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Klug: Everything That Could Go Wrong Seemed to Go Wrong for Paul
Friday, 26th Oct 2018 11:32

Caretaker-manager Bryan Klug says everything that could go wrong seemed to go wrong for departing boss Paul Hurst during his short spell in charge at Portman Road. Hurst, assistant manager Chris Doig, fitness coach Nathan Winder and physio Chris Skitt all left the club yesterday with Paul Lambert on the verge of being appointed the club’s new boss.

Asked where he felt things went wrong for Hurst, who was in charge for only 149 days and 15 matches, the shortest in the club's history, Klug said: “It's very difficult to put your finger on any one thing. You don't just become a bad manager or a bad coach.

“In any walk of life, certainly in football, you need those crucial moments to go your way.

"While I haven't been at every game, I've seen moments where I've thought 'if that had gone that way or if that decision hadn't been made', we could have been talking about a very different scenario.

“I think everything seems to have gone wrong that could possibly go wrong for Paul. He needed a bit of luck and I don't think he's had that. You can look at lots of other things but being a manager is a very difficult job, trust me."

Rumours of unrest behind the scenes had persisted for some weeks prior to owner Evans sacking Hurst, but Klug, 58, insists that that’s not been the case.

“No, I wouldn't say that,” he said. “It's normal when you're losing games of football, the atmosphere is not going to be electric.

“When you're going through change, there's always ups and downs, and you hope you come out the other end better off.

"Obviously a decision had to be made and the owner has made his decision now, so we have to now start trying to find a way of getting up the table.”

Klug, a stalwart of the Town academy currently working as head of coaching and player development, says he got on well with Hurst: “We had a good relationship. I'm a Grimsby lad so I was at Wembley with him when we got back into the league, so there's no problems at all.

“He showed a great interest in how I work with the young players. He had his own ideas about players he wanted to bring in but he saw the bigger picture that we're trying to do with the younger players here, so I'm very sad that he's lost his job."

Regarding taking the reins on a temporary basis again having taken charge of four games at the end of last season, he added: “You don't really get much choice when Marcus gives you the call. The reason behind it is that the club is not where we want to be.

“It's not something I want to be doing because I want the club to be thriving. Obviously a situation has arisen and the owner's made a decision, so here I am."

He admits he is disappointed to be back in the role so soon: “It does sadden me really. As you know I've been at the club for a long time, and it's not a club that would make this sort of decision very lightly. It is a shock.”

He added: “Decisions have to be made if things are not going how the owner wants. Clearly we go and we make another plan.”

Asked whether he believes the decision came at the right time, he said: “I think change is always very, very difficult, and we were going through a period of change.

“I'm not knowledgable enough to say whether it was too early or too late because sometimes change can look pretty ugly before it becomes pretty good.

“'Bounce' is probably what Marcus is looking for in this situation. It's easy for me to say that - Marcus is the owner and he knows the consequences if we carried on that way. But I'm a great believer in continuity. There is a tipping point obviously."

Town now face another change but Klug says they need to make sure not everything is made completely different: “No. After five years for the players and that stability, that's maybe shaken a few.

“Then we had an influx of 12 new players, that's big change. That's why an experienced manager coming in and man managing will be massive.

"What they say now on the courses that we go on is 20 per cent is what you actually know and 80 per cent is man management. I would 100 per cent back that up in my experiences of football."

He says the owner will have looked at the situation from his perspective before making the call on Hurst.

“You have to put yourself in different people’s shoes, don’t you?” Klug reflected.

“If I’m putting myself in different people’s shoes I can see the picture [from] everyone’s [angle] but we have to deal with the reality. It is [his money on the line], as he frequently tells me!”

Photo: TWTD

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parhamblue added 11:39 - Oct 26
It isn't any one thing for sure. It's an unholy mess. Another one presided over by our owner who once again was keen to cash in on transfers, the first of which (Webster) was totally unnecessary.

Pencilpete added 11:42 - Oct 26
Regardless of what happens or doesn't happen with Paul Lambert, Bryan Klug lives and breathes ITFC and we should all get behind him even if it is for just the one game and see if he can kick start the revival for us and nobody would deserve to do it more IMO.

muccletonjoe added 11:47 - Oct 26
Love this guy. Pity he has never wanted the role on a permanent basis. Would be my choice everytime.

Pendejo added 11:54 - Oct 26
Last away game in charge... Reading 0 Ipswich 4

Similar result tomorrow please Sir!
[No pressure]

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 11:58 - Oct 26
Aye Klug's main assessment = "Murphyology Applied to Paul Hurst" (No No! Nothing to do with you dear Daryl :-) :-), but rather the wonders & whimsicalness of ol "Murphy's Law") sure has SOME truth to to it !

But let's all be perfectly honest and not least objective here:

Apart from his ABUNDANCE of unproven lower league signings (and thus not remotely enough proven-at this-level quality ones!) Hurst's odd but surely unmistakably "FOUL MIXTURE" of lame unwavering Yorkshire-ish arrogant stubbornness (mostly with regard to the blatantly obvious ultra anemic "Lone Striker" ideology of his) and mind-boggling cluelessness & indecisiveness with regard to use of personnel, being that starting XI or sound substitution was AS MUCH a contributing factor to his untimely dismissal & downfall as were an serious dose of "Bad Luck". Period!

gazzer1999 added 12:02 - Oct 26
Bryan Klug should get the job, along with Nash and Hogg, maybe George back as DOF.

rfretwell added 12:06 - Oct 26
Are you foreign Henrietta? You Didn't get English GCSE surely!

rfretwell added 12:06 - Oct 26
Are you foreign Henrietta? You Didn't get English GCSE surely!

Henrietta_R_Hippo added 12:24 - Oct 26

Sincerely sorry that my mere typos ( last post typed on an seriously overcrowded train btw ) and yes occasionally not always proper attention to spell checking AND grammar!, especially when rushed, "offend" you so incredibly?!
To such an astounding degree in fact that you simply felt uber *compelled* to post & point it for all to notice ....IMO most likely just to score some rather childish "brownie points" on my sorry behalf! :-D :-D

Bert added 12:25 - Oct 26
A diplomatic assessment. Totally agree that the job is 80% man (people) management. That is what Robson and dare I say it, MM had in abundance. Unfortunately the latter allowed his own ego to get the better of him so had to go. We must learn from this and so must Evans. Does Lambert possess the 80/20 ratio outlined by Klugg ? I don't know but history would suggest that where he has been successful he did. With experience in the manager's seat and a great backroom staff in Klugg and Co this could just work but it will need players to respond and a few decent acquisitions to replace what sadly we lost in Waghorn and Garner. There has to be hope for my blood is blue and right now it really hurts.

jabberjackson added 13:03 - Oct 26
as mind boggling and bizarre as they are - Henrietta's ( as "she" now calls herself ) posts are sometimes almost worth reading, even with the odd typo
just part of the rich twtd tapestry
i love rfretwells posts too...

whosroundisitanyway added 13:04 - Oct 26
Henrietta is MickzzzTactics
Evenings and weekends only of course.

jdtractor96 added 13:04 - Oct 26
Henrietta for manager. I love this woman

jdtractor96 added 13:05 - Oct 26
^assuming Henrietta is a woman. I love you either way

TB42 added 13:36 - Oct 26
An interesting interview with Bryan KLUG - full respect to him for a very measured and reasoned response as opposed to some of the more emotional ones we have witnessed in recent times. I especially agree with his assertion that "you don't become a bad manager overnight".

As to whether it was the right course of action to get rid of Paul HURST, only time will tell - I can see both sides of the argument with this one and I guess you really do need strong nerves to stay with it and am glad it was not a decision I personally had to make!!


Hoppersblue10 added 13:53 - Oct 26
I have the greatest respect for Klug, a man who knows what he is good at, knows his limitations or what he does/doesn’t want to do and has the balls to say so..👏🏻

yorkshire added 15:41 - Oct 26
To be honest I don't blame Klug for not wanting this job - how soon would fans turn on him if results didn't go right ...

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