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Lambert: We Didn't Do Enough After Penalty
Saturday, 19th Jan 2019 18:33

Boss Paul Lambert didn’t feel his team did enough after Blackburn had gone in front via Danny Graham’s 65th minute penalty as his side were beaten 2-0 at Ewood Park. Rovers subsequently sealed the game via sub Joe Nuttall nine minutes later.

“I thought they started better than us, I think then we started to come into the game and I thought we looked pretty lively,” he reflected.

“Will Keane went through and I think there was a clip on Will but he tried to stay on his feet and tried to score but it never happened.

“The game changed with the penalty obviously, but I don’t think we did enough after that. I thought the game was really tight but I don’t think we did enough after they scored to get back into it.”

Regarding the penalty, Lambert added: “Callum Elder got himself the wrong side. I think the two goals were from a carbon copy pass really that’s caught inside him, but he’ll learn from experience.

“I can’t give him experience, that comes with playing. We can try and make him better as a player but you can’t beat experience, you can’t buy it and I think that’s the important thing of being a footballer.

“The actual goals, they were well taken from their point of view, but we got caught on that side.”

Lambert admitted that he would rather Keane had gone down rather than staying on his feet when keeper David Raya caught him and drove him too wide to find the net.

“Yes, I would,” he said. “Would I have done it? I probably would have done it, yes. A lot of players would have gone down. He tried to stay on his feet and that’s the decision he made.”

Town might have had a penalty in the late stages of the match when Elliott Bennett blocked Teddy Bishop’s goalbound shot with what replays have suggested was his hand.

“Do you know, I couldn’t see it,” Lambert said of the incident. “Somebody said it was [a penalty], but I couldn’t see it from where I was standing whether it hit the player’s hand. If it hits his hand then he’s got to go really.”

The Blues boss admits the new additions to his recently reassembled squad need time to get up to speed: “It’s always the case but I can’t ask any more from them in terms of effort and commitment.

“As I said, there was nothing really in the game. We look a decent side, we just need that little run and momentum to try and get us out of this position.

“You’ve got to keep bouncing on, you can’t do anything else. We’ve had another really good support coming up a long, long way. We’re disappointed because I just don’t think we did enough.”

He added: “My job is to get a way for those lads to play, integrate them and get them going. There are some really good things there, some really good things to work on.

“We look a better side. That’s the thing. As I said before, we’ve got that little bit of presence there, we look a better side from what we’ve been and we have to bounce back in the next game. But I’m disappointed as I don’t think we did enough when we were down 1-0.”

One positive he could take out of the game was the way his team passed the ball at times during the first half.

“Very good, we’re getting better at it, we’re getting better with the ball,” Lambert continued. “There are aspects where we can be better with it but that will come in time.

“I’ve tried to give them a different way of playing. As I said before, any mistake they make it’s my problem not theirs because I’m telling them how to do it. I’d never criticise the lads for trying to play a certain way.”

He was pleased with debutant Alan Judge’s display: “I think there were some very good things. He’s going to be a really good player, him. I think he’s got really good attributes.

“Again, he’s not played too many games for Brentford and I think he’s going to be a big asset for us.”

Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray was disappointed with his team’s first-half display: “I think our intensity levels were down, I wasn’t very happy at halftime. They weren’t very happy either.

“We were playing against a team who looked to play out from the back and I think if we had our normal intensity levels then we could have taken it off them a lot more and created a lot more chances. We could have been 2-0 up early on.

“But I think Tuesday night had a lot to do with that, 130 minutes in total we played against Newcastle. Several players were asked to go again, so I think that had a part to play in it.

“I’m pleased the substitutes came on and had an impact and affected the game in a positive way. I’m pleased with the points after a game in midweek when they went to extra-time.

“I know we played against the team at the bottom of the league and who have struggled to win games this season but as we managed to do a couple of years ago, teams at the bottom find a way to start winning because of their extra desire and intensity.

“We had to make sure we matched all that and then you hope your quality can help make the difference.”

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LonE17Blue added 18:40 - Jan 19
We're still far too weak up front- been the same all season!

martin587 added 18:42 - Jan 19
I agree entirely with your assessment,we never recovered from the penalty.We are getting better and if we get relegated this team should bounce back stronger but having said that I hope with a miracle we manage to avoid it.
The support here was again great.We are Ipswich and will keep fighting to the end.

cartman1972 added 18:42 - Jan 19
I must need my eyes testing then cos I thought we were sh#te

MrTown added 18:46 - Jan 19
Didn’t do enough before the penalty.

Lack creativity, can’t stop defensive errors, recipe for the drop.

Would like to see : Judge / Bishop / Lankester in a 3 behind Keane. Would imagine a slight improvement in creativity.

Kesblue66 added 18:56 - Jan 19
I would play Kenlock ahead Elder because he is one of own,and is probably a better player and will get better.

Mark added 19:22 - Jan 19
Another away defeat to add to the list. I thought we needed a win today, but it was not to be after Elder gave away a penalty. In a way Elder is the opposite of Lambert's other signings, as the other signings add experience whereas Elder hasn't played at Championship level and is less experienced than Knudsen and Kenlock. Myles will feel really unlucky not to have been given a run I expect.

herfie added 19:35 - Jan 19
Yes, a disappointing - if not entirely unexpected - routine defeat. Lots still for PL to ponder - particularly some team selections, and comparatively ineffective midfield.

But, unlike Rotherham last week who gave us a second half battering, we were far too passive, lacking intensity and probably belief. Not wishing to be negative, but another 90-odd minutes that highlights how much work PL still has to do to get us to be competive, and achieving consistent performance levels. In truth this challenge was set long before he arrived.

Carberry added 19:57 - Jan 19
Mixed messages here, we didn't do enough but he can't ask any more of them in terms of effort and commitment. How does that work? And you can buy experience Paul, it's just that we don't have the money.

TractorBeezer added 21:15 - Jan 19
Don't think that the ref had a choice to not penalise Elder even though not a deliberate trip.
Would like to see replay of our penalty claim for handball but first impression for me was ball to hand. I am not in the habit of defending refs but these were my impressions!
Once again we won the possession stat but still didn't look like scoring.
Still keeping the faith.

BlueySwede added 21:24 - Jan 19
I am pro Lambert! But there are players I would like to see more of, Bishop, Lankester, Huws (if fit)..Downes (maybe)... Still I trust him to choose the right team!

blueboy1981 added 23:13 - Jan 19
....... absolutely right - as Alex Mathie said afterwards, heads dropped. Shouldn't be the case.

blueboy1981 added 23:15 - Jan 19
.......... having said that - pathetic penalty, many Referees would not have given that. Second goal was a sucker, and Chambers let the scorer get the wrong side of him, as he often does unfortunately.

nick8 added 00:20 - Jan 20
Lambert out

Brockleyblue added 03:45 - Jan 20
If both goals were due to inexperience from an on-loan left-back (Elder), might it not be better to be playing instead an experienced left-back (Knudsen) - who no team has yet made an enquiry about - or to give experience to one of our own players (Kenlock), who has been good most times he has played for us? Also, I fail to understand why we went out out and got an unproven left-back on loan despite already having two decentish left-backs at the club, especially given that, conversely, we don’t have a single quality right-back, and haven’t had one since David Wright left, which was now NINE YEARS AGO!!

KiwiBlue2 added 06:15 - Jan 20
Mr Town - Agree with having 3 behind Keane but if he was fit would have Huws starting and Bishop possibly coming on later.......

brendenward35 added 08:07 - Jan 20
Think we all know deep inside that we don't stand a chance staying in this league damage is done already. Even if we won games we have to hope teams above don't and that is a big ask. Why do you think PL said the other day he will be here next year even if we are in league 1? He also knows where we will be next season. He also knows it's going to be a tough league so trying to piece together a squad for next season look at Sunderland not exactly running away with league 1 are they. Whatever happens we need to be behind the team and PL good luck Town

norfolkbluey added 08:13 - Jan 20
Shame you're too old Millsey but still mystified why a youngster has been put in in front of Kenlock. I thought we were trying replace kids with some experience at this level. First time I have questioned PL's judgement. Still hoping for a small miracle.

ArnieM added 08:25 - Jan 20
The problem is the Town side is in perpetual change this season. There has never been a settled , established 11 since the season begun. The quality of the starting squad in August was very questionable, and we feel so far off the pace , so quickly it was always going to be a relegation battle from then on.

None of the current problems we see are Paul Lamberts fault. He has been forced to do
“ temporary measures” and bring in yet more loanees to improve the quality in the squad. You cannot expect yet another
“ new” set of players to suddenly click together.

All we can try and do is muddle through and allow time ( of which we have Little now) for players to gel. If we can focus on winning our remaking home games with the fans behind the team and grabbing the odd point away we might, just might scrap to safety. We are 7 points off Rotherham. It IS doable. But let’s not lose faith in the best manager we’ve had since Burley .


ArnieM added 08:27 - Jan 20
Ps I would also have Kenlock in at Left Back. He’s the best LB at the Club .

brendenward35 added 09:09 - Jan 20
Arnie even if we win every home game we are still looking at teams above to lose every one of theirs can't really see that happening. Even Sunderland were doing better than us last season and they went down.

Bluearmy_81 added 10:07 - Jan 20
Carberry, we do have the money, it's just Evans prefers to give us the budget of Burton Albion.
We didn't do enough after the penalty? Evans didn't do enough after Keane. #Evansout

Warkys_Tash added 10:07 - Jan 20
The only difference from the league table from last week is its another game gone and Millwall got a point. In reality we have to do better than Bolton, Reading & Rotherham for the rest fo the season. !8 games to go!


Carberry added 10:52 - Jan 20
Bluearmy, are you sure you should be saying things like that if you can't buy the club....?

dunkleberrydog added 11:39 - Jan 20
Canny management and words from Mowbray. He made sure his lads secured the 3 points against a struggling Ipswich side. Lambert has got such an uphill ride to get things in shape. I think he can do it, but I don’t think he has the time to do it this season. But every match is important to build confidence and momentum because if we do go down, we will need to be ready from the first day of next season to win from the start....

Bluearmy_81 added 11:46 - Jan 20
Carberry, I know you're joking but the two that voted you up did so in total senserity I believe! Unbelievable. A fan can't criticise the owner of he can't afford to buy the club himself?! It's on a level with Richard Keyes it's so absurd!!

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