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Hurst: There’s Lots of Things at This Football Club That I Would Change
Tuesday, 23rd Oct 2018 14:26

Boss Paul Hurst believes a lot needs to change at Town - regardless of who is sitting in the managerial hotseat - for the club to progress and have a realistic chance of promotion to the Premier League.

Hurst took over at Portman Road at the end of May and has had a difficult first few months at the helm with the Blues bottom of the table having won only once.

Saturday's 2-0 home defeat by QPR was widely panned as the poorest performance of the season, a viewpoint Hurst didn't disagree with.

Asked whether he felt there would be more evidence of the high-pressing style of play he outlined when came into the club by this stage, he said: “I disagree with some [of that] and I think there’s a naivety to some comments in terms of, do you not think we tried to press high up the pitch on Saturday? I would beg to differ, I could show you numerous clips [where we did].

“Did that always work? Or perhaps when we did press we forced them to play longer, they then had players that got hold of the ball or won headers.

“And every game’s different, that’s something the players spoke about. The Swansea game was a lot different to the QPR game. You can’t always do exactly what you want to do.

“Some teams come and try different things or set up differently. We’re not good enough to play just the way we want to play all the time, that’s blatantly obvious.

“But I think there are some things in terms of having an energy to us that I would have hoped would have been there more that I think’s been a little sporadic, rather than constant.”

Reflecting on the difficult start to the season are there moments which come to mind where things might have gone another way, perhaps the second game of the season at Rotherham which the Blues lost 1-0 late on having been the better side?

“That’s certainly something that sticks out but ultimately the season is 46 games long and we can’t just keep looking back, but there are valid points that you raise that it could have been different,” Hurst added.

“I spoke about when there was a lot of optimism, about how that can quickly change and, let’s not kid ourselves, that has changed.

“But I was the one trying to play that down and everyone else seemed to want to get excited about that, that’s just the way it is.

“But there are certain games I think we could have had more fortune in, whether that’s from decisions, or maybe that’s not fortune but we could have forced the issue more and made sure that one or two things were different.

Does he have any regrets? “Everything I’ve done has been for the right reasons. I stand by what I said when [I was asked about] people questioning team selection.

“Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and that’s why people love the game and get involved. But I don’t think I will ever be at a point of picking a team that I don’t think can do the job and isn’t the right team on the day. It would be ludicrous to do that.

“Hindsight’s always a wonderful thing, you look at everything. Of course, there are one or two things, I think anyone who says they wouldn’t have done anything different would probably be lying, but decisions made at certain times [were made] for the right reasons but maybe I should have pushed for certain things to have happened quicker.

“There’s lots of things at this football club that I would change and that’s not putting it down.

“But for the football club to progress, which is kind of why I was brought in and [there was] talk about changing the football club.

“Irrespective of whether it’s me sat here or someone else, I think there’s lots that needs to occur here to try to fulfil the desire and hopes of the fans because at the minute, everyone wants to be promoted to the Premier League, is that a reality for Ipswich Town?

“At this moment in time I don’t believe it is and the spending power [elsewhere] makes life more and more difficult.

“To make up for everything that leaves you short, I think everything else has to be absolutely on point and at the minute I don’t think that is.”

Asked to elaborate on that, he remained tightlipped: “No, that’s not a conversation to have in public. And again, that’s not about making excuses or talking about performances and our current league position. What I’m talking about is the progression of the football club.

“People will jump on that and say, ‘He’s looking for excuses’, but that’s not the case. Evolving the football club is what I’m talking about.”

He says the levels of financial disparity in the division haven’t come as a surprise: “Not particularly because I think you know what figures are bandied about, although you have to be careful about what you read because, let’s be honest, a lot of what’s in the papers isn’t true.

“But at the same time, it’s pretty obvious your Middlesbrough players and West Brom players, even though they have their issues, they’re having to cut back to a degree, but you know that they’re on figures that probably would take five or six of our players to get to perhaps. Sometimes more depending on which ones we’re looking at.

“But overall it has proved difficult, there’s not getting away from that and it makes me laugh sometimes. I look at a team that are down there moaning about their budget. I think it’s probably double ours. In terms of a player going in, we can’t get close to that.

“It doesn’t help, but I hoped we could have still made up for that and at this moment in time, we haven’t been able to. But it’s still not impossible to change that.”

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Campag_Velocet added 14:36 - Oct 23
The main things that need to change are the manager and the owner.

searsstreetldn added 14:38 - Oct 23
The club is (was) perfectly stable and functional to survive in this league. If we were mid-table and Hurst was getting stick for not being involved in the play-offs then a lot of what he raised would be valid, but he can't look to weaknesses with the club as a justification to why we're bottom.

OnlyOneSuperJim added 14:38 - Oct 23
Hurst not faultless by any means but Evans and Milne are the poison that is killing the club

baxter7 added 14:39 - Oct 23
The only thing you will change is playing 1st div football

BlueParadigm added 14:43 - Oct 23
These public comments are hardly likely to inspire players, staff, supporters or most importantly the owner. In most organisations the CEx/MD would be inviting the employee to explain why they are airing grievances in public and further damaging the brand. If there are things that are wrong then get on and fix those in your control (transfers,tactics,selection, formation, motivation etc) and accept the things that you can’t control - no organisation is perfect. As well as all his football management failings you can add poor public relations to the growing list.

Westy added 15:04 - Oct 23
Reading between the lines I don't think Hurst is just talking about football issues here. The condition of some parts of the stadium is shocking - particularly the Cobbold Stand. If you drove past you would be forgiven for thinking the place is awaiting demolition. Everything about the Club seems to be sub-standard at the moment.

Bert added 15:07 - Oct 23
Incredulous ! Are these the remarks of someone in the last chance saloon or a manager that cannot see that it is his job to provide the spark, the energy and the inspiration for his team to click. If Evans has read the latest musings from Hurst then surely he can see that Hurst cannot do the job. A decent chap he appears to be but a motivating manager he is not. For his own mental health, Hurst should reflect on the situation and agree a parting of the way asap. So sad from all perspectives.

dirtydingusmagee added 15:08 - Oct 23
dont worry Paul your job is safe, you are not spending, and Evans isnt bothered what league we are in, You obviously discussed finances at the interview stage, He would have told you there was no money,and you obviously wasnt bothered,so you are both reaping= what you sowed. It will be the same when you take us to the next level , Lge 1.The only figures likely to change will be the attendances.Perhaps Evans will let you sell some of the unused seats to fund the transfers .

edwardsisawizard added 15:12 - Oct 23
Hurst is completely making excuses. He knew the budget when he came in and at the end of the transfer window it was him that was saying he was happy because he was able to do more business than he thought he was going to be able to do. It’s Hursts fault that he’s signed sh&t players or those with potential but way too many too soon! Completely lost and out of his depth I’m sorry to say. I was as excited as anyone else at the start of the season, now I cannot see a way out of relegation

TimmyH added 15:17 - Oct 23
“Irrespective of whether it’s me sat here or someone else, I think there’s lots that needs to occur here to try to fulfil the desire and hopes of the fans because at the minute, everyone wants to be promoted to the Premier League, is that a reality for Ipswich Town"? - I think quite a few of our supporters (maybe a majority) would have been content being competitive in your 1st season here probably meaning around mid-table or so with so many new faces coming in and as many said 'time to gel' but being bottom of the table with just 1 win is another thing altogether. Not sure how Evans will take this, but Hurst could be tightening his own noose.

BeattiesBackPocket added 15:25 - Oct 23
I put this on a different thread as well but reiterate it here as some others have as well.
I do wish some people would take their blinkers off when it comes to ME. Yes he saved us but now what? Part of his plan is introducing the kids from the academy well that cannot happen when he sells the silver every year, 4 good potential prospects sold the past 2 years from the youth team so how can we do that? Our debt has gone from 30 million when he took over to nearly 100 million and that STILL with 50 million recouped in transfer fees in that time if you took the 50 million we made in transfers away weve actually somehow lost 120 million in his ten years!? How when we have one of the lowest budgets in the league!? One of the reasons was Clegg (Hired by ME) who let players we bought in for millions leave for nothing and I thought ME was a successful businessman I bet this doesnt happen with his other parts of the PLC! Gibson at Boro is worth between 90-100 million but still makes them competitive every year ours is worth 900 million and we have to shop at Oxfam still! Yes crowds make a difference but if we are competing we know crowds go up thats been shown in the past and we do have the fan base just not the team or owner our once great club deserves anymore.
Lets start putting the blame where it deserves to be because we could have Guardiola at our club and he'd struggle!

Bluearmy_81 added 15:31 - Oct 23
You can't blame a manager who has been given nothing to work with. #Evansout. Need to start signing anti-Evans songs and protesting, he's been given a ridiculously easy ride by fans for far too long!!

Cakeman added 15:36 - Oct 23
I am not surprised by the comments but a little surprised that they have been aired in public.
My first impression is that Paul Hurst is not too happy. Obviously by the results but other matters unknown.
Not good at all and it will be difficult to see a positive ending to this.
I agree with Westy about the state of our ground too. Parts of it are grim. Poor state of repair plus numerous food outlets closed plus turnstiles opening late etc.
In the Sir Alf stand there are what can only be described as large bushes of vegetation growing on the roof and dropping down from under the roof. It creates s poor impression. It is also disheartening to have just four seats in a row of twenty five or so occupied on a regular basis.
I do not want to see Paul Hurst hounded out but I cannot see him being here much longer.

WaltonBlueNaze added 15:36 - Oct 23
Hurst out, looking for excuses, blaming everybody and everything - look in the mirror you idiot! Last year we were comfortably mid table now look at us! The buck stops with you and your bully boy number 2 for the results and performances on the pitch. ME you are to blame for everything off the pitch, sell the club to someone who will invest proper money for us to compete.

BillyBaxterwasbest added 15:37 - Oct 23
You got rid off a good manager now you want to get rid of an excellent chairman/owner it would be easier to get rid of idiot shortsighted want it all NOW fans

ronnyblue added 15:42 - Oct 23
Taking advice and guidance from THE WALLY WITH THE BROLLY shows the level of his ambition and capabilities! His ego makes him extremely dangerous with no sense of honour or decency.

BeattiesBackPocket added 15:56 - Oct 23
@BillyBaxterwasbest its hardly wanting it NOW is it hes owned the club over 10 years now and we are in serious decline! If youve been a supporter for so long you would know the feel and everything about and around the club has changed for the worse.

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 15:58 - Oct 23
So Nitwit Hurst has a shiiiitload of problems & issues here at Portman Road has he?,

Hmmmm EVIDENTLY yes!

Well I have this following one on so called 'good authority' ;) ;)

That according to my ultra secret source one of his absolute biggest *personal* issues and something he would quote "luv to change", is.... wait for it.... wait for it.... That the poor egotistical sod allegedly is stuck with a serving of 'Banoffee Pie' or 'Bakewell Tart', when what Nitwit Hurst really really wants is a 'Yorkshire Fat Rascal'!

;) ;)

hampstead_blue added 16:23 - Oct 23
What arrogance.

Considering he has only ever managed tin pot clubs he has got some nerve strolling into our club and telling us it's in dire need of change?
What an utter prig.
Any respect for him or desire for him to stay has just been flushed away.

Can we please get rid. Warburton has always been my choice. Let him get them playing 1) in position and 2) with verve and style.

Hurst's press conference was a dead man walking. Gone.


SheptonMalletBlue added 16:24 - Oct 23
This manager and the last one, both Yorkshiremen. They say what they like and they like what they bloody well say!

Dissboyitfc added 16:31 - Oct 23
will he be the shortest serving manager in itfc history ( not including caretakers)!

maninashed added 17:10 - Oct 23
The comments about transfer profits are interesting. Take the case of Waghorn. As I understand it, 20% of the money over the 250k that it is claimed we paid went to Rangers. Also doesn't 10% of transfer fees go to the PPA pension fund. Assuming the fee was 5 million and agents fees are involved the actual money obtained was 3.5 million. Can anybody clarify this?

jas0999 added 17:55 - Oct 23
Unfortunately Hurst has taken us backwards.

However, his comments are clearly aimed at Evans. The ‘budget’ on offer at this club simply isn’t competitive. For many years Evans hasn’t invested new funds into the playing squad. He has re invested a small proportion of fees received, but by no means all. Even MM after leaving ITFC commented that with more of the Mings money he felt he have got us promoted. When we sat top a few years back Evans invested precisely nothing in a team which would have benefitted from only a modest outlay.

We are going nowhere other than down under Evans. We desperately need him to sell.

Butcherboy added 19:20 - Oct 23
He’s making excuses week in week out and I’m sick of hearing it. And then today he has the audacity to criticise the club as a whole: anything to detract from his own failings. He needs to concentrate on his own failings first and foremost. His arrogance in thinking he could come in and sweep everything away and start from scratch was as astonishing as it was naive. He’s made a complete mess of it. He’s lost the players and Evans should put everyone out of their misery.

ihatecanaries added 19:49 - Oct 23
Starting with you Paul, then evans followed by all of your useless signings (Edwards and pennington can stay) and Bart back in goal would be a senssible change

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