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Lambert: Norwich Keeper-Coach Challenged Me to Fight
Tuesday, 12th Feb 2019 14:40

Town boss Paul Lambert has confirmed that Norwich goalkeeping-coach Ed Wooten challenged him to a fight during the melee which took place between the benches just before half-time during Sunday’s East Anglian derby at Carrow Road. The Blues manager was also unhappy with the way one of the home club’s stewards shoved him away from the flashpoint, which was triggered by a Jon Nolan foul on Canaries full-back Max Aarons.

Sky Sports reported this morning that the Blues are set to make an official complaint to the FA regarding the behaviour of the steward.

“That got me angry,” Lambert said when asked about the steward’s push. “I don’t know why he had to get involved. Why did he have to get involved? There was no thing there, there was no reason for him to be involved.

“I heard some things on their side and that’s why I responded. I didn’t need a steward to try and usher me out of the road.

“I’ve never seen anything like that before. At Portman Road do we have stewards in the middle between the two benches? I’ve not seen any. Did they have any at Stoke? Did they have any at Wolves? I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Lambert also confirmed that Norwich goalkeeping-coach Wooton challenged him to a fight, with their head of performance Chris Domogalla having been erroneously been sent to the stands along with the Blues boss by referee Peter Bankes.


“That’s it, yes” he said when quizzed on whether that was what happened. “I tell you what, next time I’ll say, ‘No, you win’. Don’t do it in front of 25,000, do it inside. Then we’ll see.

“I’m not going to stand and take it. No chance. I didn’t even know who the guy was. I don’t even know the guy’s name. I don’t know who he was, whether he was the goalkeeping-coach. Try and stick to what you’re good at. There’s a good idea.

“I don’t know if he played the game or anything. I’m not standing back for that, that’s for sure. Get him to give me a call then, see what happens.”

Wooten, 35, played for the likes of Redbridge, Tiptree United, Halstead Town, Harwich and Parkeston and FC Clacton during his career, while he has also coached at Grays Athletic and Colchester's academy.

Asked to confirm that the club will be making the reported complaint to the FA, Lambert said: “I’ve just come in for training so I’ll have to find out what’s going on. I think the club’s got every right to review and look at things and then say what they’re going to say.

“I’ll say my bit on it, what I thought happened in it. I don’t want the club to be stamped on, that’s for sure.”

Earlier in his press conference, he was asked whether there had been any fallout from the incident and joked: “I got sent flowers and chocolates from Norwich!”

In terms of action against him for the red card, he says he’ll learn more later in the week.

“I’m waiting for the report, I’ve got until Friday for it to come through,” he added. “I’ll have a look at that and see what the version is that everybody saw.

“I know what went on in there and I’ve seen it and there were things said in there. As I said before, there were other things going on in there and that’s why I’m not standing for it, I’ll not let anybody try and anything with the football club or try and bring it down or anything like that.

“And they can talk about having class after the game. They never had class not shaking [Town assistant manager] Stuart Taylor’s hand after the game.

“That goes under the radar but I’m not having anybody belittling this football club, that’s for sure.”

Does he believe it would he harsh if he were to be handed a touchline ban? “In my own eyes, yes. But I’m pretty sure they’ll look at it and they’ll see the different stuff stewards getting involved and all that. When did we have a steward at our dugout? I never see anybody. I've never seen anything like that.

“I’ve been involved in the Premier League, I’ve been at the highest level as a player and at the highest level as a manager, never been involved in anything like that.”

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ForeverBlueSince1996 added 14:49 - Feb 12
What I was saying all along how can they moan about class when they refused to shake Taylors hand...

Pot calling the kettle black

flimflam added 14:51 - Feb 12
Just park it and forget it ever happened. No need to keep bringing it up as noone really covered themselves in any glory and all a bit pathetic tbh.

Lightningboy added 14:57 - Feb 12
Hah,God I bloody love Paul Lambert.


NewEraNewMe added 14:57 - Feb 12
@Flimflam I mean if you actually look at the challenge that caused the brawl, it was a nothing challenge that the norwich lad made the most of by flailing himself in the air? So no let’s not forget about it, I’m sick of our club being bullied by these clubs and managers who don’t respect us, we now have a manager who won’t stand for it and yet you basically say it’s pathetic that he shows some passion, tell you what, let’s get a manager in who says “yes norwich were right to say everything they did to us and insult us and treat us like sh*t” yes it’s a derby but there has to be a mutual respect between clubs, it’s fans like you that actually bring the atmosphere down and I for one am right behind Lambert and the club in this case as I’m sure many are!

flimflam added 15:01 - Feb 12
@NewEraNewMe Heat of the moment stuff I get it and have been involved in many myself over the years but it happened now move on to the Derby game. To have a moan about it in the press conference was unnecessary.

TimmyH added 15:04 - Feb 12
Some entertainment there if that would have happened, put a boxing ring in the centre circle.

AYACCA added 15:05 - Feb 12
We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity; more than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. Charles Chaplin

runningout added 15:07 - Feb 12
all guilty of throwing naughty words at each other. If someone offers you a fight. Then fight

arc added 15:10 - Feb 12

So you shook your head calmly, said "don't be silly," and got on with doing your job, right? No?

ArnieM added 15:13 - Feb 12
Typical scummer, all mouth, no class .

Marshalls_Mullet added 15:16 - Feb 12
"Wooten, 35, played for the likes of Redbridge, Tiptree United, Halstead Town and FC Clacton during his career"

Nice work Phil.

RaymondovicBlue added 15:17 - Feb 12
Paul Lambert is a Blue !!!

But I would MUCH rather watch a gutsy football match than any crowd trouble. Mind you the England v France rugby match was feisty too in places :-)

TimmyH added 15:21 - Feb 12
Anyway think there are more pressing engagements that require your attention mow Paul rather than handbags...

nineteenseventyeight added 15:40 - Feb 12
PASSION! and i loved it!

KernewekBlue added 16:01 - Feb 12
Paul Lambert proving beyond a doubt that his blood now runs blue! His one time association with the custard coloured Carrot Road crew is now well and truly a thing of the past.

He'll fight for this club and that's exactly what we need.

He'll rebuild this ravaged squad after this season and we'll bounce back stronger, fitter and hungrier than before.


carlo88 added 16:06 - Feb 12
It was petulant and pretty stupid, maybe even manufactured. Wish he's expend more energy in trying to get us to win a football match.

blueboy1981 added 16:17 - Feb 12
Anyone who saw what happened could see who kicked the trouble off - and it wasn't Lambert.

One huge difference between our Clubs, and always will be - is that we respect, and appreciate, what previous successful Managers have done for us.

Maybe, that Carrot Road Clan could learn much from us in that respect.......... !!!! A different breed entirely.

ArnieM added 16:25 - Feb 12
As I’ve said before . They have no class , but appear to have been downvoted for that opinion. Some odd Town “ fans” on here for sure!

blueboy1981 added 16:28 - Feb 12
........ don't think we need to read too deeply into any of this really, as TimmyH says - far more real issues to be addressed i.e. planning an assault on WINNING the League 1 Championship next time round.

Let's move on, for the sake of sanity.

cat added 16:40 - Feb 12
Love this sentence by ‘our Lambert’
“I’m not going to stand and take it. No chance. I didn’t even know who the guy was. I don’t even know the guy’s name.” Belittling comment indeed from our tough wee Scotsman’s and further proof where la,verts heart’s at.

cat added 16:42 - Feb 12
Correction - ‘Lambert’
Welcome back blueboy!

Monarch_Blue added 16:53 - Feb 12
blueboy1981 wrote: "........One huge difference between our Clubs, and always will be - is that we respect, and appreciate, what previous successful Managers have done for us......" Yes just like the scumbags that helped drive MM out.....and are part of the reason why we are in the sh*t now! Or maybe blueboy1981 was right....and those t*ssers so keen to see the back of MM were really Naarwich fans all along!

cat added 17:10 - Feb 12
Monarch_Blue - like your post fella!, only problem is, would you say McCarthy was a successful manager? yes he worked wonders on a limited budget, yes he made some good signings, yes we scrapped into the top 6, but is he in Robson or Ramsey class, big fat no on that one. Get some perspective dude, or some valium for that anger, or maybe some sour grapes to munch on! (Lol)

KernewekBlue added 17:32 - Feb 12
Yet again someone mentions the "M" word!!!

McCarthy's time was up! He's gone, he's history, he is an ex-manager... GET OVER IT! The majority of fans wanted him and his prehistoric way of playing to be gone from the club. We haven't seen it pan out as we'd hoped it would but if you don't try to make a change for the better, you're stuck with that same old dross, year in, year out.

We are currently the longest serving club in The Championship for a reason... we haven't had a manager, players or system good enough to get us up to The Prem in 17 seasons.

A succession of managers did more harm than good. Keane came in and ruined this club, period! Jewell was nowhere near good enough. McCarthy kept picking up his wages by taking a step backwards every season playing unattractive, unentertaining hoofball and Hurst was just way too far out of his managerial depthand, like Keane, sold our best assets. He then put his faith in players who haven't managed the step up to this current division.

Even though this season has been more than dire, I am convinced it was the right decision in the long run.

We now have PL at the helm, someone who I think will prove to be a real asset going forward.

This current campaign is a write-off, for sure, but I have little doubt we will reap the benefits of having Lambert in charge in the not too distant future.

Chin up and plough onwards!


happybeingblue added 18:33 - Feb 12
omg i loved the last minute of the press conference old lambo is a proper character so the norwich goalie coach wanted a squarego with our pauli,reminded me of my weekend in glasgow a classic i like him more every weekend even if we are still losing :)

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