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Hurst: Leeds Knew We Were Switching System
Saturday, 9th Feb 2019 10:01

Former Town boss Paul Hurst says Spygate-embroiled Leeds United knew exactly how the Blues were lining up in his final game in charge at Elland Road in October, despite setting his side out in a new formation.

Town were beaten 2-0 by the West Yorkshiremen and the manager who had only taken over at Portman Road in the summer was relieved of his duties the following day. Paul Lambert was appointed the following weekend.

Last month, Whites manager Marcelo Bielsa admitted to spying on all his side’s opponents after a club representative was spotting watching a Derby County training session.

“My last game before I got the sack was at Leeds and we played 4-4-2 for the first time in the season,” Hurst told Metro.

“When we arrived, Leeds knew we were playing 4-4-2. I can’t remember seeing anyone but he’s come out and said he has done it to every club so it makes you wonder. It’s certainly not something I would choose to take part in.”

Yesterday, the EFL announced that their investigations into Spygate will continue as a "number of areas" require "further exploration and clarification”.

Reflecting on his 149 days at Town, in which he won only once in 15 games, Hurst added: “It’s difficult for a British manager to get into the Premiership unless you get promoted and I felt the Championship was going that way. Perhaps it wasn’t the best time to get the job but I don’t regret it.

“We were criticised for not having enough experience in the team but we lost Jon Walters to injury. I tried to bring in James Collins, who [successor] Paul Lambert has now signed, but he joined Aston Villa.

“I still think some of the things we implemented will make that club better. I detest people who just turn up, take things for granted and don’t want to be better. My motto is be the best you can be. Perhaps some people didn’t buy into that.”

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Saxonblue74 added 16:34 - Feb 9
Regarding Tilt, many players have slipped through the net over many seasons. As a manager you move on to the next one. One missed signing cannot be blamed for Hursts monumental failure. An experienced manager does not disclose information on who they are chasing until the deal is as good as done.

Saxonblue74 added 16:36 - Feb 9
Itfcsince73, do you think we should have stuck with Hurst?

Saxonblue74 added 16:37 - Feb 9
.......and what is this great legacy he has left behind??!!

ITFCsince73 added 16:54 - Feb 9
It makes no difference now Saxonblue74. He’s gone. I know we’re no better off results wise or squad quality wise. I know you don’t become a poor manager overnight, as he was obviously appointed because of the excellent name he had got himself.
Time will tell if we got shot to quickly.
And as stated he was at ITFC for a matter of weeks.
The moves of Webster, MCG, Garner and Waggy we’re authorised before Hurst took his 1st training session.

hancockingoal added 17:06 - Feb 9
We will never know if he was genuinely out of his depth or could have become another Bobby Robson? I remember a night early in the 71/72 season when many were calling for the great man to be sacked. Robson inherited a squad, some of whom did not buy into his ideas and he had to shift them on. In fairness to Hurst, McGoldrick and Garner wanted away for personal reasons and Waghorn wanted go as his head was turned by an offer of a massive pay increase. Mr Evans having been badly burned by Keane and Jewell was never going to let him have massive funds. Its not just huge fees but huge wages that are the norm these days for average players. It didn't work out for PH and we can only hope that Paul Lambert really is a genius!

Swn98 added 17:09 - Feb 9
Just do one Hurst you were rubbish in all departments.

Swn98 added 17:13 - Feb 9
ITFCsince73 Damage by previous management just about sums up the users of the TWTD news site

Taricco_Fan added 17:23 - Feb 9
The Spygate 'scandal' is the biggest non-story in football right now. This kind of thing has been going on here and all over Europe for decades.

Don't want outsiders watching your team train? Protect the training ground from prying eyes.

ITFCsince73 added 17:24 - Feb 9
SWN98. I stated 2 yrs ago I’d take relegation over MM. Just because we’re now bottom and facing the drop. My views on Mick the mouth stay the same.
And there’s no danger of being told to F**k off tomorrow by PL or PH for that matter. The man was everything ITFC isn’t. And still a very good riddance from me.

ChrisFelix added 17:32 - Feb 9
We will never know what would happened if Hurst had stayed.Paul Lambert after all has feared no better despite the Jan window. If the Rotherham game away had been won & the awful sending off at Sheffield wed not happened who knows. The failure to sign Tilt would have certainly shored up the defence. Also did micks proper blokes make it difficult
for him. We will never know

cat added 17:37 - Feb 9
Swn98 - Do you not think that part of our problems this season is making the transition in styles from 5 years of Dino Anti Football to football on the front foot? Do not lose sight of the fact we have been seriously declining from around last October when McCarthy was here. Them freakish 5 straight win on the bounce at the start (after the Charlton debacle) were probably the only reason we stayed up last season
On another note it’s looking like the player who should have not been sold was Kieffer Moore, 18 goals to date and here we are almost praying for a goal. Cheers Mick, no coincidence I’m sure that he went to Barnsley (lol)

44_not_out added 18:56 - Feb 9
I can’t believe there are some who think things would’ve been different had we signed Tilt! Good grief 🤦🏼‍♂️
Hurst came in with the ‘billy big b*****s’ attitude and was found out to be desperately out of his depth. He showed the heritage and history of the club no respect what so ever.

Swn98 added 20:32 - Feb 9
ITFCsince73 The trouble with you and your ilk was you didn't like it when a man doing his best for the club with very limited funds plus a nightmare list of injuries suffered foul and abusive behaviour from a number of fans for many games gave you abuse back you all started feigning outrage how true supporters were treated.
Stones and glass houses come to mind.
I hope it doesn't take as long to get out of Division 1 as it has the Championship history will not look to kind on you and your mob.

runningout added 21:51 - Feb 9
PH is right that we have some that dont realise self improvement is possible at every level

Michael101 added 21:52 - Feb 9
Sw n ,yes you are right about glass houses.and yes mad mick had no money to spend .But he outstayed his welcome by at least 3 years,and I think he is a part my at fault for the mess we are in now. Hurst my have knock down the house but he build it
With out proper foundation's.

Kirbmeister added 22:10 - Feb 9
No one cares what you’ve got to say Hurst.

PaulHurstITFCLegend added 22:21 - Feb 9
We will never know what happened if Hurst had stayed, but it is probable that we would have got a few more points on the board than we have now. It is also probable that we would have spent much less in Jan and be in a better position IF we had gone down.

Tilt was the deciding factor, sign him and we would have won a few more games. Hursts' intention was clearly to have Collins and Tilt in defence.

In my view, it was a costly mistake sacking Hurst so early. However, I now have hindsight as a weapon, the new manager could have taken over and we might have won 5 in a row. Hasn't happened and we seem to be losing loads more games now than under Hurst.

SickParrot added 22:55 - Feb 9
PH tried to change everything immediately, possibly in a misguided effort to prove that he deserved the job. Because he wanted to be seen to have a different team to the one he inherited he allowed 4 of our best players to leave and brought in too many young unproven players. Also, an insider has told me that PH and Doig constantly bullied and criticised the players that PH didn't sign and this created a toxic atmosphere at the training ground and alienated or destroyed the confidence of many more players. Our current predicament is therefore his mess.


Dog added 01:48 - Feb 10
Sorry itfc73 but i would have to disagree on transfers.

McG contract was up and he wanted to live near his family. His injury record for us was shocking so it was amicable on both sides.

Webster was sold within days. You might be right on this one. I think he went to fund his immediate signings. This is when he should have purchased Tilt.

Waghorn was still here messing about on opening day of season. Just watch the sky interview with Bianca Westwood. This was the moment i lost all faith in him. He had no control over any of the players.

Garner went at end of August to be near his family.

PH was out of his depth. Poor signings that he paid too much for.

I feel like i am in The Life of Brian, but please tell me one thing that PH did for us that will stand any length of time.

Good players= sold
Young players = loaned out
Transfers = too much spent on mediocrity
Football = slightly better passing, but no desire and no skill

This bloke had cleared his desk before a wembley final. His assistant was a bully . His fitness coach a joke.

Dreadful episode in our history.

Swn98 added 07:43 - Feb 10
Michael101 out stayed his welcome by 3 years pity it wasnt 4 we wouldn't of been in the state we are in now teetering on the brink of oblivion.
With regards the foundations of the squad Mick left was 100% better than the squad we now have.
Waghorn and Garner would of still been here dont believe the propaganda put out by the users of the news site to justify their dislike/hatred of MM.

NSL added 10:03 - Feb 10
If buts and maybes. John Walters was always more likely to get injured than not. If the plan was to rely on an unfit Walters coming towards the end of his career then that’s pretty poor.

BossMan added 11:26 - Feb 10
At all levels managers lose good players they would of preferred to keep but they still manage to win more than 1 in 15. Some might he was unlucky not to have won more and they might be right but if you saw the Swansea game we won we could of lost be 5 or 6. I'd be surprised if his next appointment is with a championship club.

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