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The TWTD Questionnaire 2016/17
Tuesday, 16th May 2017 12:02

As the dust starts to settle on the 2016/17 season, it’s time for this year's TWTD Questionnaire, the chance for you to look back in judgement on Town's campaign.

The results of the TWTD Questionnaire will be made available once TWTD's supercomputer, the Osborne 1.0, has finished the processing later in the summer.

It's quite long, so leave the odd question out if you can't decide on an answer, it doesn't apply to you, you're getting a bit bored or are starting to feel tired. All answers will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The TWTD Questionnaire has been run every summer for more than 20 years and is the biggest annual survey carried out amongst Town supporters with 2,334 fans responding last year. All the relevant people are made aware of the results.

To fill in this year’s TWTD Questionnaire and to look at those from previous seasons, click here.

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TractorWood added 12:13 - May 12
Done. Well done, Phil/Gav. Always enjoy this as it feels like closure for the season.

Ferguson added 12:37 - May 12
I sincerely hope that the club takes our comments on this questionnaire seriously. I doubt it, but I hope so.
If nothing else 2,000 fewer season ticket sales should make them sit up and take notice. These are 2,000 loyal, fellow supporters we're losing Mr Evans. Not just numbers.

NoCanariesAllowed added 12:47 - May 12
Does anyone else ever feel like the return of the TWTD questionnaire, which seems to come round quicker and quicker every year, is a reminder of the depressing repetitive futility of our Championship existence?

Thanks again for another season, Phil and Gav!

MicksZzzTactics added 13:43 - May 12
Not a bad Questionnaire by any means .... what was it 55 questions?! .... HOWEVER while I didn't fill out the at the end appearing "Do you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve the site?" here is my ehmmm "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM" with regard to the Questionnaire itself:

Personally I would not only like to see the option for in some frequent instances multiple answers to be picked (requires a rephrasing of some of the questions obviously) .... plus some of the answers to chose from **basically** being of a much more critical/skeptical nature! .... and simply I also **missed** some imho very pivotal more-in-depth questions (but uhuuu! TWTD :-) lol :-) where the accompanying selectable answers thus potentially might wind up predominantly painting a VERY critical over-all survey/questionnaire picture of the current ITFC 'Regime'!!!), questions which to my personal utmost delight where to generally be found on say EADT's ongoing survey.

Primary examples of what I "missed":

- What has been the biggest factor in Ipswich Town's decline this season?

- Which of the following (current) players would you like to see start the opening game of next season?

- If you are not renewing a season ticket, which reasons apply?

- How do you feel about Marcus Evans' continued desire for anonymity?

- How do feel about owner Marcus Evans' spending policy?

- How do you feel about Marcus Evans' 'five-point plan'?

- How do you assess Mick McCarthy's youth policy?

- Is Mick McCarthy the man (to not only "rebuild" ) but also deliver the 'five-point plan'?

and last but not least this here below TYPE of initial appearing on EADT question here where you additionally had the imho quite wonderful opportunity to answer: "The above are all linked"! (Which I firmly believe is what the vast majority of objective ITFC fans think & would answer):
- Looking at the bigger picture, what has been the overriding reason for Town's stagnation since reaching the play-offs?
1 Marcus Evans' lack of spending
2 Mick McCarthy's tactics
3 Players not good enough
4 The above are all linked!

End of "CONSTRUCTIVE (QUESTIONNAIRE) CRITICISM" for my part .... and I sincerely hope it for some reason isn't taken all the wrong way :-) , but rather in some similar form or another is to be found in future TWTD Questionnaires.

whosroundisitanyway added 14:04 - May 12
Agree with MZT. could have been some more cutting questions.

whosroundisitanyway added 14:07 - May 12
Mind you it took less time to fill out than some of his posts take to read!

whosroundisitanyway added 14:17 - May 12
Still the best fan site going BTW.
Thanks Phil, Gav & team.

itsonlyme added 14:33 - May 12
Done! Agree with Mickszzz the questions need to be updated. Eg. I bought a three year season ticket two years ago, so I still gave one year left, so the question was kind of imaterial. But all the same a good questionnaire and thanks to Phil and Gav for keeping me informed of what has gone on all season. Would never look anywhere else to find out the goings on at PR.

BlueArrow added 15:39 - May 12
Done ; but three people aren't going to like the answers to the the last few questions. If the survey gets the same response as the ones we used to do at work nothing will change. Thanks for asking tho guys.

Ferguson added 15:48 - May 12
Well it's done and I never realised how low I'm feeling about the club in general.
For the record my name's built into the East Stand and my dad first took me to Portman Rd in 1960.

One last thing. The Questionnaire FINALLY made my mind up, faced with the question Yes or No - yes I DO want MM to part company with us. The dreary can't be arsed to do better nature of pre-season nailed it for me. Last one out, please shut the door.

Keep the Faith

dirtydingusmagee added 16:15 - May 12
i agree BlueArrow, but its water off a ducks back to them, we mean sod all, ok a lot have a moan and boo ect but still enough people are willing to cough up their money to go along to games, and incredibly to actually pay to promote Evans by way of buying a shirt . While that persists they will sit smug and sleep well . Personally I'm done with the club now until at very least McCarthy is shipped out .

jas0999 added 16:35 - May 12
We'll done - another great TWTD year, well worth the 'very good rating'. However, that was he extent of very good as virtually everything associated with ITFC is very poor.

I do agree with others, the questionnaire should have drilled down further into our failure thus year. Very little opportunity to comment on Evans and his 'strategy' plus running of club.

Taricco_Fan added 20:30 - May 12

Cloddyseedbed added 21:54 - May 12
I can just imagine a statement from Milne on behalf of Evans saying further spending on the squad will have to be curtailed due to the reduction in season ticket sales!! If the club are working on plans to offer cheaper packages to encourage supporters to sign up to go and watch a few games, it just further rubs salt into the wounds of season ticket holders who have already signed up. I feel like many supporters we are at war with the owner and management and it really shouldn't be like that, but that is how low relations have become with the present regime. More of the same next season, for sure it will be, nothing will change under the regime and it will be all the supporters fault!

Cloddyseedbed added 21:57 - May 12
Thanks for hard work put in on TWTD this season, shame the same can't be said for the football club.

MicksZzzTactics added 22:10 - May 12
WOW! How interesting a **phenomenon**! That if you for some reason feel like you current TWTD 'Site Score' is in real dire need of a whole BUNCH of up-votes :-) .... all you apparently need to do is for the umpteenth time! point out & write something along the lines that: "MZT's posts generally are long-winded"?! (Which they are susceptible of being because they pay attention to detail! -- which btw is sort of a unfortunate as in seemingly unappreciated on TWTD "Work Related Injury" :-) as I've explained recently -- which is very unlike a sizable number of other posters here.
And that is regardless of whether said posters just don't FEEL UP TO writing more than a handful of lines (their personal prerogative obviously) or just happen to in general "suffer from" what I factually and thus non-offensively .... call a 'Shortish Literary Capacity' especially on The Net, or they don't.

But whatever "MAKES YOUR DAY COMPLETE" I guess :-) .... so not only no hard feelings @whosroundisitanyway (and I did note your fairly atypical for MZT addressed posts of this very nature = smiling emoticon attached), but please please everyone do continue with these jaw-droppingly awesome & to a variying degree mostly unmistakably mocking 'observations' -- which imho BTW pretty much is the equivalent of in some public forum noting that "The Sun rises in the East"!!! LOL -- because personally I don't really lose any sleep over it. Promise! :-D :-D

And on that joyful note, now on to my other **little** business on this here page: @GatesOfDelirium, my predominantly silent man/woman (I.E. all of 1 single comment to your credit here on TWTD!, but countless of down-votes that I know of though! lol) why don't you enlighten me, just this once (because I very rarely bother to ask), why you in this instance apparently:
A) Didn't find my 1st post on this page to be sober/earnest "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM"?
B) Or if you did, why you seemingly then find it to be profoundly bad "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM", since you opted & found it inherently necessary to down-vote it?

warktheline added 22:46 - May 12
Keep um coming MicksZzzTactics.
Anything to do with Ipswich Town FC at the moment I'm finding extremely tiresome, thus will leave questionnaire until upturn in mood! Very sad state of affairs and looking like it's going to worsen! I'll say this now to all you pro-Mick 'he's doing a mighty fine job so he is' McCarthy brigade, be careful what YOU wish for next season!

dirtydingusmagee added 07:35 - May 13
Mickszz,i don't down vote your posts, but must confess I no longer read them, the only reason being they are so long winded by time I get halfway iv'e forgotten what I have read up to that point. I PROBABLY would agree with your views but ,the posts read like a judges summing up in a long running trial .Even your last post ,which I did take time to read ,just rambled on and became a car crash to take in . No offence ,but I normally scroll past [as perhaps you and many others do with my posts ,its that simple ,Don't worry about it .

oldegold added 08:28 - May 13
Everything begins with mccarthy leaving immediately.He must not be given the task of "rebuilding" and his stay be brought to an end as it is beyond him and his football is dreadful and losing what little support he had. Then the club can start planning a new era. The season ticket drop is the sign that his era is finished.Over to you Evans..what's your move..stagnation and further decline or we start to build a brighter future?

poldark added 08:57 - May 13
Why nothing on this site about season ticket sales down over 2000 please let's us know what is going on at ITFC

walberblue added 11:49 - May 13
what has happened to TWTD. the balance between representing the fans opinions and being a mouthpiece for the club has shifted to being a yes man to ME and MM.

if you compare how the EADT and TWTD present the Portman Road PR releases they are almost identical and shows that ME is able to exert pressure on all reporting of ITFC. does TWTD benefit from ME and ITFC in its funding.

There is now a complete absence of any editorial comment on obvious problems and complete avoidance of some issues. This coupled with the removal of posters with negative views means that TWTD is no longer the fans friend. And has its own agenda in reporting on ITFC and i would imagine that its making money rather than expressing fans view which is the priority now,

take this questionnaire. it looks like Milne or Me had it posted over to TWTD to run, it asking the questions the fans want answered. Why??

walberblue added 11:51 - May 13
TWTD is no longer asking the questions the fans want answered. Why??

tallguy6767 added 15:56 - May 13
With the general mood of fans being of cannot stand another minute of this shambolic regime and rightly so I am still surprised that there is 10,000 or so people still prepared to part with their hard earned to watch that utter dross and to listen to that arrogant ego tistic dinosaur claim he's doing a bloody good job!
I'm with the thousands that won't go back until thick mick has left the building.

midastouch added 17:16 - May 13
Are you bored of everything Ipswich Town?
In a nutshell, Yes!
(Sad but true!)
That is what Mick McCarthy has done to our great club! He gets passionate fans ready to throw in the towel! My pride and joy has been systemically destroyed by Mick and Marcus PLC and I've virtually got to the point of being past caring! What is the point? The club is going nowhere under our invisible owner! Therefore, why not just check out until Mick or preferably Mick and Marcus have both gone and spare all the agony in the meantime! I fear there is only more agony ahead under these muppets who just don't have the first idea of how to bring the good times back to Portman Road.
Being a businessman I would of though Marcus would of understand the old saying "you pay peanuts and you get monkeys!" Well I do actually think he knows this only too well, but he's still going to keep on paying peanuts because quite simply, HIS HEART ISN'T IN IT! END OF!!!
Over and out...

midastouch added 17:18 - May 13
Being a businessman I would of thought Marcus would of understood the old saying "you pay peanuts and you get monkeys!" Well I do actually think he knows this only too well, but he's still going to keep on paying peanuts because quite simply, HIS HEART ISN'T IN IT! END OF!!!
Over and out...

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