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Hurst Confirms Oshilaja Move But Yet to Decide on Dozzell Loan
Saturday, 11th Aug 2018 18:47

Town boss Paul Hurst has confirmed the Blues tried to sign AFC Wimbledon skipper Deji Oshilaja in the closing hours of the transfer window on Thursday and says he is currently undecided whether Andre Dozzell will be sent out on loan, although he has spoken to Tristan Nydam about potentially going out for a spell.

“We were interested but a deal couldn’t be done,” Hurst said regarding centre-half Oshilaja, who was the player TWTD reported the Blues boss was looking to make his 10th summer signing in the couple of hours between his Thursday press conference and the window closing.

“We felt the valuation was too high for a player that’s available on a free contract in January and while for some people it’s easy to say, ‘Just pay whatever it takes’ you’ve got to feel like a fair deal has been agreed and we didn’t feel that was the case.”

Could it be a deal he resurrects on loan? “We’ll see, I’m not sure whether a loan deal would be happening there. But let’s see what these next weeks bring.”

Asked whether he is going to send Dozzell out on loan, he said: “No, I had a chat with Andre.. I say no, I’ll explain the situation.

“He’s still nowhere near where he needs to be realistically. We did some testing with him yesterday and we’ve got to make a decision what’s best for him, whether it is to go out and try and get some games.

“But we had a conversation among the staff and people in a better place than me to comment on the physicality side of it - if he does go out, is he going to give himself the best chance of impressing?

“What I don’t want is Andre to get even more frustrated and disappointed because I don’t think he’s really in the position to really do himself full justice as yet.

“At moments, yes. I explained it, and he’s a lot better than I am, but it’s like me joining in training. I might do one or two things that are alright but I can’t go out there and play.

“But Andre, like the pass against West Ham, he can do some things, but is it fair and is he really going to be at his best?

“He’s a very, very talented player who should have a very big future for the football club. I’ve got a duty of care for him now as his manager and we want to make the best decision for Andre moving forward.”

So as it stands he won’t be going out? “It’s in-between. We’ll probably have another discussion on that, but anyone that’s perhaps looking at it and shouting for Andre to be in the team will have to trust me, that’s not the best way forward for the player or us at the minute.”

Hurst says he has talked to Nydam, who along with Dozzell wasn’t in today’s squad, about going out on loan, while Flynn Downes would have travelled to Rotherham had he not been ill.

“I’ve spoken to Tristan and that’s something we’ve had a conversation about,” he said. “Flynn was in the squad but he was sick after training yesterday.

“We felt it was a virus, a bug so we didn’t want him travelling up with us. The plan was that if he was OK today to maybe travel up but he still hadn’t really eaten and the last thing I wanted was him in or around the group and ultimately I don’t think he would have been anywhere close to being at his best to be part of the squad.”

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blueplumber added 19:09 - Aug 11
Got to admit. Starting to get worried. We've got great youth players dozzell being a star. Downes. Kenlock. Emanuel. Most played west ham and looked great. Now we playing others ahead of them. Can't see how that helps us.
Especially artun from Fulham. We're giving him experience when I think dozzell is better and ours... how does that work

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:16 - Aug 11
Dozzell still building but rather he stays and builds that here.

Downes would have been in the squad.

Nydam, a loan would be ideal, still a little lightweight and a season of L1 or 2 would be ideal.

Unlucky today by the sounds of it...

GTRKing added 19:17 - Aug 11
Dozzell not match fit and Downs was feeling unwell that's why we didn't play them

BlueandTruesince82 added 19:17 - Aug 11
Building fitness that is.

Must look after him.

SamWhiteUK added 19:18 - Aug 11
Was misled by the headline. Thought he was coming here!

superbob added 19:18 - Aug 11
Dozzells not match fit. He's been out 12 months and at is age, when he is still naturally developing thats a long time. He needs to spend some in the gym building his strength up. When he's fit, he will play.. I'm sure

iaintaylorx added 19:21 - Aug 11
We can’t let Doz leave on loan... Just play him in bits here at Ipswich. Will benefit him more than a few months loan to a League 1 side. Take us Skusey’s spot after 60 minutes and play him as a deep lying playmaker. Skuse is tiring the last 25 minutes nowadays.

blueplumber added 19:25 - Aug 11
You need to play matches to get match fit.
Even if it starts 25 mins and build up.
He played against West Ham. That was 2 weeks ago

Vic added 19:27 - Aug 11
Blue plumber- did you actually read what Hurst said? He explained quite clearly why he isnt playing at the moment!

blueplumber added 19:34 - Aug 11
Not fit. But as I tried to say how do you get fit unless you play
I'm not expecting every game or all games. But just worrying our youngsters are being bypassed . That wasn't what I was expecting after watching the wdzt ham game

muhrensleftfoot added 19:46 - Aug 11
Accept that Dozzell isn't match fit and it looks as though Hurst doesn't want him to go on loan. Let's get him match fit ASAP. I'm more concerned about Nydam. He is match fit, and should be in the squad ahead of the Fulham youngster. Ok the Fulham youngster looks good, but he's not ours, and therefore shouldn't be picked ahead of one of our own equally talented youngsters.

jas0999 added 19:54 - Aug 11
I see no point sending Dozzell out on loan and keeping one of Fulham’s youngsters who has LESS championship experience! Madness!

bluehook added 20:10 - Aug 11
jas0999 can you read?
Check the story above ffs. Hurst clearly explains the Dozzell position.
Try and read it and understand.

PositivelyPortman added 20:12 - Aug 11
Do you only read the headline jas0999?
Look at the article and let it sink in.

Toronto_Tractor added 20:17 - Aug 11
Reading the article eats into valuable commenting time.

Monkey_Blue added 20:20 - Aug 11
Nydam should be in the squad ahead of the Edun and I’m wondering given Dozzell has done pretty much the same work in Pre season as the others why he’s so far off?

Talbs77 added 20:39 - Aug 11
Let Dozzell stay and get match fit here it’s obvious Hurst rates him very highly.

Nydam in the other hand could do with a loan move.

timkatieadamitfc added 20:44 - Aug 11
Why was he on the bench last week then if he’s not fit enough?

jas0999 added 20:57 - Aug 11
For those challenging me, I fully stand by my opinion. I read the article in full AND DISAGREE. Dozzell should be in the squad. No if buts or maybe. I see little point of a Fulham youngster being drafted in. Dozzell should be starting. End of. He looked great in pre season. That ball against West Ham was outstanding.

Talbs77 added 21:16 - Aug 11
Jas0999 I don’t think anyone is disagreeing with you but the boys been out for 12 months and needs time and it’s unfair to blame him not being included due to Artun whose done well.

Let’s stay positive people, I am worried with the tough run of games coming up but we all wanted change and we have to keep faith and believe.

jonwatson75 added 22:06 - Aug 11
Nolan was excellent today. Dozzell needs to get fit. End of!
Nolan will be a class player for us. He looks a real star! He was terrific today

toxtethblue added 22:19 - Aug 11
He can get fit in the reserves, he doesn't need to go out on loan to get fit surely?

Elto added 22:34 - Aug 11

One pass in a friendly does not mean he is ready to start. The rest of your post reads like the utterances of an entitled, spoiled child.

2 games in and you already distrust the manager. I honestly don't know why you bother, you appear constantly bitter with all things ITFC, year after year.

Toronto_Tractor added 23:25 - Aug 11

truckerblue added 23:33 - Aug 11
The headline is a load of Bollox. Not decided??? Shouldn't even be in his thoughts. Probably the best player at the club right now so he should stay here and help us not some other team. Yes wrap him in cotton wool for as long as it takes but the only team he should play for before his big money move should be itfc.

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