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Blues to Face Drogheda in Pre-Season
Friday, 5th May 2017 18:25

Boss Mick McCarthy says the Blues’ pre-season programme will follow the now familiar format with the squad spending time at a training camp in Ireland, although this year they will play their first friendly against Drogheda United rather than Shelbourne, their Irish opponents for the previous four summers, as well as having games at Southend, Colchester and other more local sides.

Quizzed on his pre-season plans McCarthy said that after the first couple of weeks training back at Playford Road the squad will be making their now-annual trip to the Carton House Hotel in Co Kildare.

“Yes, same-same, friendlies,” he said. “We’re not at Shelbourne though, we’re at Drogheda, north of Dublin. Then the usual, Southend, Colchester and other games around here.”

The dates for the matches are still to be confirmed. Drogheda are currently seventh in the Airtricity League Premier Division (top tier in Ireland).

Photo: TWTD

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TractorCam added 18:29 - May 5
So he is staying then!

ScottCandage added 18:36 - May 5
A varied preseason schedule might have been a way to recapture the attention of disgruntled fans lost this season. This is a missed opportunity.

thebeat added 18:44 - May 5
Jesus Christ he's actually staying isn't he? Hello -10k crowds...

Keaneish added 18:47 - May 5
Try something different. Our pre-seasons are bad so why do the same over and over again?

12th_Man added 18:55 - May 5
Same teams every pre season ffs itfc let's have a change

jas0999 added 19:04 - May 5
Another underwhelming pre season. Suspect the transfers will be underwhelming too. Probably lose a key asset such as Bart. Mick still here. Oh dear. Could be a tough 17/18 season.

stiffy501 added 19:11 - May 5
Same old same old źźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bored again

hoppy added 19:16 - May 5
Because that pre-season programme has worked so well the last couple of seasons, hasn't it...

brittaniaman added 19:39 - May 5
Dino is planning well ahead,, probably to say up you fans I am still in charge here ???? I don't care !!
The mass changes Dino said he is going to make !! Well He has getting rid of a few who hardly made the squad let alone play first team football, but he will still have the majority of the first team here minus Loanees ??? Perhaps he will go to the school of Team Selection, Tactics and timely substitutions over the summer ????
With his meeting with Evans next week, we all thought there would have been an announcement of some sort,, but Dino is adamant to stay here next season wether we like it or not

GiveusaWave added 19:48 - May 5
Oh dear. We clearly need to shake up our pre-season and we've failed to do it, giving in to familiarity yet again.

Pilgrimblue added 19:52 - May 5
Same OLD MM these friendlies haven't worked in the past. The Irish league is very poor and local sides are not the sort of standard to try out our team prior to start. Should be aiming higher with tour in Belgium or Holland (not sure accommodation is any more expensive) and then friendly against Prem side like Hammers or Spurs. Now resigned to MM staying so not expecting much different next season, Depressed!!

StochesStotasBlewe added 19:56 - May 5
A friendly against Fortuna would have been nice.

itfchorry added 20:20 - May 5
During happier and better times at Ipswich,
a pre-season always involved European action.

I have been to Sweden:Denmark Holland,
Belgium, Germany and Ireland.

Town fans on tour in the sun having fun.

Sadly, since this awful manager has cast his
gloom and doom over this once great club,we are
forced to do it his way -

1- Boring Pre-Seasons
2- No Cup runs
3- Bland and boring football

This arrogant man has absolutely no respect
for our club, our traditions or indeed our

You are destroying our club - Have you not noticed -

4- The vast majority of supporters,Ex players and
press do not want you to remain.

5- You have driven thousands of fans out of Portman

Your position, is untenable - Please go.

RoyalAscotBlue added 20:42 - May 5
Can't believe people are still questioning whether or not he will stay. Can't believe people have renewed their season tickets. Can't believe people think anything is going to change.

mickeyjb added 20:53 - May 5
Agreed. Who the fcuk is he trying to kid that things will be better next season. Mick you are a 1990s manager who has been left behind, far behind. His arrogance is what gets me, I would say 70-80% of supporters want you out. He is not going to change, even if he does he doesn't know what to do about it. It's like an old man trying to seem hip in front of the kids by pretending to know. What the kids want and like. In reality they just laugh at him and think he's a d1ck. Result, he then sulks, brings back the arragant attitude and reminds them of how he was good and what he has achieved. Shame that was actually many many years ago. If the peen champions can sack their manager, how the hell is he still here in charge of us???

TimmyH added 20:57 - May 5
Unbelievable!!!!...practically the same old same in pre-season friendlies - doesn't this club learn anything?

grumpyoldman added 21:08 - May 5
If he is still here why would you expect any change to preseason as with everything he is one way with every aspect of his of his management.

parkinshair added 21:14 - May 5
He is nothing if not a creature of habit.

dukey44 added 22:10 - May 5
Gutted about new season already sorry but the the Irish man is staying sad sad days

TR11BLU added 22:16 - May 5
Same old $hite
Just get out you loser.

midastouch added 22:26 - May 5
I can hardly contain myself!

Surco72 added 23:46 - May 5
Harlequins season ticket it is then , MM has had good results with Jewells squad and half a season that Murphy covered him since then fully downhill

Penguinblue added 03:20 - May 6
McCarthy OUT
Support the team Sunday but let's make it clear we want this foul mouthed one trick pony out of our club.

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:41 - May 6
Not very inspiring. Smacks of things being done on the cheap. I'm waiting to be convinced by the promised "changes" round the corner.

geminimustang added 07:54 - May 6
When will forum contributors appreciate that MM & TC are staying because nobody else would accept the job with little or no money to spend?No criticism of ME while he continues to keep the club afloat.The clue is when MM is discussing adding players to the squad,in another feature,and already he's talking about no transfer fees and loans.This season coming to end,MM played expansive football at the start and got beat.Then he had a string of injuries,some lasting the full season.He included youngsters at times who had a good spell or two but never looked like being the real deal now,in the future,yes,and then MM went defensive relying on draws to stave off relegation.It's my view,he did his best with what he had.Did he makes mistakes?Too right.Did he get his tactics wrong at times?Too right.Did he stick to his favourites for too long?Too right.Is he the best manager available to work with no money?Too right.Give the guy some slack.

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