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Lambert Has Handed Evans List of January Targets
Thursday, 6th Dec 2018 16:13

Boss Paul Lambert has revealed he has given owner Marcus Evans a list of the players he wants in January and says loans may be more realistic than permanent signings. He says Evans will be taking a more hands-on role going forward.

Lambert says he is confident that Evans will put his hand in his pocket to fund the January signings he wants, the club having dismissed reports that the owner has put Town up for sale.

“Since I’ve been to this club, I think Marcus Evans has been brilliant with me,” Lambert said. “I think he’s probably more hands-on now than you guys [the media] see from the outside.

“But I think in the moment that I speak to you he’s right behind it and he knows exactly the situation at the club, it’s his club, nobody can take that away from him.

“I know the reports [regarding the club being for sale] were fired back at you, so to speak. No, I think he knows the situation. He’s not a silly guy, he knows exactly what’s right and wrong and I think the football club will be in a better place.”

Has he been given a budget to work within by Evans or told there is a set number of players he can signing in January?

“No, I just gave a list. Do you want the list as well? Messi, Ronaldo, Buffon, I’ll give you those three," he joked. "I’ll go for those three first.

“I give him a list so everybody knows the list that we’re trying to get in and let’s see if we can get them in.”

Lambert says Town have to attempt to get those players in as soon as the window opens: “We’ll have to try and get a few in on that first [day of the window] to give us a help. You don’t want to prolong it, but we’ll try and get them in. We’ve identified guys to hopefully come in and if we get them in we’ll be a lot stronger.

“If you don’t get them in early you could lose another four games, five games in January so we have to try and get them in.

“We’ve got a big squad here, too many players. I’ve said before, you can’t bring in 10 or 12 players in one hit, in one season, nobody does that. Two or three maybe, but not 12, and lads who are unaccustomed to playing in the league, it doesn’t make sense. I think the players that do come in here, I’m pretty sure they know the league.”

Does he get the sense that the players he’s targeting will be willing to come to a club bottom of the Championship seven points plus goal difference from safety?

“You’ve got to try and sell it the best you can to the lads,” he said. “I think the important thing is that if you get lads in here, they’re obviously not going to be part of their own parent club or whatever the case may be.

“But the ones that come here will have to have the hunger to go and do it as well. You’re putting people there in the forefront to go and try and perform. I think anybody that knows me they will enjoy playing under me, that’s for sure, but it’s up to us to try and get them in.”

He admits it might be that it’s loan players he brings in rather than permanent additions: “It might well be some of that but, to be honest, that doesn’t bother me one bit. We have to get lads with a bit more experience in here that know that game a little bit, that have got a little bit of know-how at certain times.

“As I say, we need a little bit of help, at this minute in time, whether they’re loans or permanent [doesn’t bother me].

“Permanent will be difficult because it’s a really strange time of the season but loans… they could be from Mars for all I care as long as I know they know the league and they can actually perform in it.

“The lads need a little bit of help and if we can keep that going, then let’s see what happens.”

While the injured Jon Walters’s loan from Burnley will end in January and Jordan Graham’s spell from Wolves is set to be cut short, the Blues still have four players on loan - including Janoi Donacien who continues to wait for confirmation of his permanent leave to remain which will make his switch from Accrington full-time - with only five permitted in a matchday squad.

Lambert admits he may have to make some decisions regarding the loanees already at the club with Tayo Edun, currently out with an eye injury, appearing likely to return to Fulham having not featured since the change of manager.

“As you said, there are decisions we’ll have to make on what’s happening here, but that’s football you make decisions every day in the game,” he said.

“I said before, right or wrong, I’ll make [decisions that] I think are right for this football club, not for anything else, what’s right for this football club.”

Regarding the reports that Evans is looking to sell the club, Lambert says it’s not something he discussed with the Blues owner.

“No, I don’t [say to] owners, ‘Are you going to sell or are you going to keep it?’“ he said. “Marcus is a really clever man with the businesses he’s got and everything he’s done.

“But while he’s the custodian of the football club, he’s in charge of it, it’s his baby as such. We had conversations, he asked my opinion on what I thought of it and where I saw it going and what potentially can happen.

“Regarding his situation, I think that’s a private issue for him and how he feels but the conversations I’ve had with him, he’s been brilliant, he really has, he’s right behind it.

“Everything we’ve asked to try and help, he’s answered, ‘Yes, no problem’ so I think you’ll see him more hands on. You’ll have covered it for longer than I’ve been here, so I certainly think he’ll be more hands-on.”

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Radlett_blue added 16:26 - Dec 6
"Marcus Evans has been brilliant".
Paul, I know he's your boss, but can you please stop telling us how brilliant Evans is?
Mick used to do it as well.

ldnj added 16:46 - Dec 6
Buffon - so he's after a goalkeeper then !

muhrensleftfoot added 16:48 - Dec 6
"you can’t bring in 10 or 12 players in one hit, in one season, nobody does that." Except Paul Hurst.

Bluearmy_81 added 16:54 - Dec 6
"He's been brilliant..."
Err if he'd been brilliant for ITFC we wouldn't be sitting at the bottom of the league 7 pts adrift after being in the championship for his whole tenure. End of...

therein61 added 16:56 - Dec 6
I feel that Paul Lambert would not have come here unless Marcus agreed to fund him in January this guy knows who he wants in to give us any chance of staying up!! over to you Marcus.

warktheline added 17:10 - Dec 6
Sell up Evans and get lost!

Mark added 17:14 - Dec 6
We could be too far gone by January and it may not be worth spending lots of money on expensive loan players. It might be better to keep it to spend in the summer on a League One promotion attempt?

Sixto6 added 17:51 - Dec 6
Paul Daniels, David Copperfield, Dynamo & David Blaine it is then !
Magician required !
And most of those will do more at RB than Jordan Spence !

Cakeman added 18:04 - Dec 6
If Marcus Evans is taking a more hands on role, perhaps he is being sounded out as a potential goalkeeper 😉

iaintaylorx added 18:13 - Dec 6
I understand the negativity and frustrations surround ME, but you have to think about it. He is an Ipswich fan and wants the best for the club. He took a big risk in pointing Hurst, and many fans loved the idea of going for a young, fresh manager with a new philosophy. There's no denying that pretty much every Ipswich fan wanted - he did listen to the fans and sacked him also which isn't in the 'Ipswich history'.

I know we all want Ipswich to spend money in the transfer window, but you have to look at the fact we're not a big club in terms of finances. I would love a richer businessman to come in and inject money into the club but it comes with huge risks. FFP, the possibility of a load of foreign players and staff at the club, the potential of the culture of the club changing. Loads of other risks.

You look at Cardiff when Vincent Tan went in. He wanted to make it more of a business and chance the name of the club, the colour of the kit etc. Not every owner wants to do things like that, but there are risks.

It's ME's money, and not many people would want to throw £10M of their own money into a football club. I want him to spend, and wouldn't say no to a change, but it comes with limitations.

Anyway, COYB!!!!

cranky_old_tractor added 18:25 - Dec 6
Hope for PLs sake this is true

shortmarine1969 added 18:35 - Dec 6
ME is not a ITFC fan and never claimed to be he bought as as a punt chucked money at RK and now invests litrtally nothing in the playing squad. Some may argue that he has taken money back from sales a few times. We are miles inside FFP used as a smoke screen for year , it allows for up to 13 mil per season 39 mil over 3 years we are well under that amount , Nothing wrong with overseas players if the improve the club .!!mostly Irish under MM ., andf he has alrrady changed the culture of our club for lesser ideal , Also he bought the intial debt for pence in the pound of just under 30 mil?? - so his 10 year ownership has added around 65 mil to the debt , while without doubt he has gained at least some tax relief acros his group from that loss running into the millions reducing that 65 mil somewhat , he also took intrest on the further reducing his input overall , woud be very intresting to see the actual amounts but of course we never will. ME has done nothing to move the club forward in his entire ownership , he has takes us backwards with likely further decline to come (Div 1) He has also saddled us with a huge debt if he wants his money back , if not then sell for a nominal fee .???,,but of course he wont...ME is the issue at ITFC.

stewartm added 19:09 - Dec 6
Haha good luck PL you will now suffer the same fate as MM and co

cunning_stunt added 19:12 - Dec 6
Given our current situation it makes sense that January signings are loan deals. The type of player we'll need for next season will differ depending on whether we're plying our trade in the Championship or in League One.

Gcon added 19:33 - Dec 6
Bless him. They all think that about ME, at first.

maninashed added 19:54 - Dec 6
Whether you like it or not if it wasn't for Marcus Evans £95m we would
probably be in non league football by now. Certainly David Sheepshanks or anybody at the club would have found that sort of money. Previously the club was funded by selling players. Even Bobby Robson did player exchanges to get players into the club. Perhaps some of you complaining would throw in the odd million or two or in some cases even buy a season ticket.

unknown100 added 21:26 - Dec 6
Trying to work out who he might bring in based on who he has played with and maybe a bit unrealistic or hopeful but maybe crouch? Maybe gestede?

Carberry added 07:47 - Dec 7
They are going to be loans because the owner won't pay transfer fees and those players Lambert knows would cost too much anyway. PL's comments about the recruitment in the summer was very damming - and confirms what we have known for ages that Evans and Milne just don't know football. Why wasn't Hurst stopped from bringing in a dozen new faces from the lower leagues?

leftie1972 added 14:15 - Dec 7
“We’ve got a big squad here, too many players. I’ve said before, you can’t bring in 10 or 12 players in one hit, in one season, nobody does that. Two or three maybe, but not 12, and lads who are unaccustomed to playing in the league, it doesn’t make sense. I think the players that do come in here, I’m pretty sure they know the league
Total dig at Hurst!🤣🤣🤣🤣

MichaelRockyLavelle added 20:03 - Dec 12
Anyone else surprised he hasn't tried to bring in either Darren Bent or Agbonlahor? In the meantime until January?
Both can be deadly at this level & are free agents, Lambert knows them from his time at Villa
Okay they might be getting on a bit - but they'd still add some much needed height, strength & experience to our strike force. And act as a focal point...

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