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Holland: Horrible Situation at Portman Road
Monday, 22nd Oct 2018 19:20

Legend Matt Holland has expressed his concerns regarding the current situation at Town with the Blues sitting at the foot of the Championship with only one win all season under boss Paul Hurst and says he has heard that owner Marcus Evans has been sounding out potential new managers.

“It’s a horrible situation that’s panning out at Portman Road at the moment. Bottom of the table and not playing particularly well,” former skipper Holland, 44, said on talkSPORT.

“Crowds have held up pretty well, to be honest, there was 18,000 there against QPR at the weekend.

“But speaking to lots of friends and people that go to the games, they said that was probably the lowest they’ve been watching it.

“A close friend of mine left at half-time, he said it was that bad. He said it was the worst he’d seen as an Ipswich Town supporter. It’s really worrying what’s happening to the club at the moment.”

Holland says the club’s summer business is a big factor behind the present predicament.

“The recruitment has not been good enough, simple as that,” he said. “You look at the players who have gone. Martyn Waghorn, £5 million to Derby, Adam Webster to Bristol City, Joe Garner to Wigan, David McGoldrick on a free to Sheffield United. That’s four quality players that you’ve lost.

“In have come a number of players from League One and League Two. Now, I’m not saying that players in League One and League Two can’t make the step up to the Championship, but to ask, say, eight or nine of them to do it at the same time is asking an awful lot of those players.”

Evans was widely believed to have been considering whether to change manager going into the international break and Holland says he had heard that other potential bosses had been talked to.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen and whether a change is going to be made,” he added. “You hear one or two things when you’re involved and you’re close to the club. I’ve heard that Marcus Evans has spoken to other managers and there’s a possibility that something might change.

“I don’t know whether that will change or not. That was a couple of weeks ago I heard that, that he had spoken to other managers. That will be interesting to see.

“You also hear about what’s going on on the training ground and things and by all accounts perhaps man-management has been lacking.

“I’m at a loss really because I’m so upset, a club that I’m so close to. I still live down the road, I go as much as I can, I work on Saturday generally so it’s difficult to go and see the on a weekend, but I go to midweek games.

“I saw them in the first game of the season against Blackburn when they were probably a bit fortunate to get a draw that day as well. It’s a tough right now.”

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uefa1981 added 19:33 - Oct 22
It's that a MH sized CV in that post

Sourdough added 19:34 - Oct 22
Et tu, Brute! Holland applying the coup de grace.

Legend? No way.

trncbluearmy added 19:37 - Oct 22
Bye bye Hurst

Surco72 added 19:38 - Oct 22
Perhaps play one of the league's best keepers in goal , a right back and a left back in their positions , Pennington at centre back with another . Only one defensive midfielder I would go Chalobah as Skuse offers nothing , And for God's sake play two up top to stop teams coming at us so easily .
But agree with Holland you cannot sell all of your best players and not spend the money recruiting that has to go down to Evans though Hurstx signings have been uninspiring especially the forward loans

jas0999 added 19:38 - Oct 22
Completely agree with Holland.

I don’t want to see PH sacked, but in all honesty I can’t see many other alternative.

However, although Hurst must take responsibility for the players he targeted, Evans also had a role to play. He sold our top players. He stood by and sanctioned it. He re invested only 50% of what was received.

Overall, Evans and Hurst must share the blame for this fiasco. The former appointed the latter.

CalmoreBlue added 19:40 - Oct 22
I love Matty Holland and like many of our golden era is a passionate Blue.
I am however a little surprised to see he says ME has spoken to other managers. Is that something that is best not spoken about. Surely that’s the business of the Football club until they wish to make it public.

Suffolkboy added 19:40 - Oct 22
As near as dammit this confirms just what many of us suspect , and I've written about probable trouble ' at t' mill ' up at Playford Rd/ Humber Doucy Lane .
This management team are a disgrace to the good name of ITFC , the traditions of the place and the man management culture nurtured throughout by Mick McCarthy which very sadly remains largely unknown and under appreciated by his deprecators .Alf R and Bobby R each in their own way earned and commanded respect -- there's not a snowballs chance in Hell of PH and CD even starting to step towards the lowest rung on such a ladder .
Sadness envelopes the supporters AND most will more than welcome PH and CD being invited to leave ,and the sooner the better before yet more damage is inflicted !Get out !!
WAKE up Marcus , DO something !!
Up the Blues !

Tractorboy1985 added 19:41 - Oct 22
Sourdough.. 2 words come to mind.. deluded.. idiot

Bluearmy_81 added 19:41 - Oct 22
Nothing will change unless Evans either invests properly (unlikely) or clears off. #Evansout

ShropshireBluenago09 added 19:42 - Oct 22
Oh how we miss a player of his ability right now. Would love to see him as an assistant, along side an experienced manager.

Edmundo added 19:55 - Oct 22
Matt Holland with Burley as number 2. Dream team.

CalmoreBlue added 19:57 - Oct 22
Suffolk boy...Saying their a disgrace is somewhat harsh. Big mistakes have been made and decisions taken that have clearly backfired but a disgrace to our football club?

Tractorboy1985 added 19:59 - Oct 22
Shropshire.. exactly what we need.. some passion coming from the sideline not someone standing with his arms folded gazing into space clueless what to do next... and maybe an arm round the shoulder to a few who are clearly so low on confidence.. not a bully number 2 shouting and screaming! Pity he doesn’t show that on a Tuesday or Saturday.. just behind closed doors.. these 2 have not got the first idea of man management! How some can still say give him time is beyond me.. he hasn’t got one single thing right to date.. let promising young players leave on loan.. spend money on players no better than the youngsters we have hindering our owns progression.. plays players out of position.. doesn’t know his best 11.. fallen out with the best keeper in the league.. do I need to go on??? However whilst Marcus Evans remains our owner we will always continue to fail! He must take the majority of the blame! He hired Wurst.. he released the funds! Darkest days in my lifetime as an Ipswich Town supporter! Gutted!

Talbs77 added 19:59 - Oct 22
For Mat Holland, not the most controversial of people to say that says something.

And I for one completely agree with him.

Make no mistake, as a season ticket holder in my opinion we have looked completely out of our depth in pretty much every game, perhaps Villa aside.

I don’t want Hurst sacked but sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

My worry is if the change is made they will be inheriting a really poor squad and where exactly do we go from here. I think I know the answer and can’t believe I’m saying it.....league 1.


davidsc1971 added 20:00 - Oct 22
Always my first choice as manager. Blue to the core. And bring your boots too, we need you

Suffolkboy added 20:02 - Oct 22
To those who doubt still -- look up ' the Peter principle ' !
And 'yes ' a complete disgrace in more ways than one -- anybody recall a more appalling effort than last Saturday , and a manager here who continues to blame the players ?

Sourdough added 20:04 - Oct 22
Get Holland and Reuser in to share the job.

The Marty and Matty Show. That should work, shouldn't it? Well ...

Monkey_Blue added 20:11 - Oct 22
Agree entirely with MH and have said so all along. Maybe one or two, at best three of the lower league players are good enough to be in the league. We are playing teams where all of their players are good enough, some good enough to be in the prem. You can give Hiurst time if we are lower end of the table but this is shockingly bad and relegation would be a disaster. IAd long as it’s not big Sam I would get rid now.... problem is MM Is the perfect man for this situation.

brittaniaman added 20:12 - Oct 22
At last somebody who we all appreciate has spoken out about the disastrous situation our club is in and is very concerned !!
wether or not he is right about the Evans managerial rumours, although he is in the right position to know if they are true or not ?

blueboy1981 added 20:13 - Oct 22
Nice one Matty - one day let's hope you're back with us. Sooner rather than later, hopefully.

We desperately need some ITFC pedigree back at the Club.

Tractorboy1985 added 20:16 - Oct 22
Couldn’t do any worse sourdough! Why your slagging off Holland though? What’s he done? Apart from play over 250 games for the club giving 100% every game and now showing how much he cares about the club? He clearly hears a lot what goes on behind the scenes and it clearly isn’t good! He genuinely cares about the club and is horrified like most town fans at our demise! Nothing wrong with that is there? Well......

blueboy1981 added 20:18 - Oct 22
....... any sympathy for you PH went out the window on Saturday with your choice of positions for the back four.

Couple that with Freddie ploughing another lone furrow up front = the end for you, or would at any other Club.

BlueMachines added 20:20 - Oct 22
I had heard that Doig was a bully and had asked Bart how he was an international goalkeeper. Know I don’t know if that was true but Matt Holland would know if things weren’t right, and it seems they are not. So it leads me to believe the rumour I’d heard may well be true. Sad times for our club.

blueboy1981 added 20:23 - Oct 22
Edmundo - good choice, but maybe the other way round for the first season ?

blueboy1981 added 20:24 - Oct 22
.......... trouble in the camp - for sure.

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