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McCarthy: Beaten By a Considerably Better Team
Saturday, 30th Dec 2017 18:14

Town boss Mick McCarthy admitted that the Blues were beaten by "a considerably better team" following Derby’s 2-1 victory at Portman Road, but was pleased with the way his side fought back after the break having been very much second best in the first half.

“My verdict is that we were beaten by a better team, a considerably better team on the day,” McCarthy conceded.

“I felt sorry for him, he had to make so many changes and he still had such a strong bench. My heart was breaking for Gary.

“They’re a good side, they’ve been very expensively assembled prior to Gary getting there but he’s now getting the best out of them.

“He’s a good manager as he proved at at Burton and Birmingham and they were too much for us in the first half, they could have been out of sight, to be honest with you.

“It’s really paramount that you don’t give a goal away from a corner kick as simply as we did when you’re playing against a good team. Up until then nothing much had really happened.

“That was a real body blow and they then all of a sudden looked like a real passing footballing team.

“I said they could have been out of sight because [Matej Vydra] should have scored immediately after the goal, Adam Webster’s struggling with his achilles.

“But then, to my team’s eternal credit, as they always do, they fought back and they’ve had them on the back foot.

“I know they’ve had other chances, but it made it at least exciting and it made it look like we’d had a go, which we have. We never do anything other.”

Regarding his team’s character, he added: “That’s never been in doubt about the team, they way they perform every week. No one ever comes off and says they downed tools or they didn’t work hard. Team spirit is never in doubt.

“I thought we passed it better in the second half. I changed the way we were playing in the second half.

“I’ll never know whether it was going to work or not because we were 2-0 down after four minutes of the second half after an unbelievable strike, a bomb that he put in the top corner.

“But I thought we did much, much better and at least made a game of it for the last knockings of it.

“We did end up getting a foothold in the game with Waggy and Joe up top and Bersant Celina in behind. It didn’t work completely, but it made us better.”

McCarthy was pleased with Waghorn’s set pieces, which were also praised by his opposite number Gary Rowett, one of his corners leading to Garner’s goal.

“There’s always some positives out of it,” the Blues boss continued. “He kept the pressure on because he put three in, three balls that they had to defend.

“And I have to say, I’d have to compliment them for their defending because we put a lot of balls in their box in the second half and they’ve had to put their heads on them and block them. They’re a good all-round team.”

McCarthy says he’s not yet sure the extent of Webster’s achilles problem, the defender having been forced off in the second half.

“No idea until tomorrow,” he said. “He’s come off. He’s put it in a bucket of ice, he’ll let it cool down, they’ll assess it tomorrow and we’ll find out more then.”

Asked how he will approach the transfer window, which opens on Monday, McCarthy responded: “Not with any great delight, I’m sure, because I’ll not be going out and buying players. Adam Webster, I think he’s got a sore achilles today, that might grumble on.

“I’ve lost pretty much all the midfield players, so we might need to have some recruits unless we get some injured players back. But we’re going to be looking to loan players, so it’s going to be a difficult January.”

The Town boss isn’t expecting any of his injured players back for Tuesday’s trip to Fulham, aside perhaps from Cole Skuse, who has been out with an ankle knock.

Derby manager Gary Rowett felt it was his team's "biggest win of the season" and was delighted with his team's first-half display in particular.

“It’s a difficult place to come, how many games have they lost here all season? Probably two or three," he said.

“They put you under a lot of pressure with the way that they play, they’ve got a real energetic side.

“But I just felt in the first half we blew them away with some really, really good attacking play.

"Our front four were unplayable at times and, in my opinion, we should have been out of sight, should have been three or four goals ahead at least.

“But when you come in having played so well, having missed those opportunities and you’re only 1-0 up, there’s a little bit of you thinks you’re going to have to go again because you know what Ipswich are like under Mick, they won’t let the game go, they won’t give up in any way, shape or form.

“We then got the goal fairly early in the second half, a great strike from Sam. I deliberated over the team, I knew every other part of the team but I changed the striker around about 15 times over the last two days in my mind and eventually I just felt he deserved a chance.

“He’s not really had an opportunity while the other two [David Nugent and Chris Martin] had had their chance and we needed to freshen it up. We were certainly rewarded by giving him that opportunity.”

Pointed out that it was a brave decision to leave out Nugent out at Portman Road where he has scored 10 in eight games.

“I know," laughed Rowett. "He only told about six people that he’s never not scored at Ipswich! But it’s such a difficult decision and that was part of my thought process

“But also part of my thought process was who might we play at Sheffield United on Monday and Nuge has been excellent at home.

“Sam’s goals will give me that decision to make but physically it will be hard for any of that front four to go again with that same zip and pace.

“But Nuge has been great and, like you say, I think he’s scored every time he’s played here. But I’m just not one for those types of statistics; you’d pick every player against their former club.

“For me you have to pick the right team in your mind and I think we got that just about right today."

He added: “I think that’s the biggest win of the season for us today because of the way we had to do it.

“I thought Waghorn’s delivery is probably the best I’ve ever seen in terms, just of his pace. We saw that in the home game where he set the goal up and it was right on the money, it’s so difficult to defend those moments.

“I’m disappointed with the area they scored in, within the posts, three or four yards out, that was poor marking.

"As soon as Ipswich scored their goal they then put you under pressure, like a dog with a bone. They get a chance, they get a lifeline in the game they perhaps didn’t deserve and they go for it.

“They’ll try and hunt you down and make it difficult and in the end we had a left-back playing left wing, we had a right-back playing holding midfielder and we were just trying to stop them from getting that chance that would get them back in the game.”

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Smithy added 18:19 - Dec 30

martin587 added 18:21 - Dec 30
What's gone wrong since we beat them away Mick.🤔

jas0999 added 18:26 - Dec 30
Yes, Derby are a better side and Evans needs to take some responsibility for not investing enough in recent seasons (playing squad). Yet, the negative tactics, particularly at home is inexcusable. We let them attack us. Why? It was never going to work. Poor team selections, picking his favourites regardless of whether they are rubbish, slating the fans, letting ego get in the way of what’s best for the team etc. Etc. Etc. Things won’t change under Mick. Evans does need to invest - but if the manager is likely to change in the Summer I don’t see it. I doubt he would spend even if Mick is to stay. Mid table very likely. Fewer season ticket sales likely. The club continues to decline. Poor attendance from us today - again.

marco007 added 18:26 - Dec 30
Honest assessment from an honest but dour manager.
Unfortunately, unless we invest we are going nowhere.
I think we all realise that MM and his negative tactics are never going to push us to the next level and if championship football is all we have to aspire to then at the least it should be entertaining!
I can’t be bothered to return this season as it’s so dull

SheptonMalletBlue added 18:27 - Dec 30
Blah Blah Blah

RobITFC added 18:28 - Dec 30
No ambition!! I would rather see the younger players get a chance than take on over aged , unfit , loan players, very boring!!

baxter7 added 18:33 - Dec 30
Same bulls--t from McCarthy just go and do one

TimmyH added 18:34 - Dec 30
Won 11 drawn 3 lost 11 - I said after the Derby fluky away win it's consistency we need and have we had it absolutely not!!...this club is very tiring to follow, we need change. McCarthy's time is over.

Give the supporters some hope Evans even if it is until May we have to wait...

Bowls1e added 18:37 - Dec 30
Rotten from top to bottom this club!

12th_Man added 18:41 - Dec 30
Was expecting to lose today but was hoping for a bit of fight

blue75 added 18:44 - Dec 30
At least McCarthy didn’t give up when derby went 2 up. No explanation as to why Smith didn’t come on for Webster. Had your team start with the same attitude we had at 2 down we might have won that!! But that’s not the McCarthy way hang on to the 70th minute and try to nick it!! Not good enough for our club!! Yes the injuries are unbelievable but they’ve happened McCarthy hasn’t had to change formations even though he’s missing 8 midfielders says a lot about our style of play. Time McCarthy was gone get a new manager in by the end of January then he’d have the rest of the season to assess the squad before a summer clear out!!

alfromcol added 18:50 - Dec 30
Save your money Marcus until you have got rid of McCarthy.

heathen66 added 18:51 - Dec 30
They did not look considerably better when we decided to keep the ball on the floor and try to win the game, however they did when we sat back and hoofed it to an isolated Garner.
It is about attitude Mick, and only when it was 2-0 did you do anything about it.
This is IMO why Evans will not give you any money, as he can see what you have done with Sears, Ward and Celina, who were exciting offensive players when they arrived and now spend 80% of their time doing defensive duties covering for wandering full backs.

horsehollerer added 18:52 - Dec 30
There was nothing negative about us today. We didn't let Derby attack us. They were absolutely brilliant in the first half and our formation was a bit off. We simply couldn't cope with them. Second half we changed it around and attacked them throughout, with some nice football at times and many good crosses which caused a lot of panic in their box. They were time-wasting and playing for the corners by the end. Very unfair and a little lazy to put this down to MM's negative tactics, IMO.

Suffolkboy added 18:54 - Dec 30
It's very sad we've so many ,and younger, players suffering injuries ; what great promise they have shown and talents they bring ,but it does emphasise how physically demanding the Championship level football is .
Nydam, Downes, Adeyami( really looked good ) ,Dozell , Bishop& Hyam , Hyws are , or could be the envy of many .
So why oh why do so many believe we've an unending supply of youngsters fit and physically able to play at this level?
As to MM, he's from Yorkshire and quite willing to call a spade a spade ,but I know too well from experience this approach isn't welcome in the ' softer ' south ; the man is always honest ,but I think rightly expresses frustration at the sometimes complete lack of public understanding !
His total objectivity is uncompromising , but I don't think he's ever into flannel ,for players,supporters ,press or his employers ; he remains true to his standards and beliefs -- so why can't we turn into true supporters and really trust and appreciate the remarkable on field efforts of our ,unfortunately , currently under strength team ; they never stop trying ,but inevitably are sometimes beaten by a more talented ,and enormously expensively assembled opposition !
Come on you Blues !

Rensham added 19:19 - Dec 30
Mick McCarthy ""No but, yeah but, no but, yeah but................ "

Rensham added 19:28 - Dec 30
Once in while it would be nice for MM to prove that he is actually bothered about managing Ipswich Town. It not his job to endlessly praise all the other teams in the Championship. Its a deflection tactic to avoid the real issues. The big question is whether he can he achieve anything at this club with this team in the next 4 month

Lathers added 19:38 - Dec 30
True statement, but are we now just a club that accepts it when we lose at home by saying 'they were better''? When did we become that club? Is this McCarthy's way of saying we aren't good enough and he can't produce the goods with what he has? Yes of course it is. So once again we are back to the question of what are we going to do about it? Mr Evans over to you and the January transfer window... and if you sell Bart then that will answer a million questions too!

exeterblue10 added 19:46 - Dec 30
Horsehollerer, you saw the same game I saw. There was a gulf in class and without spending big it's difficult to compete sadly. Add to that a makeshift midfield and we were always going to struggle. Not a great fan of MM but there's nothing he's said in this interview that I'd disagree with.

Wickets added 19:49 - Dec 30
Iorfa on for the injured Webster instead of Tommy was of course the more attacking option and as we where losing it was correct IMO.

Gatehouse added 19:55 - Dec 30
Half Term report super Mick a good start signs of improvement and encouragement then a few results go against us and of course the injuries so what do you do - revert to type. You seem blinkered beyond belief forever picking a negative back 7 regardless of form or opposition ok our front 4 can be a test for any defense but unless they create the chances our missing midfield offer them and us very little. Time and time again you have wasted opportunities to try or change something new why have you never given Rowe a chance or Ken lock a run in the team and heaven forbid change chambers with smith you seem far to content to get a nil nil but when the opposition score and ruin your plan you have no plan b potential exciting players such as ward and sears are shadows of the players they were the whole team like you seam dull and negative I know you can hide behind lack of funds and a poor injury record but the longer you stay the further my club will suffer after years of treading water eventually you just give up and drown we are all slowly drowning in apathy and negativity heaven forbid you are here next year but if you are me like 10,000 other fans won't be will the last one out please turn off the light RIP ITFC

heathen66 added 20:06 - Dec 30
The gulf in squads did not stop Bristol City beating Man Utd
The manager sent his team out to win a game of football playing to his teams strengths and not always looking at what the opposition are doing and just trying to stop them.
Now they are in the Cup there is a thought !!!

Mark added 20:12 - Dec 30
“...because I’ll not be going out and buying players."

Why not? I thought we were told recently by Milne that there is money to spend? Webster was very good today and we need to find more players (in various positions) of his ilk.

Seasider added 20:19 - Dec 30
The headline sums it up nicely,and this was a quote from McCarthy.

It is dis-heartening when you hear you Manager saying that,even though it is true;and he again,as in most interviews recently mentioned his injuries in midfield,and the better more costly players on opposing side

What was most disturbing was how he says it is going to be a difficult January,intimating that he will only be able to bring loan players in.

This is the depths to which the once proud Ipswich Town have sunk since the glorified ticket tout Evans took us over.

Sigh !!!

prebbs007 added 20:28 - Dec 30
Just go away McCarthy. You’re a dried up,past it,stubborn ,rude,obnoxious moron. Devoid of any plan B who selects his proper bloke favourites regardless of ability or form. It has to end. You MUST go now. Get Gary Monk in while he’s available. Young ambitious manager who likes to play football the right way on the floor and in an attacking form not by playing 7 at the back at home and hoofing it towards our 5ft10 striker even though he’s good in the air. You’re time is up. Let me know when you’ve packed your stuff and I will drive you back to Barnsley myself. No one wants you here anymore. Thanks for keeping us up but we have zero chance of top 6 with you in charge. Bye bye dead man walking.

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