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Hurst: Both Goals Were Very Avoidable
Saturday, 15th Sep 2018 18:18

Blues boss Paul Hurst was again left bemoaning defensive mistakes after Town fell to a 2-0 defeat at Hull City as they continue to wait for their first win under his management. Jarrod Bowen netted in the third minute for the Tigers, then sub Jackson Irvine sealed the victory for the home side a minute from time.

“We didn’t start the game well enough, not just the goal, just overall and gave Hull probably a shot of confidence that we’d spoken about not doing and trying to build some pressure,” Hurst said.

“A big contribution from ourselves in terms of the goal but we didn’t win enough headers, we didn’t win enough second balls probably until the last 10 minutes of the first half.

“Then I thought we had a good spell and I thought we started the second half brightly but ultimately we didn’t get a goal when we were on top again, something we’d spoken about.

“And then in the end we gave away, I don’t want to take anything away from the Hull lads, but both goals were very avoidable and while I’m not saying we would have got that equaliser, the second goal just kills it altogether, a terrible decision on our part.

“So overall, we’ve been punished again for mistakes. We’ve relied on Dean to make a couple of good saves.

“We’ve had situations and again we can talk about how many saves the keeper makes, I fully accept that, but they were situations where they should be making saves and we haven’t shown enough quality to force them into action.”

While most of the goals Town have conceded this season have come from set pieces, Hull caused the Blues more problems from open play, certainly after the break with Bowen a particular threat.

“At times, second half perhaps when it got a bit more stretched,” Hurst reflected. “We changed formation in an attempt to try and get that equaliser so maybe you leave yourselves a little bit more vulnerable.

“But I didn’t think there was much in the game, to be honest. In the first half there was the goal and the next best opportunity that they had initially, both came from our mistakes.

“If you keep making mistakes, the higher up you go, they’re going to take them more often than not.

“They did take one of them and that made the task a lot more difficult than it needed to be and then didn’t get on the end of things. Balls in the box, we’re not quite there. We have a great ball in and should get an attempt at goal and it ends up us not even getting a shot at goal. That’s making life extremely difficult for yourselves.”

Having played Jon Walters behind Kayden Jackson against Norwich Hurst reverted to only one striker with the Irish international taking that role.

“We just felt that looking at how they played that would suit us best today,” the Blues manager explained. “And Jon, giving him that opportunity to play as the out-and-out striker, I think he did that pretty well at times.

“When we went to two up front [in the second half], maybe we were pushing forward a bit more anyway, but that was when more of the issues occurred in terms of getting caught.

“The second goal was a terrible mistake, as we spoke about, but where the lad actually picks the ball up initially from the first header that we lose, if we’ve got three [midfielders] in there he’s probably not going to get the time that he did.

“We can debate that all day long but the way that you play ultimately, if you play well enough you could play whatever system you want. I genuinely don’t believe the system is the problem.

“Keeping the ball out of our own net is certainly one of them and not being ruthless enough or having maybe a enough desire to get on the end of something is a bigger problem to me, that I see rather than actually how we set up in the first place.”

Hurst admits that the longer the wait for a win goes on the more it can become a mental block.

“I would say so, I’m sure everyone is concerned with the situation that we’re in and the run of form that we’re on, or run of results certainly,” he added.

“I think that was probably, certainly that first half an hour, the poorest we’ve been. I think we’ve been in every game. We still had plenty of time to get in it [after conceding early on] and that’s what we spoke about.

“The goal did look as though it knocked any confidence and it took us time to recover from that. Thankfully we weren’t any further behind and probably didn’t give up that many chances in that first period, I would suggest.

“But it’s going to be like a weight on your shoulders, there’s no getting away from that. I’ve said from the start, I’m not going to pretend, of course it is, and until that result does come, that’s always going to be there.”

Town, bottom of the table, now face an important week with Brentford visiting Portman Road on Tuesday and Bolton next Saturday.

“Yes, and a nice easy one against Brentford to start,” he reflected. “Second in the table and I’d say arguably most people would suggest one of the best footballing teams in the league, if not the best, playing a system with one up front that’s very fluid. They score goals, keep clean sheets, so it couldn’t be a much bigger test for us.

“But it’s one that we’ve got to try and rise to and that’s what it’s about. I can only say how I know I will approach it in the next few days in terms of having a desire to get that victory and in the end my players.

“I’m not trying to say ‘us and them’ or anything like that, we’re all in this together, but the big advantage that the players have is going out there on the pitch and actually being able to try and do something about it. In some ways that’s easier than the task I’ve got at the minute.”

Hull manager Nigel Adkins was thoroughly delighted with the afternoon, his side having ended a run of three successive Championship defeats at the KCOM Stadium from the start of the season.

“Three points, clean sheet, first home victory of the season, dogged performance, well done to the players and well done to the supporters,” he said.

“The last home game we played some really good football, today was a little bit different. We started the game really well in respect of scoring a goal from Jarrod Bowen and for me the game was totally stop-start in the first half, there were so many freekicks, there was no flow to the game whatsoever.

“We got in at half-time 1-0 up, we’ve created some good chances in the second half, the goalkeeper’s made two really good saves from Jarrod Bowen and it was that dogged performance.

“We lost Dan Batty with a knee injury in the first half, Kev Stewart coming on for him.

"Towards the end, the second goal we’ve scored, good play from the ball in to Chris Martin, great centre-forward play to put the ball down to Evandro who has threaded a beautiful pass through for Jackson Irvine, who has shown that desire and tenacity to outmuscle the defender and go through and score a really good goal to finish the game off.”

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mow_the_lawn added 18:21 - Sep 15
Pennington’s failed wrong-footed attempt to kick a football heading over the goal and Spence’s attempt to outmuscle Irvine instead of attempting to get to the ball are two amateur mistakes that you’d think wouldn’t need to be coached. Unfortunately we’re carrying too many players at the moment who are making so many costly defensive mistakes we’re not giving the rest of the team the chance to build any attacking confidence as we play in a desperate way. Don’t see why Donacien isn’t starting considering Edun doesn’t get off the bench. Drop Spence, get Donacien back at RB, get Nsiala back alongside Chambers and stick to the basics at the back and take it from there.

muhrensleftfoot added 18:28 - Sep 15
Hurst is like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Says a lot but says nothing. I don't think he knows what to do about the sad state we are in. The bookies don't often get it wrong.

Mark added 18:29 - Sep 15
“But I didn’t think there was much in the game, to be honest."

Hmmm...the stats show Hull had seven shots on target whereas we managed only one. So disappointing.

Why did we sign Donacian for £750k? He started his ITFC career fairly well I thought, but now is not included at all. We all know Spence's limitations, so does Hurst see Spence as our first choice right-back as part of his plan for this season?

groovyASH added 18:30 - Sep 15
Performances and games played at the moment are not the worry; the worry is we have recruited a new spine in the team which is at the moment not proving capable of playing in the Championship. It's a real concern. We don't look like scoring and we always look like we will concede. There's only one outcome to that.

BlueBlood90 added 18:36 - Sep 15
That was an absolutely terrible performance from start to finish. It was McCarthy type hoof ball up to an isolated Jon Walters from start to finish. Hurst seems to be completely incapable of making a substitution until around 15 minutes from the end. I honestly couldn’t pick any player that I would say was our best player today as they were all poor. I’ve been positive about our start to the season regardless of results but we looked like a bottom 3 team today.

Hamish1979 added 18:37 - Sep 15
I am OK to give you time Mr Hurst but I woukd suggest we need to break this duck in the next two games.

kozmik added 18:37 - Sep 15
Oh Dear Oh Dear Oh Dear

itfchorry added 18:37 - Sep 15
You are not going to win football matches
with one up front -

Starting to get very concerned.

WaltonBlueNaze added 18:40 - Sep 15
I would give PH the next 2 home games, to get 4 points if not tell him to jog on back to League 1. Then bring in George Burley with Matt Holland. Today was simply unacceptable after having 2 weeks with the players on the training ground - there needs to be a lot of questioning of PH’s management!

Mr_Jingles added 18:49 - Sep 15
Was always going to be a tough season, breaking away from the dire football under MM. Just need to keep the faith. Worst start for a town manager not a reçord PH wanted though.

woodster added 18:58 - Sep 15
With the summer departures of our forwards we have lost 42 goals (league & cup) from last season (Waggy, Garner, McG & Celina) - crazy!

Suffolkboy added 19:01 - Sep 15
The earlier comment re ' talking about it ' is very relevant ; PH does not sound at all confident ,nor offers any sound projection of how we ARE going to get it right !The headlines amply edify an effort to deflect attention fron our multiple weaknesses .
Who took the decision to sell Webster, Garner & others , and how justified do these sales now look ?
Essentially we remain uncoordinated, lack cohesion and understanding ( and probably quality ) BUT we can't score goals & goals WIN games .
PH seems permanently on the back foot ,already stressing he will remain positive ( as if we needed to know that , it's his job !)and it rather looks as if he can't see the wood for the trees !
Our managerial team are totally unconvincing right now ; being stubborn , determined and from Yorkshire isn't enough : we need the evidence of some wit and scheming intelligence !!
If they can't steer the ship , it'll be time to jump !
COME ON you Blues , let's see everyone from top to bottom pulling their weight and getting some points on board !!

grinch added 19:04 - Sep 15
out of depth it looks we are in trouble with no amswer from the manager Tues looks ominous may be big defeat looking at this side and how he sets it up. Too many changes in summer or changes not of the quality required they dont even look hungry poor Hull team not win at home and we have 1 up front not most sensible choice

DurhamTownFan added 19:05 - Sep 15
Players makes mistakes when they lose confidence and faith in the plan.

What IS the plan right now, Hurst? Do you even know?

I’m trying to stick with you, but you’re not filling me with confidence that you have confidence in yourself and your own ideas

christiand added 19:06 - Sep 15
Surely all goals are preventable? I worry that all the games we have played so far in the league we haven't ever really dominated to give us all those pearls of optimism that better things are just around the corner. If we are all honest, we rarely create 'good' goal-scoring opportunities and the opposition keeper is never overworked. It just seems like Groundhog Day every time we play at the moment. The sudden change of formation, style of play and the amount of players PH continues to use is baffling, it just seems he is a manager that isn't convinced himself of what he is trying to achieve and striving for. I already feel this is the season we finally leave the Championship!!!

TimmyH added 19:13 - Sep 15
'not enough desire to get on the end of something' - that about sums up Ipswich for the last 9 years or so, you as a manager have to change that...

ElephantintheRoom added 19:13 - Sep 15
All goals are avoidable, particularly goals against Hull. You simply have to keep them out. Something poor teams dont do very well.

Karlosfandangal added 19:16 - Sep 15
McCarthy had to go but I said from the start he knew how to keep a team in the Championship.
At the end of the day we all wanted a new up and coming manager and a team that did not have McCarthys mates in the team.

Well you have your wish so enjoy the new style of football and think the players are getting loads of Championship experience ready for storming Division 1 next season.

jas0999 added 19:29 - Sep 15
The squad isn’t good enough and that’s the problem. We look like a relegation threatened side. I really can’t see us winning many games this season. It’s a sorry situation.

Tractorboy1985 added 19:29 - Sep 15
Evans.... you got it seriously wrong.. HURST OUT!!! Give him more time blah blah blah.. we’ll be in league 1 by Xmas!! Number 2 is an absolute arsehole from my source.. players simply not playing for him... evans you have ruined this football club.. I detest you with every bone in my body! People like you and Ashley are ruining the game.. F&&k OFF.. sell the club and I’d rather an owner who has 100k than you coz you clearly don’t want to spend a penny!!

Tractorboy1985 added 19:31 - Sep 15

SickParrot added 19:35 - Sep 15
Well on the plus side we have a manager and lots of players who have a good record in league 1.

norfolkbluey added 19:49 - Sep 15
I'm beginning to think Duncan has returned. I was willing to give PH a chance but to be honest what have we got in exchange for MM? Another Yorkshireman and this time with no experience. There have been some really bad decisions by the board in the past when they refused to splash the extra cash and missed out on almost certain promotion with Joe Royle. It beggars belief what a badly run club ITFC is. Watching from afar now I weep at what we have become. We really need as a club to be much more ambitious. Recently Leeds have done just that after a period of being laissez-fayre. Get a grip ME and take control. Don't go for the cheap option and gamble. Look for experience. You won't make a silk purse out a pig's ear. Look at Fulham, Watford, Bournemouth and Burnley and the way they have progressed. We used to beat Burnley 6-2 not that long ago. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US!!!! The way we lost today is how far we have become since our departure from the top flight. We have to change and quickly or we will slip into the division below and the gates will further decline. AMBITION,AMBITION.

Bluearmy_81 added 20:29 - Sep 15
Time for another PR event I mean interview Mr Evans. You've done well to dine out on the last one this long but the easily taken in and gullible are starting to turn. Get the PR team on it. Careful with the scripted questions, it'll have to be spot on to keep placating the masses!!

Lightningboy added 20:45 - Sep 15
Wish we could press the reset button back 10 years...just left Magilton doing the decent job he was doing & told Evans No Thankyou.

Been a total waste of 10 years #unforgivable

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