it in vintage Lt. Columbo terminology

OHHHH JUST 1 MORE THING: How come that you know all my posts to be quote: "Too much nonsense" if you quote "never! read" any of them???????????
OOOPS! Got you right **there**, didn't I now? :-) LMAO!

DidHisHelmetTurnBlue added 13:49 - May 6

itfcgene added 16:56 - May 6
Micks ZZ Tactics are "enjoyable" for the first 10 seconds, like LISTENING to someone "strung-out" on something or ReAdInG a REALLY "provocative" tabloid 'N E W S' article!!!!!!! Ha. HAHAHAHA. etc.

Skip73 added 17:36 - May 6
Warkys Tash. You seem to have a serious case of verbal diarrhoea! Definition; The habit of talking too much.

Skip73 added 17:37 - May 6
Sorry warkys tash. I meant that for mickszzzzz tactics. Many appologies

pragmatic added 20:49 - May 6
Be careful itfcbam most of the posters on here will mark you down without digesting contentof your post. Generally with a few exceptions most posts now " boring bile"

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