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Lambert Hits Back at Farke's Staff 'Lack of Class' Claim
Sunday, 10th Feb 2019 15:48

Boss Paul Lambert hit back at Norwich manager Daniel Farke’s accusation that some of his staff showed a lack of class after the Blues’ 3-0 defeat in a bad-tempered derby at Carrow Road in which Lambert himself was red-carded along with Norwich’s head of performance Chris Domogalla.

After reflecting on the game, Farke, who blanked Blues assistant boss Stuart Taylor when he offered his hand at the final whistle, was critical of the manner in which the Town staff took the loss.

“Ipswich have so many great lads,” he said. “They have many, many big personalities and characters on the pitch trying to fight until the end – also the coaching staff.

“Like I said I’m full of respect for Paul and his working career. I got the feeling 95 per cent of Ipswich [took the defeat] really, really well.

“There were one or two guys. You can lose the game but you have to show class and quality and style. I was a bit annoyed of how they handled it.

“Of course, try everything on the pitch to get under our skin but respect human beings and the words you choose. There are also children around and there are more important things in life than football.

“A big compliment to how the staff and many of their players handled the situation because it was a difficult game for them. I could totally understand if they are nervous.

“But some of their staff who were not so much in the spotlight, my feeling was they wanted to use today as their big stage to prove something.

“My feeling was you can lose games but show some quality, show some style, show some class. This club, Ipswich, has a big history and 95 per cent of the people involved there do this.”

Told of Farke’s comments, Lambert was clearly unimpressed: “Take defeat with class? Is that what he said? I’ve never known a team to take defeat the right way.

“As I said before, we’re no shrinking violets, I’ll go with anybody when we’re playing. We have to try and win.

“I don’t think you can turn round and say that. He doesn’t know the lads. If the boot was on the other foot, maybe because things are going his way, are going Norwich’s way.

“I don’t think he should be commenting on my own staff. I don’t think he should be doing that.

“Whether he talks well of me or not, it doesn’t matter. The Borussia Dortmund connection doesn’t matter. I certainly won’t have him talking about my own staff, especially saying ‘lack of class’.

“Were those his words, ‘a lack of class?’. I’d certainly not put up with that, no. Look at his own staff first before commenting on everybody else.”

Asked what provoked him in the melee which led to his red card, Lambert said it was down to a member of the Norwich staff understood to be Norwich assistant head coach Edmund Riemer rather than Domogalla, who was also sent to the stands, entering the Town technical area.

“You know me, I'm not going to stand there and watch players run 30 yards to get people booked.

“And I’m certainly not going to let somebody come in our technical area, I don’t even know who it was, I never even saw who it was.

“But I’m not letting him come into [the technical area to] provoke us, that’s for sure.

"So I stand my ground with it. Do I regret it? No I don’t. I’m certainly not going to have that, that’s for sure.”

Asked if he thought people should be talking about the match rather than the clashes between the players and staff during the game, he added: “That’s football. Me coming back here, the normal stuff. This club was in League One when I was here. Short memories.”

Lambert said he gave his teamtalk whether he was permitted to or otherwise - “Well, I went in there anyway!” - no long accompanied by the policeman who had steered him away from the altercation in the technical area.

“I forgot about him! I was in the dressing room at half-time, obviously I couldn’t be in the dugout in the second half or on the pitch in the second half, but I could do the half-time,” he added.

Did the policeman, Suffolk Constabulary's football officer, explain why he had become involved? “It was steward who was actually trying to put his hands on [me] sort of thing and I objected to that.

“The police guy was great, I don’t have a problem with the police guy. He tried to make sure I was OK. The police guy was fine, he was just trying to disperse it and that sort of thing.

“As I said before, I won’t stand back there and let somebody come from their technical area who I don’t even know. I certainly won’t have that.”

Quizzed on whether he understood why he was being shown the red card, Lambert said: “The referee sent off the wrong guy for them, it wasn’t that guy that I was arguing with, it wasn’t him, it was the other lad.

“He might have diffused it or calmed it down when he showed the red card. I don’t have a problem with the red card.

“I thought the referee had not a bad game, a difficult game to referee I would imagine. He might have diffused it in other ways, but I don’t have a problem with the red card. But I think he’s got to look at the other guy.”

Farke said he didn't watch the clash which led to the red cards for Lambert and Domogalla.

“I turned around I wasn’t interested because it was too obvious that they tried to put out concentration away," he said.

"I don’t know what happened but the result was that one of my staff and Paul Lambert had to watch the game from the stands. It’s not my topic this.”

He added: “I’m full of respect for Paul Lambert, he’s still a hero in Germany and he achieved so much with promotion with this club and I’m full of respect.

“I’m not sure if it was that bad. My feeling is that my fitness coach was sent off, I think that was a mistake because he was just sitting on the bench. I’m not sure what the referee and the officials have [seen] at that moment.”

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Ftnfwest added 15:54 - Feb 10
He obviously wasn’t watching cheatermann during the game

Swn98 added 15:56 - Feb 10
This club was in League One when I was here. Short memories.”Well said!!!!

Swn98 added 15:58 - Feb 10
positivity please explain.

Coco added 16:00 - Feb 10
What a smug condescending twot.

chopra777 added 16:00 - Feb 10
Its a pity we cannot spell the Norwich Manager's name differently without being offensive. What a Pillock.

runaround added 16:01 - Feb 10
Farke is a fine one to talk about a lack of class as it looked to me that he refused to shake Stuart Taylor’s hand at the end. Only seen it once & will take it back if I’m wrong but that is what it looked like to me

BossMan added 16:21 - Feb 10
Looked like a diversion tactic to me. Lambert was the only person pushing and shoving and the tackle from Nolan was awful. Lambert no doubt delighted everyone talking out the hand bags rather than the scoreline

shayneitfc added 17:08 - Feb 10
Players and staff fuelled a response from the fans today which wasn’t pleasant being in the stand. Embarrassing is the only word I can use. Back to the game bad result but players put in a shift which was nice to see

SickParrot added 17:13 - Feb 10
Nolan should have got a red but the Norwich guy was out of order. The ref correctly gave him a red for encroaching into our coaching area. Lambert probably only deserved a yellow.

RobITFC added 17:20 - Feb 10
Runaround - Agree I saw that too, refused to shake Taylor's hand, what a bad sport and did you see him wink to the camera when it was all kicking off!

Suffolkboy added 17:32 - Feb 10
This is very bit of what we do not need to see ,or hear ! It ill becomes the Norwich Mgr to comment and be involved in quite the manner which comes over and is just the sort of incident where the FA could usefully be involved ,and on which they might have something instructive to say !
Pity !

Ryorry added 17:37 - Feb 10
Yes Rob, that wink actually showed Farke's lack of class - how sly, and what a hypocrite.

Pencilpete added 17:49 - Feb 10
I suppose rolling around on the floor in a blatant attempt to get an opponent sent off is completely classy ??

groundhog added 18:48 - Feb 10
Mother farker hides behind his kids while lambert sticks up for his.

itfchorry added 19:50 - Feb 10
Farke Off

coolcat added 20:02 - Feb 10
Says more about Farke than Lambert. Towards the end of the 1st half Lambert is sticking up for his player A member of Farke's staff wanders into the away technical area. Lambert reacts. More to do with Farke's staff's behaviour. Farke comes across as a bit weak. I agree with groundhog above. Not 'noticing' the ensuing 'scrum'. Prob a 'first out the door' type. I noticed also, as I was there, as soon as Ipswich improved during & towards the end of the first half it became apparent we weren't going to be a walkover, so Norwich players started acting up, falling over. 3-0 not a reflection of a glittering Norwich perf.

I thought we fought well didn't drop our heads despite being behind & also considering some had never played in that type of atmosphere before. For long spells we were the better side. I thought Sheffield We'd last week harder opponents than Norwich.

SouperJim added 20:16 - Feb 10
Farke thinks he's cleverer than he is, instruct his players and staff to try and wind us up and then play the victims. It didn't work beyond Lambert's outburst and had no bearing on the game. Both him and his team will get found out before long, the scoreline massively flattered them and the trophy-dodgers are nowhere near as good as their league position suggests, hence the embarrassingly quiet crowd.

dirtydingusmagee added 20:17 - Feb 10
at least Paul Lambert looks tidy , Farke looks like a deadbeat meths head, classy !

northblue added 21:02 - Feb 10
Farke knew what was going on. Laugh and smirk. They had probable planned to get PL going. He'll get his come uponce

dirtydingusmagee added 21:48 - Feb 10
exactly northblue, they will have planned to get at Lambert somehow,and Farke just played the smart a#se. I would love to see the wheels come off at Carrot rd, anyway i look on the bright side ,its increasingly unlikely we will be having anymore derby matches with em for some time , that much suits me.

dirtydingusmagee added 21:57 - Feb 10
there was a women on train in green and yellow garb sobbing her eyes out after the match, me being a caring sort said hey cheer up you beat us, she said its not that ,ive just been divorced, i said oh thats not the end of the world , he may not be your husband anymore but he's still your big brother, ! she thought about then thanked me and cheered up .Every cloud has a silver lining .

wychyblue added 22:35 - Feb 10
I hope Mr ‘classy’Farke doesn’t need the ‘classless mob’ to get any points off Leeds on the last day of the season to enable Ncfc to get promoted . Just saying 😄😄

dirtydingusmagee added 08:05 - Feb 11
whychyblue that would be the best thing ever this season. Trouble is i think Leeds will be deducted points ,which normally wouldnt bother me ,but it could be a gift to the yellow farkers. Nice thought though .

runningout added 08:14 - Feb 11
Not into throwing games Wychy, whatever the consequences. We are better than that. I hope

roytheboy added 09:57 - Feb 11
Before the start of that game I had a lot of respect for Norwich City and how they are playing this season, however it appeared to me that their players were deliberately trying to wind ours up and were attempting to deceive the Referee to give fouls and cards against our players throughout the game, I did not expect us to win, however we played better than them at times, I was very disappointed to hear Norwich fans chanting disrespectfully towards Paul Lambert, they indeed must have very short memories, I was disgusted with their manager when he smiled and winked as Paul Lambert was getting red carded, that was really disrespectful and sly, I personally feel that this was a tactical game plan throughout to deliberately antagonize our players, our staff and our supporters, I am satisfied that Norwich deserved their win, we all should have expected that, but I am very disappointed with Norwich City FC if this is what they are resorting to.

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