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Sunderland Keeper-Coach Walker Joining Town
Tuesday, 6th Nov 2018 06:00

TWTD understands Sunderland goalkeeping-coach Jimmy Walker is set to join new boss Paul Lambert’s Town staff.

Walker, 45, played for Lambert during a loan spell at Colchester United during 2008/09, making 16 appearances.

The Sutton-in-Ashfield-born keeper began his playing career at Notts County before a long spell with Walsall where he made his name - making 404 of his total of 483 league starts plus two sub appearances - and secured a Bosman free move to West Ham in the summer of 2004.

Having played for the Hammers in play-off semi-finals against the Blues in his first season at Upton Park, he joined Tottenham in September 2009, before returning to Walsall - where he added another 50 league starts - prior to stints with Peterborough and Lincoln.

Walker, who is based in Stamford, began his coaching career with Posh in 2013 before moving on to Gillingham and then the Imps during their 2016/17 Vanarama National League championship campaign, in which they beat the Blues in the FA Cup, before joining new Sunderland manager Jack Ross's coaching staff in the summer.

Long-serving Town keeper-coach Malcolm Webster retired at the end of last season with head of academy goalkeeping Darren Smith, who had spent time working with the first team under Webster, given the role on what was effectively a trial basis by former boss Paul Hurst.

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Mullet added 06:42 - Nov 6
Now there's a name from the past! Yet another thing that seems small, but is so important Lambert is having to clear up. It's going to be a long job getting us back to where Mick left us.

Tractorboy1985 added 07:20 - Nov 6
I think we underestimate coaches.. Webster had Bart at the top of his game for the past 3-4 seasons.. a new goalkeeping coach comes in and he looks less convincing.. that said the defence in front of him has been a total shambles! I feel more confident with lambert as a manager but there are still many improvements to be made... for me 50% of the playing staff are just not up to championship standard.. January can’t come quick enough! The war chest of the 10 million spouted about needs to actually be correct not just paper talk! A centre halve.. (experienced commanding one.. the Matt Elliott sort) a goalscoring midfield player and a striker are musts! There’s ya 10 million gone plus.... It’s just who’s going to want to come.. wages will have to be attractive! I just can’t see it myself how mr Evans has run this club over the past few years! I hope he proves us wrong! COYB

pennblue added 07:39 - Nov 6
There is no doubt Hurst's dealings in the transfer market were poor, but Evan's was quite happy to pocket the excess to keep his investment levels to a bare minimum. It seems Hurst is taking the full responsibility for that, but Evans was equally to blame for his actions. If Hurst had another £5 million to invest, I think he would had bought some experience / proven quality. The reason top players like Waghorn wanted to leave is they could see the club was going nowhere under Evans,
and can see clubs like Derby are being truly ambitious. None of that was Hurst's fault, he just came in with half the players wanting to leave. January will be very interesting, because if Evan's does not pump some money in, we are likely to start seeing some protests against him.

Gilesy added 07:47 - Nov 6
This really grates I'm afraid. I don't particularly warm to Evans, but to accuse him or pocketing excess when he personally ploughs several million into the club each year is just factually nonsense! He might not have spent every penny he's received in transfer fees back into new players, but if the club makes a loss each year, he's hardly profiting from it either.

And before anyone accuses me of being blinkered, or of buying into the's just maths.

rfretwell added 07:51 - Nov 6
Thank god we didn't give Hurst another £5 million to spend Pennblue. He completely underestimated the quality of player needed at this level. Evans trusted him to bring in players who could hit the ground running. No wonder he got shot of him.

ronnyblue added 08:04 - Nov 6
Sorry pennblue but the reason for the best players leaving was because of Hursts actions in the transfer market with signings leading to relegation. They did not want to be party to that!

Dissboyitfc added 08:07 - Nov 6
The tidy up continues. No doubt it seems Bart has missed Webster.

Also all this talk of Evans pocketing profit, getting rid of huurst and getting Lambert in wasn’t cheap! I bet some of the people who complain about Evans never go so never putting a penny into the club!

SamWhiteUK added 08:08 - Nov 6
ronnyblue now that is nonsense

Gcon added 08:19 - Nov 6
I completely disagree. Evans made almost £20m in profit from MM transfers. He couldn't resist taking the profit on Waghorn a week before the window closed leaving us without a goalscorer, just like he did with Murphy. The result of us operating on a shoestring since Evans came in has lead to football that is not entertaining and the reason that attendances have gradually diminished from 25k a game to 14k a game in that period. Less attendance = less revenue. It's just maths.

pazzy added 08:35 - Nov 6
all in the past lets get behind what we have now

shortmarine1969 added 09:02 - Nov 6
Gilesy - While i understand you r point and it has validity to a point , ME bought this club on a money basis , not because he was a supporter of ITFC , He threw money at it in the hope of getting to the Prem as a vehicle for his other businesses and it failed. He has consistently under invested in the playing squad from that time , and arguably taking several million to reduce his losses to a minimum , that his only interest now , If as many state he does not want or expect the money back he puts in to run the club why add it to the debt he could write it off as we are well under FFP rules which allow for 39 mil in losses , he might then be able to sell the club , but he wants the money he puts back.!!..The bloke is the route cause of where we find ourselves now and unless he goes i can see nothing except a continued gradual decline , and yet he gets away scot-free , The bloke has done 1 scripted interview in 10 years , does not attend AGM,s to answer any questions , he is a dire owner ,the Mike Ashley of the championship...if we stay up??? ..and that will only happen with investment (will PL get it ? i doubt anybody is convinced he will..hope maybe) because this squad is not good enough thanks to both him and PH (in my humble opinion only of course.!!) .

Surco72 added 09:05 - Nov 6
Robert Huth , Glen Johnson , Darren Bent all without clubs that would definitely help our squad . Charlie Adam out of contract in the summer and not playing at Stoke , is exactly what our midfield needs someone who wants the ball to go forward and create , when we were a man up on Saturday there was huge space in the middle of the pitch and all we did was hit it up to their centre backs as Skuse , Chalobah and Downes haven't got enough to break teams down

Cakeman added 09:09 - Nov 6
Good to see Paul Lambert strengthening the coaching department. It is evident the goal keepers need all the help they can so a new coach is a plus.
Bart certainly needs some fresh enthusiasm for sure because his body language is not great at the moment.
Perhaps the new coach will direct Bart to come off his line and command the six yard box. I am a firm believer the keepers should attack every ball in the six yard box. Even if they miss the ball the chances are they are will distract the attacker. Simple but effective.

BlueBlood90 added 09:10 - Nov 6
Another shrewd appointment. I don't think it's any coincidence that Bart's form has suffered since Malcolm left. Jimmy Walker also knows this league and can provide another experienced voice in the dressing room which can only be a positive.

WhoisJimmyJuan added 09:13 - Nov 6
Dissboy will you please stop blithering on about commenting on who goes to games, how often and whether it means they can comment or not. You are a sanctimonious bore. This is an open forum. Anyone can comment.

martin587 added 09:17 - Nov 6
Shrewd appointment.Goalkeepers need good coaches as well and Bart Was clearly missing Webster.Another strong voice in the dressing room.👍

mathiemagic added 09:33 - Nov 6
Well lets hope he can sort out Gerken's set piece Flap-itus !

Guthrum added 09:36 - Nov 6
Gcon - Not correct. ITFC home attendance has not averaged anything like 25k since the stadium rebuild increased the capacity. In reality, it has just been a handful of matches within that time over that threshold, mostly Norwich derbies and play-off games. In 2007-08, the season Evans took over, it was just under 22k.

And we're not averaging 14k now. This season so far it is 17,399. Including a 25k+ crowd against Norwich.

That's in an environment of football attendance declining across the board in tight economic times.

busterjames1 added 09:41 - Nov 6
Jimmy walker is a legend ! He will sort Bart out ! Never liked Gerks should have kept Crowe as back up . Good luck Jimmy !

Bergholtblue added 09:42 - Nov 6
i said at the time that Webster leaving would be a big loss for the club. I know nothing about the new man coming but was surprised to read that he only joined Sunderland in the summer. Why would he be willing to leave so soon?

Dozzells_Bobblehat added 09:53 - Nov 6
Gilesy - way too sensible a post for many on here I'm afraid .
You'll be accused of being a happy clapper or have no ambition if you keep that sort of talk up .
I totally agree however.

d77sgw added 10:13 - Nov 6
Dozzells, Gilesy et al, spot on. All this people blaming Evans for not spending enough of his money and saying that he should get out of the club...who would invest in us instead of him? I don't see a bunch of wealthy investors lining up to just lose money every year on a struggling Championship football club. He's hardly Duchatelet (or Oyston god forbid). So he goes - and then what? Certain administration I suspect. Then you won't be able to blame the manager, or the owner - so who then? The chief exec? Fans of 40+ years like me? The ballboys? Even if it was a money motivation that brought Evans here then he still has a vested interest in the success of the club, like we all do. Criticise his decisions (we've never recovered from the appt of Keane...), lament the fact we have an owner who doesnt have blue in his blood maybe, but don't slag him off for 'taking the money' when he's been keeping us afloat for years...

ArnieM added 10:18 - Nov 6
Sorry, but I don’t accept this idea that the retirement of Webster affected Barts form.

Surely an experienced GK ( such as Bart ) should have enough gumption and by now established command of the basic goal keeping skills to be able to function at a certain level, without someone telling them what to do!!

I’ve said on here many times that although Bart has performed exceptionally well in s poor team , making critical, (eye catching), saves that have undoubtably saved Town on many occasions, his basic skill set ( kicking, distribution, command of area, positional sense, communication) is really quite average and certainly no better, ( and in many cases not as good ), as Gerkin’s.

The new coach is welcome and hopefully Bart and the other GK’s can improve . But personally for me, Bart is not the Messiah many on here project him as, but I will always support whoever pulls on the Town shirt, and I will once again be at Reading hollering my head off to get that win.


Tractorboy1985 added 10:19 - Nov 6
How Marcus Evans has so many of you wrap round his little finger is actually laughable! The man is purely here for business purposes NOT football.. He’s failed and hoping Paul lambert can dig him out of a massive hole! Putting 5 mil in a season is absolute pittance to his wealth.. like me chucking 20 quid a week away on an accumulator! The mans a joke! He knows nothing about football and bought the club purely to boost sales for the Olympics through his other businesses! Olympics coming up.. I know what I’ll do.. sack jim and appoint a high profile manager the press love to come and see.. snap snap snap.. in the background.. plastered everywhere.. MARCUS EVANS.. I just wish people could see through the man! But many seem pleased and satisfied after his scripted interview in the summer! EVANS OUT

ArnieM added 10:42 - Nov 6
I don’t think this is the case . I’ve long stated ME isnthe fundamental problem, and challenged one individual on here that £6m a season is hardly “ investment” it’s barely covering running costs.

Fans will always voice their opinions at the most accessible ie either the players or manager . That’s alright they “see”. But thousands of Town fans have walked away from this Club because of Evans and don’t be back anytime soon.

I just hope the rumours if Evans trying to sell are true and he hurrays up and completes it.

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