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McCarthy: Youngster Nydam Getting Stick Was Appalling
Thursday, 15th Mar 2018 17:49

Blues boss Mick McCarthy was appalled that young midfielder Tristan Nydam was on the end of some fans’ ire during Tuesday’s fractious 3-0 home defeat to Hull City and was pleased to learn the majority of supporters had condemned their actions.

“I thought that was appalling and those who did it, I think they’re a disgrace because he’s a young kid and he’s a good player for the club,” McCarthy said.

“I asked him this morning how he felt and he said he didn’t hear it but I don’t know, I bet he didn’t know it was directed at him.

“It wasn’t singling him out, it was just the fact that he didn’t control the ball or he gave the ball away and they were ‘oo-ing’ at him. They should be giving him more encouragement than that.

“It’s sad actually that he had to come into the team when that was likely to happen. It’s sad for Ben Morris, who made his debut, but I’m sure Ben will remember his debut whatever.”

Told that the majority of fans would, on that issue at least, be singing from the same song sheet as he is, he added: “Good, I would hope I am. I would think I would be as well. Over my five and half years here the vast majority have been very supportive and lots of them continue to be that way.

“But, yes, 59-year-old fella who has been around the block a few times is one thing, 18-year-old kid that could set him back a long way.

“I’m glad you’re telling me that and I hope that’s the way people are feeling, that it’s wrong to do that to him.”

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ArnieM added 17:54 - Mar 15
You’re just a bared faced LIAR MCCARTHY! F luck off NOW!

I was at the game Tuesday night and Town fans did NOT have a go at any individual players. YOU however, we did.

peonic added 17:59 - Mar 15
@ArnieM You should pay more attention at the game fella, there was clearly a reaction from the crowd when Nydam mis-controlled or misplaced a couple of passes, and it wasn't a positive reaction.

blue75 added 17:59 - Mar 15
Wasn’t there but I find it hard to believe our fans would single out Nydam for abuse.

Bert added 18:03 - Mar 15
Really ArnieM ? The derision aimed at players was most definitely there for all to hear.

jas0999 added 18:10 - Mar 15
Sadly, I’m afraid there was some abuse aimed at Nydam when he misplaced a pass. I have to agree with Mick on this one - whatever the frustration and boy there is some - a youngster shouldn’t be booed.

BigscarfAl added 18:24 - Mar 15
Perhaps Mick should go into politics! He is certainly unpopular enough. By highlighting a bit of stick directed at Nydam, he is trying to deflect the more stick which should be coming his way because of his own failings. Strange how Nydam didn’t notice, until Mick pointed it out. Probably an excuse not to play any academy players in the future.

Wickets added 18:35 - Mar 15
Naughty naughty Mick you are using a young man for your own agenda, sure there was a small amount of frustrated noise, NOT BOOING, when the young man lost control once and maybe twice but to keep going on about it and to claim it was worse than it was ,is in my opinion worse than the actual offence.

NoelTheDub added 18:43 - Mar 15
McCarthy you are the very reason why players are getting a bad reaction years of this crap so called out dated football.Fans cant stomach our team playing this way even when a young lad makes a mistake its hard to take years of rotten football been seen under your tenure is the root cause of fans frustrated reactions to players young or old justified or not. Im all for a lad getting a start but this is not the way to teach a youngster to pass a ball mostly backwards or up in the air all our young raw talent are plying their trade at teams who support football as it should be...GET OUT ..

ipswichben added 18:46 - Mar 15
My 140 mile round trip on Tuesday was truly awful and compounded by the A14 being shut on the home and making my journey 40 mins longer but my main memory was fans booing and harking at Nydam when he misplaced a header and one pass. I’m not Mick In or Out but he is right with this comment, I’m sure I’m just another fan who won’t attend again this season because of such negativity all round. Fingers crossed for a fresh start next season in any respect. No Mick or Mick with money to spend and reduced ticket prices.

1RWR added 18:47 - Mar 15
I was there Tuesday & yes, there was frustration at every player mis-passing, not just poor old Nydam, every player. I have to agree with MM, a 'tut-tut' or silent groan is ok, but continued 'booing' at one or more players is not on, sorry.
HOWEVER, it doesn't detract from the utter utter frustration the fans have and sadly, because of you MM, again sorry, but that's how it is.

TimmyH added 18:47 - Mar 15
Sadly before the game I felt Nydam was thrown in at the deep end with some of the midfielders around him on the starting sheet...I'm not one for booing players but if that was the case and being young then that was out of order but to boo MM I don't have a problem with...he was the nit-wit that put out that rather bewildering starting 11.

Wickets added 18:48 - Mar 15
As for Ben Morris, he got plenty of support but if you were worried about him you could have given him his debut in next away game instead of throwing him into that atmosphere! as our season is over.

Seasider added 18:55 - Mar 15
Well Tristan didn't hear it Mick,and neither did I,even though I had my deaf aids in.

Certainly it wasn't much,so no need to make such a big thing about it.

It makes me laugh when our Manager says you know me,I don't moan about things.
Hmm,not too sure about that?.You have mentioned the lack of financial support you get loads of times recently,comparing Ipswich with just about any club that has spent more than us,which isn't difficult.Recently it has also been the state of the pitch,which isn't great;but Hull played on the same one and scored 3 goals,admittedly against a weak side.Of course it is now the lack of support from the terraces.

I hope that Marcus Evans is waiting for the International break,which will coincide with the season ticket touting, to announce our great managers departure.

However I reckon its' evens 'at best so wont put any money on it;thats if the bookies have opened a book on it.

Suffolk_n_Good added 19:22 - Mar 15
My thoughts exactly Wickets, this man has his own agenda, if the crowd reaction worries him that much he could of delayed playing Nydam & Morris for one more match couldn’t he?? (Heaven knows Morris has waited long enough!!)

carsey added 19:28 - Mar 15
This is just McCarthy trying to deflect the criticism of him and his appalling football.

Nazemariner added 19:33 - Mar 15
What an absolute pile of sh1te McCarthy!

There was a groan of annoyance when Nydam gave the ball away, but other than that he was not singled out for abuse any of the fans.

There seems to be a concerted effort from the manager to attack the fans at every opportunity. He is devisive, and must be shown the door as soon as possible.

ip5w1ch added 19:35 - Mar 15
I’m not a fan of the local press but they had the decency to post a full transcript of McCarthy’s press conference

Q: Was the worst thing Tristan Nydam getting stick? A minority getting on the back of a young, homegrown player?

A: I thought that was appalling and to those who did it, I think they are a disgrace. He’s a young kid and he’s a good player for the club.

I asked him how he was this morning and he said he didn’t hear it. I don’t know.

I don’t think they singled him out, but they should be giving him more encouragement.

It’s sad actually that he had to come into the team in those circumstances. It’s sad for Ben Morris that he made his (league) debut in that.

So he’s specifically asked about Nydam and he replies. Nydam had a tough half and there’s no doubt the crowds reaction won’t have helped. End of story.

blueheartXT added 19:36 - Mar 15
I wasnt there and haven't been there this season i'm still agreived with the fans booing our players last year and that is the reason I've stayed away nothing to do whats been on offer.

I feel very sorry for mick and still think he acheives miracles with what budget he gets given.

I don't think the footballs been the best at times and sometimes disagree with selection but I do think were lucky to have him and worry if the budgets the same who's gonna do a better job.

Those that boo there own players are NOT Ipswich town supporters it is not the ipswich way or a football supporters way (hang your heads in shame and stay away or go and support Man city.

Ive supported ipswich for 35 years and that will never change

Blue041273 added 19:52 - Mar 15
I can’t believe that Tristan had any abuse directed towards him. In the area where I was sitting it was almost universally agreed that he was the midfield spark in an otherwise dull midfield selection. It might not have been his best game but it was a travesty that he was removed at half time when other players only initially got selected ahead of scarecrows because of their ability to walk around.

jas0999 added 19:55 - Mar 15
Billy Baxter - thanks for the down vote. So, despite your constant support of MM you disagree with me that a youngster shouldn’t be booed? Please explain.

black_shuck added 20:21 - Mar 15
Big nosed big mouth bully using an Academy player to divert criticism from himself.


black_shuck added 20:29 - Mar 15
Who was the brainless tw*t who stuck him in a team with 6 changes and a midfield that had never played a few minutes together let alone a whole match.

The real reason you played Nydam and Morris was because you wanted to lose so you could say to the fans "I told you so"

You think that's a bit screwd up? But Mick is threatening to sign a new contract just to piss the fans off. He

He needs psychological help. He's a narcissist bully. A really nasty bit of work.
No wonder the academy players don't develop.

heathen66 added 20:41 - Mar 15
Whatever the rights or wrongs of Tuesday, this is the fault of one person, and one person only....and that is you Mr McCarthy.
You seem to be waspy with every question that is asked that you don't like prior to the game and it seemed to most that you wanted to 'teach us' by selecting a side that was never going to win a game.
The stick was aimed at you and no one else, but unfortunately some innocent people got caught up by association.
Perhaps you should have thought about that in your team selection, instead of sending lambs to the slaughter

Wickets added 20:49 - Mar 15
Large slice of pot kettle as well coming from Mick as Kundai Benyu , who admittedly had many problems while at the club, could testify!!

LWNR2013 added 21:49 - Mar 15
Tuesday night....
Apathy was palpable. Not the fans fault.
Chanting - blah blah blah your football is xxxxx Justifiable.
Sarcastic response towards individual players inc Nydam - WRONG & SHAMEFUL
Cheering our passing - Embarrassing. Remember Keane? We cheered the opposition - Acceptable.
I could go on and but can’t be bothered

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