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Bialkowski Again Linked With Palace
Sunday, 14th Jan 2018 15:34

Blues keeper Bartosz Bialkowski is again being linked with Premier League Crystal Palace.

According to The Sun, the Eagles are willing to pay £3.5 million for the 30-year-old with the Blues wanting more than £4 million.

Town are said to be resigned to Bialkowski, the club’s Player of the Year for the last two seasons, but want to hold on to him until the summer.

Reports of Palace interest in the former Southampton and Notts County man first surfaced a fortnight ago but the South Londoners’ immediate interest in Bialkowski is understood to have cooled and they are believed to be on the verge of signing Getafe’s Vicente Guaita.

Bialkowski missed yesterday’s 1-0 victory over Leeds due to a calf strain, which may have led to today’s renewed link, however, manager Mick McCarthy firmly dismissed suggestions that he might have been omitted due to an impending move.

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12th_Man added 15:44 - Jan 14
So much for him being injured

jas0999 added 15:46 - Jan 14
I sincerely hope he doesn’t move on. But I’d say the odds of him staying aren’t good.

muccletonjoe added 15:46 - Jan 14
"The Sun" ... nuff said

shortmarine1969 added 15:56 - Jan 14
3.5 Mil should be turned to flat.!!

shortmarine1969 added 15:57 - Jan 14
turned down , that's meant to read.

casanovacrow added 16:07 - Jan 14
"The Sun" might as well be "The Onion"

ArnieM added 16:44 - Jan 14
I’d heard Town had reached the figure WE want to clear , but that is the top figure Palace would offer - however out of that fee we’d have to pay some to NC so won’t ckear the fee we want to get for him.

Personally I don’t think he is injured. And info yhinknhell leave us this window.?

hampstead_blue added 16:45 - Jan 14
He has earned the chance to play at a higher level.
We can't begrudge him that.

I am sure he will act properly and hope we can get a good price for him.


Bluetone added 16:59 - Jan 14
Evans, McCarthy and Milne all have one thing in common - the willingness to treat our club's fans with disrespect and suitable fodder to be lied too.

Currie10 added 17:09 - Jan 14
The fact Pickford, the most overrated keeper I have ever seen play the game went for over £20 mill makes me want at least £10 mill for Bart.

Yes, he's not English.
Yes, he's not as young as Pickford.

However, he IS a good keeper unlike Pickford.

It's all well and good clubs spending £££££££ on POTENTIAL, but when we have a player like Bart who is already the REAL DEAL and better than what these clubs have they need to get real and pay up.


therein61 added 17:51 - Jan 14
After a clean sheet from proper bloke "gerks" yesterday even though he still flaps like someone getting the washing in when and if he leaves his goal line our great leader will now consider him a favourite shoe in so the writings on the wall re Bart he will be gone and the manager can have yet more commission from the tax loss empire for putting more in the coffers re cresswell, mings et al I thought we had a manager but he acts more like an agent!!!!!!!!

midastouch added 17:55 - Jan 14
Palace are so tight! I was talking to a Palace fan yesterday and according to him they were looking to pay the release clause of the Getafe goalie which is apparently 4 million and they said they'd pay 4 million and 1 pound, that's an A. Wenger style stunt! If we sell BB for 3.5 million I'd be raging! Even 4 million is small beer. I read that Norwich are looking to sell Pritchard to the Terriers for 14 million! The money washing around the Prem now is massive. Palace look much more secure now in the league, they can easily pay a lot more than 4 million. If we sell ourselves short in the transfer market yet again with such a deal then my morale for the powers that be at ITFC (which is already at rock bottom!) will have been strangled to death!

Taricco_Fan added 18:03 - Jan 14
£8m or GTFO.

OwainG1992 added 18:31 - Jan 14
Palace are meant to be getting that Guaita I think it's spelt. Classic lazy writing from The Scum!

TimmyH added 19:02 - Jan 14
This is getting boring...so they dropped interest for a few days then?

massivemole added 19:18 - Jan 14
3.5 mil now or nothing at the season. Bad business practice again!!!!!

Jimmy86 added 19:22 - Jan 14
3.5 million is a pitiful amount for a bloody good keeper and from a premier league team. I have no idea why we haven't triggered the extra year on his deal, if teams are looking at him!! Coz then if they don't pay the asking price we have him for an extra season. Win, win in my eyes

Ferguson added 20:14 - Jan 14
Evans will sell, was always going to sell, our best talent. And of course we won't need to replace like for like. No disrespect to Gerken.

football89 added 20:28 - Jan 14
I would suspect the club are valueing Bartosz based on an 18 month contract and I don't know how these things work but is it a possibility we have to pay a bonus for extending the contract in which case it would make financial sense to wait until the end of January before activating the clause in case he does move on.

BlueandTruesince82 added 21:25 - Jan 14
Midas, Pritchard has gone for what I believe is £11 mil.

If Barts wants to go we will go.... He could commute to palace for training from Ipswich if he wanted so no need to uproot his family.... the club is according to reports asking over £4 mil so lets hope we stick to our guns we, have before. Less would seem cheap and I would take Hennessey in px no doubt Bart saves numerous points per season so a good replacement needed.

carsey added 21:49 - Jan 14
How about just saying no.

JimmyP45 added 22:34 - Jan 14
£4mil for our best player and the one who saves us from losing almost every game.

Goalkeepers can play til they are 40. Bart should be worth at least £6-8mil

KiwiBlue2 added 23:58 - Jan 14
Given the prices quoted for other keepers they are simply trying to get Bart on the cheap. They clearly realise that we are always willing to 'cash in' on at least one of our best players each year. If Sergeant Schultz (Milne) and Colonel Klink (Evans) were smarter they would not accept 4m and be looking for at least 7m in the summer. If however they cannot restrain themselves and accept 4m then we should get Speroni free as part of the deal.
Palace appearing to back off is just part of the game to put us under pressure as is mention of the other 'target' who is not proven in English football at any sort of level. Its all getting very tedious........ mogadon anyone......

PJewellisaGod added 01:26 - Jan 15
We should offer Bart a new contract with a minimum fee release clause of 7 million. If they want him they should pay what he is actually worth. If our club wants angry fans they'll sell him for under 4 million.

HARRY10 added 08:40 - Jan 15
That would be a bit pointless, as he still has to agree to the contract. The bottom line is that Palace can offer him far higher wages. For us to try and block his move if he wants to go would certainly backfire if only that it would other players wary of joining a club that behaved in such a fashion

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