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O'Neill: Season Ticket Pricing News Soon
Friday, 22nd Feb 2019 12:33

General manager of football operations Lee O’Neill says fans should learn the club’s season ticket pricing for 2019/20 soon.

Speaking in a lengthy interview with iFollow Ipswich covering a number of topics, O’Neill, who took on his new role in addition to his position as academy manager late last year, was asked when the annual season ticket announcement might come given the current uncertainty regarding Town’s divisional status.

“I think it’ll be in the near future,” he said. “It’s a topic that’s not just being addressed now, we’ve been looking at it for the last two or three months, listening to various different people about decisions that we’ve made in previous seasons.

“[Owner] Marcus [Evans] is having a key role in this part of the club, in the commercial side of things and looking at what we can do to give something back to those supporters.

“We really, really appreciate everything they’ve done for us, not just now, it’s about what they’ve done over a period of time.

“It’s great at the moment how they’ve helped to be that 12th man, that’s existing season ticket holders and people coming up and supporting on matchdays.

“I think we will be making an announcement soon on that. The consultation process has been quite lengthy and I think it’s an area that we can look at addressing quickly.”

Yesterday, the club sent a survey out to some season ticket holders and other fans asking their thoughts on season ticket pricing both in the Championship and League One.

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TBT added 13:44 - Feb 22
It makes absolutely no sense to announce season ticket pricing at this stage. I think relegation is certain and the club should be looking to invest in the fans along the same basis NCFC did when they went down to the third tier, Carrow Road has been full ever since!
ITFC so badly needs a change of ownership, there is no business flair whatsoever.
Incidentally, what does Marcus Evans have to do to our beloved club in order for there to be demonstrations? Why are Ipswich fans so accepting of his disastrous 11 years? NUFC absolutely hate Mike Ashley and he’s put £250m into their club and they’re in the Premier League whereas we are facing oblivion.

flimflam added 14:00 - Feb 22
@TBT - Feel free to put any of your money in rather that shout down someone who put in 6 or 7 million of his own money each year.

TBT added 14:04 - Feb 22
I intend to do just that!
In the meantime, it still amazes me that people like you stick up for this uncaring, arrogant, incommunicative Chelsea supporter who is literally driving our climb into the ground.

Harry_Palmer added 14:11 - Feb 22
TBT - it would appear that the penny might have finally dropped with Evans with regards to the importance of the fans and community to ITFC, I think it has probably taken some home truths from Lambert to facilitate this.

The proof will be in the pudding but why don't we at least give him a chance to right the wrongs before we talk about protests, after all forcing him out may result in a quick sale to somebody even worse!

TBT added 14:24 - Feb 22
I take your point and agree completely on the Lambert front but can’t possibly agree about somebody worse coming in. ME bought ITFC out of vanity and declared in his very first statement that he was an “admirer” of Ipswich Town. I thought that was an odd word to use at the time because if you were a fan you would say so. The business decisions that followed over the last eleven years have consigned us to League 1 with no money and a 50% drop in season ticket holders.What the club needs is a new investor backing a board made up of business brains who happen to support ITFC.

IpswichFuture added 14:43 - Feb 22
We need new investment AND we need better decisions made. All the evidence would suggest that Evans is unlikely to deliver on either.

But in the continued absence of an alternative owner with money to invest, at least he seems to be trying a bit harder with the better decisions bit. And being rid of Milne, Clegg, Keane and McCarthy does at least mean that there's no longer people in decision making roles in the club whose interest in engaging with the fans was half-hearted at best, non-existent at worst.

nineteenseventyeight added 15:12 - Feb 22
Until we have a better option we have to make the most out of what we have, it could be a lot better but also a lot worse, Coventry comes to mind. No team should hold the mind of that they belong up there with the best, any team can fall from the heights of fame, ask Man City, 3rd tier football at one time, plus many more. Sometimes a reality check is needed and I think this is the phase we are going through. For once I do feel the club are starting to care and are trying to cuddle their best asset.... the fans.

BlueBlood90 added 15:25 - Feb 22
A huge discount should be made to season ticket prices if possible. If we can start next season well and the prices are cheap then I'm certain we'd have far bigger crowds even in league one than we have currently.

Bert added 15:30 - Feb 22
Evans had his fingers burnt in the early years so that is why he is hesitant to throw money around. In recent years the economics of football has become just plain stupid so whether it's Evans or someone else I cannot see ITFC as a brand being attractive given that we are not a city club. Evans has made some daft decisions but under Lambert's influence and others he is beginning to show a degree of leadership and interest in what supporters think. If Norwich with average players in league one and their ground still mostly full can do it why can't we. Stick with the club I say and let's hope the pricing structure for next season encourages the stayaways to return.
My only complaint about the survey is that it didn't ask for comments in addition to questions. Restoring the 60 plus concession to those that had it would have been my comment.


happybeingblue added 16:32 - Feb 22
cannot see the point in going over the ownership situation atm it is what it is until someone comes in with more wonga basically, his interview recently summed it up,although we are bottom i personally am starting to enjoy matchday again for what i am seeing on the pitch and hopefully this time in 12 months we will be on the way back, so lets see matchday tkts slashed to £15 and season tkts likewise and get the ground rocking again

bluearmy84 added 16:58 - Feb 22
club needs to attract fans so therefore tickets need to be at an attractive price. less than 15quid a ticket

runningout added 17:34 - Feb 22
90% of football club owners aren’t genuine fans of the club they buy or invest in. I agree with some that it’s sad criticising Marcus Evans continuously, when I reckon he knows where it went t*ts up

mrmorisato added 18:31 - Feb 22
Here's my take on the situation;

Evan's interest in the club over the last decade is to help write down his tax rebate. It makes me happy to think that next season Evan's will be forced to put more money into the club in League 1 as the £6million he has been quoted with won't even make up in the lost Television revenue that Championship clubs receive. The ONE thing that has caused this decline is the sheer and blatant neglect of the 1st team squad, Evans has only funded loanees with heavy emphasis of playing our finest young players. His strategy has been poor, if you can call it a strategy at all. Since he took ownership of the club he has allowed several quality high profile players to leave the club for free, we've seen the best part of £20million simply walk out the door over the last decade (this estmated figure includes the value we lost in Jordan Rhodes) Can anyone think what this could have done to improve the 1st team in that time!!? Evan's has NOT invested into the team to keep it competitive in the Championship - this is why we are now facing League 1 football. I do NOT have sympathy for a guy who is worth £750 milion, just look at what Brighton have achieved under an ambitious owner! He invested about £250 million and now look where Brighton & Hove Albion are!! I can only imagine where we would be by now if Evans had invested the same amount with due care and diligence we would now be a completely different story!! What Evans can't do with £500 million that he can do with £750 million!!! I wish I had half this sum of money :( He's just been plain selfish; extraordinarily style!!!!!!!! Kudos to Lambert for re-connecting the club with the fans as it is ONE thing that Evans will never do!!! #EvansOut

therein61 added 18:40 - Feb 22
You can do all the surveys under the sun what's the point of putting my season ticket price into the equation until we know which division we are in!?

Saxonblue74 added 20:34 - Feb 22
Just because ME is reported to be worth that figure it is no doubt not at his disposal. Figures in football get banded around as if it's small change. Brighton achieving on £250m??! You would hope so! The real problem we would have at Portman rd if Evans throws in the towel would be which of the long list of billionaires with ITFC written through them like a stick of rock we would pick......any suggestions?! Reallity check in order I think, meanwhile lets support our owner along with every other aspect of our club.

Saxonblue74 added 20:41 - Feb 22
....just to add, the only investment we need right now is to keep the players we have on the books. They are the future of this club and to bring them through the ranks and see the success they will bring for our club once more is very much the ethos of our club. You can keep your massive investment and awful unethical sponsors as far as I'm concerned, bring on league 1 and youthful, vibrant entertainment.

ITFCsince73 added 20:45 - Feb 22
Cheaper tickets, massive overhaul of in ground catering to include better food with much more choice. Better drinks with much more choice. Catering kiosks to have more staff.
All this will equal, better supporter experience, more people through the turnstiles. More turnover for the club. Resulting in a much better match day experience all round.
For somebody who has done well for themselves in hospitality, the match day experience not including the playing side, has and is as grim an experience you could wish to spend your hard earned on. Moving away support next to the North stand would be an added bonus to improvements to the above. And would greatly improve the stadium atmosphere overall IMO.

dukey44 added 20:50 - Feb 22
Simple question is why name price when we still not sure who is coming to play at Portman Rd next season yet?

ITFCsince73 added 21:17 - Feb 22
Dukey44. Simple fact, after the next 3 games it will be obvious where next season lies.
And I would imagine they need season ticket numbers in ASAP.
After such a disastrous season they need the backing of the season ticket holder going forward.
The buttering up process has been started.
Ignored for best part of 10 years, and I feel bridges have been burned beyond repair for a lot of older school support.
And the Evans empire knows it.

ITFCsince73 added 21:39 - Feb 22
Bert. I think I’m right in saying, they was in L1 with some players on premier league contracts from relegation 12 months previous. They had parachute payments from relegation 12 months previous.
And they started the season in L1 with a budget that made all other teams budgets look like chicken feed. Or bird seed in their case.

BlueMachines added 09:59 - Feb 23
Sounds like price decisions have been made so why send out a survey now? Seems like merely a PR exercise as other wise Lee O’Neil would mention that we are still awaiting the fans input. Instead he says the consultation period has been lengthy, yet I only received my survey yesterday.

Paddy39 added 12:05 - Feb 23
I agree with Bluemachine. I only got my survey on Thursday another waste of paper. You can be sure next seasons ticket prices have already been decided on, no matter which Div we are in.

runningout added 16:14 - Feb 23
League 1 average season tickets are £250. Interesting to see what we have in store

Bluearmy_81 added 17:44 - Feb 23
rather that shout down someone who put in 6 or 7 million of his own money each year.

Flim flam, yeah the issue for me is that we are 9pts adrift at the bottom and almost certainly going into the 3rd tier for the first time since the fifties after a generation in the championship. Evans investment has been woefully inadequate and insufficient, his spend on players over the last 6 years has been minus 16 million for example. Of course you can back him and support him as is your right but given the above it makes you the strangest of supporters of ITFC in my eyes, bizzare. All imho.

TBT added 07:00 - Feb 24
Thanks Bluearmy 81, this is what I don’t understand about some ITFC supporters who refuse to go up against an owner who has been totally destructive and who has absolutely no plan to get us out of this mess. What does he have to do to our precious club before we question him? There are plenty of clubs being bought by legitimate wealthy foreign investors but Marcus doesn’t want to sell. Do you not think that the Chinese investors who pumped millions into Wigan and appointed Joe Royal’s son, looked into other clubs like ITFC first, of course they did but Marcus didn’t want to know. Why is this? Is it vanity “look at me, I own a football club” a status symbol amongst his other acquaintances? Honestly I have no idea but if was making such a mess of something I would be talking to allcomers about getting out.
Like all fans of this great club I appreciate him plucking us from near administration and the money invested since but his leadership is killing us and we are Coventry City in the making.
From the appointment of Clegg/Keane to the latest idea of announcing season ticket prices 3/4’s of the way through a disastrous season (and all of the mistakes in between) this regime will go down as the worst in our history and still we don’t complain?
Norwich City’s season ticket deal when they were relegated to the 3rd tier was genius and Carrow Road has been sold out for years since. Of course it was a gamble but if we halved our season ticket pricing overnight and came up with a special deal for kids and pensioners would we get back the 8,000 (50%) lost during ME’s tenure? Just one of a myriad of possible ways to try to refill our stadium.
No, let’s come up with yet another premature and unspectacular insult to our dwindling bunch of customers instead.....

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