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Leeds United 3 v 2 Ipswich Town
SkyBet Championship
Saturday, 23rd September 2017 Kick-off 15:00
McCarthy: More Disappointing as We Played So Well
Saturday, 23rd Sep 2017 18:27

Boss Mick McCarthy said he was disappointed that the Blues were defeated 3-2 at Leeds United and even more so as his side played so well.

Leeds went in 2-1 up at half-time having been the better side in the first half, but the Blues were on top for much of the second - in which Bartosz Bialkowski scored an own goal when he dropped the ball over the line from a corner - and a draw might ultimately have been a fair result.

“You know I’m disappointed with the result but I’m even more disappointed because of how well we played,” McCarthy said.

“Certainly, two of the goals are poor goals to concede, but I’ll forgive Bart because he probably kept us in the league last year, he’s been brilliant. No recriminations there.

“The first goal, a straight ball down the middle shouldn’t end up in our net. But I thought we were terrific, I thought in the second half we’ve got one hand on their throat, to be honest, we just couldn’t turn it into a goal.

“I changed it because we were having so much dominance we’d got to try and find a spark.

“I didn’t want it to go to 3-1, but of course it did with the most bizarre goal. But I’m really pleased with our performance, we were terrific.”

Regarding the second Leeds goal, which was scored by Kalvin Phillips, he added: “Somebody’s got to track his runner. If you don’t, then don’t play, as simple as that.”

McCarthy said his team showed their usual character and spirit in the second half but not just that, they put in their best passing display for a number of games.

“I think [character’s] there in abundance, that’s always been the case. I think we’d have been in serious trouble last year if we’d not got that character and team spirit.

“And I thought we showed a good deal of quality as well today. I’m pleased with the performance and that makes me even more disappointed with the result.

“[It’s not like we’ve] come here and been shite and got beaten and gone home. No, we were very good. It makes it even more galling that we lost the game.”

When his Town side were praised for having some Yorkshire grit, he added: “Yes, they were telling me to stop moaning behind me. I said, ‘Come on, you’re all Yorkshire gits like me. You’re all moaning, you’re all moaning at me’.

“If there’s Yorkshire grit instilled, well great, but I thought we were better than that today, it wasn’t just Yorkshire grit. We’ve played well today.

“But let me tell you without that other side of the game you’ll get nowhere in this league, that’s for sure.”

After it was suggested that the game might have progressed very differently had Town scored in the spell after half-time before the third Leeds goal, McCarthy said: “My auntie and gonads come to mind. It doesn’t matter, does it? We didn’t.

"We all know it could have been a different outcome if we hadn’t defended hopelessly for the first goal, if we’d have tracked back for the second one, it shouldn’t end up in our net.

“The third one Bart shouldn’t drop it. If, buts and maybes, I can lament a lot of things in the game but what I can be really inspired by is how we played and especially here because this is a tough place to come and play, and they know they’ve dodged one here today.”

McCarthy handed 17-year-old Tristan Nydam his second Championship start and the Blues boss was pleased with the Colchester-based academy product.

“He’s terrific and I guess if he hadn’t have been so good you’d have all been asking me why I didn’t start Bersant Celina,” the Blues boss said.

“Because Tristan Nydam’s different class, that’s why. He’s a proper player and, how does the song go, ‘He’s one of our own’.”

Last year after Town were beaten 3-0 at Newcastle in the autumn, McCarthy said the Magpies were the champions in waiting. Does he see Leeds in the same way now? “No, I could hardly say that because Newcastle absolutely bashed us, it could have been about 6-0 at half-time but it was 1-0. How we got away with that I don’t know. Well, I do actually, because Bart was brilliant.

“Leeds haven’t done that to us today. I do think they’re a very good side, they’ve got some good players.

“I thought Newcastle just bought all the the best Championship players. I wasn’t being a prophet it just stood out as much as the nose on my face does that Newcastle were going to win that. I just couldn’t see anybody else [finishing above them].

“They made a bit of hard work of it near the end but I thought they were always going to win it.

“[Leeds] might end up being [champions] and good luck to them because people know my fondness for them, although not when I’m playing against them. I think you could see my team had no fondness towards them today. I’m a Yorkshireman and I’d like to see them back in the Premier League.”

Asked what his aim for the season is, he responded: “My aim always is to piss all those people off who write me off and I’ve been doing it for about 25 years and I hope I continue to do it this season!”

Does he believe Town can make the play-offs? “If that’s the standard of performance then I think we can look forward to a far better season than last year.

“I’m not going to sit here and start telling you we’re going to get in the play-offs, as much as people would like to hear it.

"But you know me being pragmatic and stubborn and having my feet on the ground, it’s served me well for 25 years, I’ve done all right.”

Leeds manager Thomas Christiansen said: “It was an intense game that had everything. During the 90 minutes we were in front, they drew level from a set piece.

“Then we went in front immediately after, a good response. And then in the second half we should keep the result and try to control a little better. And finally we suffered at the end - Ipswich had to go and try to go for the draw and that put us under pressure and we were not able to come out of that in the proper way - but the most important thing was the three points.

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Sir_Bob added 18:41 - Sep 23
We've defiantly played worse and won games. We had a go, we don't always get that under MM.
We passed the ball & had some shots. We've been asking for this for a while.

htb added 18:47 - Sep 23
Disappointed to have lost but appears we put in a decent performance and looking at some comments from some Leeds fans who stated we went and attacked them and didn't just park the bus I have to be happy with approach. Let's now attack Sunderland from the off on Tuesday. COYB

brendanh added 18:50 - Sep 23
"My aim always is to piss all those people off who write me off "
And this is the problem. His goal is to block criticism, not do what's best for the team. Nydam's selection ahead of Celina or even Waghorn was weird seeing as he's never started a game of this magnitude in front of an intimidating crowd, and predictably, he contributed little and was dominated. I'm all for blooding good-enough kids, but was wrong game today.
Almost all Town fans agree, Celina deserves a run in the team, win, lose or draw. The only way MM could deflect criticism at his continued omission today was to blood "one of our own". Most people (apart from me) won't slate MM tonight. Mission accomplished Mick!
"I thought we were terrific" - don't know which game you watched Mick, the one I saw, we were played off the park for long spells in the first half and lucky to only come in a goal down. Second half, Leeds took their foot off the gas and we were the better team, but not to the extent Leeds were first half.

christiand added 19:02 - Sep 23
MM needs to get the team playing that way more regularly that was very encouraging, forget the result the majority of us thought we'd get nothing before the game. The issue now is whether we can replicate performances like that against Sunderland and Bristol City? Still think we are brittle defensively, teams score against us far too easily, but this has been a problem for a while that's not been properly addressed.

Today should be used as the blueprint MM in moving us forward, forget that pragmatic approach you pride yourself on....this is the future!

Bluetone added 19:05 - Sep 23
“My aim always is to piss all those people off who write me off and I’ve been doing it for about 25 years and I hope I continue to do it this season!”
“Yes, they were telling me to stop moaning behind me. I said, ‘Come on, you’re all Yorkshire gits like me. You’re all moaning, you’re all moaning at me’.

Arrh poor old Muck so thick skinned when dishing it out so fragile when being critised.

geminimustang added 19:06 - Sep 23
MM gets slagged off for taking loan players and not developing the youth.When he plays the youth,he gets slagged off.Support the Manager,support the team and stop moaning.Nydam earned his place,played well and Celina got some game time too though it appears he didn't do an awful lot.Wasn't too bad a result as there were a lot of positives today.

yungblue added 19:09 - Sep 23
That's the standard of football Ipswich fans deserve to demand week in week out, not 1% less than that.

jas0999 added 19:38 - Sep 23
That's football. Brentford, Millwall and Barnsley will be disappointed they lost to us playing pretty poorly.

The fact remains, if we play more like we did today we will win more than we lose. If we entertain, folk will return.

We may have beaten Bolton. If we played like we did today, it may have been four or five. Entertainment.

arc added 21:30 - Sep 23

So who was it was who didn't track back on the second goal? Who is Mick having a dig at?

britbiker added 22:12 - Sep 23
Just back from the game and its weird but i feel more positive coming away from that performance than I did with the 2 nil win against bolton. Mcgoldrick was absolute class today. Scuse (for all his knockers) played well. Unfortunately Bart had an absolute shocker. Just wished we could start games on the front foot rather than having to concede first. Leeds have some class up front and will easily be in the playoff positions .

That performance was a massive improvement on the same game last year.

itfchorry added 23:30 - Sep 23
You have had so much time to turn our Club
around - 5 years ?
10,000 fans missing since Big Joe


MicksZzzTactics added 23:50 - Sep 23


A unusual slow day on TWTD looking at the number of inputs -- this after an in general anticipated defeat but on the other hand not very anticipated & very welcome POSITIVE performance (excluding some glaring parts in the supposedly super solid super stoic "The Pride of Mick McCarthy" DEFENSE though!) & overall approach -- but Geeee, still the 'Compulsive Downvoters' are once again out in numbers tonight, surpriZzz surpriZzz lol
Hmmm makes me wonder that if I turn the volume on my telly all the way down might I just be able to hear them in close vicinity to me croon something like the following:

Dear oh Dear lol cause it just so happen to be that while well-founded criticism as well as mere *realism-based* skepticism (not to confuse with POINTLESS petty "moaning" you luvable Simpletons!) may not be agreeable's darn well necessary!!! Not the least in a Free Speech Society btw!
Sir Winston Churchill for instance, to name but one monumental historic figure, understood this to the fullest ...and this particular known-to-all English people hmmm very "perceptive" statesman did so well over 50 years ago! *SADLY* to this very date the vast majority of the See-No-Evil Hear-No-Evil and/or points-fixated only and/or just Jurassic loving "In Mick We Blindly Trust" Simpletons among Ipswich Town fans STILL don't!!!

(Again this is especially visible on this NOWADAYS predominantly unjoyful & subjectivy prone TWTD website here! Which in and of itself is also outright sad!)

Spot on Winston! But NOW let that jawdroppingly awesome (as in almost Carl Sagan'esque :-) lol) downvoting commence

Kirbmeister added 00:17 - Sep 24
Mickszzzzzzzz don't think you'll get downvoted, most readers will have thrown themselves off the nearest tall building before they got halfway down the first paragraph.

itfchorry added 00:29 - Sep 24
Let's back the Ipswich Witches in the Final

Juggsy added 01:04 - Sep 24
I'll have a pint of what Mickzzz on please. Even by his standards that one is complete jibberish!

ipswich134 added 01:28 - Sep 24
I am surprised to see Nydam in but if he got the ability why not? Next year this year he could be TOP player we know. MM shows that he does play youth as long as they are good enough .

Sam added 05:56 - Sep 24
I wasn't there today but do really think we were unlucky. Bit surprised to see Nydam start but he obviously had the ability. Still, I think Mick saying Tristain is a different class to celina is wierd. But well done everyone for a good performance, hopefully we can beat Sunderland, who are really awful.

blue75 added 07:18 - Sep 24
I still amazed to read we tried to play football against Bolton sit back and contain. Go to Leeds and attack very confused but I hope it continues from now on. I’ve always said that our players are very capable of playing a more passing game. Also on a positive McCarthy I’m glad as he did at Newcastle last season he didn’t give up when Leeds went ahead!! Has McCarthy’s glass suddenly become half full only time will tell after all yesterday was a defeat, and as it’s been point out to me recently doesn’t matter how well you play as long as you win!! Looking forward to those who don’t care how we play moaning about losing!!

Swn98 added 08:06 - Sep 24
Next game that Celina starts look at the way he plays and the body language of those around him whilst with undoubted ability, he takes one touch to many and wants to do it all.
Having said that I would still start him in front of ward who hasn't moved on from the hat trick last year.

MicksZzzTactics added 08:33 - Sep 24

Sorry mate, you can't have "a pint of whatever I'm on" ... that is unless you like yours truly is the (un)happy owner of a bottle of "EVERCLEAR" from Luxco Inc. U.S.!

Which I kind of doubt since to the best of my knowledge it's not legally "obtainable" in the UK! besides being banned in several states in the U.S. itself btw! ...But if you do have happen to have one or at some future point in time somehow get to have one in your possession: Please be extra extra careful mate! -- hmmmm especially in combination with intake of 'Psilocybe Cubensis' or '3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine' :-) -- (Aye I darn well mean it very very sincerely!!!! ...also despite your unmistakable antagonism on display here i.e. you saw it fit to not only mock me *lightly* on a PERSONAL basis & but also *not soooo lightly* ALL my posting in general!) as "a pint" of this pure poison will probably snuff out a freaking full-grown Elephant!!!

But since you apparently find all my inputs basically = Nonsensical?! (but more on that below), perhaps this *VERY COLORFUL* webpage covering this unique alcohol will enlighten you better! =D =D lol:

So after that über horizon-broadening read :-), how about elaborating on what specifically is so overly "jibberish" about my latest post???

Naaaaahhhhhh on 2nd thought NEVERMIND!!!, so save your energy please, as imho the REAL core of the "problem of understanding" here is simply this:
That while might my writing style occasionally might be a tad bit"unorthodox" :-) ......... it's overwhelmingly *SARCASM* -- especially the sometimes intricate kind like my own, evolving around really anything to do with the apparently inferred: Very very veneration deserving ITFC including of course the utmost sacred-like Grand(Delusion)Master Mick & his group of unconditional worZzzhippers in particular! -- which is more or less completely LOST on you dear @juggsy exactly like it is on sooooo many other of TWTD's highly esteemed members here btw :-)

MicksZzzTactics added 08:58 - Sep 24

Now unlike the somewhat lightly going @Juggsy I'm not completely sure that I wouldn't mind you dearest @Kirbmeister having yourself a nice "pint" of Luxco's 95% EVERCLEAR though!!! ...As imho you *repeatedly* come across as a person of VERY POOR and immature taste well as VERY POOR moral & mere basic judgement!

As earlier on TWTD you repeatedly and very viciously personal attacked my English & my typos, Next I was either an inferred: Generally *retarded* DRUG ADDICT ....or else I simply must have had a very very poor level of education???!!! (lol I'm 200% safely convinced mine is a LOT higher & much more complex than yours! But of course then again it has until this very day been unbeknownst to you (and others here) that I did actually suffer a fairly SERIOUS and fairly COMPLICATED *stroke* just a few years back!!!
Pause ---- So now that you know this explosive tidbit about my recent medical history, you are obviously "free" to make some kind of infantile, vile & distasteful fun of that too!!!) ...........and yesterday you seemingly very *unsarcastically* and very JackaZzz-like infer that just a few lines of the contains of my latest post COULD drive people to want to kill themselves???!!!

This is not only yet ANOTHER personal attack, but more alarmingly -- aye despite your likely sizable number upvotes from the other luvely MZT haters here :-) lol -- very characteristic piZzz POOR taste imo, Why? because the concept of suicide and particularly here the inferred personal doings or mere words of one person (me) potentially driving other people to suicide!, again if not CLEARLY meant as a "joke" (or else mentioned in a very unmistakably INSINCERE *context* as my own "jump of tall buildings" mentioning clearly was it with one of my other "persecutors" here, @swn98, earlier this year) ...which I "until further notice" find not to be the case here dear @Kirbmeister! An assessment which is quite well-based actually, particularly considering your previous outright vilely ridiculing, hate-mongering, emoticon lacking and seen as a whole = In noooo freaking way remotely *sarcastic* posts addressed to me.

littlestoneblue added 10:36 - Sep 24
Arc it was Knudsen yet again, that bloke wont make a LB all the time he's got a hole in his A**e, Mick fooking drop him

cat added 11:47 - Sep 24
Whatever team MM picks, the formation chosen or anything else ITFC related there will always be posters who are happy and posters who are not. There will always be many different opinions on, styles, even humour on the odd occasion and that's what makes things interesting. Why certain posters cannot respect others is what's beyond me, posters like e.g kirbsheister (lol) aka!! double lol! who seems more content knocking others than actually posting anything which is remotely interesting.
Right, now on to MM, I've put effort into giving him the benefit of the doubt this season after two woefully pish poor seasons and I've come to the conclusion I just want him gone. It don't matter if we win, lose or draw I'm done with him. Personally witnessing the support present at our last 2 matches I suspect I'm not the only one, but imo for the good of our club and the rather 'numbed' and uninterested sensation of belonging to ITFC I'm currently feeling. Like I stated earlier it's all about opinions on here, and I simply ain't feeling the 'love' for my club while he's here!!

Ps - big up to MZT and like minded posters on this "simply luvleh" (lol) Sunday!!!!

Seasider added 16:21 - Sep 24
Think these are least comments after a match that I can recall,coupled with what cat said about the poor away numbers at Leeds;means that the apathy generated over the last two seasons by McCarthy is taking time to dissipate,despite promising start.

Hope the side Mick puts out against Sunderland is more attacking than it was against Bolton.

Not sure whether he will ever start Celina;but with two games a week currently,its now or never ! Would also like to see Kenlock for same reason;but will be pleasantly surprised if it happens.

Would also like to see the team more pro-active than re-active.Ipswich have never had a big win in the five years McCarthy has been in charge(apart from 4-0 against Boro,when Mick was ill and TC took charge for one game).It would be nice to have one on Tuesday.

mikepc added 04:16 - Sep 25
littlestoneblue added 10:36 - Sep 24

Arc it was Knudsen yet again, that bloke wont make a LB all the time he's got a hole in his A**e, Mick fooking drop him

wrong it was Adeyemi , he was right with the goal scorer , and when the goal scorer sprinted to the box , Adeyemi took his sweet time tracking him. watch the replay

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