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Holloway: Mick's Done an "Unbelievably Brilliant" Job at Town
Tuesday, 26th Dec 2017 18:52

QPR boss Ian Holloway was disappointed that his side weren’t able to claim all three points from the 0-0 Boxing Day draw with the Blues and praised Town manager Mick McCarthy for the "unbelievably brilliant" job he has done at Portman Road throughout his five years at the club, reiterating comments he made after last season's corresponding fixture.

“Quite an exciting 0-0, don’t you think?” Holloway said. “There were a few incidents and chances. We’ve got to take some of them really but I was delighted that we held ourselves together and managed to create them.

“I think it’ll come with the people that I’ve got. I feel we’ll get used to each other and understand [one another] because we’ve had a lot to do with so many injuries to the back lads - eight of them all out - that I’ve had to change two midfield players into wing-backs and full-backs, so it’s been an absolutely hideous time for us.

“And, funnily enough, everybody’s talking about us not scoring because we will play quite well, to be fair.

“I have to say, I thought Mick’s team defended our crossing very, very well, it wasn’t the lack of movement. You could argue it was the choice of that ball but Mick’s an old hand at it, getting his team pretty well when the ball comes in the box.

“You’re not as good a player as he was and not be able to pass that on. TC’s a brilliant coach as well.

“We know it was tough but as an away performance to only get one point out of that I’m a little bit disappointed, to be honest. We looked quite a good team today.

"At Birmingham away [when they won 2-1 10 days ago, their first away win since February] we might have wilted, but we didn’t.

"We managed to do that. We believe at the moment we might be able to win. As I said to them today, ‘Let’s try and get two wins on the bounce away from home, that will feel nice, won’t it?'.

“That’s four points we’ve taken off of Ipswich. I hope by the end of the season, which is a long time off, there are plenty of games left, that whoever we’ve lost to we’ll turn round and end up with at least three points off everybody.

“To take four points off Mick’s team, and I would say deserved those points, like Mick said in the first game at our place when we won 2-1, we’re nowhere near as bad as where we are in the division at the moment. But you’ve got to take your chances.”

Holloway was annoyed by referee Andy Davies's decision to red card Scowen in the 86th minute.

“I have to say, we’ve had so many things go against us," he reflected. "Did you feel that was a sending off? Did you feel that was a foul? Why didn’t my fella get a foul up the other end 40 seconds earlier? I don’t get it.

“It looked exactly the same to me and I’ve just said that to the ref. I don’t understand. Maybe you’ve got some more bodies shouting and balling for a freekick, maybe you made a louder noise, but that shouldn’t matter, should it?

“He’s got to officiate in exactly the same way. I didn’t see any difference between the foul on my fella at the other end which we got nothing for to what Scowen was supposed to have done.

“I thought, ‘Here we go again’. Luckily it was a freekick not a penalty [as late on at home during the 1-1 draw with Bristol City on Saturday], which would have been a travesty but it’s still a red card or a second yellow and I don’t understand.

“And I’ve just asked him about that and his explanation, for me, I totally don’t agree with it. Maybe I’m biased though.”

The former Millwall, Blackpool and Leicester boss says he set his team up differently against McCarthy today having fallen to heavy defeats to his old friend in the recent past.

“I knew what Mick would try and do and he tried to do it and he got in a few times but we managed to defend that well,” he added.

“I did something different than I’ve done against him before because he’s beaten me 3-0 twice, which didn’t feel too nice, and we had a lot of the ball and a lot of the possession but that doesn’t always matter.

“So I’m pleased with today and I can’t wait to see him in a minute because he’s one of my favourites of all time. I think he’s a proper bloke, I love what he says, I love everything about him and it’s nice to see somebody stay here this long because I think he deserves to.

“Some of you last year gave him hell on legs. Get out of it! What you on about? When you can change some who are out of contract it’s easy isn’t it, if you haven’t got the money to go and buy some.

“And if you’re not given the money to go and buy some, you’ve got to do your best. And what he did, where he’s come from with this club is unbelievably brilliant.

“I was at Crystal Palace [a few] days after he got this job and I ain’t there any more, am I? And I got them promoted. We won 5-0 that day and we only had 28 per cent possession, and they were bottom of the league by a mile. And look what he’s done.

“It’s wonderful, an absolute academy of football this place but don’t live in the past. You’ve got some wonderful players, some wonderful people and I think what’s Mick doing, you should all be [more appreciative] and it was a nicer atmosphere today.

“I want a nicer atmosphere around our ground and I won’t get a nice one on Friday [at the Den] but I can’t wait. Millwall? Come on!”

Photo: TWTD

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12th_Man added 18:59 - Dec 26
Oh pi$$ off Holloway

StringerBell added 19:13 - Dec 26
‘Proper bloke’ couldn’t make it up! What a bellend.

Penguinblue added 19:15 - Dec 26
Do we need to have this tosh on TWTD from fellow gravy train riders?

McCarthy OUT


chrisswailes added 19:23 - Dec 26
Wise words.

TractorWood added 19:24 - Dec 26
Proper blokes looking out for each other with the inevitable, reciprocal back slapping. As predicable as it is cliché.

whosroundisitanyway added 19:37 - Dec 26

Suffolkboy added 19:41 - Dec 26
What a load of sad East Anglian saddoes we've got posing as ' supporters and experts ' week in week out ; proper understanding of sport and the professional demands are a total anathema to these folk fron 'Sely Suffolk ' ,who bring no grace or positivity to this world !
If you've nothing.' nice ' to say ,perhaps best to say nothing at all ,OR at the very least work a bit harder at thinking before committing such regular drivel to TWTD .

Bluetone added 19:46 - Dec 26
Two tired Dino's by dawn's early light but too much in love to say good night

cat added 19:47 - Dec 26
Who said the Dinosaurs are extinct, I suspect there will be a lot of mutual tail slapping going on tonight.

blue75 added 19:57 - Dec 26
2 proper blokes telling each other how great they are may have to make the door ways bigger for them to get through tonight!!

toxtethblue added 19:59 - Dec 26
Just read that MM expects to have his contract extended by 2 years before May. I knew this day would come. He doesn't critics ME, ME sticks with him and pays off tax. And you will all be too apathetic and passionless to really do anything about it

braveblue added 20:05 - Dec 26
Just shut up. Same old nonsense.

Taricco_Fan added 20:15 - Dec 26
The Boys Club looking out for one another.

dukey44 added 20:26 - Dec 26
Toxtethblue please say you are joking? If not where the hell did u get info from please? I think that’s just a kick where the sun don’t shine!!! Evans is a joke now even more sad sad day sorry I really want mick out as he can’t play attacking football he’s proven that now!!

Bobbychase added 20:50 - Dec 26
Dukey44 over the course of his career he has often played attacking Football and we are currently among the top scorers in the league so disagree with his tactics by all means but the facts - awkward as they are - aren’t on your side

jas0999 added 20:53 - Dec 26
I’d agree that MM initially did a great job. Twenty months of utter rubbish then followed, slightly improved this season - but yet again without significant backing from the owner. However, today yet again proved why MM and ITFC should separate at the end of this season. Boring, negative football - topped off by the claim he was happy to take a point BEFORE the game ended. His arrogance towards the fans - failing to pick players just because the supporters want them - is a big problem. As is his constant slating of the paying public. Time to move on. Poor today.

TimmyH added 20:58 - Dec 26
2 pals patting each other on the more no less. 'Brilliant' at Town, well that's an over exaggeration if ever I've heard it, started well getting us away from relegation in 2012/13 and did well leading up to the beginning of 2015 since then average at best.

Dissblue added 21:06 - Dec 26

dirtydingusmagee added 21:19 - Dec 26
well he has to square things with Mick, as he let em have a point , ''You scratch my back i'll scratch yours comes to mind .''

KiwiTractor added 21:20 - Dec 26
Go away Holloway. You are hated just as much by your fans.....

BlueBlood90 added 23:07 - Dec 26
Shut up Holloway. What would you know? I’m sure you wouldn’t “love everything he says” if you were an ITFC fan that he constantly tries to take digs at. Mind your own business and concentrate on your own poor side.

SheptonMalletBlue added 23:41 - Dec 26
Ass licker!!!!!!

Steve_ITFC_Sweden added 06:30 - Dec 27
Where is there left to go when you're 10th in the table and all your superlatives have been used up?

NBVJohn added 08:44 - Dec 27
The fact that I don’t completely disagree with Holloway doesn’t mask the fact that his praise of MM was unnecessary last season and didn’t bear repeating yesterday. This is one very boring man.

Who the hell does he think he is, and what an earth makes him think that we’re remotely interested in his opinion?

I live near to Leicester, and recall that a few short years ago, this was the man who seemed more interested in providing hilarious sound bites to the media than saving a team who ended up in the 3rd tier.

Like Savage and Sutton on 5 live - ignore them and they’ll eventually go away.

warktheline added 09:05 - Dec 27
I've heard it all now! Rumour has it the Mighty Mick and the Horrid Holloway shared a bottle of red whilst listening to 'WOW' by Kate Bush!!!!!!!!

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